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US Rep Stockman: “Our campaign’s bumper sticker: If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted."

* In the “it’s not from The Onion, really” file: U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman tweets: “Our campaign’s bumper sticker: If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.”


NRA's Uncle Sam Caught Armed & In The Nude...


do i need a warning...?

A warning Mr. President, THIS is what The Republicans turn with YOUR "Grand Bargain" will look like


Conservative pro-gun Senator - DEMOLISHES - arguments against background checks

Thank you, Senator.

Conservative pro-gun Senator demolishes arguments against background checks
Senator Tom Coburn has sent a letter to colleagues pitching his own plan on background checks. In the process, he has demolished the right's leading arguments against expanding them.

Coburn has sent a letter to his Senate colleagues making the case that his proposal for expanded background checks is better than the one produced by Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey. But in the process of defending his own proposal from the inevitable claims by fellow conservatives that it would violate people’s Second Amendment rights, he effectively destroys that same argument as it is being applied to the Manchin-Toomey proposal.

Coburn’s letter argues against the Manchin-Toomey proposal by claiming its record keeping provisions — and its call for a fee to be paid for the background checks — are too burdensome on the law-abiding. He pitches his own plan, which would expand background checks to virtually all private sales without record keeping and without a need to go to a Federal Firearms Licensee to get checks done. Look how he defends his own proposal:

As a firm believer of the 2nd Amendment, I support the reasonable expansion of National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks into secondary and private markets for the purpose of keeping firearms out of the wrong hands … unlike retailers, we as private citizens have no tool to know if the purchasers of our weapons in secondary markets (such as gun shows, flea markets, and through internet advertisements) are on the prohibited list.

To my colleagues that say any reform dealing with gun laws is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment, then I welcome a debate on your amendments to repeal the 1993 Brady Bill…If prohibited people are not going to comply with any law we pass, then why should Congress make an effort to improve the reporting of disqualifying records to NICS. The more than $1 billion in federal tax dollars spent on creating and maintaining the National Instant Criminal Background Check System is rendered useless when a prohibited purchaser can just as easily procure a firearm from a gun show or an internet marketplace without a NICs check as they can at gun stores.

And there you have it. One of the staunchest pro gun lawmakers in the Senate has just confirmed that background checks are good for law abiding gun sellers who don’t want to sell to prohibited people. He has just shown that the argument that expanding background checks is unconstitutional is completely incoherent unless you also believe the current background check system is unconstitutional and support repealing it.


Carville: I Think Obama Likes Angering Liberals

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Carville said he thinks Obama relishes the commendation he’s received from deficit hawks like New York Times columnist David Brooks and host Joe Scarborough. Asked by co-host Mike Barnicle how the President will respond to the outrage from the left-wing of the Democratic Party, Carville was blunt.

“I think he likes that,” Carville said. “I don’t think he’s upset. He got a very favorable Washington Post editorial. ‘Morning Joe,’ very favorable commentary right here. I guarantee you if he’s up watching this right now. Got a good David Brooks column. He’s kind of excited this morning. This is kind of important to him.”


what's even funnier to kpete, is that Carville thinks he's becoming relevant once again, Mary is sure to follow...................kp

8 Year Old Shames GOP Lawmaker into Dropping Welfare-School Grades Bill


Before Thursday's legislative session began, Campfield was confronted by a group of protestors which included 8 year-old Aamira Fetuga. The child handed Campfield a petition signed by people who opposed Campfield's bill while a nearby crowd sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children."

Campfield attempted to walk away from the protestors, saying several times that he didn't think children should be used as props, but Fetuga followed him through the hallways as the cameras rolled:

VIDEO: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/04/12/1201240/-8-Year-Old-Shames-GOP-Lawmaker-into-Dropping-Welfare-School-Grades-Bill

Campfield later proposed that the bill be sent to a committee for further study--sparing himself a potential legislative defeat as several of his fellow Republicans had indicated they didn't support the measure.

The bill, named the "Education to End Poverty Act," would have reduced welfare payments (which average about $185 a month) by 30% for any family whose child failed a grade. Families would be forced to take action including taking a parenting class, meeting with teachers, enrolling the child in summer school, and getting tutoring, before their welfare payments would be restored.


Faced with these numbers, the chained-CPI benefit cut is … well, embarrassing.


The White House has said the chained CPI will save $122 billion in benefits over ten years.

here’s what isn’t being done:

Close capital gains loopholes: $174 billion.

End the Bush tax cuts at Obama’s original $250,000 level, rather than the compromise $400,000 number: $183 billion.

Cut overseas military bases by 20 percent: $200 billion.

Negotiate with drug companies: $220 billion.

Enact “Defense-friendly” Pentagon cuts: $519 billion.

End corporate tax loopholes (without being “revenue neutral,” as the President’s proposing): $1.24 trillion.

Enact a financial transaction tax on the folks who ruined our economy: $1.8 trillion.

Faced with those numbers, the chained-CPI benefit cut is … well, embarrassing.


GOP's Fiscal Ruse Unmasked: They want entitlement cuts, but they want Dems to own them.

The Morning Plum: The GOP’s policy nihilism
Posted by Greg Sargent on April 12, 2013 at 9:09 am

Mark April 11th, 2013, down on your calendars as the day that the GOP’s fiscal ruse was finally unmasked with total clarity: Republicans don’t actually want entitlement cuts. Or, to put it another way, they say they want entitlement cuts, but they want Dems to own them.

A few of us have been pointing this out for some time, but now it’s breaking through to the neutral press, thanks to the ongoing shenanigans between John Boehner and NRCC chair Greg Walden. As I noted here yesterday, Boehner says he supports Chained CPI, but Walden continues to signal that he’ll use Obama’s embrace of it in his budget to pillory Dem candidates in 2014.

Walden’s position has infuriated conservatives who support Chained CPI, but he’s sticking with it, anyway. In a must read, Roll Call’s Jonathan Strong captures the meaning of this dynamic perfectly:

The debate Walden’s remarks has set off inside the GOP shows many Republicans harbor deep-seated fears about publicly supporting the entitlement cuts they supposedly back and have demanded Obama and other Democrats embrace since taking control of the House in 2011.

“Walden is doing the right thing for the 30 seats that control the majority of the House, and that’s what the mission of NRCC chair is,” said Brock McLeary, the president of Harper Polling and a former top political hand at the NRCC.

Got that? Walden is doing the right thing politically for Republicans by attacking Dems over a proposal that GOP leaders say they want Dems to embrace. Not only that, but Boehner — who claims he disagrees with Walden — won’t call on him to stand down, and actually finds the whole thing funny:

Boehner declined to publicly urge Walden not to use chained CPI to attack Democrats, noting again that he had talked to Walden and “we’ll leave it at that.” Asked later in a Capitol hallway what he said to Walden, the speaker just laughed.


Kid Rock On Republicans: 'I'm F--king Embarrassed'

Kid Rock made waves by supporting Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, but that doesn't mean he always toes the party line. In an new interview with Rolling Stone, the rocker says one point in particular had him foaming at the mouth.

As previously reported, Kid Rock is planning a tour and trying to keep ticket prices at $20. He hasn't been completely successful, however, because of ticketing fees and states that have outlawed paperless ticketing. Guess who is to blame:

"That's one of the times I'm f--king embarrassed to be a Republican," Rock said. "It's f--king Republican lawmakers passing those laws, you dumbasses. They already did it in New York and they're trying to do it in Michigan. I've even called some of those guys to try and stop it."

But the musician's rage wasn't only directed at Republican legislators. "They're taking a f--king five-dollar service charge," he said of concert retailer Ticketmaster. "It's 25 percent of the f--king ticket! That's f--ked up, but I've beaten them up as much as I can. Then Walmart stepped in and agreed to charge just $20, and it includes parking."

more kid:

I Think My Cat Is A Republican

FRI APR 12, 2013 AT 05:35 AM PDT
I Think My Cat is a Republican.
by commonmass

My cat is watching me write this, and frankly, I don't care what he thinks so watch away, my feline friend, because I think you're a Republican and I'm going to out you.

Fig. 1. Geoffrey the Cat reaps the benefit of my hard work disproportionally to his contribution while sleeping on my work-pants.


Fig. 2. After consuming his food with an attitude of smug entitlement, he sends a message to the 99%.

2. My Cat is a Racist.

Geoffrey is an unapologetic racist. Like the GOP with banksters and corporate types, he cozies up to people, even new people, because they keep the slush fund of food, water, litter and catnip flowing like the Mighty Mississippi. But as far as other animals are concerned, if you're another animal and you're not a ragdoll cat like he is, he'll deliver an angry screed and may attack you. I have never seen such rank racism, or at least not since the last time Rand Paul gave a speech.


Fig. 3. The ugly face of ragdoll supremacy.

3. My Cat is a Sadistic Authoritarian.

Geoffrey believes in the death penalty for vermin, but he's not content to use some supposedly humane form of execution, oh no. He is both a practitioner and advocate of torture of the most ugly sort and expects--no, demands approval and support for that by bringing these poor creatures into the house half dead. If he were a member of Congress, he'd perform an execution live on C-SPAN just to make a point.

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