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NRA's Wayne LaPierre: Buy A Gun Or You Will Be Killed

In his latest op-ed LaPierre took this argument to new levels, arguing that Americans who don't buy firearms risk death from a number of sources:

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Riots. Terrorists. Gangs. Lone criminals. These are perils we are sure to face--not just maybe. It's not paranoia to buy a gun. It's survival. It's responsible behavior, and it's time we encourage law-abiding Americans to do just that.

Since the election, millions of Americans have been lining up in front of gun stores, Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops exercising their freedom while they still have it. They are demonstrating they have a mass determination to buy, own and use firearms. Millions of Americans are using market forces like never before to demonstrate their ardent support for our firearm freedoms. That's one of the very best ways we can Stand And Fight.


We will not surrender. We will not appease. We will buy more guns than ever. We will use them for sport and lawful self-defense more than ever. We will grow the NRA more than ever. And we will be prouder than ever to be freedom-loving NRA patriots. And with your help, we will ensure that the Second Amendment remains America's First Freedom.


State of the Union Seating Planners Troll Ted Nugent, Put Him Next to Gay Civil Rights Activist

great story here:

Poland Spring Natural Spring Water --- Reflects On Their Cameo "WHAT A NIGHT"


Here’s why mainstream America has given up on the Republican Party

Republicans need to quit complaining and start cooperating with Obama
By Sally Kohn
Published February 12, 2013

“The Republican Party should be less worried about its image and more worried about its substance. No party that dismantles the American Jobs Act, blocks the Violence Against Women Act and defeats the DREAM Act can expect to win the hearts and minds of mainstream America, let alone a governing majority.

For crying out loud, Republicans in the chamber couldn’t even manage to stand up and applaud for protecting voting rights and helping kids go to pre-school. Instead of continuing to oppose everything Democrats stand for, Republicans should explain to the American people why the only thing Republicans seem to consistently stand for —- more tax cuts for the rich —- didn’t create jobs and ward off our financial crisis when those cuts were in place.”

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/02/12/republicans-need-to-quit-complaining-and-start-cooperating-with-obama/#ixzz2Kovcwpaz

GOP Tells America To Look beyond the Poland Spring

The Results:


Fox Mocks 102-Year-Old's Long Wait To Vote

Fox Mocks 102-Year-Old's Long Wait To Vote
Network Also Downplays GOP Role In Exacerbating Long Voting Lines

After glossing over state Republicans' role in exacerbating long lines at the ballot box, three Fox hosts mocked the hours-long wait and multiple trips a 102-year-old woman endured in order to cast her vote in 2012.

On Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade and Fox's Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer laughed off the difficulties 102-year-old Desiline Victor endured in order to vote in the 2012 election. Victor, who was invited to the State of the Union address and whom President Obama applauded for enduring a long wait to vote, had to make two trips to the polls and wait in line for over three hours before she was able to cast her ballot. Discussing Victor, MacCallum wondered, "What's the big deal?" and said, "This is such a non-issue. Ridiculous." Hemmer added that at the State of the Union, "They held her up as a victim. What was she a victim of?"

the rest:

Yes, Virginia, the Rich Continue to Get Richer: the Top 1% Got 121% of Income Gains Since 2009

Yes, Virginia, the Rich Continue to Get Richer: the Top 1% Got 121% of Income Gains Since 2009
Yves Smith
Naked Capitalism
Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 5:11AM

Yes, sports fans, you read that headline correctly. The top 1% has captured all of the income gains since 2009 and then some, roaring ahead while the rest of the population slipped behind. A new paper by Emmanuel Saez (along with his frequent co-author Thomas Piketty, a long-standing cataloguer of income inequality) estimates that the income gains to the top 1% from 2009 to 2011 were 121% of all income increases. How did that happen? Incomes to the bottom 99% fell by 0.4%...


Onion Nails Rubio: Rich White People Get Latino Guy To Do Some Work For Them

Rich White People Get Latino Guy To Do Some Work For Them

WASHINGTON—Faced with a menial and unappealing task they had no desire to perform themselves, a group of wealthy white people brought in a Latino man to complete the thankless labor for them Tuesday, sources confirmed. “This opportunity—to make it to the middle class or beyond no matter where you start out in life—it isn’t bestowed on us from Washington,” said the Hispanic guy, who was given explicit instructions and was warned by the privileged, affluent Caucasians to make sure he completed the unrewarding chore to their exact specifications. “It comes from a vibrant free economy where people can risk their own money to open a business. More government isn’t going to create new opportunities. It’s going to limit them.” Following the completion of his tedious labor, the man was reportedly asked if he had any Latino friends who might also be willing to take on some work for the white millionaires for modest compensation.


DO IT!!! Universal Pre-K

Universal Pre-K

I support taxing the hell out of me and everybody else to make this happen. I don't claim deep knowledge about the research, other than that "pre-k is good and cost effective," but intuitively the benefits are pretty obvious. Whether you support the view of poor parents as being irresponsible unemployed drug addicts, or the view of poor parents as having insufficient time to nurture their children due to their attempts to make enough money by working 3 jobs, in both cases the issue is that poor parents are failing to provide time, attention, and education for their kids.

It's a low cost way to dramatically improve human welfare of the parents and the kids. Do it.


xlnt research here:
Pre-kindergarten: What the research shows

Right-Wing Quote of the Day

Right-Wing Quote of the Day
By SteveM February 13th, 2013

On Twitter, David Limbaugh sums up the entirety of contemporary right-wing thinking in half a tweet:

Universal pre-school. Marx has to be burning with jealousy.


That’s it. That’s everything you need to know about the political philosophy of modern conservatives.

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