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Obama responds to Romney's 'victims' comments ("not a lot of people out there who think they are..")

Source: Wall Street Journal

Obama responds to Romney's 'victims' comments

NEW YORK — President Barack Obama is chiding Republican Mitt Romney for referring to supporters of the president as victims who depend on the government. Obama says anyone who wants to be president has to "work for everyone, not just for some."

Appearing on the "Late Show" with David Letterman, Obama offered his first comments to the Romney remarks that have roiled the Republican presidential nominee's campaign.

A secret video of Romney's remarks at a May fundraiser showed that he said 47 percent of people will vote for Obama no matter what and they "believe that they are victims." Romney added that his job is "not to worry about those people."

Obama says "there are not a lot of people out there who think they are victims" or entitled.

Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/AP897c82f6078e4bb5918953ea29a55561.html

Exclusive: News of the World 'ordered burglary' Police probe link to break-ins at homes of MPs/Stars

Source: Independent UK

Detectives have evidence which suggests that a notorious private detective agency carried out a burglary while working for the News of the World.

In the latest twist to the phone-hacking scandal, a police intelligence report indicates that Southern Investigations, based in south London, targeted the home of a newsworthy individual in an attempt to dig up salacious information.

The Independent has established that the material – the first suggested link between the News of the World and burglary – is being held by Operation Tuleta, the police inquiry into illegal newsgathering techniques other than phone hacking and corruption. It refers to a "sortie" carried out into a woman's home in Ascot, Berkshire, and mentions the name of Alex Marunchak – a long-serving executive on the News of the World.

A police assessment indicated that Southern Investigations or an associate had "gained unauthorised access into a private domestic premises with a view to gaining information on the resident".

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/exclusive-news-of-the-world-ordered-burglary-8145238.html

WATCH: Full Secret Video of Private Romney Fundraiser Mitt Romney wanted the full tape. Here it is.

Source: Mother Jones

WATCH: Full Secret Video of Private Romney Fundraiser
Mitt Romney wanted the full tape. Here it is.
—By David Corn | Tue Sep. 18, 2012 11:30 AM PDT

Romney's remarks, denigrating nearly half of the electorate, sent the Romney campaign—already roiled by infighting—into panic mode. The campaign hastily convened a late-night press conference to address his controversial statements, and Romney stood by his "off the cuff" comments, while conceding that they were "not elegantly stated." He claimed his comments where merely a "snippet" and not the "full response." That was not true; his comments were shown in full. He added, "I hope the person who has the video would put out the full material."

Romney is not the only one who has called for the release of the full 49-minute video. And we're more than happy to oblige. The complete video demonstrates that Romney was not snippetized and that he was captured raw and uncut. Here it is, in two parts:

Romney is not the only one who has called for the release of the full 49-minute video. And we're more than happy to oblige. The complete video demonstrates that Romney was not snippetized and that he was captured raw and uncut. Here it is, in two parts:

Read more: http://www.motherjones.com/authors/david-corn




Ta-Nehisi Coates

We Are All Welfare Queens Now: Progress has meant a series of fights first over direct and indirect components of citizenship (voting, serving in public office, serving in the Army, serving on juries etc.) and less explicit tactics to curtail access to them….

These tactics… themselves, are evidence of progress…. It's true that for a century after the Civil War, the South effectively erased the black vote. But there was an actual black vote that had to be militated against….It's worth critiquing how the machine manipulated the black vote in Chicago, but it's also worth noting there was a black vote present…. More to the point, as tactics aimed at suppressing black citizenship become more abstract, they also have the side-effect of enveloping non-blacks. Atwater's point that the policies of the Southern Strategy hurt blacks more than whites is well taken. But some whites were hurt too…. During slavery white Southerners never worried about disenfranchising blacks. After slavery they needed poll taxes and the force of white terrorism. After white terrorism was routed and the poll tax outlawed, they targeted the voting process itself. But at each level what you see is more non-black people being swept into the pool of victims….

You can paint a similar history of the welfare state, which was first secured by assuring racist white Democrats that the pariah of black America would be cut out of it. When such machinations became untenable, the strategy became to claim the welfare state mainly benefited blacks. And as that has become untenable, the strategy has become to target the welfare state itself….

At each interval the ostensible pariah grows, until one in two Americans are members of the pariah class. In all this you can see the insidious and lovely foresight of integration which, at its root, posits an end to whiteness as any kind of organizing political force. I would not say we are there. But when the party of white populism finds itself writing off half the country, we are really close.


Laughing at them is killing them

Laughing at them is killing them

Said it before in this blog and I'll say it again: the way we're going to get rid of the extremists and the elitists is to simply laugh at them. And that's where we are today. The great laugh has started.


Romney Getting Crushed in His Home State

Source: Political Wire

Romney Getting Crushed in His Home State
No one really expects Mitt Romney to win Massachusetts, but two new polls show him getting crushed in the state he once served as governor.

A Western New England University poll finds that President Obama is now ahead of Romney, 60% to 38%, among likely voters.

A Suffolk University poll shows Obama leading by a 64% to 31% margin.

Read more: http://politicalwire.com/archives/2012/09/18/romney_getting_crushed_in_his_home_state.html

Repukes Jumping Ship: Republican U.S. Senate candidate-Linda McMahon Denounces Mitt Romney’s Remarks

Linda McMahon Denounces Mitt Romney’s Remarks
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon was quick to denounce Mitt Romney’s secretly videotaped remarks to donors about the “47 percent” of the U.S. electorate who support President Obama and believe they are entitled to government handouts.

“I disagree with Governor Romney’s insinuation that 47% of Americans believe they are victims who must depend on the government for their care. I know that the vast majority of those who rely on government are not in that situation because they want to be. People today are struggling because the government has failed to keep America competitive, failed to support job creators, and failed to get our economy back on track,” McMahon said in a statement posted on her website this morning.

“I am sympathetic to the struggles that millions of Americans are going through because I’ve been there. As a young couple Vince and I lost our home and our car. With two small children it was not an easy time for my family.

“That’s why I am running for the Senate, because I have been there before and I know the way out. My financial struggles were part of the foundation that I built my jobs plan on. It’s why I want to give the middle class a tax break that will put an extra $500 a month in the pockets of an average Connecticut family next year. My sole focus if elected to the United States Senate will be to create good jobs for middle class families and get the American economy turned around.”


Biden on Romney’s '47 percent' remarks: ‘I’ll let his words speak for themselves’

Source: The Hill

Biden on Romney’s '47 percent' remarks: ‘I’ll let his words speak for themselves’
By Daniel Strauss - 09/18/12 12:55 PM ET

Vice President Biden refused to fully weigh in on Mitt Romney's comment that "47 percent" of Americans are "dependent on government" and would not vote for him.

"I’ll let his words speak for themselves," Biden said to reporters after a campaign speech in Ottumwa, Iowa, on Tuesday.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/250093-biden-refuses-to-fully-touch-on-romney-47-percent-remarks


W.H.: Obama is 'president of all the people,' not the 47 percent

Source: Politico

W.H.: Obama is 'president of all the people,' not the 47 percent

Reacting to a video of Mitt Romney calling 47 percent of Americans dependent on the government, White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the presidency is about representing everyone in the country.

"When you're president of the United States, you're president of all the people," Carney said. "What unites us as Americans is far greater than what divides us."

Carney would not see whether President Obama had seen the video — which has dominated the news cycle of the last day, but did say that Obama disagrees with the fundamental premise of Romney's statement.

"Setting aside what Gov. Romney thinks, I can tell you that the president certainly doesn't think that men and women on social security are irresponsible or victims. That students are responsible are victims. He certainly doesn't think that middle class families are paying too little in taxes," Carney said.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/09/wh-obama-is-president-of-all-the-people-not-the-percent-135861.html
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