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(oh boy...) Ann Romney Explains Mitt’s Airplane Remark to Leno

Ann Romney Explains Mitt’s Airplane Remark to Leno

She explained her husband’s subsequent comment afterward at a fundraiser when he joked that he didn’t know why the windows on the plane don’t open.

“It’s his way of making light of how worried he is about me,” she said. “It’s his way of dealing with the panic of knowing how dangerous this was.”


Michele Bachmann's Seat in Peril As House Race Tightens

Source: ABC

Less than a year ago, Rep. Michele Bachmann was traveling the country, making her case to be the Republican Party's presidential nominee. Today, six weeks out from that long-awaited election, she's caught in an unexpectedly tight race to keep her seat in Congress.

Bachmann's challenger, Minnesota hotel magnate Jim Graves, 58, entered the fray in early April, quickly rallying state Democrats to his side and, perhaps more importantly, convincing Independence Party leaders and candidates to stay out of the mix, putting as much as 10 percent of the electorate up for grabs.

In two of Bachmann's three races, the vote tally for the Independence candidate has exceeded her margin of victory.

"This district has the most independents in the state," Graves told ABC News. "So we went to the Independence Party and asked, 'Can you guys help us out a little bit?' Well they said, 'We like you, Graves, we'll support you.'"

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/OTUS/michele-bachmanns-seat-peril-house-race-tightens/story?id=17320034#.UGNHxrJlQts

Unusual Indian Ocean earthquakes hint at tectonic breakup

Source: Nature

Unusual Indian Ocean earthquakes hint at tectonic breakup
April 2012 quakes occurred away from plate edges, suggesting formation of a new boundary.

Helen Shen
26 September 2012

At least four faults within the Indo-Australian plate ruptured simultaneously in April 2012, resulting in two magnitude-8 earthquakes within two hours. (Red stars indicate the epicentres.)

A pair of massive earthquakes that rocked the Indian Ocean on 11 April 2012 may signal the latest step in the formation of a new plate boundary within Earth’s surface.

Geological stresses rending the Indo-Australian plate apart are likely to have caused the magnitude-8.6 and magnitude-8.2 quakes, which broke along numerous faults and unleashed aftershocks for 6 days afterwards, according to three papers published online today in Nature1–3.

Seismologists have suspected since the 1980s that the Indo-Australian plate may be breaking up. But the 11 April earthquakes represent “the most spectacular example” of that process in action, says Matthias Delescluse, a geophysicist at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and lead author of the first paper1. Worldwide, “it’s the clearest example of newly formed plate boundaries,” he says.

According to prevailing theories of plate tectonics, the Indo-Australian plate began to deform internally about 10 million years ago. As the plate moved northwards, the region near India crunched against the Eurasian plate, thrusting the Himalayas up and slowing India down. Most scientists think that the Australian portion forged ahead, creating twisting tensions that are splitting the plate apart in the Indian Ocean.

Read more: http://www.nature.com/news/unusual-indian-ocean-earthquakes-hint-at-tectonic-breakup-1.11487

Longtime Ohio GOP strategist: Obama's advantage on the auto bailout "a kick in the balls" for Mitt

Labor organizations are leaving thousands of bailout-themed doorknob hangers and making phone calls to union members highlighting Obama's support for the auto industry.

According to The Washington Post poll, 64% of Ohio registered voters view the federal loans to GM and Chrysler as "mostly good" for the state's economy. Only 29% said the bailout was "mostly bad."

Putting a finer point on the matter, one longtime Ohio GOP strategist called Obama's advantage on the auto bailout "a kick in the balls" for the Romney campaign.


Romney's Staples closing 60 stores around the world

Again, he is an awful candidate for president but it wasn't a fluke that he built a fortune of up to $378 million. If chopping jobs could make him a few more dollars, Romney would and has consistently taken the money. As the CEO of Bain Capital, his exclusive focus was money. Period. For a person like Romney that lacks empathy, it was the perfect job.

Anyone who thinks Romney can suddenly change and show compassion or care about jobs is kidding themselves. Running a country where you have to care about everyone and not just the select few is radically different from running a venture capital firm. Ten times out of ten, Romney would chop jobs the way Staples is doing now.

The chain expects the U.S. store closings will result in a charge of about $35 million in the fourth quarter. For fiscal 2012, it anticipates about 30 U.S. store closings. Staples also expects 30 stores will be scaled down and stores being relocated.

In Europe, the store closures are expected to occur before the end of fiscal 2012. The company has also tapped John Wilson to serve as president of Staples Europe. Wilson succeeds Rob Vale, who is retiring.


Danziger Draws Mr. Boehner & Mr. McConnell (as they reconsider their "plan")


Joe Scarborough reacts to Romney clip - 'Sweet Jesus'


Romney To Middle Class Ohioans: Don't Expect Too Much Tax Relief From Me

Source: Huffington Post

Romney To Middle Class Ohioans: Don't Expect Too Much Tax Relief From Me

WESTERVILLE, Ohio -- In a line that event attendees found a bit puzzling, Mitt Romney warned a crowd of mostly middle-class onlookers on Wednesday not to expect too much tax relief under his administration.

"We have got to reform our tax system," Romney said at a morning event here. "Small businesses most typically pay taxes at the individual tax rate. And so our individual income taxes are the ones I want to reform. Make them simpler. I want to bring the rates down. By the way, don't be expecting a huge cut in taxes because I'm also going to lower deductions and exemptions. But by bringing rates down we will be able to let small businesses keep more of their money so they can hire more people."

The comments were either a flub on Romney's part or an admission that many of the deductions and exemptions that he will have to target in order to make his tax plan deficit neutral will end up affecting the middle class.

To date, Romney has said that he will only eliminate deductions and exemptions above a certain income level. He hasn't said what that income level would be. But when asked whether he would make $100,000 the cutoff, he said that he considered "middle income" to be "$200,000 to $250,000 and less." (One of the few Romney-backing studies has said that the only way his tax plan adds up is if he eliminates deductions and exemptions above that $100,000 income level).

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/26/romney-ohio-taxes_n_1915949.html


Romney Rafalca Horse Tax Deduction: Back in 2010, Mitt Romney deducted the cost of maintaining (feeding, brushing, training) his wife's show horse, Rafalca, as a business expense. A lot of people ridiculed the idea that Rafalca was a business, arguing that, because Rafalca didn't generate any revenue, the horse was merely a hobby. But, assuming Rafalca was actually a business, that's kosher. Maybe the Romneys regarded Rafalca as a startup enterprise that would eventually produce revenue, or an asset that might eventually be sold at a gain.

In any event, the Romney's apparently no longer regard Rafalca as a business.

How do we know this? Because the Romneys didn't deduct the cost of Rafalca's care and feeding from their 2011 tax return. So, what changed? Why was Rafalca a business in 2010 and a personal hobby in 2011?



The aristocratic old grandpa state

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