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Arizona Senate approves lying to women to prevent abortions

Source: Raw Story

The Arizona Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would allow doctors withhold information about prenatal problems if it could make the decision to have an abortion more likely.

Republican state Sen. Nancy Barto introduced the measure to protect doctors from so-called “wrongful birth” lawsuits.

Such lawsuits are sometimes filed by parents of children with disabilities who believe that doctors withheld information that could have led to the decision to have an abortion.


“This malpractice shield is the latest in attacks on a woman’s right to access reliable, unbiased health care information and represents yet another effort by Republican legislators to interfere in doctor-patient relationship,” Care2′s Jessica Pieklo wrote. “But even worse, the law presumes that it is the state’s role to dictate what information a woman should have access to and what information she needs to be ‘protected’ from in accessing routine health care services.”

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/03/08/arizona-senate-approves-lying-to-women-to-prevent-abortions/

Limbaugh Site Scrubs Some Insulting Attacks On Sandra Fluke From Transcript Archives

RushLimbaugh.com Removes Offensive Attacks On Sandra Fluke From Transcript Archives
By Amanda Peterson Beadle on Mar 8, 2012 at 11:33 am

For days, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh personally attacked Georgetown Law student and women’s health advocate Sandra Fluke, smearing her at least 70 times. Now, he’d like to pretend that some of the things he said never actually happened.

The Atlantic Wire points out that his website has scrubbed a few offensive comments. While the “slut” comments still show up in other rants by Limbaugh, his site has removed his sex tapes comment from March 1. “The pages were clearly working a few days ago — several sites linked to them,” Elspeth Reeve reports.

“The pages don’t show up on the February 29 and March 1 archives, either, though links to them still exist on other transcripts related to the controversy.” Here’s the blank archives page for February 29:


Repub Lawmaker Now Supports Obama, Says GOP Presidential Candidates ‘Would Take Women Back Decades

Source: Think Progress

Republican Lawmaker Now Supports Obama, Says GOP Presidential Candidates ‘Would Take Women Back Decades’
By Alex Seitz-Wald on Mar 8, 2012 at 2:15 pm

New York Assemb. Teresa Sayward (R)

Questions about women and womens’ health have dominated the political debate over the past weeks, and at least one female Republican lawmaker is unhappy with her party’s record. New York Assemblyman Teresa Sayward (R), who is retiring after serving a decade in Albany, told the New York political program Capital Tonight that she does not support any of her party’s presidential candidates, because of their stances on women.

She also took an apparent shot at Republicans’ opposition to President Obama’s birth control mandate, saying, “It’s disheartening for me to see our party move away from what it was always about and that is to stay out of people’s lives, let them live their lives, don’t impose their religion on anybody else.”

Asked which Republican candidate she supports, Sayward replied:

SAYWARD: I do not have a favorite in the presidential race, if I had to vote today, I’d vote for Obama.

SAYWARD: Absolutely… Because I really, truly think that the candidates that are out there today for the Republican side would take women back decades.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2012/03/08/440746/ny-gop-lawmaker-women-back-decades/


Our "Special Relationship"

“Evolution is overrated. Go old school—vote Reptile in 2012!”

Good-Time Gingrich's Got the Blues
By Tom Junod
at 7:05PM


... At a hotel in a Cobb County shopping-mall-and-office complex that used to be the last word in suburban fancy, there was liquor, there were men and women of a certain age who had real-estate licenses, and there was Newt, as the voluble and surprisingly sentimental toastmaster. I had spent the previous day among Santorum Republicans in Gwinnett County, and now I realized that Gingrich Republicans are a more familiar breed, and at the same time a much more endangered one. The conservatism of Rick Santorum is a cult of renunciation, and so the men pray before they eat, the women are as modest as Mennonites, and the devil is always at the door. At the Gingrich victory party, the devil was not only already inside; he was right there on stage, with a red-dressed Callista at his side, and one woman slurred her determination to get on the floor and crawl through people’s legs if that’s what it took to shake his hand. There was no pretense that he had the ticket to some special claim of virtue; that his relationship to sin was anything but personal; that he was a particularly good man or even a particularly nice one. The only thing that mattered was that he was theirs, and that he would fight to keep the party — their party — going a little while longer, even if he had to grow horns and sprout a forked tail in the process…

I talked to one of them on my way out, after Newt and Callista had made their way through the cologne-and-cocktails scrum and out the door… I told him that if Santorum won in Ohio, it would change the party as well as the race, and make Newt completely irrelevant if he wasn’t already. He thought about that for a bit; then he said, “People like Santorum because he’s a conservative. Newt’s not a conservative. He just gives lip service to being a conservative because he has to. He’s a radical. If he gets to Washington, he’ll be just as radical as Barack Obama, just on the right side and with more respect for the Constitution. I like him not just because he thinks like me but because he has fallen down like me. I’ll tell you what I know about him — he’s a dirty dog. He’s still a dirty dog. He’s a reptile. He doesn’t have the same blood running in his veins that we do. I’ll get out there and get in people’s faces, but when they get in mine my feelings get hurt. That just shows I’m human. But Newt’s not human. He doesn’t have feelings. And you know what? That’s why we need him. Isn’t that wild?”...

the rest:

An Open Letter to Republicans-"Thank You, thank you, thank you."

An Open Letter to Republicans

Dear Republicans...and in particular those running for the GOP nomination, as well as Congressmen and Senators like Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Roy Blunt, Marco Rubio and countless others. I just want to say, in this era of unprecedented political invective and vitriol, that I appreciate and respect you. I also want you to know that I am extremely thankful for your existence, and feel blessed by your consistency and predictability. I say all that because you guys have literally handed the White House on a silver platter to President Obama for another four years. And maybe even control of the House again too.

Who would have thought, just a few short months ago, that Obama would be out measuring drapes again. The economy, while clearly in a solid recovery to those who obsess over leading economic indicators, still appears fragile to most Americans. We still have high unemployment, record high fuel prices, a depressed housing market, weak manufacturing and way too many foreclosures, defaults and bankruptcies. A perfect storm making this year's elections ripe for the GOP picking, you say? The table couldn't have been better for you guys if Martha Stewart had set it herself.

So how do you Republicans respond? The first thing you do is turn your presidential nomination process into a circus complete with unqualified clowns like Donald Trump, Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich dominating the three rings. And then you let these bozo's turn Mitt Romney, a generally decent, historically moderate guy, into a "severe conservative" in his rapacious hunger to win. What you did was say to voters, "We obviously don't take this election seriously, so why should you?"

Then, if that wasn't enough, while everyone wants to hear about what you'll do to fix the economy and create jobs, you guys go off on a non-stop tangent over religion, gay marriage, abortion and contraception. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people!? You never learn. You simply can't help yourselves, can you? As your car is once again careening off a cliff you're still screaming about the evil of birth control and sex. This from a party with myriad mistresses and sensational sex scandals. I'm so confused. You guys clearly love sex. It just seems like you want to stop the rest of us from having it.

Lastly, just when it seems you could do no more to destroy your chances of winning in November you go ahead and let your spiritual leader Rush Limbaugh make outrageously misogynistic remarks--comments that attack an entire gender and offend all thinking people--with relative impunity. Not one of you running for president repudiates or condemns these despicable slurs or makes any attempt to distance yourself from this vile sexist pig. It's as if you're all happy that he's saying all the nasty crap you guys really wanna say yourself but can't.

So again I say, thank you. No, wait. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because one mere thank you isn't enough. You guys and your radical extremist social views are the gift that keeps on giving. So keep it up! Keep all the God, gays and sex stuff coming. We love it.

A Very Grateful Democrat

"Some Advertisers Think He Is Still Highly Effective!"

RUSH Fiasco "Sending Chill Up The Spine Of Radio Advertisers & Programmers"

............the Rush fiasco is sending a chill up the spine of radio advertisers and programmers. Yes, yes, they do have spines.

Talkers magazine – the bible of the talk radio industry — says that they’re hearing from advertising reps that ” major advertisers are issuing yet another round of ‘no controversial programming’ dictates.” That could be HUGE — especially for political talk radio, which is largely a conservative turf.

Said Talkers:

The Rush fiasco “is likely only to add fuel to a fire that’s been simmering for the past 20 years. While no laws were broken by Rush Limbaugh, advertisers who fear backlash from activists, parent’s organizations and other groups – even though talk hosts with loyal followings that are likely to buy their products or services help sell those products or services very successfully – don’t want to risk bad PR, protester harassment or outright boycotts from being associated with a “controversial” talk media figure. They reason that there may be many more customers of theirs whom they don’t want to alienate who don’t listen to “controversial” talk radio, so they shy away from the genre altogether. The bigger challenge facing talk radio right now is not defending its programming, but selling it in this turbulent climate.


Molly Ivins: "Rush targets dead people-little girls-& the homeless--none of whom can fight back"

Lyin' Bully
by Molly Ivins May/June 1995
Instead of picking on someone his own size, Rush consistently targets dead people, little girls, and the homeless--none of whom can fight back.


A large segment of Limbaugh’s audience consists of white males, 18 to 34 years old, without college education. Basically, a guy I know and grew up with named Bubba.

Bubba listens to Limbaugh because Limbaugh gives him someone to blame for the fact that Bubba is getting screwed. He’s working harder, getting paid less in constant dollars and falling further and further behind. Not only is Bubba never gonna be able to buy a house, he can barely afford a trailer. Hell, he can barely afford the payments on the pickup.

And because Bubba understands he’s being shafted, even if he doesn’t know why or how or by whom, he listens to Limbaugh. Limbaugh offers him scapegoats. It’s the “feminazis.” It’s the minorities. It’s the limousine liberals. It’s all these people with all these wacky social programs to help some silly, self-proclaimed bunch of victims. Bubba feels like a victim himself—and he is—but he never got any sympathy from liberals.

Psychologists often tell us there is a great deal of displaced anger in our emotional lives—your dad wallops you, but he’s too big to hit back, so you go clobber your little brother. Displaced anger is also common in our political life. We see it in this generation of young white men without much education and very little future. This economy no longer has a place for them. The corporations have moved their jobs to Singapore. Unfortunately, it is Limbaugh and the Republicans who are addressing the resentments of these folks, and aiming their anger in the wrong direction.

MORE: — from Lyin’ Bully by the very much missed Molly Ivins back in 1995 | via: sarahlee310

Rove: Palin Endorsement “Not Worth Snot” For Gingrich

Source: Buzzfeed

Rove: Palin Endorsement “Not Worth Snot” For Gingrich
He was briefing Barclays employees and clients on the state of the race.

Karl Rove mockingly dismissed the value of Sarah and Todd Palin's endorsements on a private conference call today, noting that their backing of Newt Gingrich in Alaska "demonstrated that endorsements don’t mean snot."

BuzzFeed obtained the dial-in information for the conference call with Barclays Capital clients and employees, in which Rove outlined the state of the Republican race for the presidency and the path forward for the candidates.
It’s no secret that Rove, who orchestrated President George W. Bush’s presidential wins, is no fan of the Palins, and has repeatedly sparred over with the former Alaska Governor since she entered the national political scene in 2008.

Rove criticized Palin for being hyper-sensitive to criticism last year, saying she’d need to get a “a slightly thicker skin” if she wanted to run for president. In 2008 he called her selection as John McCain's running mate a political decision, as opposed to a decision to be best prepared to govern.

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/zekejmiller/rove-palin-endorsement-not-worth-snot-for-g
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