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Bill Maher: If Hillary gets the 2016 nomination, I’ll vote for Rand Paul

Comic and Real Time host Bill Maher said that his support of the Democratic Party does not extend to highly favored 2016 Democratic nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In fact, Maher told The Hill’s Judy Kurtz in an interview published on Wednesday that he is more intrigued by Libertarian Republican Sen. Rand Paul (KY), saying, “Rand Paul is an interesting candidate to me. Rand Paul could possibly get my vote.”

“As I always used to say about his father, I love half of him,” Maher went on. “I love the half of him that has the guts to say we should end the American empire, pull the troops home, stop getting involved in every foreign entanglement…He’s way less of a hawk than Hillary, and that appeals to me a lot because I’m not crazy about how warlike she is.”

Talking Points Memo noted that Maher donated a million dollar to President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2012, but Maher said he won’t be donating to Clinton.


These days, Maher said, he finds himself sympathizing more with the values espoused by Libertarianism, but not to extremes.


Here is a clue Bill:

"Don't want your nude selfies to leak, Ladies?

LOL: Ted Cruz: Citizen's United Amendment threatens SNL

Sen. Ted Cruz says the comedy of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is at risk and creator Lorne Michaels could be thrown in jail if a proposed Constitutional amendment on campaign finance is passed.

“Congress would have the power to make it a criminal offense, Lorne Michaels could be put in jail under this amendment for making fun of any politician. That is extraordinary. It is breathtaking and it is dangerous,” the Texas Republican argued on the Senate floor on Tuesday, with a board of stills from the late-night sketch show displayed behind him.


Michael Moore Slams Obama: HIstory Will Only Remember You Were a Black President ..

Michael Moore Slams Obama: HIstory Will Only Remember You Were a Black President

..."When the history is written of this era, this is how you'll be remembered: he was the first black president," Moore said during a discussion at The Hollywood Reporter's video lounge at the Toronto Film Festival.

"OK, not a bad accomplishment, but that's it," the director said. "That's it, Mr. Obama. 100 years from now, 'he was the first black American that got elected president' and that's it. Eight years of your life and that's what people are going to remember. Boy, I got a feeling, knowing you, that -- you'd probably wish you were remembered for a few other things, a few other things you could've done."

"So, it is, on that level, a big disappointment,"
Moore said...


Personally, I think he will be remembered for much more than "being black"
LGBT and ACA, to mention 2...AND, those are BIG DEALS.

peace, kp

Switzerland 'could grant Edward Snowden asylum if he testifies against NSA'

Switzerland would grant Edward Snowden asylum if he revealed the extent of espionage activities by the US government, recommendations by the Swiss Attorney General reportedly conclude.

According to Swiss newspaper Sonntags Zeitung, an official has said that Mr Snowden should be guaranteed safe entry and residency in the country, in return for his knowledge on America’s intelligence activities.


Mr Snowden’s participation could be part of criminal proceedings or as part of a parliamentary inquiry, Swiss paper Le Matin says, and that extradition would be rejected if the country thinks it is being sought on political grounds or if the former assistant at the CIA faces the death penalty at home.


About Dylan Introducing the Beatles to Pot

About Dylan Introducing the Beatles to Pot
ByJOSH MARSHALLPublishedSEPTEMBER 9, 2014, 6:40 PM EDT 3277 Views

This is a legendary part of rock arcana. But apparently it went down a bit differently than we've been told, accordingly to a new tell-all by Dylan's then road manager Victor Maymudes ...

From the summary in Rolling Stone ...

Maymudes provides one of the most complete accounts of the famous summit, at the Beatles' New York hotel on August 28th, 1964. "Bob tried to roll a joint and it fell to piece in his hands," Maymudes says, "scattering pot over a bowl of fruit sitting on the table." Victor took over and rolled the joints himself. That helped liven up the party, but Dylan, who'd been drinking, passed out on the floor within an hour. "The following morning, Paul came up to me and hugged me for 10 minutes," says Maymudes, 'and said, 'It was so great, and it's all your fault because I love this pot!'"

Maymudes version of Dylan's explanation of why he married Sara Lownds and not Joan Baez definitely has the ring of truth to it.


"No government admits anymore that it keeps an army to satisfy occasionally the desire for conquest"

The means to real peace.—

No government admits any more that it keeps an army to satisfy occasionally the desire for conquest. Rather the army is supposed to serve for defense, and one invokes the morality that approves of self-defense. But this implies one's own morality and the neighbor's immorality; for the neighbor must be thought of as eager to attack and conquer if our state must think of means of self-defense.

Moreover, the reasons we give for requiring an army imply that our neighbor, who denies the desire for conquest just as much as does our own state, and who, for his part, also keeps an army only for reasons of self-defense, is a hypocrite and a cunning criminal who would like nothing better than to overpower a harmless and awkward victim without any fight.

Thus all states are now ranged against each other: they presuppose their neighbor's bad disposition and their own good disposition. This presupposition, however, is inhumane, as bad as war and worse. At bottom, indeed, it is itself the challenge and the cause of wars, because, as I have said, it attributes immorality to the neighbor and thus provokes a hostile disposition and act.

We must abjure the doctrine of the army as a means of self-defense just as completely as the desire for conquests. And perhaps the great day will come when people, distinguished by wars and victories and by the highest development of a military order and intelligence, and accustomed to make the heaviest sacrifices for these things, will exclaim of its own free will, "We break the sword," and will smash its entire military establishment down to its lowest foundations.

Rendering oneself unarmed when one had been the best-armed, out of a height of feeling—that is the means to real peace, which must always rest on a peace of mind; whereas the so-called armed peace, as it now exists in all countries, is the absence of peace of mind. One trusts neither oneself nor one's neighbor and, half from hatred, half from fear, does not lay down arms.

Rather perish than hate and fear, and twice rather perish than make oneself hated and feared—this must someday become the highest maxim for every single commonwealth. Our liberal representatives, as is well known, lack the time for reflecting on the nature of man: else they would know that they work in vain when they work for a "gradual decrease of the military burden."

Rather, only when this kind of need has become greatest will the kind of god be nearest who alone can help here.

The tree of war-glory can only be destroyed all at once, by a stroke of lightning: but lightning, as indeed you know, comes from a cloud—and from up high.

Friedrich W Nietzsche, The Wanderer and His Shadow


Pat Robertson on Crack?: ‘Blessed are the fully armed’ in church, ‘theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’

Pat Robertson: ‘Blessed are the fully armed’ in church, ‘theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’



"What is the new Beatitude? Blessed are the fully armed for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” the CBN host laughed. “I really believe that if the bad guys understand that the citizenry are able to react against them then they won’t be as free to go into a crowded mall or a school or a church and start blowing people out.”

“I do believe that that if people are trained with firearms, and they’re able to protect themselves, I don’t think it will lead to more violence, it will lead to less,” he continued. “The idea of having citizens who are trained or to have off-duty police in your church is not a bad thing.”


Cartoon: The NFL and Concussions


XLNT!!! Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids

Published on Sep 9, 2014
Six black kids from #Ferguson, MO bluntly and sarcastically educate white America about the racist reality in 2014. Recruited from the very block where unarmed black teen Michael Brown was gunned down by a white police officer, these kids ranging in age from 6 to 13 years old, use sometimes uncomfortable humor
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