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The Hoodie's Fault

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Friend Suggests Zimmerman Used 'Term Of Endearment,' Not Racial Slur, Before Killing Trayvon


This morning on ABC News, Oliver was asked about the moment on the 911 tapes when some believe that, just prior to killing Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman used a racial slur. Oliver suggested that Zimmerman did not use a racial slur but said “goons,” which Oliver described as a “term of endearment.”


Here's 47 pages worth of Zimmerman's 911 calls

7 to 9 Year Old Looked Suspicious Enough for Zimmerman to Call 911
On April 22, 2011, Zimmerman called to report a black male about “7-9” years old, four feet tall, with a “skinny build” and short black hair. There is no indication in the police report of the reason for Zimmerman’s suspicion of the boy.


Here's 47 pages worth of Zimmerman's 911 calls:

The official version of the Kandahar massacre becomes more improbable by the day

WASHINGTON - U.S. investigators believe the U.S. soldier accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians split the slaughter into two episodes, returning to his base after the first attack and later slipping away to kill again, two American officials said Saturday.


But it also raises new questions about how Bales, who was formally charged Friday with 17 counts of premeditated murder and other crimes, could have carried out the nighttime attacks without drawing attention from any Americans on the Kandahar province base.



Meanwhile, through Agonist, Globalpost reports that local reporters were not allowed to interview the wounded witnesses held at a U.S. hospital. They did interview two witnesses:

“I didn’t hear a lot of shooting and I didn’t hear helicopters,” Habibullah recalled. But he did see “two or three Americans” enter his compound, “using lights and firing at my father, who was wounded.”

Massouma, who lives in the neighboring village of Najiban, where 12 people were killed, said she heard helicopters fly overhead as a uniformed soldier entered her home. She said he flashed a “big, white light,” and yelled, “Taliban! Taliban! Taliban!”

“While he stood there, I secretly looked through the curtains and saw at least 20 Americans, with heavy weapons, searching all the rooms in our compound, as well as my bathroom,” she said.



After fatally shooting Trayvon Martin, Florida community watch captain George Zimmerman "couldn't stop crying,'' according to a family friend who spoke with him Saturday.

"After this started – the reports I got – (Zimmerman) "couldn't stop crying,'' Joe Oliver told "Good Morning America" on Sunday.

Oliver, who said he is a close friend of the family, said Zimmerman has gone into hiding, fears for his life, and is "just now becoming aware of how big this has gotten."


On Saturday, Oliver said that in recent days Zimmerman has contacted a number of his friends, asking them to speak publicly in his defense, but that each of them declined his request, fearing for their own safety.

The rest of this:

Trayvon Martin, my son, and the Black Male Code

Trayvon Martin, my son, and the Black Male Code
By Jesse Washington, Associated Press

Mel Evans / Associated Press
Bill Stephney talks to his son Trevor, 13, as they sit outside their home Friday in Randolph Township, N.J. Stephney, a media executive who lives in a suburb that is mostly white and Asian, has two sons, ages 18 and 13. The death of Trayvon Martin was an opportunity for him to repeat a longtime lesson: black men can get singled out, "so please conduct yourself accordingly."

PHILADELPHIA -- I thought my son would be much older before I had to tell him about the Black Male Code. He's only 12, still sleeping with stuffed animals, still afraid of the dark. But after the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I needed to explain to my child that soon people might be afraid of him.

As I explained it, the Code goes like this:

Always pay close attention to your surroundings, son, especially if you are in an affluent neighborhood where black folks are few. Understand that even though you are not a criminal, some people might assume you are, especially if you are wearing certain clothes.

Never argue with police, but protect your dignity and take pride in humility. When confronted by someone with a badge or a gun, do not flee, fight, or put your hands anywhere other than up.

Please don't assume, son, that all white people view you as a threat. America is better than that. Suspicion and bitterness can imprison you. But as a black male, you must go above and beyond to show strangers what type of person you really are.


How Much More Do Women Pay For Health Insurance?

Time to issue firearms with every hoodie sold.

Time to issue firearms with every hoodie sold.

That way, everyone will be TOTALLY protected and the NRA will finally be happy. Our security will be guaranteed by the speed of our quickdraw.

Now THAT is a free country...

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