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POTUS gets the mix.


I bumped into many people - we were next to John Legend and his fiancee and the British ambassador and his wife at dinner - and did have a brief and warm chat with the president. I think such things should remain confidential, but you should know that there's a Dish-reader in the Oval Office, and "not just the political stuff." So don't feel too guilty about our regular dips into pop-culture, high and low. POTUS gets the mix.

There were several openly gay couples present, which is change you really can believe in, and we entered with the future HRC head, Chad Griffin and his boyfriend. I also didn't realize the impact that the Newsweek Obama cover-story had on Obama donors and staffers until last night. So many people mentioned it. Oh, and George Clooney came up to say hi. Not since Jon Hamm came out as a Dish reader at the White House Correspondents' Dinner did such a shiver go up my leg.


GOP frosh to back millionaires’ tax

Freshman Republican Rep. Rick Crawford will propose a surtax on millionaires Thursday morning, a crack in the steadfast GOP opposition to extracting more money from the nation’s top earners.

The Arkansas Republican will unveil the plan during a local television interview Thursday morning, and plans to introduce legislation when the House returns next week, according to sources familiar with his thinking.

Crawford will propose the additional tax— expected to be north of 2.5 percent — on individual income over $1 million as part of a broader fiscal responsibility package.

“He’s watched the Gangs of Six and 100 and deficit commissions, as well as leadership’s budget and tax plan, and he feels there will never be a deal that will pass the Senate without a revenue component,” a Crawford aide said, describing the legislation without attribution because it has not yet been officially announced.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0312/74042.html#ixzz1pDSGfI00


Eau de Pope: Benedict Gets Own Cologne

(NEWSER) – Holy water de cologne? Boutique perfume maker Silvana Casoli has created a special cologne for the famously well-dressed Pope Benedict XVI, featuring "hints of lime tree, verbena, and grass" based on the pope's love of nature, reports the Guardian. But don't try to find this unique blend at your local Macy's; it's made exclusively for the Bishop of Rome. "I would not ever repeat the same perfume for another customer," says Casoli.

Casoli also makes one-of-a-kind fragrances for such celebrities as Sting, Madonna, and King Juan Carlos of Spain. The Vatican found out about her signature scents after she made a couple of blends for Catholics making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and local bishops forwarded the fragrances to Rome. But Casoli doesn't limit her endeavors to such pious perfumes—two other blends are called Nude and Cannabis.

NOT the Onion

Pat Robertson: Sure, Have Oral Sex (If You're Married)

off to shower now...

Meghan McCain to Playboy: I’m ‘Strictly Dickly’

PLAYBOY: Do you have any tips for the offspring of campaigners on the election trail?

MCCAIN: Get sleep, be nice and shut up. I wasn’t always a peach to be around. I could have been nicer to the Secret Service and some staffers, and I voiced my opinion way too much. It’s really stressful, though. The day before Election Day, I almost overdosed on Xanax. I had gained a lot of weight. I went up four sizes thanks to Starbucks and Snickers. Obamamania was at its height. I ended up going to Sedona with my girlfriends. All we did was play Rock Band for days and days and eat and sleep and hang out in bed watching TV. I was done.


PLAYBOY: Say a little more about the hanging-out-in-bed-with-girlfriends part.

MCCAIN: Watch it, mister. My friends from home came over to support me, and we got in my parents’ big bed. They have this huge California king and we just stayed up eating ice cream. I’m not a lesbian, if that’s what you’re asking. I’d be the first person to tell the world I was gay. I’m not private about anything. I think you should live how you should live. But I’m strictly dickly. I can’t help it. I love sex and I love men.


At NCAA - Southern Miss Band Chants ‘Where’s Your Green Card?’ At Hispanic Kansas State Player

At NCAA Tournament, Southern Miss Band Chants ‘Where’s Your Green Card?’ At Hispanic Kansas State Player

Republican Penguins?

and The Rich get Richer


Sen. Lugar: Marion County Election Board declares senator & wife ineligible to vote in home precinct

Source: Indy Star

Sen. Lugar: Marion County Election Board declares senator and wife ineligible to vote in home precinct

UPDATE: The Election Board has voted 2-1 along party lines to find Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican, and his wife ineligible to vote in their former home precinct. The two Democrats found that the Lugars abandoned that residence and no longer reside there. However, according to Election Board attorneys, there may be an easy fix — the Lugars could submit new voter registrations that are based on a physical address in the county with which they currently have a connection. That could be a family member’s home or, possibly, the Lugar family farm. There is no house on that farm but it might satisfy the requirement.

The GOP board member, Patrick J. Dietrick, said after today’s vote that the other members “utterly failed to consider the circumstances of this alleged violation of election law.” Today Clerk Beth White’s motion said there was no evidence that the Lugars knowingly violated residency requirements in voting previously in their Wayne Township prescient.

Read more: http://blogs.indystar.com/politics/2012/03/15/sen-lugar-marion-county-election-board-to-consider-motion-to-declare-lugars-ineligible-to-vote/

Ron Paul adviser: 'Of course' we'd trade our delegates to Mitt Romney for putting Rand on the ticket

THU MAR 15, 2012 AT 11:00 AM PDT
Ron Paul adviser: 'Of course' we'd trade our delegates to Mitt Romney for putting Rand on the ticket
byJed Lewison

The Texas Representative might also be enticed, says campaign chairman Jesse Benton, by the prospect of serving as a presidential adviser, a Cabinet position for someone in his orbit or “perhaps a vice presidency.”
Not for himself, but rather his son. Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky and a Tea Party icon, is expected to launch his own White House bid in 2016. Being on the ticket now – or even being mentioned for it – would be a helpful step. Says one Paul adviser: “If you’re talking about putting Rand on the ticket, of course that would be worth delivering our people to Romney.”

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