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"if a woman wasn’t willing to die in childbirth, she shouldn’t have sex."

According to Mourdock's thinking, a man who forces a woman to have sex with him against her will is a criminal, but a man who forces a woman to bear his child through forced sex should be permitted to do so, because abortion is murder and every conceived child is a gift from God.

Margaret Sanger opened the country’s first birth-control clinic, in Brooklyn, in 1916, an action that led to her being arrested and sentenced to thirty days in jail; a march in New York City, in 2004.

At Sanger’s trial, during which the judge waved a cervical cap from the bench, Sanger hoped to argue that the law preventing the distribution of contraception was unconstitutional: exposing women, against their will, to the danger of dying in childbirth violated a woman’s right to life. But the judge ruled that no woman had “the right to copulate with a feeling of security that there will be no resulting conception.” In other words, if a woman wasn’t willing to die in childbirth, she shouldn’t have sex. Sanger went to Queens County Penitentiary. She was sentenced to thirty days.

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/11/14/111114fa_fact_lepore#ixzz2Ab4nJ3IR

Richard Mourdock, Mitt Romney and the GOP Defense of Coerced Mating

Richard Mourdock, Mitt Romney and the GOP Defense of Coerced Mating

Rape and abortion have become major flashpoints this election cycle because they are where two incompatible views of women's place collide.


Coerced and not entirely voluntary mating have occurred throughout human history. I had a friend many years ago whose mother was a prize of war in a national conflict; it made for complicated family dynamics. But one sees rape, forced marriage and war go hand in hand throughout the ages, including our own; it is another form of conquest to create the next generation in your image from the bodies of the conquered. Violating women is a way of subjugating a population -- sowing fear among the women, blocking the men from access to the future, and rupturing and weakening all the social bonds that made up the society that fought and lost. But for this to work there must also be children of rape. "If one group wants to control another they often do it by impregnating women of the other community because they see it as a way of destroying the opposing community," former head of the Gender Unit at Amnesty International Gita Sahgal has explained. Women must learn to love the image of their conquerors written in the faces of the children they suckle, and to despise themselves, and their weakness. If captives come to identify with those who hold them, it is only a tale as old as our ability to survive by orienting our beings around whoever has power over us.


The idea that coerced reproduction is God's will is of a piece with the belief that the subjection of women is God's will. The two ideas are inextricably intertwined historically, and the former is stubbornly resilient relic of the latter. To unpack this a bit more: According to Mourdock's thinking, a man who forces a woman to have sex with him against her will is a criminal, but a man who forces a woman to bear his child through forced sex should be permitted to do so, because abortion is murder and every conceived child is a gift from God.

Do we want to live in a country where any man at any time can decide he wants to bear children with any woman and she has no right to stop that from happening if he can overpower her by force? If we do -- and that's the society Mourdock is advocating -- then we have immediately left the society the feminists constructed and re-entered one where coerced mating is rewarded reproductively.

the rest:

“PROOF: GOP Party Bosses Rigging Elections For Romney“?

“PROOF: GOP Party Bosses Rigging Elections For Romney“:

The internet has been abuzz since the British website UK Progressive released a report on how a retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho had gone over the Arizona GOP Primary Results from earlier this year and discovered widespread GOP election fraud through what can be called an electronic fingerprint. He found that when you break down the primary results in to their component precincts, and then compare the percentage of each candidate and how much they gained per precinct, a pattern appeared:

The larger the district, the larger Mitt Romney’s percentage, in a smooth line.

This is statistically improbable to occur even in one election. What he discovered is that this is not a one time fluke at all. Instead, he found the tell-tale signature of electronic manipulation…
As I said: I don’t have the knowledge to evaluate this data, and (as someone who still believes the 1988 election was an electronic trial run) I’m prone to believe the worst of the GOP under any circumstance. So I would genuinely appreciate being told, by people who know what they’re talking about, that this is just one of those anomalous patterns that statistical graphing will throw up.


When you expand your search, looking for this pattern, investigation reveals that this vote tampering was not just restricted to Arizona.

When one examines comparisons of primaries nationwide, you will note that the same pattern is found. It is statistically improbable for this pattern to happen in even a single race. To have it happen in every primary race in states with Republican leadership? A statistical impossibility.

via: http://www.balloon-juice.com/2012/10/28/late-night-conspiracy-thread-vote-smoothing/

Marco Rubio not told daughter was in accident until after rally for Romney

We need to know more, but I do find it interesting that no one reportedly told GOP Senator Marco Rubio that his daughter was airlifted to a hospital in stable condition following a car accident until AFTER he was done doing a campaign rally with Mitt Romney.

Miami Herald:

Rubio was notified of the accident after coming off stage while campaigning with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Kissimmee.


The Washington Post has the same story. And the AP is reporting that Rubio was informed after coming off stage AFTER the rally was over.

I don’t know about you, but if my child were in a car accident, and in bad enough shape that she needed to be airlifted, I’d like to know immediately, not after I’m done campaigning for Mitt Romney.

It will be interesting to see whose staff, Rubio’s or Romney’s, made the decision not to tell Rubio that his daughter was laying on a stretcher until after he was done giving his campaign speech for Mitt Romney.


Dear Mrs. Romney, SHUT THE HELL UP

Daily Kos member
SAT OCT 27, 2012 AT 09:57 PM PDT

Dear Mrs. Romney, SHUT THE HELL UP

I am one of those horrible public school teachers you and your husband and your party see as "the enemy". I started teaching in 1995 at a K-12 public, community school (one of only about six in Tennessee).

We need to talk, so please walk with me over the oh-so-French fleur de lis-looking scrolly thing...

First of all, for some reference, let's have a linky to the stinking pile of crap that you unloaded on Good Housekeeping. As a former local new reporter who suffered through an interview with Bill Frist in his dumbass American flag tie, let me tell you, you should RIGHT NOW thank the journalism gods that I didn't do this interview because I'm so fed up with lying pols, I would have ripped into you like Hurricane Sandy, but that's for another day.

Let's talk about THIS comment:

I've been a First Lady of the State. I have seen what happens to people's lives if they don't get a proper education. And we know the answers to that. The charter schools have provided the answers. The teachers' unions are preventing those things from happening, from bringing real change to our educational system. We need to throw out the system.

Where to begin, where to begin...I'll start with the first line

As a First Lady of the State, please tell me how that had to do with actually setting foot in a classroom? Have you taught a non-nanny-cared-for kid how to read? Have you taught an ELL kid how to structure a sentence in English? How many kids have you tutored to take the ACT? Then SHUT THE HELL UP.

the rest:

“how the GOP’s voter suppression laws may have inadvertently cost them Florida“:

“how the GOP’s voter suppression laws may have inadvertently cost them Florida“:

MIAMI—Saturday, as the sun rises, Bishop Victor Curry of New Birth Baptist Church will wake up and race to the Stephen P. Clark Government Center in downtown. At 7 a.m., he will help lead south Florida’s first early-vote rally. As soon as he can, he will hotfoot it to the South Dade Regional Library, 30-odd minutes away, for the day’s second early-vote rally. He will find some way to flee in time to make the start of the EBA Higher Education Awareness and Dropout Prevention Initiative in Miami Gardens, the heart of black south Florida, and take the stage next to Rev. Al Sharpton. Then back on the road, north to Broward County.

The plan, coordinated by at least 150 black pastors, is called “Operation Lemonade.” ...
“When the Republicans in the state passed the new voting laws, we discovered that they took away that Sunday right before the election,” says Curry. “What we decided to do was view that as them giving us a lemon. We can be sour, we can moan and groan about it, or we can do something. We can make lemonade. The first thrust is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and then we’re going to encourage people the entire next week.”

Democrats are proud to say it: If they win this election, it’ll be because a superior ground game turned out their base and overcame a Mitt Romney comeback. In Florida, they have twice as many campaign offices as Romney-Ryan. “With absentee ballot requests, usually the Republicans have a pretty significant advantage on us,” says Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chairwoman who represents a liberal slice of the Miami sprawl. “We’ve cut the advantage by 85 percent.” This is true…


GOP Rape Crisis Hotline

Nate Silver: Ohio Is NOT A Toss-Up.

There are no precedents in the database for a candidate losing with a two- or three-point lead in a state when the polling volume was that rich... It is misinformed to refer to Ohio as a toss-up. Mr. Obama is the favorite there, and because of Ohio's central position in the Electoral College, he is therefore the overall favorite in the election


CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: Could e-voting machines in Election 2012 be hacked? YES! YES! YES!

Could e-voting machines in Election 2012 be hacked? Yes.

Security experts say a specific kind of electronic-voting machine is vulnerable to being hacked. Influencing a national election would be difficult, but the advance of malware makes it possible.

By Mark Clayton, Staff writer / October 26, 2012

"The risk of cyber manipulation of these machines is quite real,"
says Barbara Simons, a computer researcher and author of "Broken Ballots," a book documenting e-voting vulnerabilities. "Most people don't understand that these computer-based voting machines can have software bugs or even election-rigging malicious software in them."

There are plenty of software vulnerabilities to exploit, says Matt Blaze, a computer scientist at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In 2007, he was on a team investigating touch-screen and other voting systems for California and Ohio. The resulting study concluded "virtually every important software security mechanism is vulnerable."

The paperless machines, however, stand out as particularly vulnerable.

"If there's no paper trail, you can have the corrupted software display on the voting-machine screen whatever you want to display – and then after the voter leaves, record something completely different inside," says Richard Kemmerer, a computer scientist who heads the University of California, Santa Barbara, Computer Security Group.

LENGTHY, but SO well done:


Early voters overwhelm polling places in D.C., Maryland

Source: Washington Post

Early voters overwhelm polling places in D.C., Maryland

By Tim Craig and Mike DeBonis, Saturday, October 27, 12:01 PM


Officials said thousands showed up at voting sites, spurred on by President’s Obama plea to vote early — and concern about the threat posed by Hurricane Sandy. Several polling officials found themselves in a midday scramble to install more voting machines.

Long lines and lengthy waits were reported at polling places in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, as well as in several of the District’s wards. Some voters, frustrated by the delays, left before voting.

“We didn’t expect all these people to come out,” said Anthony F. Coachmen, a captain at the Columbia Heights Community Center in Ward 1. “It was a surprise.”

The line to vote there snaked around the gymnasium as residents waited to use one of the six machines.

Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/early-voters-overwhelm-polling-places-in-the-district-maryland/2012/10/27/50fa54c8-205c-11e2-9cd5-b55c38388962_story.html
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