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Yellen: Depth and breadth of U.S. inequality ‘greatly concern me’

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen on Friday expressed deep concern over widening economic inequality in the country and called for tackling issues such as early childhood education and encouraging entrepreneurship to help narrow the gap.

In a speech at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Yellen said steady growth in inequality over the past several decades represents the most sustained rise since the 19th century. Living standards for most Americans have been “stagnant,” while those at the very top have enjoyed significant wealth and income gains, she said.

“I think it is appropriate to ask whether this trend is compatible with values rooted in our nation’s history, among them the high value Americans have traditionally placed on equality of opportunity,” Yellen said in prepared remarks.

The problem of inequality is an unusual topic for the leader of the Fed, if only because the central bank’s ability to address the issue is limited. Yellen listed four factors that can influence economic opportunity: investing in education for young children, making college more affordable, encouraging entrepreneurship and building inheritance.


Republicans Pave Way to All-White Future

....."Secure the border" is an empty slogan and practical nightmare. But if you're a conservative politician desperate to assuage (or exploit) what writer Steve Chapman calls the "deep anxieties" stirred by "brown migrants sneaking over from Mexico," it's an empty slogan with legs. It will be vastly easier for Republicans running in 2016 to shout "secure the border" than to defy the always anxious, politically-empowered Republican base. Perhaps Republicans in Congress will muster some form of Dream Act for immigrant youth or a visa sop to the tech industry, but they seem incapable of more.

In that case, the path of least resistance -- and it has been many years since national Republicans have taken a different route -- will be to continue reassuring the base while alienating brown voters. (After six years in which Republicans' highest priority has been destruction of the nation's first black president, it's doubtful black voters will be persuadable anytime soon.) The party's whole diversity gambit goes out the window. The White Album plays in perpetuity on Republican turntables.

the rest:

Some Things More Likely to Kill You Than Ebola


Toles: "Fear Isn't The Only Thing, It's Everything"

FLORIDA-Gov debate sponsor with ties to Scott ALTERED debate rules to hurt Crist

Marc Caputo ✔ @MarcACaputo

So a debate sponsor with ties to the FL Chamber, which backs Rick Scott, changed debate rules to specifically exclude Crist's fan. Hmmmmm
4:26 PM - 16 Oct 2014

So the Scott ploy included the collusion of the debate sponsors themselves. This is downright Nixonian.

And it explains this press release issued by the debate sponsors this morning.

5:29 PM PT: So the gameplan was to have the debate cancelled: "Scott's advisers urged Wendy Walker of Leadership Florida and Dean Ridings of the Florida Press Association to end the debate before it started."



Of course the ironic thing is CNN did this for Scott for free, they banned fans for next week's debate. What hacks.


They obviously didn’t bother to speak to a single nurse on the front lines.

TPM Reader JM on Rick Scott, hospital preparedness and the "Ebola cart" ...

I have a perspective tying together today’s big news brouhahas. My wife is an ER nurse at a major urban hospital owned by the Hospital Corporation of America, the hospital chain once run by Rick Scott. It’s the largest for-profit medical system in the world, and is of course also notable for its ‘creative billing’ practices in the largest Medicare fraud settlement in history. Scott was booted from the CEO position following that fraud investigation, so he’s not directly responsible for current conditions in those hospitals.

But it is obvious to those who work there that the combination of lax training and toxic labor relations ‘leaders’ like him have brought to the company are emblematic of a big problem for US hospitals if a major outbreak of ebola or other infectious disease occurs. My wife’s ER has an ‘ebola cart’ with some lightweight protective gear and written instructions for putting on a PPE, but the instructions are a loose bundle of papers and the pictures don’t match the gear in the cart and has inaccuracies that put them at serious risk. It’s an object of gallows humor for the staff. That’s the totality of their training or preparedness so far. As we all now know, PPEs are not easy to put on and take off correctly. Even though nurses all have experience with standard droplet control (they see TB and HIV all the time), ebola is a special case. They have gone months and months without a nurse education director because no one wants to deal with their management and take the position. Her coworkers are clear that they will refuse to treat an ebola patient because they have woefully inadequate training in the correct procedures and lack proper gear.

And yet the head of infectious disease at this hospital went on the local news to proclaim the hospital was ready to receive ebola patients safely. They obviously didn’t bother to speak to a single nurse on the front lines. I’m not particularly panic-y about ebola, even though obviously the family members of ER personnel have a lot at stake in ebola preparedness. But I think that this situation will be the weak link in any major national response. So many of our hospitals are run by lunatics like Rick Scott who seek only the highest profit margin. They do not invest in training, they build charting mechanisms that are good for billing but not treating patients, they constantly fight with their unionized employees, they lie to the public, etc, etc. We like to imagine that competent, highly-skilled medical institutions like Emory will save us, but we have way more Dallas Presbyterians in this country than we have Emorys. You can see exactly this managerial incompetence—and toxic labor relations—woven through the statement released by the nurses at Dallas Presbyterian today. Also see the head of National Nurses United on All In With Chris Hayes for a similar perspective.

To put it bluntly: we’ve entrusted our national medical system to the managerial competence and goodwill of the Rick Scotts of the world, and that is much scarier than a podium fan.


The "Inconvenient Truth" That Disproves The BUSHCO Chemical Weapons Revisionist's LIEs


Murtaza Hussain pushes back on Iraq war supporters claiming vindication:

Perhaps the most movingly pitiful exercise in American politics is the periodic attempt by Iraq War advocates to grasp at new developments that might somehow vindicate their disastrous, criminal support of that endeavor.

The latest attempt came yesterday, when The New York Times published an explosive new story on American soldiers who were wounded while handling corroded munitions extracted from Saddam Hussein’s inactive chemical weapons program. The Iraq Study Group has long documented the existence of these decrepit and corroded weapons stocks in Iraq, something which has precisely nothing to do with the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” claims purveyed by war supporters.

Despite the fact that the article repeatedly points out that none of its revelations validate the claims made to justify the war, it has still been seized upon by hawks as some kind of retroactive justification. This is not just ahistorical; it evinces an absolutely staggering ignorance of the realities of American involvement in Iraq.

The inconvenient truth is that the U.S. was aware of the existence of such weapons at the Al Muthanna site as far back as 1991. Why? Because Al Muthanna was the site where the UN ordered Saddam Hussein to dispose of his declared chemical munitions in the first place. Those weapons that could not safely be destroyed were sealed and left to decay on their own, which they did. The site was neither “active” nor “clandestine” – it was a declared munitions dump being used to hold the corroded weapons which Western powers themselves had in most cases helped Saddam procure.

The fact that people thoroughly invested in supporting the war apparently had no idea about this is in many ways emblematic of their complete cluelessness about the country which they helped destroy.


but then i got high....

Jon Stewart:"You-Bill O'Reilly-can lead the flock of Fox fearful to a better place-I believe in you"

"If you want to say it's white privilege because whites didn't have it as bad as blacks," O'Reilly said. "Fine."

"That's it!"
Stewart exclaimed.

"No, it's not," O'Reilly shouted.

"You know what I'll call it?" Stewart said. "I'll call it this, and it's a word I think you'll understand. A factor. It's a factor."

"It's a factor," O'Reilly said. "I'll give you the factor."

Stewart declared triumphantly that O'Reilly's humility had moved him.

"You, Bill O'Reilly, can lead the flock of the Fox fearful to a better place," Stewart said. "I believe in you."

more, plus video:

‘The towels could have AIDS’: Pat Robertson issues scientifically false Kenya warning

TV preacher Pat Robertson warned his viewers this week that they needed to be careful when traveling to African countries like Kenya because “the towels could have AIDS.”

During the Thursday edition of The 700 Club, a viewer told Robertson in an email that God had called them to go on a mission trip to Kenya, but friends and family had said that it was dangerous because of the recent Ebola crisis.

Robertson pointed out that there was not currently an outbreak of Ebola in Kenya, but there were other problems.

“You might get AIDS in Kenya, people have AIDS, you’ve got to be careful,” he explained. “I mean, the towels could have AIDS.”

what is wrong with America:
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