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"Co-opting the religious right as foot soldiers for accomplishing secular goals"

"Lord of the Shadows" — the Bush legacy

by Tom Sullivan


Bakr survived quality time in U.S. custody at Camp Bucca and Abu Ghraib Prison to eventually form "a powerful underground organization." He and a group of former Iraqi intelligence officers conceived a new Islamic State. They made Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the figurehead. "They reasoned that Baghdadi, an educated cleric, would give the group a religious face" that would attract foot soldiers from abroad. They preferred foreigners rather than Syrian rebels. (Local recruits might be reluctant to commit the atrocities necessary to instill the fear needed for control.) Spies would infiltrate towns and pave the way for takeover:

The spies were told to note such details as whether someone was a criminal or a homosexual, or was involved in a secret affair, so as to have ammunition for blackmailing later. "We will appoint the smartest ones as Sharia sheiks," Bakr had noted. "We will train them for a while and then dispatch them." As a postscript, he had added that several "brothers" would be selected in each town to marry the daughters of the most influential families, in order to "ensure penetration of these families without their knowledge."

The spies were to find out as much as possible about the target towns: Who lived there, who was in charge, which families were religious, which Islamic school of religious jurisprudence they belonged to, how many mosques there were, who the imam was, how many wives and children he had and how old they were. Other details included what the imam's sermons were like, whether he was more open to the Sufi, or mystical variant of Islam, whether he sided with the opposition or the regime, and what his position was on jihad. Bakr also wanted answers to questions like: Does the imam earn a salary? If so, who pays it? Who appoints him? Finally: How many people in the village are champions of democracy?

Those who cooperated could be used. Potential leaders who might resist could be quickly disappeared. It had worked for Saddam Hussein. Using "ninja outfits, cheap tricks and espionage cells camouflaged as missionary offices," Der Spiegel reports, Bakr's shadowy team of Iraqi veterans created the Islamic State to reclaim the region they had lost to the American invaders and the leadership positions they had lost after Paul Bremer, George W. Bush's head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, dissolved the Iraqi army by decree in May 2003.

I once read a manual ostensibly distributed by U.S. intelligence operatives to Central American rebels during the Reagan administration. Among other tactics, it taught insurgents how to spoof assassinations of respected village leaders to make it look as if the central government had murdered them. Villagers previously reluctant to join the rebels, angered by the "government" killing of local elders would be tricked into joining the people who actually killed them. Not so different from the IS false-flag operations Der Spiegel recounts.

In another odd parallel (no, they're not equivalent), it appears what Haji Bakr and his team have done resembles a strategy U.S. politicos have used for decades: co-opting the religious right as foot soldiers for accomplishing secular goals. (Are they that gullible everywhere?) If Der Spiegel's reporting is correct, the Islamic State's jihadis have no idea they are being used by former Saddam intelligence operatives to help retake Iraq and the region for themselves and not for Islam at all. After Syrian rebels killed Haji Bakr, they scooped up "computers, passports, mobile phone SIM cards, a GPS device and, most importantly, papers. They didn't find a Koran anywhere." So it goes.


only in America...


Unless, you're a corporate lobbyist.....

Biggest Right-Wing Fear Regarding Equality? Losing Their Supremacy

Think about when you see the Gadsden flag and hear the rallying cry, “Don’t Tread On Me,” originally intended for use against foreign invaders. However, now, perverted and used by the Tea Party as if they are losing rights — no, others are just gaining what they’ve always had. And don’t pretend it’s about taxes, because if they really wanted to be taxed less, they’d go after the corporate tax code to make sure billion dollar companies paid their fair share so they don’t have to make up the difference… but no, they don’t. So really, who’s treading on who? That’s right — the supremacists are terrified their ability to reign supreme is being lost.

They are terrified at the thought that they may be losing their make-believe top spot as citizens. They are grasping so hard onto the remaining straws to make themselves feel they are better than someone, anyone, because let’s face it, it may be the only thing going for them.

And this is the real issue going on in this nation. Not the constitutionality of any law or business to deny customers or preventing people from voting — it all comes down to one thing — supremacy. They are terrified of actually being treated the same as others and not as superiors.

Well, to those people…. get over yourselves. Seriously. We are a nation of, by, and for the people. All people. Regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. It is the way our Constitution was written and amended. If you want to feel better than someone at something I recommend coming up with a hobby — and no, that hobby can’t be squashing the rights of others. Even though that currently is what you’re best at.

the rest:

damn scantron.....

Bicycle Day, April 19, 1943. The world’s first acid trip.

You know the gist: Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, tinkering in the labs of Sandoz Chemicals, accidentally absorbs LSD-25 through his fingers. Later sold as “Delysid” by Sandoz, it was one of many synthetic molecules created in Hofmann’s quest to prevent post-partum haemorrhaging. (The man who created the world’s best-loved hallucinogen was only trying to prevent the death of women in childbirth. And he succeeded in both respects.) Hours later, cycling home, the world shimmered.

Entirely inexperienced with recreational drugs, the Hofmann was befuddled, and decided on a “self-experiment” to delve further. On April 19, he slugged 250 microg​rams at 4:20pm—surely one of history’s most trippy coincidences.

The world’s first trip was far from fun. “A demon had invaded me, taken possession of my body, mind and soul,” Hofmann wrote in​ his book. Though the after-glow was pleasant, Hofmann hated the initial jolt. “The last thing I could have expected was that this substance could ever find application as anything approaching a pleasure drug.” Instead, he hoped LSD “could be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology and the telescope for astronomy.” A tool to probe the mind. A task, not a treat.


Today we remember how much damage government hating right-wing zealots are capable of.

and NEVER Forget These American Terrorists who call themselves "Patriots":


"If Ur Faith Is Big Enough Facts Dnt Count"


Zombie: "Do Not For Hillary Clinton"

Obituary in North Carolina paper: Don't vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016


More Here:

GOP too extreme, Germany's conservative party supports Hillary

Traditionally, Germany's Christian Democrats (CDU), the party of Angela Merkel, have been closely aligned with the Republican Party. Merkel even supported (initially) George W. Bush and the US invasion of Iraq. Since becoming chancellor, however, Angela Merkel and her party have staked out a number of progressive positions - embracing renewable energy, implementing a minimum wage, fighting intolerance against immigrants, just to name a few - while the Republican Party has moved further to the extreme right, becoming the Party of Jefferson Davis.

Today the leadership of the CDU says it can no longer stand with the Republicans. Instead, the conservatives will support Hillary Clinton: (note: my translation).

After Hillary Clinton announced that she's running for president as the Democratic candidate, the CDU decided to abandon its traditional orientation with the conservative Republicans. "The fundamental message of the GOP is today no longer aligned with the Christian Democratic principles, " said Armin Laschet, leaders of the CDU in North-Rhine Westphalia and deputy chairman of the national party. "The Republicans fight against the social market economy; on the one hand they demand tax breaks for the super-wealthy while on the other they seek to eliminate universal health insurance. Their aggressive rejection of multilateral diplomacy for resolving international conflicts is not appropriate for the 21st century.


In the last presidential election the Republicans were only able to achieve a majority among older white men. Immigrants, women and younger voters went with the Democrats."

While this shift in support from a traditional European ally may be disappointing to some in the GOP, they can still count on support in France from Marine Le Pen's neo-fascist Front National, whose anti-immigrant program mirrors the GOP platform.


"Die Republikaner bekämpfen die soziale Marktwirtschaft, indem sie einerseits Steuergeschenke für Superreiche verlangen und andererseits selbst die Krankenversicherung abschaffen wollen. Die aggressive Ablehnung multilateraler Konfliktlösungen vieler Republikaner passt nicht ins 21. Jahrhundert."

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