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Attention GOP Debate Contestants:

Tongue-Tied Rick Perry Refers To 'Ronald Raven' During Debate

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry got a little tongue-tied Thursday afternoon when referencing Ronald Reagan during a debate for second-tier Republican presidential candidates.

Perry referred to the former President as "Ronald Raven" while answering a question about illegal immigration.



for SO many reasons, here is just one more:

Jon Stewart is less than a week away from retiring from The Daily Show, but he’s already thinking about his next act: crusading this fall in Washington for the Sept. 11 first responders.

The Comedy Central star has promised to make a Capitol Hill trip as early as September to support a bill extending an expiring law that provides billions of dollars in medical health benefits for the police, firefighters and other emergency rescue workers who spent time at Ground Zero, as well as survivors of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Stewart committed to lobby the very lawmakers he’s made a career out of skewering during a backstage greenroom chat early in July with John Feal, an Army veteran and post-9/11 cleanup worker who is spearheading the advocacy push for the legislation. Feal told POLITICO that he expected Stewart to firm up the date for the visit after his final Daily Show appearance on Thursday.


Bette Midler re: Lenny Kravitz & the GOP Debate

Lenny Kravitz's penis slipped out on stage? So what? Wait for the GOP Debate on tonight
- there will be 10 dicks on stage!


Bernie Sanders Explains What Americans Should Look For In Tonight's GOP Debate

“Listen closely, and this is what they will tell you,” Sanders advised. “They want to give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires at a time when the rich are getting much richer. … Essentially, when you watch that debate, just imagine if you are one of the wealthiest people in this country and extremely greedy and selfish, and you're going to have 10 candidates more or less talking about your needs and not the needs of the working people.”


Surviving A Bear and/or Police Encounter


just the facts.....

Everyone "Caught completely flatfooted by Trump...except the Dirty Hippies"

KRUGMAN: So why is Trump regarded as ludicrous, while Bush and Walker are serious? Again, on the substance they’re all ludicrous; but pundits are taken in by the sober-sounding personal style of the runners-up, while voters apparently are not.

Just to be clear, I’m not denying that Trump is a clown, an absurd figure. But given his party’s field, that’s not a distinctive judgment.

Just about the entire political commentariat has been caught completely flatfooted by Donald Trump’s durable front-runner status; he was supposed to collapse after being nasty to St. John McCain, but nothing of the sort happened...


One correction, which Good Doctor K already knows full well: Just about the entire political commentariat has been caught completely flatfooted by Donald Trump’s durable front-runner status...except the Dirty Hippies.

Once again the only people who have been completely unsurprised by the most recent, yawping, orangutan-coiffed manifestation of the plain and terrible truth that the GOP is a cesspit of bigots, lunatics and demagogues (because the leaders of the party rigged it that way) are the same people our elite political commentariat will not let within a mile of a Serious Media microphone, camera or keyboard.

Thank you Driftglass:

Health officials warn you could die playing GOP debate drinking games: ‘It’s formula for disaster"

“The data show that it’s not a clown car at all,” added Baruah. ” It’s a clown bus, and far too many smug liberals are being inadvertently thrown under its wheels by their self-satisfied friends on Twitter.”


“You simply can’t drink every time one of these guys says something silly,” said Surgeon General Vivek Murthy during a Wednesday morning press conference. “We’ve got three candidates who are prone to gaffes — Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Scott Walker — and then a half-dozen obscure goofballs vying with Donald Trump for a little media attention. It’s just a formula for disaster.”

Murthy suggested that people play a safer variation of the traditional debate drinking game by only consuming alcohol when one of the candidates says something reasonable.

“We’re not saying that people shouldn’t have fun participating in the rotting vestiges of our once-great democracy,” he said. “Just do it responsibly. Instead of, say, shotgunning a beer when Ben Carson compares abortion to a planet-killing meteor wiping out humanity, consider taking a shot if Jeb Bush acknowledges that human activity is contributing to climate change,” he said. “And that drink might even have some therapeutic value when he goes on to argue that we shouldn’t do a damn thing about it.”

According to Dr. Lawrence Goldfarb, a toxicologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average man should consume no more than four units of alcohol per day and an average woman should consume no more than three. “So even if you only drank when someone made a dopey, half-baked Neville Chamberlain analogy, you’d still be ingesting potentially dangerous quantities,” said Goldfarb. A “unit” of alcohol equals around 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor.



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