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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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RUDE PUNDIT: "You cannot deny country is a better place than it was before Obama took office"


The Lesson of This Week: We're Sick of the Past


This week, the American people and the Supreme Court and President Obama declared the past done. Obviously, we need to learn from the past. But the idea is that you learn from it and then move forward. You don't pretend it didn't happen. And you sure as shit don't live in it. You live now, with an eye to the future. Otherwise we're damned to repeat.


And the Supreme Court this week had bad news for Americans who want things to go backwards. No, sorry, go fuck yourself, it said, we're not going back to the savage healthcare system we had before the Affordable Care Act (which, yes, is not perfect, but is a helluva lot better than it was). And your religious beliefs from the past aren't worth two gerbil shits when it comes to recognition of the right of two consenting adults to marry. If the only thing you have to defend your goddamned mean dumbness is "That's the way it's always been done," then you have nothing.

These next few days are going to be overloaded with overheated rhetoric from the right-wing commentariat, all trying desperately to drag us back into their cruel, racist, homophobic past. We will hear about how God wants things, as if that has jackshit to do with how we create our laws. We will hear about constitutional amendments, which is the only way to change what the Supreme Court did (and, yes, the Supreme Court is the final word on the Constitution as it exists today). We will hear hysteria and moaning from people who are watching as the past, their past, the past they have clung to and believed in and lived for is murdered right before their eyes by the vicissitudes of progress. They are becoming isolated, these past-clingers, and they have revealed themselves as, at best, useless or, at worst, destructive.

Finally, let us exult, briefly, before we righteously criticize him again, that the transformative legacy of President Obama was affirmed this week. As he said in his interview with Marc Maron, which was released on Monday, you cannot deny that the country is a better place than it was before he took office. If you try, you are lying. We voted for the man, most of us twice, and, damn, some days it's good to feel proud of that. Let's enjoy that for a moment before we remember, oh, yeah, drone war and banker-coddling.

The future is ahead, with all the hard work it takes to get there. Onward.
- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.vWipOMj1.dpuf

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington Sings National Anthem After Supreme Court Ruling

next stop, peace

Harvey, it finally happened.


Scalia's Dissent: ‘Ask the nearest hippie’ if marriage helps intimacy



I would like to inform mr. scalia that mr pete & i, having met and loved as flower children/hippies in the Summer of 1970 (on the beach, barefoot, I might add) are happy and thriving free-thinkers 42 years later.


Justice Kennedy's beautiful closing paragraph on marriage will bring a tear to your eye

?1435333307 http://m.dailykos.com/stories/1396820

"Not Taking Down Our Flag"


For These Times: Acoustic Kitty


"Support The NRA"


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