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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Phyllis Schlafly Has The Sadz

"We have a government of three separate powers and they have their duties, rights and obligations, but nobody assigned to the judicial branch in the Constitution has the right to overturn the law that we’ve had for millennia. It’s just not the kind of country that we live in. A lot of people thought when the Supreme Court handed down its bad decision in Roe v Wade, well the Supreme Court has spoken and that’s it. That settles it. Well, it didn’t settle it. It was just the beginning of a big fight. And eventually that decision’s going to be overturned. But, meanwhile, we’ve cut big holes in it because the American people did not accept the ‘rule of law’ that one human being could belong to another human being. The same thing will happen here."
- Phyllis Schlafly, speaking to World Net Daily.

and you want to call yourself a patriot, Ms. Schlafly???

CNN Yanks Story After Reporter Claims ISIS Flag Was Seen At London Pride

There must be some red faces today at CNN. Earlier in the day a CNN reporter in London filed a report about an “ISIS” flag spotted at a gay pride parade in London. It later turned out that the black and white flag, which did vaguely resemble the terrorist group’s banner — from a distance — but upon closer examination (upper right corner) it turned out to be a mock-up full of images of sex toys. CNN has since taken the video down and there is no mention of the story, although if you search for “gay pride” on CNN’s web site you’ll find an item headlined ‘Woman says she spotted ISIS flag at gay pride parade’ next to an image from the video but when you click on the link the page says “This video is no longer available.” You can, however, watch a version of the video posted on YouTube:



CNN quietly removed the story from its site but the below mirror of the clip has gained over 700K views since last night.

A man trolling the violently homophobic Islamic State at a London gay pride event got extra troll points Saturday for duping CNN. CNN reporter Lucy Pawle was at the event when she stumbled upon that man, who to her bewilderment, everyone seemed to be ignoring. Turns out his fake “ISIS flag” was made up of images of dildos, Mediaite discovered. Pawle tells CNN anchors that she was leaving work when she happened upon the annual London Gay Pride festival. She was shocked to see a man dressed in black and white carrying what she called “a very bad mimicry” but a “very clear attempt to mimic the ISIS flag.” Taking a closer look, she could tell the writing was not Arabic. No one else seemed to be concerned about it, so she went to the event organizer and the police, both of whom seemed to brush her off.


The hippies Scalia warned about:

SCALIA: "Who ever thought that intimacy and spirituality were freedoms?" he wrote. "And if intimacy is, one would think that Freedom of Intimacy is abridged rather than expanded by marriage. Ask the nearest hippie."

The hippies Scalia warned about.
First couple married in Dallas County.
Together 55 years.

Gary Hart: Welcome to the age of vanity politics & campaigns-for-hire.

Welcome to the age of vanity politics and campaigns-for-hire. What would our founders make of this nightmare?

The abandonment of "the common good and the interests of the commonwealth." All of it is an outcome, Hart believes, "our founders would not recognize and would deplore." Hart writes:

On a more personal level, how can public service be promoted as an ideal to young people when this sewer corrupts our Republic? At this point in early twenty-first-century America, the greatest service our nation’s young people could provide is to lead an army of outraged young Americans armed with brooms on a crusade to sweep out the rascals and rid our capital of the money changers, rent seekers, revolving door dancers, and special interest deal makers and power brokers and send them back home to make an honest living, that is, if they still remember how to do so.

What angers truly patriotic Americans is that this entire Augean stable is legal. Even worse, recent Supreme Court decisions placing corporations under the First Amendment protection of free speech for political purposes compounds the tragedy of American democracy. For all practical political purposes, the government of the United States is for sale to the highest bidder.

Yet, a Washington media enamored of its own savviness and protective of "access" greets legalized corruption with a shrug and a "So what?" Hart continues:

Restoration of the Republic of Conscience requires reduction and eventual elimination of the integrity deficit. Virtue, the disinterestedness of our elected officials, must replace political careerism and special interests. The national interest, what is best for our country and coming generations, must replace struggles for power, bitter partisanship, and ideological rigidity. This is not dreamy idealism; it is an idealism rooted in the original purpose of this nation.


Worst Job Ever?

South Carolina asks a black state worker to raise the Confederate flag again before the 11AM white supremacist rally

I know, not worst ever, but really THIS is BAD!


Bree Newsome Released From Jail: 'We took this task into our own hands because OTHERS Failed to act'

A judge gave them each a $3,000 bond, which they later paid and then were released. The judge told them they were allowed to leave the state if they wished.

State Rep. Todd Rutherford of Columbia, who also is an attorney, will represent Newsome.


A group called Ferguson Action tweeted photos and video of the incident, where they refer to the woman who was arrested simply as "Bree." They released this statement:


Update: Democracy Now! has confirmed Bree Newsome and James Tyson have been released.

Even when showing their hate for Black people they manage to appropriate from Black people.

HAPPENING NOW: Group protests the removal of Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds: http://shout.lt/6Ftq




Justice Scalia's dissenting opinions put to music. Freakin' hilarious.

Coheed and Cambria perform an original song with excerpts from Justice Scalia's dissenting opinions on the Affordable Care Act and Same-Sex Marriage.

With Coheed and Cambria and Funny Or Die, more »

Tea Party Tears: I’m outraged!!! Give me your money!!!”

Tea Party tears:

BREAKING NEWS! Obama Admin Flaunts Rainbow White House After Same Sex Marriage Ruling … Read the latest now on TeaParty.org

Although to be honest, that’s just the start of the emailgrift. It goes on:

Patriots and Red-Blooded Americans,

Shock and disbelief have rocked our world.

It’s unfathomable. Unconscionable. Like a fist to the gut.

The day of reckoning is here. We’ve been warning you about it for years.

I’m frightened. What is taking place is dark and sinister.

Obama is hammering the final nail in America’s coffin–the last deadly blow. By the time America’s Fraud President is done in the coming months America will neverrecover. His deed will be done.

That’s why today I’m calling on you and grassroots America. I’m pleading with you to help us rid the Oval Office of the vile man that has cursed our country.

We’re so close–impeachment talk is all over Washington! Don’t give up now! Please, donate today whatever you can–$15, $35, $75 or more.

Your donation–whether you give $1 or $100 or any other amount–makes it possible to fight America’s Fraud President on every level. You know how dirty he fights

It goes on, but they could have made it much shorter:

I’m outraged!!! Give me your money!!!”


NYT Front Page

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