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Russell Brand Calls Out Bill O'Reilly For His 'Rubbish' And 'Bigotry'


O'Reilly went on to claim that it would take too long-- most likely decades-- for these immigrant children to become "self-sufficient."

Brand pointed out that children becoming "self-sufficient" is called "people growing up over time"-- which everyone does, not just immigrants.

"He gets really close to addressing actual problems and then he pulls back and goes, 'so, I'm going to carry on saying the sort of stuff I've always said.'"

Brand has dedicated an entire YouTube channel to taking down the media, particularly Fox News. Some of his earlier videos include calling the network "a fanatical terrorist propagandist organization" and wondering if Fox News just wants everyone to be racist.


OOPS! Boehner Just Screwed The GOP And Helped Hillary At The Same Time

At the start of 2013, I really thought immigration reform was going to happen. Unlike every Obama-supported initiative that Republicans had opposed, the cold political logic of cooperation was obvious: Republicans would alleviate their crippling weakness with Latino voters while Obama would gain a major policy accomplishment. The only real loser in the deal would be the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, who would lose a powerful issue, but Hillary Clinton was not going to be in the room when the deal was cut.


The GOP’s worst problem is that Obama’s unilateral relaxation of immigration enforcement will add a newer and more potent dimension to the immigration issue. No longer will Republicans merely have to promise to oppose reform legislation. They will have to promise to undo what Obama has done.

This is an important distinction. A campaign promise about legislation can be easily slipped, as a president can blame any failure to comply on Congress (often rightly). A promise about executive action cannot be so easily slipped. Interest groups have a way of forcing candidates to make specific, immediate promises of executive action.

And so Republicans may well find themselves in the position of watching their nominee pledging to prosecute or deport immigrant families or children pardoned or left alone by Obama. The only way their friends, neighbors, or relatives who happen to be legal citizens can spare them will be to vote for Clinton. It may have seemed that the Republicans’ standing with immigrant communities had sunk to a new low in 2012, but in 2016, things could actually get worse.

The rest:

“You can murder — but do it on your own dime!” -5 Myths About Hobby Lobby Debunked

On the idea that most of these forms of contraception can “result in the destruction of a fertilized egg,” sadly, no:

The baseline question here is whether potentially and intentionally preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg constitutes abortion. That’s not the medical definition of abortion, which is ending a pregnancy. But let’s say your sincerely held belief is that interfering with the implantation of a fertilized egg is tantamount to abortion, as it is for the Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood owners. There is very little evidence showing that the objected-to methods – two forms of intrauterine devices and two forms of emergency contraception – even work that way, with the exception of the copper IUD.

There are two kinds of emergency contraception on the market: an over-the-counter one generally known as Plan B and a prescription-only one known as Ella. According to the amicus brief filed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and several other medical associations, “there is no scientific evidence that emergency contraceptives available in the United States and approved by the FDA affect an existing pregnancy.” Instead, they prevent ovulation, so there is no egg to fertilize. That includes the longer-acting Ella: “There is no evidence that (Ella) affects implantation.”

One form of the IUD, known on the market at the Mirena, includes hormones that prevent ovulation. The other, preferred by women who experience side effects from artificial hormones, doesn’t. “When used as emergency contraception” – i.e., after unprotected sexual activity – “the (non-hormonal IUD) could also act to prevent implantation,” according to the amicus.

If you’re keeping count, that’s one out of four that maybe does what the plaintiffs say it does, in the rare instances it’s inserted after unprotected sex – and that’s still not the medical definition of abortion.

MORE MYTHS DEBUNKED: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/hobby-lobby-case-myths-debunked

But let’s assume that Davis actually knew what he was talking about, and that some forms of birth control that destroys a fertilized egg is killing a human life. If he actually believes this, then the exemption won by Hobby Lobby from its friends at the Supreme Court is almost comically inadequate. “You can murder — but do it on your own dime!” Davis’s boss (correctly) believes that birth control, including birth control the scientifically illiterate believe to cause abortions, should be available over-the-counter. Does Davis think that Dommenech is a supporter of legalized murder? If he believes his own rhetoric, he must.



Religious Freedom


Hobby Lobby still invests in birth control

Source: CNN

Hobby Lobby's founders have made it clear that any abortion and certain contraceptives are unacceptable in their eyes, yet the company's 401(k) plan has millions of dollars invested in funds that own the companies that make birth control methods including Plan B, the so-called "morning after" drug.

Like many companies, Hobby Lobby offers its employees a 401(k) plan. Over 13,000 past and present employees have taken advantage of that plan, according to the latest documents filed with the Department of Labor.

Employees have the option to put their retirement dollars -- and the money that Hobby Lobby contributes on their behalf -- into over a dozen different mutual funds.

At least eight of those funds have been invested in companies that produce contraceptives such as Teva Pharmaceutical (TEVA), Bayer (BAYRY), and Pfizer (PFE), according to a CNNMoney analysis. Teva makes Plan B. At least one fund also held Forest Laboratories, which makes a drug that is used to induce abortions.

Read more: http://money.cnn.com/2014/07/01/investing/hobby-lobby-401k-contraception/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

Hobby Lobby has not responded to CNN requests for comment about its retirement plan. Mother Jones broke the story about the company's 401(k) plan in April.

America's Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force --- by Noam Chomsky

Published on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 by TomDispatch
America's Real Foreign Policy: Global Corporatization by Force
Whose security is the U.S. military and foreign service protecting?

by Noam Chomsky


...........what is actually meant by “security”: security for whom?

One answer is: security for state power. There are many illustrations. Take a current one. In May, the U.S. agreed to support a U.N. Security Council resolution calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes in Syria, but with a proviso: there could be no inquiry into possible war crimes by Israel. Or by Washington, though it was really unnecessary to add that last condition. The U.S. is uniquely self-immunized from the international legal system. In fact, there is even congressional legislation authorizing the president to use armed force to “rescue” any American brought to the Hague for trial -- the “Netherlands Invasion Act,” as it is sometimes called in Europe. That once again illustrates the importance of protecting the security of state power.

But protecting it from whom? There is, in fact, a strong case to be made that a prime concern of government is the security of state power from the population. As those who have spent time rummaging through archives should be aware, government secrecy is rarely motivated by a genuine for security, but it definitely does serve to keep the population in the dark. And for good reasons, which were lucidly explained by the prominent liberal scholar and government adviser Samuel Huntington, the professor of the science of government at Harvard University. In his words: “The architects of power in the United States must create a force that can be felt but not seen. Power remains strong when it remains in the dark; exposed to the sunlight it begins to evaporate.”


the rest (most xlnt):


We get the government we deserve, and we are on track for one that is heedless of concern for women's health, and poised to eliminate unions.


So there really isn't any excuse any more.

Quite simply, if the Republican party gains control of the United States Senate, and if it maintains that majority in 2016, neither Barack Obama, nor Hillary Clinton, if she were to succeed him in office, will be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court justice. It will not happen. There will be nobody whose views and judicial philosophy will be satisfactory to the majority Republicans unless whoever the president is happens to nominate Antonin (Short Time) Scalia's left nut. Yesterday, the bare 5-4 majority of Federalist Society Papists demonstrated that it is heedless of concern for women's health, and poised to eliminate the ability of public employees -- and, later, any employees -- from organizing themselves.

So there really isn’t any excuse any more.

I occasionally get chaffed by folks for giving out civics lessons but, seriously, we get the government we deserve. The Founders, and those brave people who came later, a group that certainly includes the three Mississippi martyrs and thousands more whose names we don’t know, made sacrifices that leave us no alibis. If you live in a state that has restricted the franchise, and that has erected hoops through which you have to jump, then learn how to jump through the hoops and break down those barriers by flooding the polls. If you don’t live in a state where it has been made more difficult to vote, then get off your sorry ass.

The Rest:

Retired Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Rips Dick Cheney: He Isn't Immoral, He's Amoral

Wilkerson said that to many Americans, including those "interested in the progress of this country, the progress of international criminal justice, human rights, human dignity and so forth," Cheney is considered immoral. But Wilkerson has a different take.

"I think amoral is a better and more precise, descriptive term. With Dick Cheney, it's all about power. Yes, it's about wealth coming from that power, too -- he's worth $70 million or $80 million now, so one can hardly say that's not the case -- but I think the power aspect of it ... is more important to him than the amassing of wealth," Wilkerson said.

He added that an amoral person makes for "a more dangerous individual" than an immoral one.

"Immorality is something that can be ferreted out, checked and balanced. Amorality is an altogether different affair, especially when you're exploiting the politics of fear in order to carry out state purposes, which is what Dick Cheney's forte is," he said.


lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something.
"an amoral attitude to sex"
synonyms: unprincipled, without standards, without morals, without scruples, unscrupulous, Machiavellian, unethical More

Hobby Lobby only has 2 ‘religious’ issues…the control of women that they consider property & profits

Supreme Hypocrisy Court in America: I Will NOT ‘Tone It Down’ To Comfort Your Ignorance
by Kathryn Brusco

Yesterday, I was told to "tone it down" by a libertarian male after I posted the fury of my views on the Supreme Court of American Idiocy’s decision in favor of Hobby Lobby. Once again, because some people are effing stupid and willfully ignorant, women will be denied aspects of healthcare. Way to go, worst SCOTUS in history!

This individual went on to say that he disagreed with me and he was being “logical and reasonable”. I was PISSED! First, don't tell me what to do or how to feel. I am upset by a bullshit ruling and I can express it any way I please. Second, don't tell me to "tone it down" when a basic right of women's reproductive health is in jeopardy. It is condescending and misogynistic. How dare anyone say ‘tone it down’ to a woman expressing fury and emotion over a hypocritical, biased Supreme Court decision while stating that they are just being a ‘logical and reasonable man’. F#%k YOU!


We as a nation should all know by now that the majority of the products sold by Hobby Lobby are made in China, an abortion friendly country. China actually encourages abortions. Hobby Lobby also invests in their 401(k) plans to the tune of $73 million in contraceptive companies. Their claim of religious exemption is pure bull$hit that the Bought and Paid Supreme Court of Hypocrisy thinks is just fine. It isn't okay in any sense of the word.

This is about men controlling women’s bodies and lives. The number of people who supported the SCOTUS5 decision who tried to engage me in conversation on Twitter last night was astounding. I can’t be bothered with such out-of-touch idiocy wrapped in a pseudo-religious agenda. Their profiles are usually all-telling…such patriots with their devotion to god and family. I posted a quote from a ‘godly’ preacher that summarizes the mentality, "No woman wants to be submissive to a man who isn't 100% submissive to God". I think that sums it up.

So to the one who told me to ‘tone it down’, I WILL NOT! To quote Jon Stewart, "I'm not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance."


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