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A new study shows how unique Republican views are across the developed world

The Guardian
Dana Nuccitelli, The Guardian

A paper published in the journal Politics and Policy by Sondre Båtstrand at the University of Bergen in Norway compared the climate positions of conservative political parties around the world.

Båtstrand examined the platforms or manifestos of the conservative parties from the USA, UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Germany.

He found that the US Republican Party stands alone in its rejection of the need to tackle climate change and efforts to become the party of climate supervillains.


"In any other democracy in the world, a Jeb Bush would be an isolated loon, operating outside the major parties, perhaps carrying on at conferences with fellow cranks, but having no prospects of seeing his vision carried out in government. But the United States is different.

Here in America, ideas like Bush’s fit comfortably within one of the two major political parties. Indeed, the greatest barrier to Bush claiming his party’s nomination is the quite possibly justified sense that he is too sober and moderate to suit the GOP."

the rest:

FIORINA: The Enron candidate


If everyone had a gun, we wouldn't have to worry about gun violence.

This is why war zones are noted for their safety.

snark from:

If more guns make us safer, why isn't the US the safest country in the world?

The textbook used in TX referred to slaves as "workers"


He didn't seem to mind it when he has Sarah Palin running around accusing Obama of being a terrorist

McCain: GOPers' Use Of Derogatory Language Is Hurting The Republican Party

"I think we are hurting ourselves and our chances to win the general election," McCain said. "If we disparage each other and impugn character of each other, then after the primary is over then obviously there's a trust and support deficit among the American people."

"We can fight like blazes with each other where we disagree, but to impugn each other's characters and integrity is very harmful to each other, ourselves, and our chances of winning a general election," he said, adding that he thought leaders should condemn bigotry when they hear it.


"Always a rush after a big shooting"




"Dude, you need to stop drinking"

I know, I know
my stuff has been SO serious these past few days


It's raining this a.m. in California

and in spite of myself - i needed to smile and share something SILLY

peace to all my friends/family here at DU,

Routine: 1. Lather, 2. Wince, 3. Repeat.

Sarah, is that you calling me?

"Val" getting ready to go tend bar.

I think she nailed it!


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