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Yecch... the smell of burning fat saturated with Oxy and cheap cologne.

Limbaugh Has A Meltdown Over The "Nuclear Option"

On his November 21 show, Limbaugh inaccurately stated that President Obama could now increase the number of seats on the D.C. Circuit, and accused Democrats of seeking "total statist authoritarianism":

Obama's going to get every judge he wants. He's going to get -- if they want to add seats to a court -- if they want to add five new liberal seats to the D.C. Circuit, for example, they can do it, there's no stopping them, because the Republicans don't have the votes.


Democrats abruptly changed the Senate's balance of power by reducing from 60 to 51 the number of votes needed to end procedural roadblocks known as filibusters against all presidential nominees. Folks, this is part and parcel of why the Democrats are so hell-bent on winning the House in 2014. This -- winning the House would give them total authoritarian non-challengeable control over the US government. Quite literally there would be no way to stop them. None whatsoever.


When the minority is Republicans, they don't even exist. And they're not due any respect, constitutional or otherwise. Constitutional or human. And so basically what this means, with a president like Obama, is there's no stopping -- he can nominate anybody for anything in the judiciary ... cabinet, whatever. There's no way he can be stopped.


Democrats have made it plain they're not interested in democracy. And that really is what this means. Not interested in democracy at all. Total statist authoritarianism. And frankly, I'm being kind with that terminology.


Boehner Successfully Enrolls In Obamacare Only 45 Minutes After He Blogs About Frustrating Exchange

ABC News Politics ‏@ABCPolitics 58m
Speaker Boehner's office confirms he has successfully enrolled in Obamacare, 45 mins. after critical blog post - @jparkABC
FAVORITES Loves2Read alazar slytherinSteve KarolELAMARBarbara INerdy WonkaMary
2:55 PM - 21 Nov 13 · Details


WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner says he is signed up for "Obamacare," but only after receiving the same error message experienced by other Americans. The Ohio Republican says the process worked after he tweeted his frustration with the delay.

Boehner said Thursday he re-started the process several times, tweeted about it, and about 45 minutes later, received an email from DC Health Link confirming he was signed up.

Boehner's experience came about nine days before a deadline by which the Obama administration says the web site will improve. President Barack Obama has apologized to the nation for the problems implementing his signature law. Many Democrats are squirming over the difficulties on the eve of a midterm election year. Republicans, led by Boehner, already are aggressively campaigning against the law's congressional supporters.


"Charlie Brown just said 'fuck it' and kicked Lucy."



Rush gets punked
Nov 20th, 2013 at 2:47 pm by susie
You’ll really enjoy this. Activist Mark Stark http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/11/20/1257103/-I-m-a-bully
gets through to Rush Limbaugh:



Caller: And then just recently you had a statue of yourself dedicated at the Missouri House of legislature, whatever it is there.

Rush: That's a bust of me in the Hall of Famous Missourians at the State House in Jefferson City, Missouri. Which, by the way, the left is still trying to get removed.

Caller: Well, what I'm thinking is, that, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, came after you exchanged shoe boxes of cash for narcotics in Florida--something that most people go to jail for decades for mandatory minimums. They gave you a statue. I mean, you imported drugs into America with the Viagra deal down in Florida. And they still gave you a statue.

Rush: No sir, you are a victim of once again totally distorted media reporting. The first half of your call is exactly right. But the last half of your call is just filled with the usual leftist bigotry, hatred, and gibberish, and you haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about.


Cry Me A River!!!: Bob Woodward: Edward Snowden Should Have Come To Me Instead

Bob Woodward: Edward Snowden Should Have Come To Me Instead

Edward Snowden may have helped blow the lid on the NSA's secret surveillance programs, but Bob Woodward has one complaint: that Snowden should have come to him with the leaks.

"I wish had come to me instead of others, particularly The Guardian,” Woodward told King in an interview that airs Thursday on Hulu. "I would have said to him ‘let’s not reveal who you are. Let’s make you a protected source and give me time with this data and let’s sort it out and present it in a coherent way.'"

Woodward didn't say why he felt so "particular" about the Guardian's having obtained the Snowden documents, or how he would but he might have had a hard time convincing the whistleblower to be his new Deep Throat. Snowden has said in the past that he always intended to reveal himself as the source of the leaks.

Ironically, Woodward's newspaper, the Washington Post, has been a chief recipient of Snowden's leaks — but his colleague Barton Gellman has led the paper's coverage, leaving Woodward completely on the sidelines.


QOTD: Bob Woodward
by digby

He does have a reputation for protecting his sources --- but then his sources are all very high level government officials who are leaking to him to advance an agenda. It's unsurprising that someone in Snowden's position might not think Bob Woodward (or one of the dozens of other journalists who specialize in publishing "authorized leaks") would be the best person to approach.


Today's Kids Run More Slowly-Children run the mile 90 seconds slower than kids did 30 years ago

Sure, your 13-year-old might run a mile faster than you could today, but could she beat your time at age 13? Not if she’s like most kids worldwide, a new study shows.

Children run the mile 90 seconds slower than kids did 30 years ago, according to research presented at an American Heart Association conference. Overall, kids ages 9 to 17 experienced a 5 percent decline in heart-related fitness.

“It makes sense. We have kids that are less active than before,” Dr. Stephen Daniels, a University of Colorado pediatrician and spokesman for the heart association, told The Associated Press.

It’s perhaps no surprise that American kids have slowed down: about one-third get the recommended daily allotment of 60 minutes of moderately vigorous activity. But this is the first to show a decline in global youth fitness, the American Heart Association said.



So apparently J. Edgar Hoover had a sex tape of Gerald Ford?

Sex in the Senate
Bobby Baker's salacious secret history of Capitol Hill.
November 19, 2013

Read more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2013/11/sex-in-the-senate-bobby-baker-99530.html#ixzz2lDBkUY15

“Any time I had a rich guy in town, my secretary called her to see if she could go out. She told me that of all the people she had met … the nicest one was Congressman Jerry Ford . J. Edgar Hoover could not find out the happenings when the Warren Commission was investigating the killer of President Kennedy. … J. Edgar Hoover could not find out what they were doing. So, he had this tape where Jerry Ford was having oral sex with Ellen Rometsch. You know, his wife had a serious drug problem back then. … Hoover blackmailed … Ford to tell him what they were doing. That’s the reason I don’t like him. It’s just a misuse of authority.”15

Read MUCH more: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2013/11/sex-in-the-senate-bobby-baker-99530.html#ixzz2lDBTibT6

Coke-Busted GOP Congressman Just Voted to Drug-Test Food Stamp Users

Trey Radel (R-Fla.), the freshman member of Congress arrested for cocaine possession late last month, backed a GOP plan to make food-stamp recipients pee in cups to prove they were drug-free and hence worthy of eating.

Radel, a noted hip-hop expert and sex-themed web domain-name speculator, allegedly got stung trying to buy bumps of Big C from an undercover DEA agent in DC's tony-ish Dupont Circle. But a month before he sought to ride the white pony with the college kids in Northwest, he was neck-deep in the House's messy debate over whether to continue federal food-stamp benefits to needy families.

That debate culminated in Radel's vote for a bill that would have authorized states to withhold food stamps from applicants who didn't submit to a drug urinalysis. Which is pretty interesting, given that a similar plan in Radel's home state, championed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, ended up as a disastrous waste of taxpayer money and a violation of impoverished welfare applicants' Fourth Amendment rights.

During Congress' debate over the pee-test amendment, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) presciently implied that his conservative colleagues were high as hell:

"Why don't we drug test all the members of Congress here," McGovern said shortly before the drug-testing measure passed. "Force everybody to go urinate in a cup or see whether or not anybody is on drugs? Maybe that will explain why some of these amendments are coming up or why some of the votes are turning out the way they are."

But tragically, Radel didn't pay attention, 'cause he was on that dust. (Allegedly.)


What if . . . . .

What if . . . . .

What if we stopped one day, looked at all the work we had done to try to make the world a better place than we found it, and instead realized despite all of our efforts, we had failed?

What if we supported political candidates, helped to get them into office, only to find many of them, far too many of them, coopted by the perquisites of office, concern for reelection, or wanting to be "players" and abandoned what we thought they had promised us?

What if we devoted our energy and our time and our passion to trying to make the government more responsive to we the people and less responsive to those who already have power and money, only to find economic inequality becoming ever more severe, and decreasing numbers of people retaining any hope for a better future for themselves or their posterity?

Would we feel like fools?

Or might we wonder how much worse it might already be had we not tried?



Boehner on Cocaine: One Law For Us, Another For Them

Boehner on Cocaine: One Law For Us, Another For Them
By: DSWright Wednesday November 20, 2013 5:58 am
File:Trey Radel, Official Portrait, 113th Congress.jpg

If there were any group of Americans who were supposed to be for the tragically ridiculous “War on Drugs” it would be Republicans in Congress right?

Apparently not. Not only was GOP Congressman Trey Radel arrested for cocaine possession, the Republican Speaker of the House can not even bring himself to condemn him.

Michael Steel, a spokesman for House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), said the matter will be dealt with outside the halls of Congress.

“Members of Congress should be held to the highest standards, and the alleged crime will be handled by the courts,” Steel said. “Beyond that, this is between Representative Radel, his family and his constituents.”

You have to be kidding.


Not to mention the charges are pretty solid as he bought the drugs from a DEA agent.

A Drug Enforcement Administration official said Radel allegedly bought cocaine from an undercover agent in Dupont Circle, the Associated Press reported. Later that night, federal authorities went to Radel’s apartment and informed him that he would be facing criminal charges related to the purchase, AP said.


If Speaker Boehner has such a blase attitude towards the use of cocaine perhaps it is time to reexamine federal drug laws, otherwise he risks looking like an amazing hypocrite and moral coward.


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