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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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A 12-year-old is running a Trump campaign office in Colorado:


"Ailes is a genius when it comes to TV, when it comes to communicating with people, but so is Trump"

By saying Ailes has no role with the campaign, Conway was threading a needle. Ailes is giving advice to Trump directly, according to reports from multiple outlets, including CNN, but not giving advice to the campaign.

The distinction is significant because Ailes is a subject of controversy. The former Fox News chief is a legend of television producing and Republican political campaigning. But he was forced out of his role last month amid a sexual harassment scandal. One former Fox News anchor, Gretchen Carlson, is suing him, and other women have come forward to accuse him of harassing behavior. He has denied the allegations.

CNNMoney reported that Ailes and Trump were together at Trump's golf course in New Jersey last weekend.
And The New York Times reported on Saturday that Ailes reviewed several potential Trump ads for the candidate.
Conway said Sunday that the two men are "old friends."

"Roger Ailes is a genius when it comes to television, when it comes to communicating with people, but so is Donald Trump," she said.


Former Trump Supporters DESTROY Him In Focus Group And It’s Brutal (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s behavior over the last few months is turning off even those voters who backed him before, based on the results of a focus group aired on CBS this Sunday. While it seemed for a long time that Trump’s antics never shook the support he experienced during the Republican primary, the people interviewed by CBS seem to have killed that campaign myth.


“He was my first choice. But just along the way, he has — I guess you can say he’s lost me,” one participant said in the focus group, which aired Sunday as a segment on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “I’m not saying there’s no chance of turning but he’s become outrageous. I mean, we all have thoughts, but I think he speaks without thinking.”

“When he initially began to run, he gave voice to a lot of the frustrations that I was feeling about how government is working or more to the point not working,” one man, Michael R., said. “But since then, he’s been running as a 12 year old and changes his positions every news cycle, so you don’t even know where he stands on the issues.”


"We only tip citizens"


A couple dining at Jess' Lunch in Harrisonburg, Virginia, stiffed their waitress, 18-year-old Sadie Elledge, because she is Latina. Elledge, who was born in America and is a citizen, showed the receipt to her grandfather who posted it on Facebook. From there, it went viral.

"I was born here but I'm Mexican and Honduran," Elledge told WHSV, but the cheapskate couple never even spoke with Elledge. "They wouldn't talk to me. They would just nod their heads," she said.

It's ironic. Anti-immigrant voters are always whining about how people come here illegally to steal jobs and government benefits from citizens. Meanwhile, they're the ones greedily stiffing a hardworking citizen.

God bless America.


The ultimate in Trump branding, courtesy of his own employees

Seen today at the Trump building at 68th & Third.


In regards to Hillary's health -

I recall an 11 hour witchhunt.
At the end she was smiling & witchhunter was sweating


Horsey-The Plot Unravels...


- A friend, about the US election.

"Black Americans are about to literally save the entire world's ass."
- A friend, about the US election.


(hmmmmm?) Almost half of Trump's campaign spending has been to one vendor:


"He tells it like it is"

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