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Warren: We're not done with Wall Street

Warren: We're not done with Wall Street

By Peter Schroeder - 04/15/15 12:46 PM EDT

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) laid out an ambitious legislative and regulatory blueprint for further curbs on the financial sector Wednesday.

Accusing Republicans of engaging in “pure crony capitalism” by trying to relax rules on Wall Street, Warren instead is pushing hard to go further than the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, laying out several legislative steps Congress should take.

“Dodd-Frank made some real progress,” she said in remarks delivered in Washington. “But there is more work to be done.”


“Our economy suffers when those who can hire armies of lobbyists and make huge political contributions can decide what the financial cops can and cannot do. Our democracy suffers when Congress puts the interests of a handful of giant banks ahead of the needs of 320 million American citizens,” she said. “If the big banks keep calling the shots, they will own both our economy and our democracy.”


“I don't really care,” Reid said, when asked about the GOP field. “I think they're all losers."

Senator Reid was asked WHO will lead GOP field:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called the GOP presidential field “losers” and compared Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to a “lump of coal” in a Wednesday interview.

Reid said he wasn’t worried that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a significant challenger in the Democratic primary.

“I am not a big fan of primaries,” he said. “I don't think they help, especially when you're someone as noted as Hillary.”

He was less kind to the Republican contenders.

"I don't really care," he said, when asked about the GOP field. "I think they're all losers."



CHARLES PIERCE: Chris Christie Has Adopted Granny-Starving As A Platform

The Passion Of Big Chicken: Bad Ideas Come In Big Packages
In which we learn that Chris Christie has adopted granny-starving as a platform.


......Chris Christie knows what his path to power is, and it leads right through the lush carpeting and free Tootsie Rolls of America's Green Rooms.

You may have forgotten that Big Chicken was considering a campaign for president of the United States. (Certainly, the United States had.) You may be thinking to yourself, how can anyone run for president when his stance on every public issue has to begin with the the phrase, "To the best of my recollection..."? You may ask yourself, hey, isn't this the guy whose former aides are currently singing the Alleluia chorus to various grand juries? But he's back now with some bold thoughts about the country's "entitlement crisis," and it is clear that Big Chicken has signed onto granny-starving in a big way. Oh, dear Lord, Joe Scarborough and David Brooks are going to be fighting over who will be first to touch the hem of his garments.

........The Base never liked him. And then there is the fact that his "record" in New Jersey has fallen to sticks and splinters. Between the whole bridge business, and the collapse of the money pit in Atlantic City, and the dingy and cronyish dynamic of his pension "reform" program -- David Sirota has been on this like a dog on a bone -- whatever "towering" Big Chicken did was reminiscent of the Monty Python sketch about the block of flats held up by hypnosis.

Now, though, he's back, and promising to do for Medicare and Social Security what he's done to the pensions of thousands of New Jersey firefighters and police officers -- namely, hand them over to his gambler pals in the financial services sector.

you may ask yourself, if there is More?:

Religious right pundit: Hillary Clinton too hideously ugly to become president

Beyond misogynistic & an example of HOW LOW THEY WILL GO:

Chris Christie on POT: "I will crack down and not permit it."

Hew Hewitt: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined me to open the show today:

HH: On domestic law, you were a United States prosecutor for a long time.

CC: Yes, sir.

HH: Right now, we’ve got the states of Colorado and Washington flaunting federal law by allowing people to sell dope legally. If you’re the president of the United States, are you going to enforce the federal drug laws in those states?

CC: Absolutely. I will crack down and not permit it.

HH: All right, next…

CC: Marijuana is a gateway drug. We have an enormous addiction problem in this country. And we need to send very clear leadership from the White House on down through the federal law enforcement. Marijuana is an illegal drug under federal law. And the states should not be permitted to sell it and profit from it.

HH: And I’ve been telling Republicans they can’t yell at the President about not enforcing the immigration laws and then advocate not enforcing the drug laws. It doesn’t make sense. If the law’s on the book, they’ve got to be enforced. I’ve also been asking people about the Putin primary. It’s the primary of one, meaning who would the Russian president least like to see as the president of the United States because he’ll be standing up to him?

CC: (laughing)


Video & More Loser Stuff:

Fox News Asks If It's "Time To Revisit" Voter Literacy Test Requirements

Ann Coulter: "I Just Think It Should Be... A Little More Difficult To Vote. There Is Nothing Unconstitutional About Literacy Tests."

wacky video:

The greatest trick the rich ever pulled was making us believe they pay all the taxes

Typically when politicians fight about taxes, they fight about the income tax. That is to say, they fight about the tax that rich people hate — not the taxes poor people hate.

This leads to a really perverse dynamic, wherein the taxes the privileged pay are worthy of attention and the ones the poor pay are ignored. It paints a picture where the government is being supported on the backs of the wealthy, and the poor and middle class are free-riding. It leads to plans for various kinds of tax cuts and tax reforms that matter massively for the rich and very little for the poor.

The issue here is the ceaseless focus on the federal income tax. A report from the Joint Committee on Taxation found that most Americans (65.4 percent of filers) pay more in payroll taxes than income taxes. It's only once you start looking at folks making over $200,000 a year that most people are paying more in income taxes.


The numbers here are surprising if you think about tax systems as something people only pay into, rather than get anything out of. But because so much of US social policy is structured as tax credits, a lot of people get more money back from income taxes than they put in. The JCT finds that people making under $40,000 get $81.1 billion more back from the income tax system than they put in — largely because of refundable credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.

But that same group pays $121.5 billion in payroll taxes. They still, on net, contribute billions to the federal government every year. Of course, this doesn't even count the sizable contribution of the poor and middle class in state and local taxes, which are actually higher for the poor than they are for the rich.


Fargo Coffee Shop 'Bans' Anti-Gay Lawmakers Who Voted Against Nondiscrimination Bill

Fargo Coffee Shop 'Bans' Anti-Gay Lawmakers Who Voted Against Nondiscrimination Bill

On *front page*, a top paper in North Dakota publishes photos of lawmakers who killed LGBT anti-discrimination bill:

Curry wrote:

"Ban effective immediately. The listed Men & Women are now banned from entering this establishment.* This is based solely on age, gender, race, beliefs, color, religion & disability."

That asterisk points to this statement:

"Unless accompanied by a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex or Asexual person."

His point was simple. He wanted those lawmakers to know what it would feel like to be denied service because of who you are.


Go Rant In The Back Alley---New restrictions on abortion restrictors


If climate change isn't real....why are you always so dehydrated?

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