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How Bibi Used US


School officials learning coercive interrogations tactics to extract confessions from kids

"Enhanced interrogation" comes to the schoolroom

by digby

It's hard to believe that anyone would think this is ok, but apparently they do:

John E. Reid & Associates is the largest interrogation trainer in the world and teaches such methods to hundreds of school administrators each year . Last month, members of the Illinois Principals Association, for instance, could register for a “professional development” event on “Investigative Interviewing and Active Persuasion”. The School Administrators Association of New York State recently offered a workshop for administrators on this same topic, titled “Are you Sure They Are Telling the Truth”?

These administrators are learning the “ Reid Technique ”, which relies on “maximization” and “minimization” tactics in order to induce suspects to confess. Minimization focuses on reducing a suspect’s feelings of guilt, while maximization is designed to heighten suspect anxiety using confrontation. Both techniques are legal and both are incredibly coercive.

Controlled studies of Reid interrogation have documented that while such techniques may increase the likelihood that a guilty person will confess, they also increase the likelihood that an innocent person will as well. New research released in February found that the Reid technique causes witnesses to falsely implicate others.


Juvenile coerced confessions share certain hallmarks : use of intimidation, threats, promises of leniency, and outright lies, so that the youth feel their only way out is by confessing. Adult interrogators take advantage of the fact that children are less mature and more susceptible to pressure, and that they lack the experience to make decisions in their best interest. Youth in the criminal justice system are more likely to have diagnosable psychological disorders , and they often fall victim to the “status differential” - youth feel compelled to answer police questions because of the officers’ elevated position of power. All of this is why the young are much more likely than adults to give false confessions.

Controlled studies of Reid interrogation have documented that while such techniques may increase the likelihood that a guilty person will confess, they also increase the likelihood that an innocent person will as well. New research released in February found that the Reid technique causes witnesses to falsely implicate others.


“I think we're going to see ongoing attempt to investigate Hillary Clinton-be it her hair or emails"

Nancy Pelosi

“I think we are just going to see the ongoing attempt to investigate Hillary Clinton, be it her hair or her emails.”

Nancy Pelosi: Republicans want to investigate Hillary Clinton's 'hair'
By LAUREN FRENCH 3/19/15 11:59 AM EDT Updated 3/19/15 1:22 PM EDT

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi belittled the House GOP’s attempt to look into Hillary Clinton’s email practices as the latest in a long-running series of Republican-led investigations designed to bring down the Clintons politically.

“I think we are just going to see the ongoing attempt to investigate Hillary Clinton, be it her hair or her emails,” Pelosi said Thursday at her weekly news conference.
Story Continued Below

The California Democrat did not offer a defense of Clinton for using a private email account as secretary of state or for storing emails on a private server. Instead, Pelosi dismissed calls for subpoenas for her emails as a “waste of taxpayer money.”
House Republicans on the Committee on Benghazi have issued a subpoena for Clinton’s private emails. Many GOP lawmakers, including Speaker John Boehner, want Clinton to turn over the server she used to a third-party arbitrator.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/nancy-pelosi-hillary-clinton-email-gop-116226.html#ixzz3UrYepCyz

Obama Signs Executive Order to Cut Government Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 40 Percent

Source: Eco Watch

The federal government contributes only modestly to the U.S.’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. But hoping to spur others into action, President Obama announced today that he will issue an executive order that will cut the federal government’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40 percent by 2025, including across its entire supply chain.
“As part of his commitment to lead by example to curb the emissions that are driving climate change, today President Obama will issue an executive order that will cut the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent over the next decade from 2008 levels—saving taxpayers up to $18 billion in avoided energy costs—and increase the share of electricity the Federal Government consumes from renewable sources to 30 percent,” said a White House statement. “Complementing this effort, several major federal suppliers are announcing commitments to cut their own GHG emissions.”

The new actions and commitments are expected to reduce GHG emissions by 26 million metric tons from 2008 levels by 2025. The administration is also releasing its Federal Supplier Greenhouse Gas Management Scorecard where the public can track GHG emissions for all major federal suppliers and their progress in reducing them. Together, these suppliers receive more than 40 percent of all federal contract dollars, more than $187 billion dollars, with Lockheed Martin, which already has and discloses emissions targets, leading the list at more than $32 billion.


“The President’s action today will build on the federal government’s significant progress in reducing emissions to drive further sustainability actions through the next decade,” according to the White House statement. “In addition to cutting emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy, the Executive Order outlines a number of additional measures to make the Federal Government’s operations more sustainable, efficient and energy-secure while saving taxpayer dollars.”

Read more: http://ecowatch.com/2015/03/19/obama-cut-greenhouse-gas-emissions/


“These are magic beans, my boy. Their value comes from growth and scale, not revenue.”

The cow knows.

Accounting for inequality.

“The first Gilded Age, despite its glaring inequities, was accompanied by a gradual rise in the standard of living; the second by a gradual erosion,” he writes. In the first Gilded Age, everyone from reporters to politicians apparently felt comfortable painting plutocrats as villains; in the second, this is, somehow, forbidden. “If the first Gilded Age was full of sound and fury,” he writes, “the second seemed to take place in a padded cell.” Fraser argues that while Progressive Era muckrakers ended the first Gilded Age by drawing on an age-old tradition of dissent to criticize prevailing economic, social, and political arrangements, today’s left doesn’t engage in dissent; it engages in consent, urging solutions that align with neoliberalism, technological determinism, and global capitalism: “Environmental despoiling arouses righteous eating; cultural decay inspires charter schools; rebellion against work becomes work as a form of rebellion; old-form anticlericalism morphs into the piety of the secular; the break with convention ends up as the politics of style; the cri de coeur against alienation surrenders to the triumph of the solitary; the marriage of political and cultural radicalism ends in divorce.” Why not blame the financial industry? Why not blame the Congress that deregulated it? Why not blame the system itself? Because, Fraser argues, the left has been cowed into silence on the main subject at hand: “What we could not do, what was not even speakable, was to tamper with the basic institutions of financial capitalism.”

really good:

President Obama forces GOP politicians to eat crow

Published on Mar 18, 2015
President Obama used all the GOP words maligning his policies against them.



Stewart to Bibi: "How dare you gin up racist fears of minority turnout---that's OUR thing"

Jon Stewart is warning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he might be facing a lawsuit... over stealing our election strategies.

Just before this week's parliamentary elections in Israel, Netanyahu warned that his opponents were bringing in Arab voters by the busload in an effort to get his more conservative base to turn out -- a strategy that paid off with a big win for the prime minister's Likud Party.

"How dare you. How dare you gin up racist fears of minority turnout for short-term political gain," Stewart said on "The Daily Show" on Wednesday night. "That's our thing. You know what? Now you've got a copyright infringement suit on your hands, pal!"


"You know that stuff you say in private, your core beliefs, your prejudices that you try to hide from people because you fear society would shun you?" Stewart said. "Well, it appears all you have to do is turn into that skid."

video & more:

U.S. Worried About Living Up To Netanyahu Campaign Promises

WASHINGTON—Saying the Likud Party leader had set Israeli citizens’ expectations extremely high in the run up to his reelection Tuesday, top-level sources expressed their worry Wednesday about whether the United States would actually be able to live up to Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign promises. “Given the ambitious list of security and spending initiatives that Netanyahu guaranteed Israeli voters on the campaign trail, I think it could be very difficult for the U.S. to come through on all of them; the pressure’s really going to be on America not to disappoint his constituents,” said U.S. State Department spokesman Eric Patel, explaining that, realistically, the U.S. would likely have trouble following through on Netanyahu’s repeated vows on the campaign trail to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon at any cost and continuing to thwart the creation of a Palestinian state. “He made a bold personal pledge to every voter that Israel’s military capabilities would be considerably bolstered under his watch, which is going to be real tough for us to accomplish. I’m afraid we might end up having to eat his words.” With Netanyahu’s extensive agenda laid out before the U.S., Patel added that America would likely just have to increase its annual $3.1 billion in aid to Israel a little further and hope for the best.

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