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The Funniest Thing I Heard Post Debate

The Funniest Thing I Heard Post Debate
By John Cole October 23rd, 2012

Was sitting here with my friend and said “Let’s check out the hive mind.” So we switched to Fox, and caught Sean Hannity talking to Ed Gillespie, and Hannity was apparently doing push back on the devastating Obama zinger about horses and bayonets, and said, and I am not fucking making this up:

“Some of our troops rode horses in Afghanistan and the Marines still carry bayonets. Maybe someone should tell the President how the military actually works.”

Yes, Petunia. A couple hundred special forces guys rode horses in Afghanistan, basically because you can’t take an M1A2 or Hummer up the Khyber pass. Likewise, the Marines do still do carry bayonets (as does the Army!), but I don’t recall the last bayonet charge. The number of combat troops carrying bayonets is a small fraction than the 3.5 million grunts we had in WW1 wearing pith helmets and dying in bayonet charges and mustard gas. Likewise, there were tens of thousands of horses in WW1 in combat, there were a few in Afhanistan.

These people are just insane.


Carry on.

yeah, stick that up your ass...

sorry for my rudeness this a.m.
I am feeling a little fired-up
peace, kpete

More Horses & Bayonets

Los Angeles Times EDITORIAL: Presidential debate: Romney endorses Obama

Presidential debate: Romney endorses Obama

A viewer who hadn't tuned into the campaign between Romney and Obama before Monday night's debate might have wondered what all the shouting was about

Monday's presidential debate, the third and last between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, featured a forceful and articulate defense of Obama's foreign policy. That was no surprise. What was surprising was that it came from Romney.

That seemed to annoy the president — who was prepared to rebut his opponent's previous, more bellicose pronouncements. But the ever-shifting Republican nominee tacked even closer to the moderate middle than he did in the debate devoted to economic policy.




and NYT:
Mitt Romney has nothing really coherent or substantive to say about domestic policy, but at least he can sound energetic and confident about it. On foreign policy, the subject of Monday night’s final presidential debate, he had little coherent to say and often sounded completely lost. That’s because he has no original ideas of substance on most world issues, including Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.


BREAKING -PPP Poll: Obama Won the Debate and NOW Leads 51/45 In Swing States

MON OCT 22, 2012 AT 08:45 PM PDT
Breaking PPP Poll: Obama Won the Debate and Now Leads 51/45 In Swing States
by joelgp
Check this out from PPP: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/...

1. Obama won the debate: 53/42

2. Who are you planning to vote for in the presidential election?

Barack Obama................................................ 51%
Mitt Romney.................................................... 45%

3. Who ya voting for Obama Romney
men: 47% 50%
women: 55% 41%

Wow, swing-state back, women back?

Yes we can.


TPM-A Blowout?: "Seeing a lot of reporters and pundits trying to catch up with the public reaction"

TPM Editor’s Blog
A Blowout?

JOSH MARSHALL OCTOBER 22, 2012, 11:25 PM 594

According to the CBS News instapoll Romney won debate one 46 to 22.

According to the same poll, President Obama won this one 53 to 23.

Seeing a lot of reporters and pundits trying to catch up with the public reaction.


LOL: What Losing Looks Like!

Classy! @EricBoehlert : what losing looks like. @AnnCoulter I highly approve of Romney's decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.


Obama Takes Out Romney With Mid-Debate Drone Attack

“The information we have received from military personnel in the field indicate that tonight’s drone strike took out Mitt Romney, a former businessman the Obama administration has long considered a serious danger, especially in past few weeks,” said White House press secretary Jay Carney, describing the operation as “an unmitigated success.” “The president personally authorized the strike earlier this evening, and as soon as we had visual confirmation that the target in the drone’s sights was, in fact, Mitt Romney, we eliminated him.”

“We can all rest a little easier tonight knowing we have rid the world of a man who has been a continual menace to us,” Carney added. “I know I will.”


The Foreign Map Of The World

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