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NEW REPORT "Virtually Impossible" For 2013 To Be HOTTEST YR Without Man-Made Emissions In Atmosphere

2013 record heatwave 'virtually impossible' without climate change, Climate Council of Australia report says
By Stephanie Anderson

Updated earlier today at 2:10amSat 7 Feb 2015, 2:10am

A new report by the Climate Council of Australia says it would have been "virtually impossible" for 2013 to be the hottest year in the country's record without man-made emissions in the atmosphere.

The independently-funded group used new modelling to look at the odds of extreme heat events occurring, with and without man-made emissions.

A computer simulation of the atmosphere showed that climate change tripled the odds that the heatwaves of 2012/2013 would occur as frequently as they did and doubled the odds that they would be as intense as they were.

More than 123 temperature records were broken over that summer.


"Your goal is to get home safely."

One Video Sums Up the Harrowing Talk Parents Often Have With Black Children


"What's world coming to when there are people who want to break the law & they won't let you do it?"

Armed gun-rights advocates rally at Washington state capitol

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — A gun-rights rally drew about 50 people, mostly armed, to the steps of the Capitol on Saturday morning for a demonstration they hoped would end with their arrest. To raise money for bail, some protesters hawked caps with "Fight Tyranny — Shoot Back" printed on them and sold out.

The plan was to walk into the Capitol after a few speeches and carry guns into the Legislature's viewing gallery, in defiance of rule changes made in January that banned the open carry of firearms there. However, the Washington State Patrol kept the gallery doors locked after the building opened to the public at 11 a.m. The crowd, including two state legislators, walked through the marble hallways, with some lining up to knock on the doors to the House gallery and Gov. Jay Inslee's office.

No one was arrested, and the State Patrol reported no disturbances. The protesters went instead to the closed gate of the governor's mansion and prayed.

"What's the world coming to when there are people who want to break the law and they won't let you do it?" said Dave Grenier, 58, of Tumwater, as his fellow pro-gun demonstrators began to file out of the Capitol.


Fire ALL The MSM Liars!


Thanks to the media's repeated claims that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were immediate threats to our nation, in the weeks leading up to the invasion, nearly three-quarters of Americans believed the lie promoted by Donald Rumsfeld that Saddam Hussein was somehow involved in the attacks of 9/11.

President Bush : "Iraq is part of a war on terror. It's a country that trains terrorists, it's a country that can arm terrorists. Saddam Hussein and his weapons are a direct threat to this country."

Was that believable or did the media play along? The next shot is of a press conference at which Bush announces that he has a script telling him which reporters to call on in what order. Yet the reporters play along, raising their hands after each comment, pretending that they might be called on despite the script.

Video shows Richard Perle claiming that Saddam Hussein worked with al Qaeda and that Iraqis would greet American occupiers as liberators. Here are the Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, William Safire at the New York Times, Charles Krauthammer and Jim Hoagland at the Washington Post all demanding an overthrow of Iraq's government. George Will is seen saying that Hussein "has anthrax, he loves biological weapons, he has terrorist training camps, including 747s to practice on."


The Washington Post editorialized in favor of the war 27 times, and published in 2002 about 1,000 articles and columns on the war. But the Post gave a huge anti-war march hardly any notice, and Senator Kennedy's opposition to the war 36 words. (Of course, the most outspoken opponents of the war in Congress, such as Dennis Kucinich, were ignored.) "What got even less ink," Moyers says, "was the release of the National Intelligence Estimate." Even the misleading partial version that the media received failed to fool a careful eye.


The media failed us leading up to the Iraq War, and its cost hundreds of thousands of human beings their lives and the United States has lost both trillions of dollars and our standing in the world as a moral force.

It's time for our media to offer us – and the people of Iraq – an apology.

(I want O'Reilly & Hannity's head, Oh & Judy Miller Too)

And make sure this sort of thing never happens again.

Like it's getting ready to with Iran...


The Iraq Apology America Is STILL Waiting For (& it's NOT Brian Williams)

"Hush Little Baby"

Feb. 1, 2015. A boy sleeps in a hammock while his mother works at a brick kiln on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar.


Reminding the public about ugly moments in the history of Christianity does not make one anti-Christ


.....the Crusades were pretty bad. Historians debate the precise extent and savagery of the violence, but we generally agree that the intensity of the religiously-motivated brutality was staggering. We argue, for example, whether there really was cannibalism during the First Crusade (probably), and whether blood really flowed up to the combatants’ ankles in the Temple of David in 1099 (probably not). But there’s no question that crusaders were sometimes driven to slaughter non-Christian civilian populations both in Europe and in southwest Asia, all in the name of religion.

Obama’s statements therefor reflect well-accepted historical knowledge. The Inquisition led to the execution of many people guilty – at most – of thought crime. Christianity has been regularly and explicitly used to justify colonization, slavery, cultural destruction and racial discrimination. These are simply undisputed facts, and if they make us uncomfortable, it’s worth thinking about why. Moreover, it’s vital to recognize that abolitionists and pacifists, just like those calling for inter-faith harmony today, have drawn strength from their religious convictions.

Reminding the public about ugly moments in the history of Christianity does not make one anti-Christian. To compare the Jordanian pilot who was burned to death by Isis militants to the public burning of Jesse Washington in Waco, Texas does not make one un-American. To acknowledge such comparisons instead gives one the moral authority to call out other acts of violence and atrocity, including those that are justified via religion.

That’s the real message of President Obama’s address at the National Prayer Breakfast. We need humility. We must recognize our fallibility, we must study the past to understand why things happen, and then we must try to do better. History – and not just the one written by the “victors” – is critical for illuminating both our present and our future; how ideologues try to rewrite it reveals the power of the stories we tell about to past to shape the future they hope to construct.


A letter to … My grandmother, a dear friend who inspires me ---The letter you always wanted to write

A letter to … My grandmother, a dear friend who inspires me

So few adults ever have the opportunity to really get to know their grandparents. I have been so lucky to know you into my 30s and to have developed such a firm friendship with you, in spite of (or maybe partly because of) the 65-year age gap. So much of this is due to your warmth and wit. I never shared the complaints I would hear from others about having to endure awkward conversations with their elderly relatives. You and I would sit and talk for hours, simply enjoying each other’s company, and I loved the weekends spent visiting you.

My sister and I stayed with you as teenagers a few times when Grandad was still alive, but our relationship really flourished once I was a little older and the two of us began to spend time alone together. You were always keen to hear about what was going on in my life, especially when I lived abroad and was experiencing things you never had – and to learn about life as experienced by my generation (I’m not sure my fudged explanation ever helped you to understand how the internet actually works).

In more recent years, as I pressed you more, you began to share anecdotes from your past. You didn’t have an easy life, losing your father when you were very young, then coping with the effects of Grandad’s traumatic war experience. But you still had a store of funny stories. I particularly enjoyed the one you shared with me about your friend who always had a good supply of stockings during the war because she’d receive them from the American GIs she hung around with – and would drag you along to church while she confessed “whatever she’d been doing to earn those stockings”.

It was a testament to your warm character that the carers who looked after you in the last few years spoke of you so highly – and even some of those who had changed jobs would still pop by to say hello. Taxi drivers always had a fond word to say about you when they dropped me at your house. You relished company and would strike up a conversation with anyone – in a pub, sitting on a public bench, waiting for a taxi. You were the one who rallied your friends to keep going out for regular pub lunches even as they lost their husbands and you all became increasingly frail. Even more impressively, if they weren’t up to it you’d simply go by yourself.

Given that you had reached the age of 96, it seems absurd to say that your death came as such a shock. But you deteriorated so suddenly after your fall just over a year ago that none of us had time to prepare for it. My mum (your daughter) and I later admitted to one another that we had been dreading your death for years. Even now I occasionally struggle to accept that it has finally happened.

I will remember you as one of the most optimistic, cheerful and resilient people I have ever known. When I am an old woman myself, I know I will think of you and I’m sure will appreciate more fully what an excellent example you set. It will be in no small part down to you if I succeed in following it.

Your loving granddaughter,




i had the best,
my abuelita
sweet to me always
to her i was perfection

and now,
i am the gamma
life is sweet
grand-parenting is the dessert of life

peace & love & tolerance
(what i learn - is what i try to teach)

Jonas Salk rises from the grave to fight idiots


FEBRUARY 6, 2015
Zombie Jonas Salk Rises from Grave to Hunt Idiots

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—

The reanimated corpse of Dr. Jonas Salk, the medical researcher who developed the first polio vaccine, rose from the grave Friday morning on what authorities believe is a mission to hunt down idiots.

The zombie version of Salk, wearing a tattered white lab coat and looking “incredibly angry” according to one eyewitness, was seen advancing on the U.S. Capitol building at approximately 11 A.M.

While Senator Rand Paul, of Kentucky, hid in the Senate cloakroom, armed security forces repelled the zombie virologist, who, seemingly unharmed, moved on in search of new prey.

According to law enforcement, the reanimated Salk then stole a car and headed off in the direction of Trenton, New Jersey. “We have reason to believe he’s coming for Governor Christie,” said a staff member from Chris Christie’s office. “Fortunately, the Governor is never here.”


more satire:

Bill Maher: "What Took Conservatives So Long To Finally Throw Sarah Palin Under The Bus"

“The pundits that always defended her have officially had enough,” Bill Maher said. “It was as if the scales fell from their eyes and they were finally able to admit 'The emperor has no clues.' They called her speech incoherent, a farce, unseemly, words that might have truly stung Sarah if she knew what they meant.”


“I only have one question for Republicans,” Bill Maher said. “What took you so long? The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years.”

More (really funny):
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