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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Benghazi Committee Members May Have Violated Law by Handling Hillary's Classified Email

If she was at fault for having classified information on her server without her knowledge, Mr. Fallon suggested, then aren’t other people in the same boat?

“Just as an aside, for the I.G. to now declare the material as classified, since it was provided by State to the House Benghazi committee earlier this year in unredacted form, presumably that means that members of the House Benghazi committee may have unwittingly handled classified material on unclassified systems within the House of Representatives,” Mr. Fallon said.

“Now, I don’t think that anybody here at the Clinton campaign is going to say that members of, say, Chairman Gowdy’s staff should have their computers confiscated for having possibly trafficked in classified material,” he said. “I don’t think we would say that. But that is, fundamentally, the same logic behind the I.G.’s referral to the State Department with respect to Mrs. Clinton’s server, since she was at worst a passive recipient of unwitting information that subsequently became deemed as classified. Let’s raise that as an aside.”


If ever there were a family that needed Planned Parenthood:

How Democrats will win — by standing up for the victims of Republican hate-speech. Kudos to Hillary!

After Jeb Bush was called out for using the offensive term “anchor baby” to describe immigrant children (a reference to the belief that immigrants are flocking to America to have children just so they can stay in the country), he defensively asked a reporter, “Give me another word for ‘anchor baby.'” Hillary had a few suggestions:

Hillary Clinton

How about "babies," "children," or "American citizens."


And again when Jeb used the term “anchor baby,” Hillary was there to remind him that he could just use common decency if his goal wasn’t to appeal exclusively to racists.

Hillary Clinton

They're called babies.

Kudos to Hillary Clinton for reminding cynical Americans that
there’s a big difference between the two parties:
Only one seems to have humanity.


Bernie Sanders: "I welcome you all,” he said, “to the political revolution of 2015.”

We will “give these guys an offer they can’t refuse,” he shouted in the jam-packed gym, vowing to bust up the banks, bring down the billionaire class and smash the political establishment.

“So I welcome you all,” he said, “to the political revolution of 2015.”

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont during a sweep through Iowa on Sunday. His wife, Jane, said, “He’s feeling the weight of ‘Wow, people really need this.’” Credit Jim Young/Reuters

The presidential election is, of course, in 2016, but Mr. Sanders can be forgiven for living in the moment. By overtaking Hillary Rodham Clinton in New Hampshire in some polls and drawing tens of thousands of people to his events on the West Coast, as well as thousands in Iowa and Nevada, Mr. Sanders, 73, has recaptured the enthusiasm that fueled the 2008 Obama campaign, with T-shirts that say “Feel the Bern” and show an image of floppy white hair and glasses replacing the famous image in the Obama “Hope” poster by Shepard Fairey.

Finally, a decent NYT piece regarding Sanders:

To Governor Scott Walker: I had never heard my 88-year-old grandmother call somebody a douchebag.

To Governor Scott Walker: Until you pushed through your anti-union bill attacking the public employees of your state, I had never heard my 88-year-old grandmother call somebody a douchebag.



President Obama - what a different kind of picture of young black men this is:

Beautiful young men

The White House ✔@WhiteHouse
#MyBrothersKeeper in action: Check out White House mentee Noah McQueen's inspiring story → http://wpo.st/YYzV0

I wasn't exactly sure why the cover of the New Yorker made me weep

"I wanted to capture the memory of Hurricane Katrina and its aftereffects—the spirit of New Orleans, its resilience, its culture,” Kadir Nelson says of his cover for this week’s issue, which coincides with the tenth anniversary of Katrina. “And one of the first images that came to mind was a kid playing music, an image somber and hopeful at the same time.”

such a sorrowful, thought provoking, wrenching art work

perhaps it is because i am a grandmother, and mother...

updated to add:

and then I realized it had been ten years since Katrina

I like bernie, but he can't wi.....

"My husband, Shaun King, is the most courageous man I’ve ever known."

My husband, Shaun King, is the most courageous man I’ve ever known. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone more sincerely dedicated to the cause of justice in this country than him-even when his own wellbeing is at stake. For over a year now we have faced death threats so severe that I have all but discontinued social media and now go to great lengths to conceal my location and the location of our children. All because he has made it his business to speak truth to power. That fighting for social good could cause this level of hate, continues to baffle me.

I am not courageous. Many times I have asked him to stop his work. To take a safer, less difficult path for the sake of our family. Because of his strong stance on police brutality, he has lost employment and even strained close relationships. Most of you will never understand the stress and heartache that comes with the work he does. To you he’s a twitter handle. To me and our 5 children, he is a real, live, breathing person who watches UFC and drinks sweet tea like it’s going out of style. To you he’s a “Black Lives Matter” activist. For our children he’s the dad who makes amazing pancakes. He’s our world.

Since I was 15 years old, Shaun has been my best friend. Through high school, college, and the years that have followed, we have seen each other through too many ups and downs to count. This latest attack is just one more to add to the list. I won’t distract from the very important work he does by rebutting all the ridiculous lies currently circulating about him. I’ve been there for the back surgeries, and pain treatment procedures all stemming from the mob attack he experienced in high school. I was in the car with him during the car accident. I’ve raised the children that have caused our family to fluctuate between 4 to 6 kids in any given year. He has taken in each one of them-be it for a year, 2 years, 10 years, or even a week- and worked like a crazy person to raise them all like his own. We actually believe in living out the tenants of our faith by caring for widows and orphans. That’s our business. About this, we have nothing to prove.

Shaun is a flawed and imperfect man. He has made many mistakes. Just like me and just like you. But regarding his race, he has never lied. Not once. His story is beautifully difficult, and painful. And I’ve actually encouraged him to tell it publicly because it is a unique expression of this country’s sordid and ridiculous history with race. But it’s his story to tell. On his own terms. When he’s ready to tell it. Out of respect for his mother, and all involved, I hope he continues to let the talking heads talk while he does the real work of holding judicial systems accountable for the 742 women and men they’ve gunned down this year alone.

Just know this, there is nothing fake about Shaun King. He’s no Rachel Dolezal. What’s white about him is white, and what’s Black about him is Black and always has been from the time he was a child. There’s no spray tan, no fake Black hairstyles, no attempt to make himself appear any more ethnic than he already does. Whatever you think you know about him, you don’t. Whatever you think has been uncovered, hasn’t. There is no part of his life that surprises me, his children, nor our closest family and friends. He has no secrets, but he does have a private life. And no amount of ignorance will force him to disclose the details of that private life until he’s ready. He doesn’t belong to you. And he owes nothing to anyone. At the end of the day, I’m mom and he’s dad to 5 fantastic children. We have real friends. We have close family. For them our lives have always been an open book. They are all that matters. Everyone else can kick rocks. Literally.

If I lacked courage before, this situation has found it renewed in me. Any student of history understands that this type of scrutiny and demonizing of public figures is an old and tried tactic designed to take the focus off of the work at hand. Well, you may choose to be distracted from this work, but we won’t. Today I am going to teach the Black and Brown 1st graders I love so much. It is in the classroom, through the shaping and molding of young minds, that I stage my protest. Today, Shaun will continue to raise the collective consciousness of us all by writing articles highlighting police brutality. Many expect this media foolishness to take center stage in our lives. It never will.


Bansky's "DISMALAND"

The Dismaland show - which will also feature work from Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer and Jimmy Cauty - will take over the Tropicana site for six weeks.

"I loved the Tropicana as a kid, so getting to throw these doors open again is a real honour," Banksy said.
The show is his first in the UK since 2009's Banksy v Bristol Museum show which drew huge crowds.
Banksy described the show as a "family theme park unsuitable for children".

Banksy said the show "offers an escape from mindless escapism"

Dismaland's website lists 18 attractions, including Water Cannon Creek

Banksy said the show was "certainly not street art"

my personal favorite:

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