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Why We Hate Congress

WASHINGTON -- Welcome to town, new members of Congress. Now hit the phones.

For an incoming member of Congress still basking in the glow of electoral victory, it's a message that hits those in both parties hard -- the most direct indication that time in the people's chamber will be a bit different from the version taught in civics classes.

For new Democrats, that message was delivered on Nov. 16, barely a week after the election, at an incoming-member orientation held by the House campaign arm.

The amount of time that members of Congress in both parties spend fundraising is widely known to take up an obscene portion of a typical day -- whether it's "call time" spent on the phone with potential donors, or in person at fundraisers in Washington or back home. Seeing it spelled out in black and white, however, can be a jarring experience for a new member, as related by some who attended the November orientation.


Don't Tell Colbert...


So, just how unpopular is Congress?


Not The Onion: 'Gun Appreciation Day' Planned For January 19 By Conservative Coalition

'Gun Appreciation Day' Planned For January 19 By Conservative Coalition


Woody Harrelson - A Video About Fur

Capitalism vs. Socialism


new coin anyone?

Quite Telling Hagel Dynamics...

Chuck Hagel Defense: The Combustible Politics Of Obama's Clearest Break From Bush

Lawrence Wilkerson, the retired Army colonel who was chief of staff to Colin Powell before the U.S. invasion of Iraq and has since emerged as a leading critic of the effort, said concerns about what Hagel might mean for U.S. foreign policy underlies much of the criticism about his nomination.

"It's not all about revenge or retaliation for anti-party stances in the past, but fear of what Hagel's advice and counsel might be in the future," Wilkerson told HuffPost in an email. “The hardline GOPers and the neocons have unfulfilled plans -- plans for Syria, Iran, and the greater Middle East. These plans, which envision almost endless conflict in the region, are in the main opposed by people such as Hagel.”"


Job one for the White House — isolate the NRA

The Associated Press reports this morning that the White House is reaching out to “gun rights” groups in hopes of enlisting them in the discussions. Presuming that this goes nowhere, it’s clear that the White House is actively working to build a coalition in favor of gun law reform that is broad enough to ultimately isolate the NRA. It is bringing in everyone from law enforcement groups to business groups to religious leaders.

It’s worth facing up to the fact that this is going to be a very difficult battle. Gun control advocates have been historically unable to match the NRA’s pressure on Congress. Over the weekend, newly elected Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who has received an “A” from the NRA, dismissed the proposed reforms under discussion as “extreme,” signaling that some Democrats, particularly from red states, are going to toe the NRA’s line and refuse to even discuss sensible gun reform in the wake of the Newtown massacre of 20 children. And a number of red state Dem Senators are up for reelection in 2014; while several have signaled an openness to legislative action, when the specifics really start being discussed don’t be surprised if we suddenly see outbreaks of skittishness among them.

And so it will be worth watching Giffords’ fundraising and Congressional lobbying effort closely, to see if we’re looking at a fundamentally different political dynamic this time around. The White House really does appear to be fully engaged in this battle — which, along with Giffords’ new push, signals clearly that Democrats fully understand how hard a fight this is going to be.


Mexican restaurant requires employees to wear anti-immigrant t-shirts

Source: Think Progress

Mexican Restaurant In South Carolina Under Fire For Racist ‘How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant’ T-Shirt

By Scott Keyes on Jan 7, 2013 at 12:30 pm

A Mexican restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina is being criticized for its racist T-shirts showing a wooden trap using tacos as bait with the caption “HOW TO CATCH AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT”.

As the Palmetto Public Record notes, a South Carolina reporter tweeted a photo yesterday of someone who appears to be a Taco Cid restaurant employee wearing the offensive shirt.

ThinkProgress spoke with an employee at Taco Cid who confirmed that restaurant workers indeed wear the shirt. He also noted that patrons can purchase it as well.

Taco Cid, a one-star restaurant that has shuttered franchises in recent years, appears to have cribbed the design from the “Offensive Obscene & Sex Related Tees” section of an online apparel designer.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/01/07/1407561/racist-mexican-shirt/
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