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Landrieu Says Democrats Abandoned Her

Landrieu Says Democrats Abandoned Her

December 3, 2014
By Taegan Goddard

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) “lobbed a barb at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Tuesday, saying they effectively abandoned her after the Nov. 4 midterm election,” the Washington Post reports.

Said Landrieu: “I am extremely disappointed in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. I’ve said that. You know, they just walked away from this race.”

more: don't slam the door on your way out:

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Comes To Congress

Black Lawmakers Bring Ferguson Protest Symbol To House Floor


The Ferguson protests came to the House floor Monday night, when a group of black lawmakers raised their hands in the gesture that has come to symbolize the movement.

"'Hands up, don't shoot' is a rallying cry of people all across America who are fed up with police violence," said Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), one of the Congressional Black Caucus members who participated in the demonstration.

"If we are to learn anything from the tragic death of Michael Brown, we must first acknowledge that we have a race issue we are not addressing," added CBC Chairwoman Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), according to The Washington Post.


read about it here:

“I have a dream:1 day actions of a few sh*tty white people will be seen as discrediting entire race


Daily Show host Jon Stewart and correspondent Larry Wilmore rebuked conservatives on Tuesday for harping on crime statistics in response to the Ferguson demonstrations.

“What would you say to those people?” Stewart asked Wilmore, who will debut as host of the Nightly Show next month.

“I would say they can go f*ck themselves, Jon,” Wilmore said. “First of all, can we quit calling it ‘Black-on-Black’ crime? It’s just crime, ok? I mean, ‘Black-on-Black’ just makes it sound like a category on Redtube.”


“I have a dream, Jon,” Wilmore said. “That one day, the actions of a few sh*tty white people will be seen as discrediting their entire race.”


About 100 brains missing from University of Texas

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The University of Texas at Austin is missing about 100 brains — about half of the specimens the university had in a collection of brains preserved in jars of formaldehyde.

One of the missing brains is believed to have belonged to clock tower sniper Charles Whitman.

"We think somebody may have taken the brains, but we don't know at all for sure," psychology Professor Tim Schallert, co-curator of the collection, told the Austin American-Statesman.


The Austin State Hospital had transferred the brains to the university about 28 years ago under a "temporary possession" agreement. Schallert said his psychology lab had room for only 100 brains, so the rest were moved to the basement of the university's Animal Resources Center.

"They are no longer in the basement," Cormack said.


NYT Reporter Explains Hourlong 'Morning Joe' Silence: 'I Didn't Flee'


"Did he say anything?" Scarborough wondered. "Not the entire time."

Brzezinski recalled Peters saying "one thing."

"It was really good though," Scarborough said in jest. "No, it was really good though, wasn't it?"

"No," Brzezinski said, sounding uncertain.


Scarborough eventually remembered that Peters "talked about John Boehner."
"I didn't flee the set, I assure you," he said in an email. "I came on the show, as I usually do, to talk about what's happening in Congress. I did that around 6:45 a.m. And I left the Ferguson discussion today to the others on the panel like (Washington Post columnist) Gene Robinson, who was able to capably and intelligently discuss it far better than I would have. One thing I've learned from doing TV: I've never regretted not opening my mouth. It's always the times when you do -- and shouldn't have -- that get you in trouble."


So The GOP’s War On Obama’s Exec Order Lasted About 5 Minutes

Many Republicans gradually realized that they have no realistic chance of stopping Obama, at least while they control only one chamber of Congress before January, and have heeded calls from leadership to put off the fight until they take over the Senate and expand their House majority in January.

"You need to utilize every political means that you can in the environment that you're in. We have limited capabilities now politically, with one house of government," freshman Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC) said.

"We're not going to take that bait," Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) said of a potential shutdown. "We learned from what happened last time. We also learned that no matter what we do until we get a dance partner in the Senate ... we've got to be realistic. And shutting down the government is not a realistic alternative at this juncture."

And for all their fighting words, many Republican members never had much of an appetite for another government shutdown in less than two years.


Racism & violence & police misconduct are “not the pink elephant in the room” - “It is the room"

On Ferguson, these teens are smarter than everyone.


Their daily lives do “not allow them to buy into any kind of post-racial rhetoric,” says Cathy Cohen, a University of Chicago political scientist who studies youth politics and race. “These young people do what social scientists do. They falsify the premise. When they look around, they know it’s not post-racial...We have to recognize the level of expertise that these young people have.”

The teacher wonders if the “conversation” we should be having is less a dialogue about “race relations” than a listening session to hear teens like the ones she teaches.

Racism and violence and police misconduct are “not the pink elephant in the room,” she says. “It is the room.

Class is nearly over when three older students walk into the classroom carrying a long paper banner with notes and hearts scrawled across it. Two days earlier, a student at the school had been shot and killed in St. Louis. The police investigation is ongoing. The school held a moment of silence that day, and students are putting together a paper monument.

“You knew him?” I ask one of the young men who came in with the banner.

“That was my cousin,” he says, and looks down at the floor.


the rest:

Charles P Pierce: We shouldn't need POTUS to start conversation on race-We should start it ourselves

By Charles P. Pierce on December 2, 2014


Jesus H. Christ On Human Growth Hormones, can we stop already with the wimp business? Thoughtfulness is not weakness. Prudence is not cowardice. The way I know this is that, for eight years, we were subject to the Leadership (!)tm of an ignoramus whose gut told him what to do, and his gut was even dumber than he was, and the whole country nearly fell apart. Given the choice between that and chin-stroking, I know which way I'm leaning.

Democratic lawmakers have privately expressed their wish that Obama go to Ferguson. The Rev. Jesse Jackson, preaching in Portland, Ore., on Sunday, said Obama should go to Ferguson, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. Obama ally Deval Patrick, the Massachusetts governor, said on NBC that Obama "wants to go" to Ferguson but faces a "quandary" because of an ongoing Justice Department investigation.

Let those "Democratic lawmakers" show themselves or shut up. Let them go march in Ferguson. Nothing's stopping them. And would anyone like to guess what the reaction would be if the president went to Ferguson on the advice of Jesse Jackson? The president -- who did, as we have been endlessly reminded by the people who worked the hardest to sabotage his entire administration, promise to make us one country again -- doing the bidding of the Mayor of Hymietown? Marty Peretz would have a stroke.

.........We shouldn't need a president to start a conversation on race. We should start it ourselves, in thousands of town halls and church basements and radio talk-shows. But, as a self-governing democracy, we are too cowardly to do it honestly, because it rubs up against the comfortable myth of American exceptionalism. We should make him do things, not the other way around. That's been the fundamental challenge of him from the outset. He's left the hard and necessary work of self-government to a country that simply is no longer up to the job. If all Barack Obama's administration has done is to become the mirror in which we see that basic fact about ourselves, that's all the Leadership (!)tm we should expect from any president. He's not the 98-pound weakling. America is.


Inhofe's Grand Climate Conspiracy Theory: It's All About Barbra Streisand

Inhofe's Grand Climate Conspiracy Theory: It's All About Barbra Streisand
That's what the GOP senator who'll be taking control of the environment committee told me several years ago.

—By David Corn | Tue Dec. 2, 2014 6:30 AM EST

As he strolled through the media center one afternoon, accompanied by several camera crews recording his pronouncements, I approached and politely asked if I could put a question to him. Sure, he said, in his folksy avuncular manner.

Look around us, I said, spreading my arms wide. There are thousands of intelligent and well-meaning people in this gigantic conference center: scientists, heads of state, government officials, policy experts. They believe that climate change is a serious and pressing threat and that something must be done soon. Do you believe that they have all been fooled?

Yes, he said, grinning.

That these people who have traveled from all points of the globe to be here are victims of a well-orchestrated hoax?

Yes, he said, still smiling.

That's some hoax, I countered. But who has engineered such a scam?

Hollywood liberals and extreme environmentalists, Inhofe replied.

Really? I asked. Why would they conspire to scare all these smart people into believing a catastrophe was under way, when all was well?

Inhofe didn't skip a beat: To advance their radical environmental agenda.

I pressed on: Who in Hollywood is doing this?

The whole liberal crowd, Inhofe said.

But who?

Barbra Streisand, he responded.

I nearly laughed. All these people had assembled in Copenhagen because of Barbra Streisand. A singer and actor had perpetuated the grandest con of the past 100 years?

That's right, Inhofe said, with a straight face. And others, he added.

We are DOOMED:

President Obama getting ready for January

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