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Some of OUR bombs might have needed some remedial instruction.

Our bombs are so smart they can wage war on their own

by digby

Wow, I guess we really do have bombs that are so smart they only kill "bad guys." And the Saudis and the others who participated in the bombing strikes must have them too.

Obama administration officials emphasized Tuesday no civilians were killed during U.S,. air strikes in Syria, first tentatively in a televised Pentagon briefly, then much more strongly in an on background call, assuring reporters that no civilians had been killed.


On the call, the administration was far more confident that the only people killed in Syria last night were the ones America and its allies want dead.

“Ninety-five percent of the munitions that we dropped were precision-guided munitions. And that includes the Tomahawk missiles which were very precise. Which I think goes a lot to the reason why we haven’t seen any kinds of claims of collateral damage or civilian casualties thus far.


This is great. We no longer have to worry that bombing campaigns will end up hurting innocent civilians.

In war these days, we just kill people who deserve to die.

*****Word is trickling out that there were civilian casualtie...er, "collateral damage". Some of those bombs might have needed some remedial instruction.
Syria air strikes kill 42, including 16 children: monitor

A NEW LOW? – Obama’s Salute to Marines – Most Degrading Salute Ever to Men in Uniform???

"A NEW LOW – Obama’s Salute to Marines – Most Degrading Salute Ever to Men in Uniform"



And we should note that the custom (not duty) of presidents saluting members of the military is a recent phenomenon (started by Ronald Reagan in 1981), and many people believe it should not be done at all.


"A thousand little Saddams.”

The departure of Maliki, whose overstay of his welcome made him a sponge for dissent, could offer a window for reconciliation. Mainstream Sunni and Kurdish leaders, as well as some Shiites, had long demanded his exit. Yet the litany of failure that Ali describes is simply too long and wide-reaching to leave much room for optimism. Ali’s own concluding suggestions for how to right things seem sadly perfunctory. He also betrays, in occasional oversweeping judgments and in a peculiar lack of sympathy with the Kurdish yearning for independence (which seems only more justified by the ugly facts he himself reveals), an impractical wistfulness for an imaginary, whole, and complete Iraq.

What came to mind as I closed the book was the damning remark of a distinguished Iraqi exile I met in Kuwait shortly before the 2003 invasion. His father had served as prime minister under the monarchy whose overthrow in the bloody coup of 1958 had led to Iraq’s long era of turbulence. Still, he took a dim view of the looming ouster of Saddam Hussein, and held no dreams of return. “Of course the Americans will get rid of Saddam,” he said. “But what will we have then? A thousand little Saddams.”

And we have set ourselves the impossible task of trying to kill them all. And then what?


Syrian Rebels, a puzzle


Kobach's Last Ploy To Thwart Dems In Kansas Senate Race Dealt Big Setback


Kobach's Last Ploy To Thwart Dems In Kansas Senate Race Dealt Big Setback

In what is likely a big win for Kansas Democrats, the Kansas Supreme Court declined Tuesday to hear the lawsuit being brought by a Democratic voter suing to force the state Democratic Party to name a new candidate in the Senate race. Instead, the state's high court referred the case to a lower court for a fuller hearing.

David Orel, a registered Democratic voter in Kansas City, Kan., who is refusing to speak to the press, filed the lawsuit after the state Supreme Court ruled that former Democratic nominee Chad Taylor should be taken off the ballot. In it, he argues that the Democratic Party is required by state law to replace Taylor.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has asserted the same position. But election law expert and University of California-Irvine law professor Rick Hasen said that the state supreme court's new order would likely help Democrats in their effort to leave the Democratic spot open and drive voters to independent candidate Greg Orman in his bid to unseat incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS).



Gingrich: Oops! C-Span Made Me DO IT: Obama Didn't Say The Thing I Freaked Out About

Yes, Gingrich was dumbfounded, and for good reason. After all, what's courteous about an aerial assault?

"Dropping bombs is not courteous it is combat," he tweeted a moment later. "Someone should ask the white house what President meant using the word courtesy this morning"

Problem was, Obama didn't actually say that — a realization Gingrich eventually came to about twenty minutes after he unleashed his initial criticism. Gingrich's explanation? Blame it on CSPAN.

"Correction, cspan transcribed President inaccurately and i used their version," he tweeted. "He said our pilots had courage not courtesy and that is true"


The "WAR ON DRUGS": New Hampshire grandma shot by cops after reaching for infant during DEA raid

Her son told the New Hampshire Union Leader his 10-year-old sister opened the door to Alonzo’s home and federal agents burst into the apartment.

“She went to pick up the baby,” said Daniel Nunez. “They thought she was reaching for something, and they shot her.”

The bullet ripped through her arm and entered her torso, the newspaper reported.

No drugs, weapons, or large amounts of cash were found at Alonzo’s home, Daniel Nunez said.


Take The A-Team, add a dash of MacGyver, and a splash of an O'Reilly wet dream & you get...


O'Reilly's guest, U.S. Naval War College Professor Tom Nichols, Ph.D., a national security expert, also refuted the host's plan, calling it a "terrible," "immoral" idea. Nichols explained that "it is a morally corrosive idea to try to outsource our national security"

UPDATE: O'Reilly doubled down on his proposal on the September 23 edition of CBS News' CBS This Morning, claiming such a mercenary force would "take the politics out of it." He predicted, "It's going to happen. This anti-terror army is going to happen."



One for the "'murica" file. Sex, Guns and Jesus: Inside America’s Manliest Church

Pastor Heath Mooneyham brandishes a Black Rain AR-15 outside his home in Missouri's rural Ozarks. Many see Mooneyham and his ministry as the second coming of Mark Driscoll, embattled patriarch of the Mars Hill mega-church.


“We’re just a bunch of dudes with beards and beer guts and hot wives. We love our God. We love our country. We love our trucks. And we love our guns.

As the red-blooded spiritual leader of Ignite’s rapidly growing 800-strong congregation, Heath Mooneyham has grand ambitions to get his message out, and he doesn’t care who he alienates in the process. Earlier this summer, the husband and father of four earned Ignite some national exposure when he raffled off a pair of assault rifles for Father’s Day services, hoping to lure a few more lost male souls through his doors. To promote the giveaway, Pastor Heath cut a YouTube video in which he proclaimed that the day’s grand prize, a Black Rain AR-15, would allow one “lucky dude” to “double-tap a zombie in style.” Then he goaded his target audience into showing up to church on time.

“You’re a big boy. You got big balls between your legs. You’re a dad, right? Get up, set your alarm, don’t be a wuss.”


Irony! Elisabeth Hasselbeck Demands Voters Pass 'Citizenship Test' To Make Sure They're Not Stupid

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a brilliant idea: every one of voting age should have to pass a Citizenship Test, since she apparently wants to curtail the number of teabagger voters.

..... she advocated for the idea that all Americans of a voting age should have to pass a citizenship test before they're eligible to vote. She seems to think that when you're able to identify at least one branch of government and how many senators we have instead of, you know, the major issues, voting becomes "more meaningful."

Maybe if your definition of "meaningful" is "utterly devoid of contextual utility," but she doesn't stop to think about the harm to her own movement this would cause. After all, the fullest extent of Teabagger knowledge about the Constitution begins and ends with "I'm pretty sure it exists, and it was written by Jesus."


TEST: What are the three branches of government?
TEA PARTIER: the Republican Party, the Tea Party, and guns

TEST: What freedoms are guaranteed by the First Amendment?
TEA PARTIER: All the guns I want!

TEST: What is important about the Thirteenth Amendment?
TEA PARTIER: All the guns I want, so I can overthrow the government!

TEST: What are the constitutional requirements for the office of presidency?
TEA PARTIER: White, male, conservative, and approved by right-thinking real Americans like me.


If history is any sort of teacher, the idea of "literacy tests" at the polls was employed in the South from the 1880s to the 1960s in an effort to disenfranchise Black voters.

Here's a 1964 Louisiana literacy test given blacks that Hasselbeck couldn't pass today!:








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