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Fear of something that is not actually a threat is not rightful fear, but rather paranoia.

So Much to Fear, So Little Time!



Oddly, though, Americans are not fearful enough when it comes to real threats. Humans seem to be the only species that fouls our own nest, perfectly willing not to fear the environmental calamity our present course of inaction will surely wreak on the entire world, unless we reduce our carbon emissions, or entirely deny the science that foretells it. Smokers (I am one) seem entirely willing to live with the danger of self destructive behavior, in hopes of escaping its devastating consequences. Racism, income inequality, and a rising political and financial oligarchy threaten the very existence of American democracy, yet we are paralyzed when it comes to talking honestly about these issues.

But fear of something that is not actually a threat is not rightful fear, but rather paranoia. Feeling under attack may be a great way to raise money in churches and political races, but it's a terrible way to solve the problems that actually face us. But in order to discern the difference between things that rightly should be feared, and those that shouldn't, we need to be willing to talk about our fears and face into them. Which brings us to FDR's first inaugural speech assertion that "we have nothing to fear but fear itself." Indeed. Nothing may actually threaten America more than our own fears.

Perhaps the worst fallout from all this is that when we are gripped by fear, we usually make terrible decisions. Like in elections. All of us should be going to the polls to vote this week. It is the most important civic duty we have as citizens, and in some ways, it's the our only shot at changing things for good. But beware of voting based on the fears stoked by politicians for their own political gain -- on both sides. It's a terrible way to make the important decisions about whom to vote for.

And know this: No politician is going to take away your fear and anxiety. If you're already fearful about contracting Ebola, finding an ISIS terrorist at your door, or the anxiety you feel when you encounter a person of color, you won't find any relief on the day after the election. That's work you and I have to do for ourselves, every day. We need to separate trumped-up fears from the legitimate ones. The state of the nation and the state of humankind may depend on it. Now that's something to be fearful about.


If the GOP Wins the Senate: The Plan to Beat Ebola

SUN NOV 02, 2014 AT 08:02 AM PST
If the GOP Wins the Senate: The Plan to Beat Ebola
by jusjtim35

Lexington, KY (AP) Mitch McConnell finally went on record today on the GOP's plans to keep America safe from the growing threat of Ebola. After weeks of stonewalling on the GOP agenda should they take control of the Senate the senior Senator from Kentucky spoke out at a press conference this morning and even passed out a memo listing the GOP plan to move the country forward.

Here is the text of that memo verbatim including corrections that were part of the document disseminated:

1. Repeal Obamacare: It is the sincere belief of the GOP that government run healthcare is insufficient to deal with the fast approaching apocalypse. Every American should be terrified of the thought of an IRS agent sitting judgment on their right to get medical treatment should that terrible moment when they or a loved one catch Ebola arrives. The GOP will not allow government employees on death panels to ruin the lives of hard working Americans. We will work to finally repeal this monstrous law before it causes millions to suffer. Better to be without insurance entirely than to risk certain death brought on by bureaucratic inaction. Uninsured people who do catch the disease can simply hold a bake sale then trade the cookies for medical assistance.

2. Control Access to the Ballot Box: It is well known that Polling locations are crowded places. People - and especially people of color - have been known to stand extremely close to other people for hours at a time to cast their votes. This is a perfect storm that allows Ebola to spread unhindered. The GOP will make the polling place safe by preventing many people - especially people of color - from casting votes thus reducing lines and wait times so the average voter will have less risk of contracting Ebola from an infected person they are forced to rub elbows with for hours on end.

3. Get to the bottom of #Benghazi: It is the belief of the GOP that #Benghazi has strong ties to the current Ebola outbreak in America. #Benghazi is in Libya which is in Africa. Africa is where the current Ebola outbreak started. One of the hardest hit countries is Liberia. Is it just a convenient coincidence that Libya and Liberia sound so similar? Are they really the same country? Is this some massive left-wing plot to distract Americans so they won't discover the truth? This connection will be thoroughly investigated in the early months of 2015. With a massive outbreak of Ebola sure to occur in America at any moment the GOP feels it is vitally important to find out what the President knew about Ebola in #Benghazi and when. In addition the GOP wants to know does Lois Lerner have Ebola? Are the clues to how Ebola came to America on her lost hard drive? What does she know about #Benghazi and Ebola? The GOP will investigate all of these questions for as long as it takes to get the answers. America deserves to know.

4. Build the fence, lock down the border, deport everyone who has family ties to Mexico:
It should be obvious by now that President Obama has no desire or the strength to actually act to prevent Ebola from crossing our boarder from the south. With careful planning it is obvious ISIS will soon use this gaping hole in our security to set off Ebola bombs in major US cities causing millions of needless deaths. Since we cannot be sure who may have traveled to Mexico it is the belief of the GOP that anyone with family ties in Mexico should be immediately deported. Can we be sure they haven't been home recently? Can we be positive they have not been radicalized by ISIS while there? We need to be 100% sure that no American can come in contact with Ebola due to casual contact with a person of South/Central American descent. The GOP will work to keep America white safe.

5. Sue or Impeach President Obama:
This really is the core of the GOP agenda and probably should be listed first, but we felt it necessary to outline the other factors first so the American people would see there is just cause to proceed with this final step. Not only has the usurper President failed miserably in his efforts to protect the American people from these many terrifying threats, but the simple fact is he's black from Africa. Again, Ebola is from Africa. It is the sincere belief that President Obama is attempting to take over America with this new form of germ warfare imported from his homeland. He should be tested by GOP approved doctors to be sure he is not carrying the Ebola virus in his genes and if he is found to have it be removed from office immediately. Because All of his cabinet and Vice President Joe Biden have been in close contact with him repeatedly they will have to be removed from office also. In accordance with our Constitution that would elevate John Boehner to President and America could start to truly fix the horror that has been inflicted on us all by six years of black... African Democrat rule.


(Made Me Laugh): True Catholics,” he writes, must “resist” the Pope’s pressure to change the Church.

For over a year conservative Catholics have had their chastity belts in a twist over Francis and apparently, the chafing has finally grown too much to bear.

Over at The New York Times, columnist Ross Douthat, a convert to Roman Catholicism, warned that Francis’s current path could “eventually lead to real schism.” With the threat of schism hanging in the air he then encourages a kind of rebellion: “True Catholics,” he writes, must “resist” the Pope’s pressure to change the Church.

Other conservatives agree, pointing to Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, in which the upstart self-proclaimed Apostle Paul describes a meeting when he called out Peter—the first Pope—for hypocrisy. To his face and everything. According to Paul, Peter backed down. Now traditionalists want to use this as a precedent for calling out the Pope when he’s not Pope-y enough.

Benedict is hanging back for now, but there’s no doubt that he could easily become a figurehead for traditionalists harkening back to the good old days.

Proof-texting from scripture in order to criticize the Pope—now who’s being Protestant?


one last time before I go..........


Interesting op ed on The Virgin crash at Wired.

Interesting op ed on The Virgin crash at Wired.

SpaceShipTwo is not a Federation starship. It's not a vehicle for the exploration of frontiers. Virgin Galactic is building the world's most expensive roller coaster, the aerospace version of Beluga caviar. It's a thing for rich people to do. Testing new aircraft takes a level of courage and ability beyond most humans. Those engineers and pilots are at the peak of human achievement. What they're doing is amazing. Why Virgin is doing it is not. When various corporate representatives eulogize those two pilots as pioneers who were helping to cross the Final Frontier, that should make you angry. That pilot died not for space but for a luxury service provider. His death doesn't get us closer to Mars; it just keeps rich people further away from weightlessness and a beautiful view.

I said "interesting", I do not necessarily agree, but there is more here:

Luckovich: "Proof Campaign Ads Work"

Leading US Jewish Publication Questions Netanyahu’s Grasp On Reality

it’s fair to ask just who is more detached from reality these days, the president of the U.S. and leader of the free world, or the leader of a small country almost totally dependent on American support?


......one of the leading Jewish publications in the US, The New York Jewish Week, has questioned Prime Minister Netanyahu’s grasp on reality after he dismissed critics of his blatantly illegal plan to build 1,000 new units in the Arab section of Jerusalem as “detached from reality.” Rather than the critics, the Jewish Week argues, it is Netanyahu who needs a reality check as he is recklessly jeopardizing Israel’s most important alliance in the world.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to build more than 1,000 new units in Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Green Line, fully aware of the negative response it would receive in America and in the international community. And it did, with the State Department calling the plans “incompatible with the pursuit of peace.”… Netanyahu responded by saying that Israel will “continue to build in our eternal capital,” adding: “I heard the claim that our building in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem makes peace more distant, but it is the criticism itself that makes peace more distant.” He said the criticism feeds the Palestinians’ false hopes and is “detached from reality.”

But it’s fair to ask just who is more detached from reality these days, the president of the U.S. and leader of the free world, or the leader of a small country almost totally dependent on American support? (It’s not so much the $3 billion a year in U.S. aid that counts as much as its support at the UN and in countless other ways that would be felt should the relationship continue to erode.)


Poll Indicates Majority Favors Quarantine For AIDS Victims


McCain: "I see England, I see France, I see Sarah's . . ."

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) came to the defense of his former running mate, Sarah Palin, on Friday, more than a month after she and her family were involved in a drunken, bloody altercation at a house party in Alaska.

During an interview with Phoenix television station KTVK, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee said he wasn't excusing the brawl but went on to blast the media's coverage of it.

"I think these family affairs are -- I don't know much of the details about it," McCain told the TV station. "Things happen in people's families and I'm not excusing it, I'm not condemning it."


"The Big Bang"

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