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Brat: "Rich" nations don't have to fear climate change."

Brat has called for slashing Social Security, Medicare, and education spending and says "rich" nations don't have to fear climate change.

In his campaign speeches, Brat has pointed out that he isn't worried about climate change because "rich countries solve their problems":

If you let Americans do their thing, there is no scarcity, right? They said we're going to run out of food 200 years ago, that we're goin' to have a ice age. Now we're heating up…Of course we care for the environment, but we're not mad people. Over time, rich countries solve their problems. We get it right. It's not all perfect, but we get it right.


Cantor got waxed because the Tea Party had science.

Too funny. The Democrats helped defeat Eric Cantor not so much by voting against him in the Republican primary as by handing the Flat Earth Dave Brat-supporting insurgents some science.

In primary campaigns, the normal procedure is to ignore voters who don't have a history of voting in primaries and focus first on those who do. This is the opposite of the strategy for general elections, where those who vote in primaries are ignored because they will presumably get themselves to the polls. To beat someone like Eric Cantor in a primary, however, it would be necessary to mobilize unlikely voters. The Tea Partiers didn't know how to do that, but the campaign manager and political director of Eric Holder's 2010 opponent did.

Here's the scoop from the campaign manager, Brian Umana:

The tea partiers already knew how to mobilize the folks who showed up at tea party meetings: what they needed was a way to find supporters or potential supporters who were unlikely to bother with regular meetings. (Political Director Jonathan) Stevens and I thought that a more organized attack from the right could help Democrats, too—either by prompting a future three-candidate race (which might give the Democrat a fighting chance) or by inducing a competitive Republican primary challenge that would force Cantor to burn cash protecting up his flank that might otherwise be spent on competitive races elsewhere. (A primary campaign resulting in Cantor’s defeat, of course, hardly crossed our minds. When Parada mentioned it, I recall calling the possibility “fanciful.”) Stevens and I saw no harm in mentioning strategies that tea partiers might use to reach sporadic Republicans or far-right “independents” who were less likely to support Cantor than other Republicans. We shared data-science techniques for voter targeting and for evaluating the relative cost of earning the votes of different types of voters.

There was a problem: the-easiest-to-use political data is owned by the two major political parties. The Democratic campaign was over, so how could we ethically share information that we thought would serve the greater good? Stevens used his statistical knowledge and near-photographic memory to work from crude, publicly available State Board of Elections data, then manipulate those data into targeted sets of voters more like those that would be available to a large campaign from one of the two parties. He created tidy data sets of voter information and preferences of a sort typically unavailable to independent or insurgent campaigns opposed by a party establishment (like Mr. Brat’s this year). Some techniques like Stevens’s had been used by Obama’s presidential campaign—which Stevens worked on in 2008—but they had not been widely adopted by Republicans, let alone tea partiers without access to the big party databases. Now Parada, who was at our post-election meetings in 2010, knew how to use them.


Shep Smith Gives Iraq Hawks A History Lesson

"Are we about to be drawn back into a conflict in Iraq?" Smith asked. "The same people who 12 years ago told us this will be quick, this will be easy, this will be inexpensive, they will see us as liberators, it's the right thing to do, are now telling us, 'It's the right thing to do.' What's the endgame? Who's thought this through?"

Smith argued the Iraq war provided a valuable history lesson: the George W. Bush administration led the U.S. into a war that exacted a heavy toll on all sides of the conflict for many years.

Talking Points Memo notes that Smith later told Fox News' Chris Wallace that he hasn't forgotten "being bamboozled" by the Bush administration's justification for invading Iraq.

"Well, I remember it. I think it would be wrong for us to just sit around and listen and not ask big questions," Smith said.


McCain, please, STFU!



"Obama has spent entire admin cleaning up Bush's shit, like someone with a giant pooper scooper"

Robert Reich
3 hrs ·

I'm here in Florida visiting my father, Ed Reich, who, at the young age of 100 and a half, just came up with one of the most incisive assessments I've heard of what's happened in Iraq:

"George W. Bush and the crooks he hired are responsible for this. If they hadn't lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction we wouldn't have lost nearly 5,000 American lives and god knows how many Iraqi lives, and stirred up this hornet's nest. Obama has spent his entire administration cleaning up Bush's shit, like someone with a giant pooper scooper." Dad has lived during the administrations of 17 presidents. "Bush was the worst," he says. "Reagan the second worst."


By now, Lindsey Graham should have ordered a whole crate of pearls

I am so surprised, shocked even, what the hell are they waiting for?

Iran prepared to help Iraq.

What no conspiracies?

Bill Kristol should be screaming that this was Obama's plan all along.

Lindsey Graham should have ordered a whole crate of pearls by now.

McCain should be, well be more McCain and just make stuff up.

Surely the evil Kenyan Muslim can be tied into a conspiracy theory that he is also a secret Iranian Ayatollah?

Perhaps it is because I am on the other side of the pond that I have not heard how this was the plan all along, to allow Iran to commence building the caliphate by annexing Iraq.

Come on wingnuts, what they hell are you waiting for?

Isn't it well known that once Obama leaves office he will be anointed as the new Caliph?

Why are we waiting.

Hop to it



Bill Maher: Eric Cantor was taken down by voters ‘afraid of Obama and his Negro army’

Richard Clarke, who served as national coordinator for U.S. security, infrastructure protection, and counter-terrorism during Bill Clinton’s administration, compared Cantor’s upset loss to Tea Party activist Dave Brat to the story of Frankenstein’s monster.

“In the movie, Dr. Frankenstein creates the monster, and it kills him,” Clarke said. “Eric Cantor helped create the Tea Party. And it killed him.”

But the loss, Maher pointed out, also means that all 278 remaining House Republicans are Christians, and all but one are white. He also cited a Pew survey showing that both conservatives and progressives favor living away from one another. The results, he said, made him think of the people who traveled to Nevada to support anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy.

“They’re so afraid that President Barack Obama and his Negro army was gonna put them in FEMA camps,” Maher told the panel. “They’re actually rounding themselves up. And you know what? Go ahead. I’ll give you the chicken wire. It’s to keep us out.”


Iraq Front Page Takes A Big Shot At George W. Bush



“Racism isn’t limited to Texas — we’re just more out and proud with it”

A Texas city council member’s remarks blaming “those blacks” for local issues fit in with a larger pattern of Republican efforts to stifle Black constituencies, a Democratic Party official told MSNBC host Michael Eric Dyson.

“Racism isn’t limited to Texas — we’re just more out and proud with it,” Sarah Slamen, field director for her party’s offices in Fort Bend County, told Dyson. “We just don’t segregate and live apart from each other like they do in the Northeast. In the South, we’re open with it.”

As The Raw Story reported earlier this week, officials in La Marque censured council member Connie Strube after she was caught on tape saying the city’s school system would not improve “until you get those blacks off the school board.”

Strube has refused to resign and defended her remarks as evidence of her “honest opinion,” prompting the rest of the council to commission an outside investigation. But while residents have criticized the use of city funds for that kind of probe, Slamen denounced it as unnecessary.


Pooh and Piglet on Iraq.

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