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"No Muslim Parking In Westview Shopping Center-Your Car Will Be Towed"


'No Muslim parking' signs spark outrage
From CNN affiliate KPRC

Houston - New signs posted outside a mosque in Spring Branch, Texas, have sparked outrage from Muslims nationwide.

In black letters, the signs reads, "No Muslim parking in the Westview Shopping Center. Your car will be towed."

The posters lined the street near the El Farouq Mosque, where Muslims heading to worship services said they were were offended.

"I feel sorry for the person who wrote it," Ahmed Hassan told CNN affiliate KPRC. "This is what comes to mind because obviously he has a lot of hate."


at the Missouri State Fair

story here:

United We Fall: Our Egregious E Pluribus Unum http://chris-floyd.com/compone... =>Where are our Se

United We Fall: Our Egregious E Pluribus Unum


Where are our Selmas, our Haymarkets, our Marches on Washington? Where is the anger, the outrage, the action? True, the Occupy movement blossomed for a season, and the seeds it sowed may yet bear good fruit. But for the most part, most sectors of American society have remained notably quiescent, when they have not been downright supportive. (This includes the African-American community, which today, as always, is bearing the brunt of our elites’ depredations. For more on this tragic development, see Glen Ford and his indispensible Black Agenda Report.)

Congressional and media ‘liberals’ take to the airwaves to defend Obama’s Stasi-like spy ops, his death squads, his drone wars, his force-feeding torture of Guantanamo prisoners long cleared for release. They hotly condemn the ‘narcissistic’ Edward Snowden for revealing state crimes – yet happily revel in leaks that depict our noble, thoughtful president consulting Thomas Aquinas before ordering American citizens (and countless, nameless others) to be murdered without charge, trial or defense.


GOP Strategist: "1st of all, I think Congressman King should get some therapy for his melon fixation

Talking to David Gregory on NBC’s Meet The press, King argued that immigration reform would entail granting citizenship to “a lot of people…up to the age of 35″ who smuggled drugs over the Mexican border. Navarro hit back hard, telling King he needed to “get therapy” for his bigoted views about Latinos:

KING: This proposes to legalize a lot of people that will include the people who are drug smugglers up to the age of 35. You cannot do a background check on people that don’t have a legal existence in their home country…

NAVARRO: First of all, I think Congressman King should get some therapy for his melon fixation. I think there might be medication for that. I think he’s a mediocre congressman with no legislative record and the only time he makes national press is when he comes out and says something offensive about the undocumented or Hispanics.… There are other voices who are the adults in the room and who are working hard towards a reform. and I think it’s going to happen. I’m more optimistic than most.


Johnny Weir: I’m prepared to be arrested at Winter Olympics

Johnny Weir: If I'm arrested in Russia, so be it

Gay Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir has said that he does not plan to campaign for LGBT rights or even openly kiss his Russian-born husband at the games in Sochi, but that he is prepared to be arrested by Russian authorities. The flamboyant athlete and reality TV star told CBS News that he is uncertain whether he will even be allowed into the country to compete.

“In Russia, just the sheer fact that you could be gay, you can get arrested, fined, and it’s a terrible thing to even think of,” Weir said. “Myself, even, just walking down the street, going to get Starbucks in the morning, and somebody could arrest me just because I look too gay.”

Russia has found itself increasingly out of step with the rest of the world because of its regressive attitude toward LGBT people. Russian officials like St. Petersburg’s Vitaly Milanov have passed laws in the country outlawing “homosexual propaganda,” a blanket term that means any depiction of same sex relationships that does not paint them as abhorrent and anomalous. Russian youth have engaged in a campaign of torture and murder of LGBT teens.


Miranda Warning - 2013

There is no terrorist threat: The feds want you to think there is, compliant media goes along

FRIDAY, AUG 9, 2013 07:08 AM PDT
There is no terrorist threat: The feds want you to think there is, compliant media goes along
"Chatter" from "affiliates" causes a "crisis," while media reports nonsense generated to justify NSA surveillance


After a week of ghost stories about an imminent but vaporous plot on the part of an al-Qaida “affiliate” — this is the big new word — it is hard to decide which is more disheartening: 1) The White House’s blithe if clumsy deployment of factoids, 2) the supine complicity of the media (and this, frankly, is my choice), or 3) the willingness of honorable liberals and capital-D Democrats to go along with the show simply because Obama is maestro and one stays with Obama no matter what he does.

Nothing can be said for certain as to what prompted the State Department to close more than 20 embassies and consulates in the Middle East and North Africa last Sunday, and this is by design. But it is no excuse not to raise the possibility that Americans are eating a summer salad of nonsense served to justify objectionable surveillance practices now coming in for scrutiny.

Now we find that al-Qaida was not on the run after all. It has fragmented, and this is where all the “affiliates” come in. There are said to be enough affiliates to keep the NSA supplied for years. In this case, intelligence picked up a telephone conversation (those incautious Islamists) between a powerful giver of orders in Pakistan — from the decapitated, fragmented al-Qaida — and an underling in an affiliate in Yemen. The alleged command was to attack.

The rest is smoke. No what, no when, no where.


Luckovich: Back To School

ACLU Comment on President Obama's Proposed Surveillance Reforms

ACLU Comment on President Obama's Proposed Surveillance Reforms

August 9, 2013
CONTACT: 212-549-2666, media@aclu.org

WASHINGTON – American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony D. Romero responded to President Obama's four recommendations to reform the government's surveillance policies and programs made at a press conference today with the following statement:

"While the initial reforms outlined by the president are a necessary and welcome first step, they are not nearly sufficient. The bulk collection of Americans' phone records is only one of several troubling programs disclosed over the last two months. The president must work with members of Congress to reform all of these surveillance programs, including those authorized by Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, which collect, monitor and retain the contents of Americans' communications without a warrant. We also urge the president to release the relevant FISA Court opinions and agency memos that have created a body of secret law that is far removed from public oversight and adequate congressional review. We must ensure that the government's surveillance programs once again adhere to the protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment."


Snowden findings corroborated by second whistleblower

FRI AUG 09, 2013 AT 11:25 AM PDT
Snowden findings corroborated by second whistleblower

This is a short diary responding to the idea that Snowden's allegations of easy NSA wiretapping of public officials is made up in his own mind.

In fact, for those who have been watching this closely, a second NSA whistleblower has corroborated the allegation, and provided more, but nobody's mentioning him in the discussions today. His name is Russell Tice.

Tice is a former NSA analyst who blew the whistle on massive FISA violations...in 2005. After Snowden went public, he gave an interview to Sibel Edmonds (an FBI whistleblower turned journalist), including the following quotes:

In the summer of 2004, one of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with a 40-something-year-old wannabe senator for Illinois. You wouldn't happen to know where that guy lives right now would you? It's a big white house in Washington, D.C. That's who they went after, and that's the president of the United States now.


"Okay. They went after members of Congress, both Senate and the House, especially on the intelligence committees and on the armed services committees and judicial. But they went after other ones, too. They went after heaps of lawyers and law firms. They went after judges. One of the judges is now sitting on the Supreme Court that I had his wiretap information in my hand. Two are former FISA court judges. They went after State Department officials. They went after people in the White House–their own people. They went after antiwar groups. They went after U.S. companies that that do business around the world. They went after U.S. banking firms and financial firms that do international business. They went after NGOs like the Red Cross that that go overseas and do humanitarian work. They went after a few antiwar civil rights groups.

So, you know, don’t tell me that there’s no abuse, because I’ve had this stuff in my hand and looked at it."


What Snowden provided was not new allegations, but proof from top secret internal documents of allegations already out there.

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