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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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REVEALED: Joe Scarborough recently met with Trump to ‘rekindle’ their bromance

Now CNN is reporting that Scarborough and Brzezinski met in Trump Tower in New York “to rekindle a once-rosy relationship that has turned bitter and adversarial.”

This reported meeting comes despite the fact that Trump has repeatedly attacked Brzezinski for being “neurotic,” as well as “crazy and very dumb.” Trump also threatened to spill the beans about Brzezinski’s purported relationship with Scarborough, while referring to the Morning Joe co-hosts as “two clowns.”

CNN says that the three discussed the possibility of Trump coming back on their show for an interview, although nothing was finalized by the end of the meeting.

More Scumbag:

"Conservatives will restrain Hitler's radicalism"


Mayor Of London To Deplorable Don:

“The reality is, I’m afraid, in the current climate, it’s not just a question of people outside of our countries, or outside of our cities, wishing to do harm to our way of life,” he said on CBS’ “This Morning.” “I’m afraid the bad news is people born and raised in London, people born and raised in America, people born and raised in Europe want to destroy our way of life.”


In Khan’s interview Monday, he said Islamophobic rhetoric like Trump’s does nothing to address the problem of radicalization at home.

“The best antidote to that is to show them it is possible to be somebody with Western-level values and be mainstream Muslim,” he said. “But also to teach our youngsters resilience. So if you’re a young Brit or a young American and somebody comes along to try to bully you ... or brainwash you, a charismatic preacher of hate, and he says, ‘Look, the West hates you, there’s a Jewish conspiracy,’ you can say, ‘What are you talking about? I’m a successful doctor. What are you talking about? My best friend’s a Jew, what are you talking about? I’m proud to be an American.’”

Khan also called out Trump for saying Khan would be exempted from the proposed Muslim ban, while millions of other Muslims would still be barred from entering the U.S.

“When I was elected he said he’d make an exception for me,” said Khan. “Now according to my mum, I’m exceptional. But I’m not exceptional.”

Then Khan gave another hint that he wants Democrat Hillary Clinton to win in November.

“My hope is the best candidate wins,” he said. “I’m sure she will.”


"Birtherism was never really about where Obama came from. It was about where he was allowed to go."

.....When Mr. Trump announced his 2016 candidacy, he had not yet shaken the mockery of President Obama’s riposte, nor had he gained, in the interim, the “credentials” or “breadth of experience” Barack Obama said he lacked.

What he had managed to do was turn birtherism into a national narrative. Birtherism is a vision of the U.S. that excludes Mr. Obama and any American whose name or heritage marks a break in white Christian dominance. Mr. Trump’s vow to “make America great again” always rested on rendering non-white, non-Christian citizens inherently suspect. Proclaiming Mexicans “rapists” and Muslims “terrorists,” Mr. Trump propelled white nationalism out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Birtherism was never truly about where Barack Obama came from. It was about where he was allowed to go. Power, for Mr. Trump, a wealthy real estate scion, was rooted in birthright. Birthright became a theme of his campaign, as he insisted to supporters that illegitimate outsiders like Mr. Obama had taken what was rightly theirs. In ways both subtle and overt, Mr. Trump promoted whiteness as assurance, for white Americans, of immunity from hard times.


TRUMP 2014:"Riots will make America great again"



Nailed It:



Trump: "knock the hell out of them"




Trump now in favor of poisoning puppies.


Trump: Stop Regulating Poisoned Dog Food
Trump complained the ‘FDA food police’ dictates what’s in dog food—but that same FDA pulled 11 poisoned chow brands off the shelves in the last year.

In an official fact sheet that was pulled offline on Thursday afternoon—but not before The Hill reported its key points—the Trump campaign railed against the “FDA food police,” complaining that the agency “dictate(s) how the federal government expects farmers to produce fruits and vegetables and even dictates the nutritional content of dog food.”

The FDA does indeed regulate pet food—but that’s for good reason. Eleven of the 23 pet food recalls by the FDA since September of last year pulled chow off shelves due to food poisoned by listeria and salmonella.

Dr. Douglas Powell, a former Kansas State University food safety professor who now publishes the popular Barfblog, says the FDA’s role is key.

“Just like we regulate the nutritional content of vitamins that we add to breakfast cereal or bread, dogs also need proper nutrition,” he told The Daily Beast. “We should use science to improve the lives of not only humans but our four-legged companions.”

Paring back dog food regulations wasn’t even the most outrageous suggestion in the now-deleted fact sheet. As The Hill reported, the “FDA food police” was listed as one of many “specific regulations to be eliminated” in Trump’s economic plan. The fact sheet depicted “farm and food production hygiene,” food temperature regulations, and “inspection overkill” as cumbersome and costly safety measures that must be reviewed and potentially “scrapped.”


FOX "News" Poll:

check out the angry replies:

The truth about email at the State Department

.......there is one unspoken fact about the Clinton email saga that rarely gets mentioned because it risks being politically incorrect to say; namely that anyone who knows anything about the State Department knows that the infrastructure of its information technology, well, stinks. Better put, it is all but inoperable.

From confounding travel systems (the much hated “E2”), to the blocking of basic productivity software used around the world in everyday business such as Skype, Asana, and Sales Force, to simple Web and even WiFi use, it is virtually impossible to work on a daily basis using the outmoded IT systems at State. When it comes to sending and receiving emails, the extraordinarily user-unfriendly unclassified and classified system is simply impossible to work with in anything approaching a timely fashion, particularly given the volume of incoming material and the time constraints of everyday life in the Department. Between the seemingly infinite number of passwords required – all of which must be changed at least every 90 days, a process that stops you dead in your tracks no matter what you may be working on – and rules governing what can and cannot be seen, many State Department staffers find it frustrating to work.
Given that the IT infrastructure of the Department is so cumbersome as to make it unusable, it should come as no surprise that everyone -- even the Secretary of State – seeks “workarounds.” People who work in what is affectionately known as “Foggy Bottom” look for a not-foggy spot, outside the official building, from which they can better access the Internet even if that means teleworking to access the Web remotely from home.

Yes, security matters. Security surrounding e-traffic in national security professions is vitally important. We see enough hacking and trolling to know that our most sensitive information must be protected from those who might seek to harm us or interfere with our democratic process. But not being able to use time, productively, while serving your country is also dangerous. Too much bureaucracy can stifle both creativity and productivity.

None of this excuses breaking the official rules about using your own server. But this should be a learning moment to highlight a system that is broken—both the classification system and the IT systems.

Way More:
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