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Top GOP Senator Concedes That Republicans Will Support Higher Taxes In Fiscal Cliff Deal

Source: Think Progress

Top GOP Senator Concedes That Republicans Will Support Higher Taxes In Fiscal Cliff Deal
By Igor Volsky on Nov 29, 2012 at 10:12 am


During an appearance on Fox News on Thursday, Sen. John Thune (R-SD), the Republican Conference Chairman, said that while he wouldn’t personally support a measure that raises taxes, “there may be enough Republicans who would vote for something like that”:

MARTHA MAcCALLUM (HOST): What I’m asking you is are Republicans willing to hold the line, to say to the President, I am sorry, we will never agree to a deal that involves an increase in taxes? Are they?

THUNE: I think any deal that passes up here that raises taxes and raises taxes as I mentioned earlier on small businesses, Martha, is not going to enjoy Republican support. Now, there may be enough Republicans who would vote for something like that to pass it in the House of Representatives, they need to get to 218 votes.

MAcCALLUM: Then it would be done, right?

THUNE: We’ll see about that. We don’t know what that. We don’t know what the contours of a final deal might look at this point. Everybody right now is sort of in their corners and doing the posturing.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/11/29/1255301/top-gop-senator-concedes-that-republicans-will-support-higher-taxes-in-fiscal-cliff-deal/

Repukes OWNED.

MITT: At Least He Cleaned-Up Before Lunch

Mitt Romney has arrived for his lunch with President Obama at the White House.

Filthy Mitt Romney Delivers Campaign Speech To Audience Of Confused Shoppers In Ohio Safeway

Witnesses told reporters that Romney walked around the store barefoot as he gave his speech, wearing only a pair of dirt-caked jeans and a wrinkled dress shirt covered in food stains.


LUCY: The Power Of A Dog

THU NOV 29, 2012 AT 09:27 AM PST
The power of a dog.
by lbl1162


Off in the distance I could see a funeral taking place. It was 5-600 yards away; far enough that I didn't feel that we were intruding but to be certain, steered Lucy up a back path and away from the services. All seemed fine until Lucy suddenly stopped, cocked her ears, twisted about, and after the slightest pause, took off running towards the gathering. I shouted after her, trying to be loud enough to bring her back, but not so loud as to disturb the attendees and family.

Lucy seemed to be on a mission and I watched as she raced towards the casket. I saw her approach an elderly woman sitting alone nearest the grave. The woman reached out and patted Lucy's head. Lucy stretched out at her feet for a few minutes, then moved over next to the casket and sat down. I was mortified by all of this. Lucy sat there as the casket was lowered. The small gathering started to break up with some speaking to the women before leaving. Soon, it was just Lucy, the women, and the minister. I saw them share a few words and shake hands. The women sat down again and Lucy walked over and I could see that she was giving Lucy some attention. I started to walk towards them but wasn't certain what to do. Finally the woman turned and seemed to be looking to see if Lucy was with someone. I raised my hand to wave and she beckoned me over.

As soon as I was close enough, I began my apologies but the women waved them off and started to tell me about her only brother. It seems that he was an avid dog lover and had lost his dog some months ago. The women said she was so pleased that Lucy had come to "visit" during the ceremony and how happy her brother would have been. We chatted a bit about dogs and life. She put her hand on my arm and thanked me for bringing Lucy to say goodbye to her brother and talked about her disappointment that so few of her friends had taken time to attend the service. She said Lucy restored her faith in the power of God. I am not a religious person but knew what she meant. We were both in tears.

I cannot say why Lucy did this. She is always a kind and gentle friend and today, more than ever before, I think I am the luckiest person alive.


Send Perfect "F__ck You" To This Bunch Of Old White Guys- Sandra Fluke For-Time Person of the Year

Please please please make Sandra Fluke Time Person of the Year. It sends the perfect “fuck you” to this bunch of old white guys, and it might also get Rush Limbaugh to take up the hillybilly heroin again.

Time Nominates Sandra Fluke For "Person Of The Year" Award

Time Magazine Announces Fluke As A Candidate For "Person Of The Year." Time magazine announced on November 26 that Fluke is a candidate for its "Person of the Year" for 2012, citing her advocacy for women's rights, her "poise and maturity" in dealing with attacks from the right-wing media, and her influence on promoting reproductive rights as a key issue in the presidential campaign:

The daughter of a conservative Christian pastor, Sandra Fluke, 31, became a women's-rights activist in college and continued her advocacy as a law student at Georgetown. After she complained about being denied a chance to testify at a Republican-run House hearing on insurance coverage for birth control, Rush Limbaugh called Fluke a "slut." Democrats and many Republicans reacted with outrage, and the left made Limbaugh's slur Exhibit A in what they called a GOP "war on women." Fluke, meanwhile, weathered the attention with poise and maturity and emerged as a political celebrity. Democrats gave her a national-convention speaking slot as part of their push to make reproductive rights a central issue in the 2012 presidential campaign -- one that helped Barack Obama trounce Mitt Romney among single women on Election Day.



Romney/Ryan - Post Election

THU NOV 29, 2012 AT 03:47 AM PST
Why I ALWAYS carry my camera


I got news for Grover: no one moves out of California no matter how I wish they would.

The Moar You Know Says:

Norquist knows it’s over. He was on the local LA radio the morning after the election and he was PISSED that Prop 30 (we had to vote to raise our own taxes to keep the schools open this year) had not only passed but passed by a fairly substantial vote. He should be pissed. He was such a dick about it, in fact, that the host, who’s a closet wingnut himself, had to finally cut him off as he basically just started insulting Californians, calling us stupid, and saying that everyone would move out of the state.

I got news for Grover: no one moves out of California no matter how I wish they would.
As goes California so goes the nation, and that’s why Grover was so angry. He knows there’s not much time left to run his scam.


Hillary Clinton: 'Susan Rice has done a great job'

Source: Politico

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weighed in for the first time on her potential sucessor, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, saying she has done a "great job."

"Susan Rice has done a great job as our ambassador to the United Nations," Clinton said Wednesday. "And, of course, this decision about my successor is up to the president, but I'm very happy he has the opportunity with a second term to make a decision."


Read more: http://www.politico.com/politico44/2012/11/hillary-clinton-susan-rice-has-done-a-great-job-150575.html?hp=l3

NORQUIST Brand "Pledge"-Fiscally Hazardous/Politically Toxic: Expiration Date Nov 6, 2012


All of the Gulf of Mexico Just Got Sold.

TOMORROW: Obama Administration To Offer More Than 20 Million Acres in Western Gulf of Mexico for Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Development

November Sale Will Offer All Available Unleased Areas in the Western Gulf of Mexico, Only Latest in a Series of Recent Major Offshore Oil and Gas Sales


Contact: Blake Androff (DOI) 202-208-6416
John Filostrat (BOEM) 504-731-7815

WASHINGTON – Tomorrow, as part of President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy to continue to expand safe and responsible domestic energy production, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) will hold an oil and gas lease sale that will make more than 20 million offshore acres available, and represents all unleased areas in the Western Gulf of Mexico Planning Area. The Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale builds on two major Gulf of Mexico lease sales in the past year alone, a 21 million acre sale held last December and a 39 million acre sale held in June.

“At President Obama’s direction, his Administration continues to implement a comprehensive, all-of-the-above energy strategy, expanding domestic production, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and supporting jobs,” said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. “Developing public energy resources in the Gulf of Mexico continues to generate much needed revenue for local communities while helping to power our nation and fuel our economy.”

The lease sale will be held on November 28, 2012 at 9:00 AM CDT, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana—and supports the Administration’s goal of continuing to increase domestic oil and gas production, which has grown each year the President has been in office, with domestic oil production in 2011 higher than any time in nearly a decade and natural gas production at its highest level ever. Foreign oil imports now account for less than 50 percent of the oil consumed in America – the lowest level since 1995.

Tomorrow’s offshore lease sale will be the first held under the Administration’s new Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program for 2012–2017 (Five Year Program), which makes available for exploration and development all of the offshore areas with the highest conventional resource potential that together include more than 75 percent of the Nation’s undiscovered, technically recoverable offshore oil and gas resources. BOEM also recently announced that the next Central Gulf of Mexico lease sale, proposed Lease Sale 227, will take place on March 20, 2013, making 38 million acres available.

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