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DHS announces implementation of DOMA decision - "Effective Immediately"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has announced the following:

After last week’s decision by the Supreme Court holding that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional, President Obama directed federal departments to ensure the decision and its implication for federal benefits for same-sex legally married couples are implemented swiftly and smoothly. To that end, effective immediately, I have directed U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to review immigration visa petitions filed on behalf of a same-sex spouse in the same manner as those filed on behalf of an opposite-sex spouse.

much more details:

Mayor Bloomberg: "I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little"

That’s Racist Mayor Bloomberg!
Posted by Elon James White at 10:20 am

During his weekly WOR-AM radio appearance, New York King Mayor Michael Bloomberg reiterated his support for stop-and-frisk when he said this:

There is this business, there’s one newspaper and one news service, they just keep saying, ‘Oh it’s a disproportionate percentage of a particular ethnic group,’… That may be, but it’s not a disproportionate percentage of those who witnesses and victims describe as committing the murder. In that case, incidentally, I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little.


How The NSA Gets Inside K-12 Classrooms

Source: Talking Points Memo

Along with running a massive surveillance apparatus, the secretive National Security Agency operates a program dedicated to getting its agents inside America’s elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. These K-12 NSA operatives guide children through math exercises, “cyber ethics,” and even mock spy games.

The NSA’s classroom initiatives are part of the Mathematics Education Partnership Program, which is described by the agency as an “outreach program to promote mathematics and science education at non-profit educational institutions.” MEPP began in the early 1990s due to concern among some at the NSA about the future of math and science education. It was apparently controversial within the agency since engaging with schoolchildren was antithetical to the intense secrecy that generally surrounds the NSA’s activities.

Along with a “Cryptokids” website featuring cartoonish recruitment materials, the NSA promotes several classroom initiatives as part of MEPP including “summer institutes” for teachers who work with children in second through fifth grades and a program that involves NSA volunteers mentoring students and repairing school equipment. The agency also offers a series of “interactive talks” NSA staffers can deliver to students from kindergarten through high school. Most of the NSA’s MEPP programming is only available to schools in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area, which is near the NSA’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Md. A spokesperson for the NSA declined to comment on this story.

The NSA published a catalog of the “talks” offered through its “speakers bureau.” For elementary school students, the NSA has counting games, a “cryptanlaysis 101” workshop that teaches basic code-breaking, a career day presentation, and geometry exercises. Since the NSA also provides volunteer judges to school science fairs through MEPP, there is also a talk offering a “judge’s perspective” to prospective fair participants. Along with the other offerings, the NSA has a program for grades five and up called “Mission Possible” that is a spy game complete with a mysterious briefcase

Read more: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2013/07/nsa-inside-classrooms.php?ref=fpa

new GOP logo


Snowden: 'Obama Admin Not Afraid Of Whistleblowers Like Me or Manning - No They Are Afraid Of YOU'

he has a point


protest against the special session Rick Perry called after the filibuster of the abortion bill


lots more pics:

Ding! San Diego Chalker Acquitted and Idiot Prosecutor Condemned by Mayor!

SAN DIEGO - A 40-year-old man was acquitted Monday of 13 misdemeanor vandalism charges that stemmed from protest messages written in chalk in front of three Bank of America branches in San Diego.

Jeffrey David Olson's attorney argued during the trial -- which garnered national attention -- that his client was engaging in a legal protest and was not maliciously defacing of property.

Olson could have faced up to 13 years behind bars if convicted of all counts. Jurors began deliberating Friday.


The prosecution of Olson brought condemnation of the City Attorney's Office from Mayor Bob Filner, who called it a waste of time.

wow, San Diego!

Soledad O’Brien & Other CNN Alums Join Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera America Confirms Soledad O’Brien Deal

By LISA DE MORAES, TV Columnist | Monday July 1, 2013 @ 6:00am PDT

Al Jazeera America confirmed this morning it had signed a deal with former CNN star Soledad O’Brien to contribute to the network as “special correspondent.” O’Brien’s production company, Starfish Media Group will produce hourlong documentary specials for the cable network. “I look forward to beginning a relationship with Al Jazeera America, which has made a commitment to producing quality programming and pursuing underreported stories,” O’Brien said in the announcement, confirming speculation that started last week. As a correspondent, O’Brien will contribute short-form segments to the primetime current affairs mag America Tonight on the new network, which is funded by the government of Qatar.

O’Brien stepped down from CNN in March when network chief Jeff Zucker scrubbed her program Starting Point; he gave the time slot to Chris Cuomo’s New Day. At the time she left CNN, she formed Starfish Media, which, in addition to the production deal with Al Jazeera America, now also has a production deal with CNN, and development deals at HBO and National Geographic Channel.

America Tonight’s senior exec producer Kim Bondy is another CNN alum. In this morning’s announcement, Bondy said she’d worked with O’Brien since 1997, “so I know she cares deeply about covering the human side of a story based solely on the facts,” Bondy said, adding that the newsmag “will go beyond statistics and headlines to provide an in-depth, unbiased look at the events of the day and how they affect our viewers.” Al Jazeera Media Network exec director of international operations, Ehab Al Shihabi used similar language in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, saying the new network would be unbiased and feature less political grandstanding and celebrity coverage than existing cable news network. Al Jazeera America has been lining up relationships witeh names known to U.S. news viewers in an effort to quell what Al Shihabi, in that LAT interview, called “a bucket of resistance” to the channel. In addition to O’Brien, the list includes CNN’s Ali Velshi and NBC’s Mike Viqueira.


Fox News host on immigration reform: ‘Baloney,’ just focus on white people

"Look, I’ve read all kinds of analysis of this… I am absolteuly convinced that this troupe that you’re hearing, that says if the Republicans don’t go for immigration reform much as the Senate has done, they’re never gonna win another presidential election,” Hume said. “Oh, baloney.”

“If you look at the statistics, you’ll find that there was one significant bloc of voters that turned out in smaller numbers this time in a major, major way, way below expectations, below even their ’08 turnout, and that was white voters,” he added. “Now, that doesn’t mean if they turned out Romney would have gotten them all. But it shows you that this Hispanic vote — which I think now is about 8.5 percent of the U.S. electorate or something like that — is not nearly as important, still, as the white vote, which is above 70 percent.”


For the record, Hume sigificantly understated the eligible Latino vote
, pegged by the U.S. Census Bureau (PDF) at 10.8 percent of the eligible electorate in 2012, having grown by more than 1 percent every two years since 1996. And while the growth rate for eligible Hispanic voters slowed in 2012, The Pew Hispanic Center noted that it’s because the community’s overall growth actually outpaced it, even though more Latinos registered to cast U.S. ballots last year than any year to come before it.

Those numbers are largely due to the growth in the Hispanic community in the last decade, which was up 43 percent on the 2010 census, whereas the white population grew by just 1 percent over the same period. The Obama campaign is widely credited with capturing an overwhelming majority of those newly-eligible voters and hurtling to victory on the back of a “rainbow coalition” that married Latinos to issues important to women, African Americans, LGBT people and working families.


Ten Egyptian ministers submit resignation after mass protests

Source: AlArabiya

Al Arabiya EnglishVerified account
Ten ministers resign from the Egyptian government: Al Arabiya http://ara.tv/jqdsu via @AlArabiya_Eng

Ten Egyptian ministers have submitted their resignation after huge protests against Islamist President Mohammed Mursi, Al Arabiya correspondent reported Monday.

Earlier, Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil has rejected the resignation request of five ministers, a senior government official told AFP.

Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou, Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Khaled Abdel-Aal, Communication and Information Technology Minister Atef Helmi, Minister of State for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Hatem Bagato, and Water Minister Abdel Qawy Khalifa handed their resignation letters at the same time to Qandil, the official said.

Zazou had already attempted resignation last month after Mursi appointed the controversial Adel al-Khayat as governor of Luxor.

Read more: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2013/07/01/Four-Egyptian-ministers-resign-from-Mursi-s-cabinet-after-protests.html
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