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How I Was Able To Buy 4 AR-15s In 20 Minutes

Why Closing The Gun Show Loophole Isn’t Enough (Or How I Was Able To Buy 4 AR-15s In 20 Minutes)
By Scott Keyes on Feb 4, 2013 at 12:20 pm

One of the M&P15 assault rifles that can be bought online without a background check

Last week, four people in Colorado offered to sell me Smith & Wesson M&P15 assault rifles, the same weapon used by James Holmes in the Aurora theater massacre last year. In each case, the seller neither required nor requested a background check to make sure I wasn’t a criminal or mentally ill.

If that sounds bizarre, it should. 92 percent of Americans support a law requiring anyone who purchases a gun anywhere to first pass a background check. And yet, in Colorado and most states, private gun sales are exempted from such a requirement.

This was on full display last week when we visited ArmsList.com, a Craigslist-style site that deals solely in firearms. We searched “Smith & Wesson M&P15″ in the Colorado listings and instantly found dozens of sellers. A few emails later, we had four people willing to sell us the gun that same day, no questions asked. When we inquired whether we’d need to do a background check or any paperwork to obtain the assault rifle, we met the same response every time: no.

When I asked one man whether a background check was required, he said he was simply “assuming” I am not a felon and am “a good and decent person that will not use this carbine to commit a crime and of course a sane and normal human being.” “If that is indeed the case,” he continued, “no background check is required by law in the state of Colorado.” A few wanted to do a “bill of sale,” a personal document showing that they had sold the gun to me “in the event you do something stupid with the rifle,” as one seller wrote. However, they were careful to note that this is only for their own records, not the government’s.

See samples from their responses below:


Scarborough Says Cuccinelli is "certifiable when it comes to mainstream political thought"

(Virginia AG and presumptive 2013 GOP gubernatorial nominee Ken) Cuccinelli, right, so here's a guy - Tea Party favorite in Virginia - the guy is certifiable when it comes to mainstream political thought. This is a guy who attacks Medicare, he attacks Medicaid, he attacks Social Security, this is a guy who said he was thinking about not having his children get Social Security numbers because, quote, "that's how they track you." This is a guy that has said more things that will offend the voters that swing elections than is humanly possible.


The GOP's Piñata

Why Do Republicans want proper ID for this, but not for this?

If you listened to the NRA and its Republican puppets in Congress, you’d think that the organization represented way more than only about 3 million Americans (instead of, in reality, the financial interests of the firearm industry).


Rove declares WAR on the Tea Party! Delicious

Forms big-donor coalition to take out 'tea-party' types

(NYTIMES) — COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — The biggest donors in the Republican Party are financing a new group to recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s efforts to win control of the Senate.

The group, the Conservative Victory Project, is intended to counter other organizations that have helped defeat establishment Republican candidates over the last two election cycles. It is the most robust attempt yet by Republicans to impose a new sense of discipline on the party, particularly in primary races.

“There is a broad concern about having blown a significant number of races because the wrong candidates were selected,” said Steven J. Law, the president of American Crossroads, the “super PAC” creating the new project. “We don’t view ourselves as being in the incumbent protection business, but we want to pick the most conservative candidate who can win.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/rove-doubles-down-in-war-on-conservatives/#Y2zx58UEBG2EJzxT.99

This Modern World: WAYS TO SAVE THE GOP

The Brooks panel refers to this column from last week, in case you missed it. The salad bar would not be crowded because (1) contrary to Brooks’ famous assertion, there is no salad bar at Applebees, and (2) because I suspect that once you strip away the crazies, there’s not much GOP left.

Al Gore: Democracy has been ‘hacked’ by big business

Al Gore: Democracy has been ‘hacked’ by big business

By The Guardian
Sunday, February 3, 2013 11:51 EST

US democracy has been “hacked” by big business and needs to be reclaimed using the power of the internet to hold politicians to account, according to former US vice-president Al Gore.


He added: “It can be fixed, but we need to recognise that our democracy has been hacked … It has been taken over … and is being operated for purposes other than those for which it was intended.”

In the interview, Gore alluded to a 2010 US supreme court decision that banned restrictions on political donations by corporations in the name of free speech.

He agreed that US politics has become more divisive. “Certainly the level of partisanship and vitriol has been growing,” Gore said. “And I think it is directly connected to the influence of big money – anonymous contributors, corporations pretending to be people and pursuing their business plans in the guise of politics and encouraging many politicians to say things and do things that would not have been seen in the best interests of the public in years past.”



Shadow No Longer Scary For Phil

Number of people who died by shooting themselves was almost 4 times greater in the high-gun states

Something that someone else is going to do to them
By Kay February 3rd, 2013

This was raised in the comments on the gun posts several times, and I didn’t know it, so I looked into it:
“A lot of people, when they think about guns and violence—suicide is just kind of off the radar screen,” said Daniel Webster, the director of the Center for Gun Policy and Research at Johns Hopkins University. Webster added: “People think about the gun problem as something that someone else is going to do to them.”

At the heart of this argument is the idea that the vast majority of people who have committed suicide by shooting themselves would have stayed alive if they had not been easily able to pick up a gun. This can be a difficult premise to process. First, it goes against a common intuition about suicide: that someone who wants to end his or her life will find a way to do it by any means necessary. Second, it presents a destabilizing challenge to both sides of the gun control debate, which have traditionally drawn their emotional power from people’s fear of murder.

The figures are stark. One study found that in a group of adolescents in Pittsburgh who died by committing suicide, 72 percent lived in households with guns; among adolescents who attempted suicide but survived, that number was 37 percent. Another found that across the United States, people who committed suicide in a given year were 17 times as likely to have lived in homes with guns as people who did not

At a summit on gun violence held at Johns Hopkins this past week, Harvard professor Matthew Miller presented a comparison of people living in “high-gun states,” where there are firearms in approximately 50 percent of homes, with those living in “low-gun states,” where that number is around 15 percent. Looking at these two groups of people side by side, Miller showed that they had similar rates of depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as similar rates of suicide that did not involve firearms, like hanging and poisoning. But the number of people who died by shooting themselves was almost four times greater in the high-gun states. In total, there were almost twice as many suicides among people living in high-gun states as there were in low-gun states

more plus links:

Mr. La Pierre, I just don't understand how I survived to be 61 years old

Peace on Earth Everyone



LaPierre: Ban assault weapons and ‘you limit the ability to survive’

“The most basic right is to protect yourself,” he asserted. If you limit the American public’s access to assault weapons semi-automatic technology, you limit their ability to survive.

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