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Colorado raises $2M in first month of marijuana taxes

Source: KUSA

DENVER—The first tax figures for the first state in the nation to legalize retail marijuana shows the drug brought in $3.5 million in taxes and fees in January.

Of that, $2.1 million came from recreational marijuana and the remaining $1.4 million from medical marijuana.


The report provides the first concrete proof of what pro-marijuana advocates had promised, that growing and selling the drug locally would generate economic activity here rather than sending drug money out-of-state, and that the drug could provide a windfall to the state government.

"It's like the end of alcohol prohibition. We don't go to the alley to buy a six pack anymore. We go to stores. And that is what's happening with marijuana," said Brian Vicente, who helped legalize pot in Colorado. "This is revenue directly out of the hands of cartels. These tax numbers will probably grow over time, but since it's a new market, we'll have to wait and see."

Read more: http://www.9news.com/story/news/local/2014/03/10/first-month-of-marijuana-taxes/6257687/


I just love today's Luckovich toon!


Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Tax Millionaires To Allow Students To Refinance Their Debt

Elizabeth Warren: Let’s Tax Millionaires To Allow Students To Refinance Their Debt

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) laid out a new plan that would tax millionaires and use that revenue to help students refinance their student loans.

Delivering the keynote address at the Higher Ed Not Debt Campaign launch event on Thursday at the Center For American Progress, Warren argued that America faces a choice: “Do we invest in students, or millionaires?” Warren plans to introduce a bill that would create an “America that invests in those who get an education” by revising the tax code and enacting the Buffet rule


Warren’s plan would allow students with outstanding student loans to refinance at lower rates. The cost of the change would be covered by a “dollar for dollar” effort where for “every dollar the Buffet rule brings in, we use that dollar to refinance student loan debt,” she explained. She estimated that recent graduates who borrowed the maximum in undergraduate loans could see their payments drop by $1,000 a year and total interest paid over the life of the loan could be cut nearly in half. Students with graduate loans or borrowers from private lenders would save even more, Warren projected.

If the Buffet rule exceeds its expected revenue, then the plan would call for lowering the interest rates even further. All college graduates still repaying federal student loans would have the option to refinance to a lower rate, saving graduates thousands of dollars per year.


Elizabeth Warren vows fight for gender equality in medical studies

Sen. Elizabeth Warren vowed yesterday to push for a new federal law to cut the gender bias from medical research if federal agencies such as the National Institutues of Health don’t take steps to address the issue.

Medical studies need to include more data about the effects that diseases and drugs have specifically on women, Warren said at a women’s health conference in Boston.

“If the NIH puts new regulations in place that demand better parity in research, that will be a big step forward and we don’t have to wait for legislation,” the Democratic senator told reporters. “If the NIH is reluctant, then it’s appropriate for Congress to step in.”

A report from Brigham and Women’s Hospital released yesterday found women are routinely bypassed as medical research subjects — starting at the selection of male lab mice over females — which means women end up with health recommendations that are really meant for men.


Putin invaded Ukraine because (wait for it) Benghazi!

Graham has been fighting a Tea Party challenge to his re-election bid, which included accusations from the Tea Party that the confirmed bachelor is gay. Thus, the thinking went, Graham needed to bolster both his conservative and manly-man bona fides in order to win his primary. And thus was born BENGHAZI!

The proverbial bodies in Benghazi were barely cold before Graham started running campaign ads about the unfortunate deaths only one month after the attack.

And now, Graham has outdone himself by suggesting that Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine because Benghazi somehow convinced Putin that President Obama was weak. (It’s just as likely, if not more so, that Lindsey Graham is convincing Putin that if America spends this much time freaking out over four deaths a year and a half ago, imagine how averse Republicans would be to risking more than four American casualties in a challenge to a real adversary, Russia.)

Lindsey GrahamVerified account
Putin basically came to the conclusion after Benghazi, Syria, Egypt - everything Obama has been engaged in - he's a weak indecisive leader.



Rallying around the wrong president

GIULIANI: Putin decides what he wants to do and he does it in half a day, right? He decided he had to go to their parliament. He went to their parliament. He got permission in 15 minutes.

CAVUTO: Well, that was kind of like perfunctory.

GIULIANI: But he makes a decision and he executes it, quickly. Then everybody reacts. That’s what you call a leader. President Obama, he’s got to think about it. He’s got to go over it again. He’s got to talk to more people about it.


Once again, the right is going to have to pick a caricature and go with it. Obama can be a power-hungry dictator, ruthlessly wielding power, or he can be a weak pushover, afraid to act. He can’t be both.

President Obama is such a weak strongman. What’s more, he is a feeble dictator and a timid tyrant.

That, at any rate, is Republicans’ critique of him. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Obama’s critics pivoted seamlessly from complaining about his overreach to fretting that he is being too cautious. Call it Operation Oxymoron.

Last Wednesday, I sat in a House hearing and listened to Republicans describe Obama exercising “unparalleled use of executive power” and operating an “uber-presidency.” They accused him of acting like a “king” and a “monarch,” of making the United States like a “dictatorship” or a “totalitarian government” by exercising “imperial” and “magisterial power.”

But after events in Ukraine, this very tyrant was said to be so weak that it’s “shocking.”


Russia Today news anchor breaks with official line & uses her "editorial freedom" to condemn Russia

A Russia Today news anchor breaks with the official line and uses her "editorial freedom" to condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine:

Rich, White, Healthy People Are More Likely To Oppose Obamacare

If you're rich, white, healthy and already insured, you probably don't like Obamacare, according to a new analysis by the Urban Institute.

Those were the groups with some of the highest opposition to the health care reform law, the poll found, with a plurality or majority expressing an unfavorable view. More than half of whites (51 percent) opposed the law; 45 percent of those who said they were already insured did as well.

The trend followed with 44 percent of those who make above 400 percent of the federal poverty level, i.e. ineligible for tax help under the law, opposing it; 44 percent of those who reported they were in very good or excellent health said the same.


A dollar in pocket of someone who is not rich-is a dollar that could be in pocket of a rich person

Yes, it's Monday morning and Robert Samuelson again complains we are being cruel to our children. As in the past, he is not bothered by the likelihood that we will hand them a planet badly damaged by global warming. Nor is he upset that we might hand them a country in which the rules are rigged to give the rich a hugely disproportionate share of national income.

Nope, this is the Washington Post. He is upset that seniors will be getting Social Security checks averaging $1,500-$1,600 a month. And that it will be paying bloated prices for seniors' health care. In keeping with the Washington Post's fundamental philosophy that a dollar in the pocket of someone who is not rich is a dollar that could be in the pocket of a rich person, Samuelson is not upset about overpayments to wealthy doctors and drug companies, he's upset about seniors getting health care.

Those who actually give a damn about the well-being of our children and grandchildren know that on average their pay will be about 40 percent higher in three decades. If they pay two or three percentage points more of their wages in Social Security taxes, to support their own longer retirements, who gives a damn? We pay much higher Social Security and Medicare taxes than our parents and grandparents' generations.

If most people in our children and grandchildren's generation do not enjoy substantially higher living standards than we do it will be due to the fact that the Jeff Bezos of the world have managed to appropriate most of the gains from growth. Serious people therefore focus on policies to reverse the upward redistribution of income over the last three decades, however employees of Jeff Bezos, and apparently the Pew Foundation, try to divert people's attention to get them upset about the $1,300 monthly Social Security checks going to today's seniors.

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