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Nobody briefed the baby

from a "Moran"



found this great sign

Hillary To The Rescue...

Paul Krugman Tells The Truth On ABC: The Press Doesn’t Know How To Handle Political Lies

Paul Krugman: The Press Doesn’t Know How To Handle Political Lies


On ABC's "This Week" roundtable Sunday, Paul Krugman said Mitt Romney is exploiting a press that is ineffective at holding politicians accountable for lies.

"The press just doesn’t know how to handle flat-out untruths," he said.

"I don’t know whether to blame Lehrer or the president, but it was kind of amazing because Romney was not only saying things that are not true, he was saying things that his own campaign had previously said weren’t true,” said the economist and New York Times columnist.

Citing Romney's claims on taxes and preexisting conditions, Krugman said the Republican nominee showed "contempt for us by thinking the news media will not cover on me as long as they say forcefully I won."



Mary Matalin Calls Paul Krugman A ‘Liar’ For Telling The Truth

During a roundtable discussion on George Stephanoupolos’ This Week Sunday morning, GOP political consultant Mary Matalin got into a heated exchange with Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, calling him a “liar” for previously referring to Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan as a “voucher” program:

MATALIN: You have mischaracterized and you have lied about every position and every particular of the Ryan plan on Medicare, from the efficiency of Medicare administration, to calling it a voucher plan, so you’re hardly credible on calling somebody else a liar.


Robert Gibbs: Mitt Romney's Budget Math Is ("fundamentally dishonest" &) 'Absolutely Crazy'

Source: Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Sunday lit into Mitt Romney's recent debate performance, calling the Republican presidential nominee's claims "fundamentally dishonest" and "absolutely crazy."

"The underpinnings and foundations of that performance were fundamentally dishonest," Gibbs said on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." "He walked away from the central tenet of his economic theory by saying he had no idea what the president was talking about. Ten minutes after the debate, even his own staff is walking back his answers on health care and preexisting conditions."

During the debate on Wednesday, Romney insisted that there is no tax break for corporations sending jobs offshore. In fact, there are several tax perks associated with offshoring. Moving costs can be explicitly deducted from a company's tax bill, and corporations do not have to pay tax on revenues earned overseas in tax havens until they bring the money back to the United States -- giving businesses an incentive to move work abroad and keep money offshore.

Romney's own campaign adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom, also quickly walked back Romney's debate claim that the former Massachusetts governor's health care proposal will guarantee affordable insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/07/robert-gibbs-mitt-romney-budget_n_1946214.html


SMACK Across The Kisser !!! Krugman Sets Mary Matalin Straight -

Paul Krugman Debunks Mary Matalin's Myth That This Is "The Worst Recovery In History"

HERE: http://mediamatters.org/video/2012/10/07/paul-krugman-debunks-mary-matalins-myth-that-th/190429

and here She calls Krugman a Liar:

“It’s so weird-a few days ago-I could just blend in like any other normal 8-foot-tall talking bird"

Though he’s been a mainstay on Sesame Street for decades, Big Bird said getting name-dropped by Mitt Romney this past week made him feel like he’s famous.

“I was walking down the street and I felt like everybody recognized me,” he said during a rare nighttime sojourn, an appearance on Saturday Night Live. “It’s so weird to think that just a few days ago, I could just blend in like any other normal eight-foot-tall talking bird.”

Big Bird and his show’s network, PBS, became a hot topic after the Oct. 3 debate between Romney and President Barack Obama, when Romney said he would end the subsidy to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as a means to trim the national deficit.

“I like PBS. I love Big Bird. I actually like you, too,” Romney told moderator Jim Lehrer. “But I’m not gonna keep on spending money on things to borrow from China to pay for.”


Someone must have kidnapped MoDo. This op ed was hysterical.

Two Presidents, Smoking and Scheming


BARTLET Let’s go in another room, Mr. President. You want a cigarette?

OBAMA I stopped smoking.

BARTLET Start again. (Leading the way into his study) I’m a father of daughters, you’re a father of daughters. It looked to me like right before you went on stage, Sasha told you she likes a boy in her class who has a tattoo.

OBAMA That’s not what hap —

BARTLET Here’s what you do. You invite the boy over for dinner, you have a couple of fellas from your detail brush their suit coats back just enough so the lad can see the .44 Magnums — problem solved. You have what every father of a daughter dreams of — an army and a good dog.

OBAMA The girls are fine, that wasn’t the problem. In the debate prep we —

BARTLET Whoa ... there was prep?


the rest:

Drowning in a dwindling sea of white

So go look at it..
HERE: http://instagram.com/p/QdYdU3Lhtn/

What do you see? Or, more precisely, what do you not see?

Mitt Romney may or may squeak out this election against a vulnerable president. Probably not. But one thing is certain: this will be the last time anyone tries to do this. Many of those in that photograph won't be around to vote four years from now. And many more progressive voters will be in the ranks.

They'll try to paper it over with different looking candidates, but it will still be a losing proposition for them.

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