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not a poll, just following the $$$....

WOW check these two pics out!!!

of course,
i am 60 yrs, old and have seen it go up and down, thrown, tossed and jumped upon,
this does SEEM different?


update to add:

In the chart, I’ve highlighted the dates of what are probably the four most important political news events of the last month: the Republican and Democratic conventions; the deaths of four Americans in an attack on the consulate in Benghazi, Libya; and the release of the “47 percent” tape.

It’s hard to tell whether this recent gain for Mr. Obama reflects the effect of the “47 percent” comments specifically. But the most typical pattern after a party convention is that a candidate who gains ground in the polls cedes at least some of it back.

Instead, the more pertinent question seems not whether Mr. Obama is losing ground, but whether he is still gaining it.


Rahm Emanuel Gets the Spanking He Deserves - By Charles P. Pierce

Rahm Emanuel Gets the Spanking He Deserves
By Charles P. Pierce
at 11:27AM

Of all the several good reasons for wearing a bag over your head while voting for the incumbent, curious staffing decisions are one of the more overlooked. Handing the financial sector over to some Wall Street lapdogs. Listening to Bob Rubin on anything. Putting the deficit commission in the hands of lobby-slick Erskine Bowles and the Undead Alan Simpson. But as far as I'm concerned, chief among these reasons has to be the current president's putting the spectacularly overrated Rahm Emanuel in charge of the White House staff. Emanuel hasn't breathed a breath of air in public service when he wasn't a self-aggrandizing and nasty bit of work.

So it was with some glee that I noted on Thursday evening that a judge in Chicago handed Mayor Rahm his head on a stick as regards the "model" response of the mayor and his police force to the Occupy movement in that city. And he did so with a flourish....

Cook County Associate Judge Thomas Donnelly ruled that the city's curfew law was unconstitutional and that the city selectively enforced it. He noted police had cracked down on the protesters' tent camp when the park closed at 11 p.m., but had not moved against others who stayed in the same park past that hour at other times — including those who had come to see Barack Obama after he won the presidency three years earlier. "The city arrested no one at the Obama 2008 presidential election victory rally, even though the Obama rally was equally in violation of the curfew," Donnelly wrote.

Oops. A mark, that surely will leave.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/occupy-chicago-judge-decision-13166971#ixzz27nK7v5Sj

Danger for GOP? More Want One-Party Control It's been widely overlooked, but there's a new Gallup...

Danger for GOP? More Want One-Party Control

It's been widely overlooked, but there's a new Gallup Poll with possibly wide significance. Polls in the past have always shown a perhaps understandable but sometimes maddening preference among voters for split control in Washington--in other words, they seem to prefer gridlock, with the White House checking Congress and vice versa. But now Gallup has just found an astonishing surge in those who say right now they want one-party control. Since Obama is doing well at Gallup right now--maintaining a 6% lead today--this would suggest that many folks may also vote for Dems for Congress in an effort to give him something to work with.

The numbers: 38% now want one-party control vs. 23% who prefer a split, and 33% don't really care. Gallup notes: "As the 2012 election approaches, these findings suggest that Americans may be somewhat less open to ballot splitting than in prior years."


Whoopi Schools Coulter: "Well tell me what you know about being black"

As Coulter started to discuss her book, Goldberg grew seemingly frustrated.

"What are you talking about?" she demanded. Coulter attempted to continue, but Goldberg cut her off.

"Oh you know what, hold up Ms. Coulter, please stop. Please stop," Goldberg said. "If you are going to talk about race, at least, at least, know what you're talking about."

"What don't I know?" Coulter asked.

"Well tell me what you know about being black," Goldberg said. "Your facts are a little shaky. I mean, you're saying that because liberals have abandoned black people now—what? I don't get it. I don't understand."

the rest plus video:

George W. Bush now viewed more favorably than Mitt Romney.

We're doooooomed . . .

RT @blakehounshellRT @politicalwire: George W. Bush now viewed more favorably than Mitt Romney... http://pwire.at/S5BdJw


BLITZER: "...You don't hear them complaining about the Fox News polls."

On Thursday's "CNN Newsroom," Blitzer said it was very "convenient" for Republicans and people on Fox News to demean the polls. But, he added, there was a big flaw in their arguments.

"What they don't say is that the Fox News polls are showing almost exactly the same thing," Blitzer said, reeling off a string of numbers. "...You don't hear them complaining about the Fox News polls. They're complaining about the others. So there's an imbalance there."


The Republican party is demented.

The Problem with Romney Is the Problem with Empathy
By Charles P. Pierce
at 8:51AM


The Republican party is demented.

Having examined, at some length, the process by which Romney distanced himself from his one great achievement in elected office — and, by extension, from all the good he'd done for thousands of people and their health insurance — I seem to have gotten backwards the political liabilities this held for Romney in facing a national Republican electorate gone, in the immortal phrase of the late George V. Higgins, as soft as church music. I thought his fashioning of a health-care reform program in Massachusetts, and its popular success, would be a problem on theoretical grounds. I was wrong. It turns out the problem Republicans have with the program is not the ideological big-government aspect of it. The problem they have with it is the good it turned out to do for people. The problem with it is that it made people's lives a little easier. The problem is that cruelty has become an ideology in itself, and it is an implacable one.

"The thing Romney needs to do to beat Obama is show up in this debate and not have another empathy comment. Those comments are really hurting him far more than any 47% comments," said Ryan Rhodes, a tea party activist from Iowa. "The government's not here for empathy, it's here for the law. If we use empathy for everything we want to do, that's how countries go bankrupt and bad policy is created."

The problem with the Romney campaign is not the alleged ideological incoherence of his political resume. The problem is that he's trying to appeal to a party full of moral monsters.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/mitt-romney-health-care-reaction-13166210#ixzz27m2KrpBQ


Slowly and reluctantly, Republicans who love and work for Romney are concluding that for all his gifts as a leader, businessman and role model, he’s just not a good political candidate in this era.
(Also on POLITICO: Patriotism plays into presidential race)

It kills his admirers to say it because they know him to be a far more generous and approachable man than people realize — far from the caricature of him being awkward or distant — and they feel certain he would be a very good president.

“Lousy candidate; highly qualified to be president,” said a top Romney official. “The candidate suit fits him unnaturally. He is naturally an executive.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0912/81772.html#ixzz27lsLiKkW

Did You Know?... Bathroom Scales Have A Liberal Bias.

Nowhere was there a single Romney sign or bumper sticker.

As I went around town I noticed a huge difference from the 2008 election. There wasn’t a single sign for either Romney or Murdock. There were no bumper stickers. The town was covered with McCain signs last time. The one stalwart who had Obama signs last time has moved so there were none of his signs either.

Driving home to North Carolina I passed through the most conservative part of Indiana. I also went through Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and into North Carolina. Nowhere was there a single Romney sign or bumper sticker. I saw one Ron Paul truck in Kentucky. I saw an Obama sign when I got to Winston Salem.

This makes me wonder if the Republicans are planning on sitting this one out like the Democrats did in 2010? Are Republicans disgusted with their candidate because he is either not tea party enough or because he isn’t human enough?

If the Republicans are going to sit this one out it is imperative that we do not. We need to get out the vote and make sure we give Obama a filibuster proof Senate and the House back. Let the Republicans sit on their hands this time. We need to GOTV.


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