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The Right Disappeared The Iraq War. We Can’t Let Them.

The Right Disappeared The Iraq War. We Can’t Let Them.

Categories: Foreign Policy

By Oliver Willis
October 27,2012 | 144 views


Remember the Iraq War? For the good part of the previous decade, it was the defining issue, impacting both foreign and domestic policy. And then… nothing.

It’s sort of amazing how the right has been able to both maneuver themselves away from association with the Iraq War and – on the surface at least – into some sort of dovish movement that should be taken seriously on foreign policy and national security.

We shouldn’t allow this.

Mitt Romney, in his 2007-8 incarnation, was among the warmongering hordes. Romney opposed any withdrawal from Iraq and was among the supporters of the initial invasion. That is, when he had a chance to take the right position on the war, he chose the easy and wrong answer. At the same time, Barack Obama had openly opposed what he described as a “dumb war.”


Romney has shown himself to be, as Jon Huntsman described, a “well-lubricated weather vane.” That would likely mean he would continue his previous pattern of easily being led around by the nose. I can’t imagine Romney having the fortitude to go against the warmongers, and his rhetoric in the election on key issues like Iran shows that he hasn’t done so when given the chance.

Despite their flowery rhetoric and the complicity of the mainstream press, the Republicans – and the affiliated conservative movement – is the Iraq War party. They still are. And that’s why they are so dangerous.


just WOW: A Campaign foretold in an 150 year-old cartoon…

This cartoon is from 1862.

It effectively distills the relationship between the modern conservative movement and President Obama. It also explains the Romney campaign strategy that white folks should reject everything that President Obama has done to help them—to save our Nation from ruin—over the last four years because he is a Ni-CLANG and that they should vote for Mitt because he is white.

In fact, the entire Romney campaign can be boiled down to just a few words: “Vote for Mitt, he’s white”. There are no policies or specifics, just code-talking and word salads from Mitt and his surrogates. Take away the appeals to white power and Mitt holds an empty hand. They can try and hide it, or whitewash it with weasel words and bullshit, but the Negrophope Strategy is the foundation of their campaign.


Montgomery (ALABAMA) Advertiser Endorsement: Obama merits second term

Montgomery Advertiser Endorsement: Obama merits second term
12:09 PM, Oct. 26, 2012 |


We Americans are notorious for our short political memories, for not always acknowledging that considerable progress has been made even though times are still difficult for many of us. Given the truly awful state of the economy four years ago and the geopolitical strains created in large part by unwise foreign policy decisions by the previous president, it is fair to say that few presidents have entered the Oval Office with as daunting a set of challenges as those that faced Barack Obama.


A president can’t do everything. Neither the human capacity nor the constitutional authority exists for that. But a president can – indeed must – exercise sound and decisive leadership when the very foundations of a nation’s economy are imperiled. President Obama did that and an economy that was spiraling downward stabilized and began to recover.

The president of the United States of America also plays an enormous role on the global stage. The words “leader of the free world” are so often attached to the office because history has shown the impact that presidential decisions can have on the world. Obama’s calm, analytical style may not excite the gung-ho types, but it is plainly the preferable approach in an increasingly complex and intertwined world. Our time is not the black-and-white 1950s, when the world’s geopolitical lines were so clearly drawn.

A president must govern in the present, but also should have an eye to the future, to pathways and possibilities that might not fully open during his time in office and thus may offer him no political benefit. This president has that sort of vision, as evidenced by his ceaseless efforts to emphasize education, technology, green energy and other longer-term undertakings that will help build an America of the future that can lead not only through military might, but also through innovation and economic strength.


the rest:


Our children's America
Presidential endorsement: What kind of America will we leave our children? The Tribune endorses President Obama and urges him to address the nation's debt crisis.


Bolstered by his steadiness in office, cognizant of the vast unfinished business before him, we endorse the re-election of Barack Obama.

We do so with a plea to Obama and to Romney.

One of these decades, the children in which we now invest our hope, and our love, will speak with today’s adults about the America that we bequeathed to them. They will praise us for avoiding the financial ravages they watch other nations endure. Or they will condemn us for living ruinously beyond our means and forcing the enormous payback onto them -- a criminal act no previous American generation has committed against those that came next.

Mr. Obama, Mr. Romney, whichever of you occupies the White House for the next four years, that praise or condemnation will be your legacy.



Teabaggers Look In The Mirror

MITT-BRAGS Re: $410 Million FED$: Long-forgotten tape from 02 MA governors race obtained by ABC News

In a long-forgotten tape from the 2002 Massachusetts governor’s race obtained by ABC News:


Mitt Romney is seen touting his Washington connections and his ability to get millions of taxpayer dollars from the federal government. “I am big believer in getting money where the money is,” Romney says on the video, “The money is in Washington.” As for his experience running the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, Romney says, “”the whole winter games was a combination of the federal, state and local governments along with private enterprise.” “We actually received over $410 million from the federal government for the Olympic games. That is a huge increase over anything ever done before and we did that by going after every agency of government,” he says. He even cites money one his colleagues managed to get for the Olympics from the Department of Education.


LOL, CNN Can't Count

Westboro Baptist Church Thought They Were Picketing Walter Mondale's Funeral, Not George McGovern's

Westboro Baptist Church Thought They Were Picketing Walter Mondale's Funeral, Not George McGovern's
Mondale is alive, and was in attendance.

posted Oct 26, 2012 2:10pm EDT


RMONEY Loves $$$: Delphi Auto (major Romney investment) buys factories in China after firing 25K US

FRI OCT 26, 2012 AT 12:08 PM PDT
Breaking: Delphi Auto (major Romney investment) buys factories in China after firing 25K US workers
by distraught

October 26, 2012
TROY, Mich. (AP) — Delphi Automotive has completed its acquisition of FCI Group's motorized vehicles unit for 765 million euros ($987.5 million).

is owned by affiliates of Bain Capital.


AP News
Delphi Automotive closes on FCI unit acquisition
Posted on October 26, 2012 Tweet Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus 0 Comments
More from Businessweek

TROY, Mich. (AP) — Delphi Automotive has completed its acquisition of FCI Group's motorized vehicles unit for 765 million euros ($987.5 million).

The deal, which was announced in May, allows Delphi to expand its global reach and its ability to make electronic connectors for vehicles.

The motorized vehicle business of FCI, which is based in the U.K., makes auto connection systems. It is owned by affiliates of Bain Capital.

Delphi Automotive PLC, based in Troy, Mich., spun off from General Motors Co. in 1999, went into bankruptcy court protection in 2005 and emerged four years later after cutting thousands of jobs and selling factories and businesses.

The company said Friday that it still expects the transaction to add 24 cents per share to its 2013 earnings, excluding acquisition-related costs.


As The Nation has reported, Mitt Romney made a fortune off of the auto-bailout by investing in Delphi and screwing those workers.

Delphi’s stockholders—the Romneys included—had one easy way to rectify the harm to these pensioners, much as GM did for its workers: just pay up.

Making good on the full pensions for salaried workers would cost Delphi a one-time charge of less than $1 billion. This year, Delphi was flush with $1.4 billion in cash—
meaning its owners could have made the pensioners whole 
and still cleared a profit. Instead, in May, Delphi chose to use most of those funds to take over auto parts plants in Asia at 
a cost of $972 million—purchased from Bain Capital.


Adding insult to injury, Delphi even kept Uncle Sam from taxing its profits by moving its location of incorporation from Troy, Michigan to the Isle of Jersey, a European tax haven.

Momentum? Bullshit, Mitt. You're boxed into Ohio and you know it.

Obama For America IS "doubling down" in FL, VA and NC.

Last week Romney retreated to Ohio claiming his campaign had locked up NC, VA and FL.

Bullshit, Mitt. You're boxed into Ohio and you know it.

And as a consequence, you can't afford to follow through in FL, VA and NC.

Per David Axelrod, "Anybody who thinks those states are in the bag is half in the bag themselves." He also noted, "We have added millions to TV spending in each of these states. We are doubling down.

polls, links & lots more:

FRI OCT 26, 2012 AT 09:33 AM PDT
Team Obama knows they're WINNING: President up Double Digits among Women in Internal Polls

Forget the public national polls showing Mitt Romney pulling even with Barack Obama among women, according to senior Obama advisers steeped in internal data: Obama enjoys a “strong, double-digit” lead among female voters in battleground states like Ohio.The same holds true in Pennsylvania, where the president remains on “solid” ground, despite several public polls showing a tightening race, according to senior campaign officials.

They also say their secret weapon in Wisconsin — a key to Obama’s Midwest-heavy electoral path — is the state’s same-day registration law, with new voters breaking to Obama by a predicted 2-to-1 margin.


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