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Poll: Millions of Unemployed Americans Want Congress To Get To Bottom Of This Benghazi Thing First

MAY 9, 2014

Millions of unemployed Americans who have fruitlessly been looking for work for months are determined that Congress get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi, a new poll indicates.


By a wide majority, respondents to the poll “strongly agreed” with the statement “I would really like to find a job, but not if it in any way distracts Congress from my No. 1 concern: finding out what really happened in Benghazi.”


In related findings, a survey of Americans found that taxpayers overwhelmingly consider Benghazi hearings to be the best use of taxpayer money, well ahead of schools, roads, and infant nutrition.

In the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner released the following statement: “I want to reassure the American people that, until we have completed our Benghazi investigations, there will be absolutely no action on job creation, infrastructure, immigration, education, housing, or food.”

MORE (yes, snark):

NYT:Dems Debating Whether To Participate In Benghazi Committee-Shouldn't Hesitate To Skip This Farce

Center Ring at the Republican Circus

..............................They won’t pass a serious jobs bill, or raise the minimum wage, or reform immigration, but House Republicans think they can earn their pay for the rest of the year by exposing nonexistent malfeasance on the part of the Obama administration. On Thursday, they voted to create a committee to spend “such sums as may be necessary” to conduct an investigation of the 2012 attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The day before, they voted to hold in contempt Lois Lerner, the former Internal Revenue Service official whom they would love to blame for the administration’s crackdown on conservative groups, if only they could prove there was a crackdown, which they can’t, because there wasn’t.


Republicans are frothing about a newly released email message showing that the White House wanted Susan Rice, the American ambassador to the United Nations at the time, to go on television in 2012 and make the case that the attack was not a failure of administration policy. The message should have been turned over earlier because all it shows is a routine attempt to spin the news in the most favorable way to the White House. Though it is not the slightest evidence of a cover-up, it has become the foundation for the committee’s existence. Demonstrating the panel’s true purpose, Republican political operatives are already raising money by stoking donor anger on Benghazi.

Democrats who are now debating whether to participate in the committee shouldn’t hesitate to skip it. Their presence would only lend legitimacy to a farce.

Similarly, the Justice Department should not press Ms. Lerner’s contempt citation before a grand jury. She invoked her Fifth Amendment rights at a hearing last year and refused to testify, but Republicans claim, without foundation, that she waived those rights by first proclaiming her innocence. Her refusal, they said, was contemptuous of Congress. Little nuisances like constitutional rights or basic facts can’t be allowed to stand in the way when House Republicans need to whip up their party’s fury.


FOX/GOP running scared shouting "Benghazi" at top of lungs

Amanda Hess Eviscerates Maureen Dowd For Spectacular Cruelty Against Monica Lewinsky

* Amanda Hess eviscerates New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd for the spectacularly cruel way Dowd wrote about Monica Lewinsky over the years:

“Ditsy, Predatory White House Intern”

Looking back on how Maureen Dowd painted Monica Lewinsky as a crazy bimbo—and won a Pulitzer for it. the occasion of Lewinsky’s reappearance, Dowd has this to say:

“It was like a Golden Oldie tour of a band you didn’t want to hear in the first place.” What Dowd doesn’t seem to get: She was the one beating the drum.


When in Doubt: #Benghazi

I think what gets me about Benghazi!™ is the chutzpah of people who cheered on the invasion of Iraq rending their garments over the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya. It's so morally obtuse that you have to assume they are trying in some fashion to gain absolution for their bloodthirsty insistence on taking revenge against a nation that didn't attack America.

(Also too, Clinton scandal and simple hypocritical idiocy. Those motives cannot ever be discounted with these people.)


Fox News used images of 'random sad Asians' in South Korea ferry report

"Fox News has admitted that it mistakenly used the wrong footage of grieving people in its coverage of the South Korean ferry disaster, which killed more than 260 people last month. ... The broadcaster said it regretted the mistake, in which images of devastated people mourning the deaths of 16 Sherpa guides killed in an avalanche on Mount Everest were used in a broadcast about the South Korean ferry disaster.

Fox News had faced criticism from the Korean Cultural Centre, an auxiliary of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, which claimed the broadcaster had used "footage of random sad Asians instead of going to Korea".


"Why can't they carry guns in prison? That's where you need them! That place is full of criminals!"

Last night, Stephen Colbert took aim at Georgia's new "guns everywhere" law.

But shockingly, the "guns everywhere bill" doesn't cover some everywheres. Yes, it broadens conceal carry eligibility to include people who have committed crimes with guns, but only after they're out of jail. Why can't they carry guns in prison? That's where you need them! That place is full of criminals!

(audience laughter)

This "guns everywhere bill" is a good start. But it still requires you to carry a gun, to have a gun. That's why I say we must broaden "guns everywhere" to "everywhere is guns". All buildings in America must provide concealed weapons in event of a non-gun-having emergency. Just use the gun on the chain to shoot the glass, and grab the gun.

(audience laughter)

Because the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. And if everybody has a gun, chances are at least one of them will be good.


This is what politicians debating global warming will look like soon...

Sarah DoughertyMarch 26, 2014 12:49

This is what politicians debating global warming will look like soon
Awesome new street art unintentionally shames our leaders into paying attention to climate change.


TOLES! --- "What The Court Gives To Whom":



Sarah Palin: Hillary Clinton may change mind on abortion once she’s grandma to ‘real baby’

“Also,” she added, excitedly, “her daughter Chelsea is pregnant with the baby — it’s a real baby, not just some disposable something.”

“Now, I know that’s going to be controversial, but those who are, perhaps, in the position now to be a parent or a grandparent, they realize about the sanctity of life. How innocent, precious it is,” she said.

“And of all places, it should be in the womb that these babies are protected — so maybe even on a social issue like that, she’ll open her eyes.”

even more disgusting stuff here:
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