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Jon Stewart exposes GOP lies about Reagan's response to downed airliner


On Monday night's "Daily Show," just about the entire roster of correspondents popped up to scream at him any time he uttered the word "Israel."

"Look, obviously there are many strong opinions on this," Stewart said when the shouting subsided. "But just merely mentioning Israel or questioning in any way the effectiveness or humanity of Israel's policies is not the same thing as being pro-Hamas."



Last night, Jon Stewart ripped into how the GOP is attacking Obama for his response to Russia over the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 by invoking a mythical version of Ronald Reagan.

Yes, Reagan was in deep mourning for losing the final 12% of his vacation. In fact, in 1988, when the U.S. accidentally shot down an Iranian airliner, also under Reagan's watch, Reagan refused to end that vacation early.

And by the way, America was so torn up about shooting down that plane, that the commander of the ship who did it later received a medal for his service. I believe it was called the silver....


.......Plane crashes, they go to tell Reagan about it, and they're like, "Wha....?" He's already gone! The scent of aftershave and jelly beans, the only thing lingering in the air. (audience laughter) How did he spring into action so fast? To this day, nobody knows, but we know what happened next. Reagan took all of Russia's missiles, twirled them up single-handedly and threw them into the Sun.

Video and full transcript below:

A racist anti-immigration rally, headlined by Kooky Kongressman Steve King - what could go wrong?


A racist anti-immigration rally, headlined by Kooky Kongressman Steve King - what could go wrong?

Iowa's Steve King is well known for his hatred of brown people. Last July, King smeared 99% of immigrate children as drug mules, stating:

kids that were brought into this country by their parents unknowing that they were breaking the law. And (immigration reform supporters) will say to me and others that we have to do something about the 11 million, and some of them were valedictorians.... It's true in some cases, but they aren't all valedictorians, they weren't all brought in by their parents. For every one that's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there that they weigh 130 pounds and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.

......with the financial backing of wingnut welfare, as well as the right wing propaganda apparatus to promote and market the rally, surely the crowd in Steve King's red district would be massive, wouldn't..... well, wouldn't?

Yeah, not so much:




Please proceed, Kongressman.


Mass. Governor compares immigrant kids to Jews turned away in 1939, offers to shelter them

Source: Raw Story

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) announced a proposal on Friday for two military facilities to serve as host sites for some of the thousands of undocumented Central American immigrants who have come into the U.S. in recent months, saying the move falls in line with the country’s tradition of helping children in need.

“We have rescued Irish children from famine, Russian and Ukrainian children from religious persecution, Cambodian children from genocide, Haitian children from earthquakes, Sudanese children from civil war, and New Orleans children from Hurricane Katrina,” Patrick said. “Once, in 1939, we turned our backs on Jewish children fleeing the Nazis, and it remains a blight on our national reputation. The point is that this good Nation is great when we open our doors and our hearts to needy children, and diminished when we don’t.”


In his speech on Friday, Patrick said that the current wave of “unaccompanied minors,” who hail primarily from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, presented a humanitarian crisis for federal officials searching for adequate facilities in which to put them. He proposed using Joint Base Cape Cod in Bourne and Westover Air Base in Chicopee, with the operation supervised and funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and children staying there an average of 35 days while they are processed to determine whether they will join family members in this country or be deported.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/07/21/mass-governor-compares-immigrant-kids-to-jews-turned-away-in-1939-offers-to-shelter-them/

amazing quote from speech:

“Every major faith tradition on earth charges its followers to treat others as we ourselves wish to be treated,” Patrick said. “I don’t know what good there is in faith if we can’t and won’t turn to it in moments of human need.”


Middle East Friend Ship Chart

The Middle East Friendship Chart
By Joshua Keating and Chris Kirk

With overlapping civil wars in Syria and Iraq, a new flare-up of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, and tense nuclear talks with Iran, Middle Eastern politics are more volatile than ever and longtime alliances are shifting. Here's a guide to who's on whose side in the escalating chaos. Click a cell to learn more information.


Hey, remember when it snowed a couple years ago? So much for global warming!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Monday that last month's average global temperature was 61.2 degrees, which is 1.3 degrees higher than the 20th century average. It beat 2010's old record by one-twentieth of a degree.


And that's only part of it. The world's oceans not only broke a monthly heat record at 62.7 degrees, but it was the hottest the oceans have been on record no matter what the month, Arndt said.



WOW: An animated recounting of the various holders of Palestine:

watch the video & tell me what you all REALLY think.....


CNN Poll: Liberals, Dems, Poor, Women Most Likely To Oppose Israeli War, White Men Most Supportive

Posted by Zaid Jilani at 6:34 pm Tagged with: israel, palestine

There is a reorientation going on right now with respect to the Israel Lobby. It used to be that it found its base of support among Democrats, with Republicans like Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush being the ones most likely to be critical of Israeli policy.

A new CNN poll finds that things are changing. Check out these crosstabs on whether people think Israel is using “too much,” “too little” or just the right amount of violence (its like porridge):

A few interesting things: the bulk of support for Israel comes from whites, with slightly more coming from those with incomes above the median. The majority of liberals oppose Israel’s level of violence, and 50 percent, a plurality, of minorities do the same. Women are also considerably more opposed.

In other words, the issue of Israel and the Palestinians is being polarized — with liberals increasingly believing that Israel is mistreating the Palestinians, and conservatives holding the opposite view.


Hillary: 'I would consider Constitutional Amendment-If no other way to deal with Citizen's United'

"I would consider supporting an amendment among these lines that would prevent the abuse of our political system by excessive amounts of money if there is no other way to deal with the Citizen's United decision.

MON JUL 21, 2014 AT 03:25 PM PDT
Hillary's short statement on overturning Citizen's United via Const. Amendment
by Jeremimi

Hillary did a very short Q&A on Facebook as part of her promo for her new memoir.

I posed the question:

"Would you support a Constitutional Amendment overturning the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" ruling, limiting the amount of money corporations and outside influences can contribute to political campaigns?"

My question received the most likes by other users. She answered:

"I would consider supporting an amendment among these lines that would prevent the abuse of our political system by excessive amounts of money if there is no other way to deal with the Citizen's United decision. -Hillary"

I believe I am the first person to get her on record on this issue. I'm happy she answered it, but slightly concerned about her word 'consider'.



Source: https://www.facebook.com/...

John Oliver Calls Out America's Racist, Broken Prison System: 'We Are Doing A Terrible Job'

One of the things I like about Oliver's new show is that he's taking on issues that rarely get any any attention --- anywhere. And because he has the time to really dig in, he's able to make them entertaining and informative.

Our prison system is an atrocity, it truly is. The numbers of prisoners alone should ring alarm bells with anyone who has a sense of justice. In fact, it's so bad and the problems so huge that it seems overwhelming. But we have to do something about this and oddly enough there may even be some help from the far right on it. There's always a chance that these civil liberties and criminal justice issues have a small overlap there that could make a difference.


Netanyahu Does NOT Speak For Me...

SUN JUL 20, 2014 AT 09:20 PM PDT
Not in My Name, Netanyahu
by David Harris Gershon


No, he does not speak for me.

When Netanyahu said on CNN that Palestinians benefit from "telegenically dead" civilians killed by Israel, that images of carnage helped Hamas because journalists would then ask about Israel's actions, he did not speak for me.

A doctor cries while standing among the bodies of dead children at Shifa Hospital's overflowing morgue. (Note: journalists have captured countless disturbing images today, though I've chosen not to show them here.)

When he said that Palestinians "don't give any thought" about their children or their welfare, and that Palestinians use their children as though they are inanimate objects, he did not speak for me.

"Palestinian women react during the funeral of four boys, all from the Bakr family, killed during Israeli shelling, in Gaza City." Image via Time.

When Netanyahu blames Palestinians for their own deaths, dismissing them as "human shields" – including the over 100 children who have been lost – rather than note Israel's choice to obliterate homes in dense, urban areas when it's known innocents will die, he does not speak for me.

When Netanyahu dehumanizes Palestinians by saying their society celebrates death, whereas my people, Jewish Israelis, only celebrate life – while sending soldiers to war after calling for vengeance – he does not speak for me.


Author's Note:

As a preemptive strike, let me also say this, since the original post was directed toward Israeli policy and Netanyahu: I view Hamas as culpable as well for the firing of crude rockets into Israel (itself abhorrent), and for putting civilians in danger by provoking military responses Israel is currently eager to make.

Perhaps I can sum up my views in this way:

David Harris-Gershon @David_EHG

To those in #Gaza, from a US Jew: I'm so sorry.
To Netanyahu: this war of choice is inimical & a miserable tragedy.
To Hamas: go to hell.

1:33 PM - 17 Jul 2014

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