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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 49,230

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There is a reason big girls don’t cry. We haven’t the time.

People like Hillary Clinton helped to create a world where young women today can actually believe it will happen soon enough if it doesn’t have to happen this time. Fair enough. But please remember that my generation grew up in a world where that possibility was far from sure.

If it is a revolution you want, I can sympathize. I been fighting a revolution too. I just thought you should know that while a revolution might start in your lifetime, it doesn’t necessarily end before you die. I am ready for my revolution… no OUR revolution to come to an end if for no other reason than opening the way for yours to begin. I expect greatness from the women of your generation even if I won’t be around to experience it.

Personally, I don’t think the Democratic Party running so far to the left is helpful when the Republican Party has gone so far to the right. I might be wrong but I fear Bernie’s revolution won’t even make it to the White House much less through Congress. But if you insist on Sanders and he gets the nomination, I will join you in your revolution. And if Hillary gets the nomination, and I believe she will, I hope you will join me in finishing mine. You might be surprised, however, that Hillary could very well be the one you were looking for all along. She’s been fighting for the underdog all of her career.

Regardless of how you feel now, we all can agree on one thing: a Republican in the White House would be the end of both of our revolutions.

Feel free to ignore me. Vote for Bernie or vote for Hillary. I won’t get my feelings hurt. I haven’t the time. A woman of my age got over having her opinion ignored a long time ago. I hope you never do. I mean it. Really.

MORE (I wish I could post the whole thing):

After crapping on him for over 9 years...NYT David Brooks: "I Miss Barack Obama"


Fl Man Charged With Assault With a Deadly Weapon After Throwing Alligator Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru

Gator wasn’t on the menu but one did make an appearance inside a Wendy’s just east of Loxahatchee in Royal Palm Beach. And it wasn’t by choice.

A Jupiter man threw it through the restaurant’s drive-thru window, according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission incident report.

It happened in October but the suspect was just taken into custody by US Marshals.

FWC officials say 23-year-old Joshua James pulled up for his order and after a server handed over a drink and turned around James reached into the back of his truck and tossed the 3-and-a-half foot gator through the drive-thru window.


New Kool-Aid Recipe

WATCH: Trump Calls Ted Cruz ‘A Pu**y’ And The Crowd Cheers ‘Trump, Trump, Trump!’

Another 1st in US political history
. After Trump mocks Cruz on torture he repeats what woman shouts: "She said, 'He's a pussy." Yes, he did


Bette Midler Divinely RIPS Trump Into Pieces


McCain schools Trump

Do we want a President who will violate the law?”

Andrea Tantaros, played the torture loving Conservative, viewed anyone against torture as the "Stephanopoulos view," constantly asked if the Bush officials were liars.

McCain unequivocally said "yes," they were lying about the results they received from torturing prisoners and then explained why Abu Ghraib was a horrible moment and an extremist recruitment story.

According to McCain, the information gathered by subjecting suspects to simulated drowning is often flat-out inaccurate.

“They got a whole lot of information that was totally false,” the Arizona senator said of the use of waterboarding during George W. Bush’s administration.

“Do we want to resort to doing things that our enemies do? Do we want to be on the same plane as those people chopping off heads?” he continued.

Asked about waterboarding...McCain said:

"Well, if you believe the Geneva convention, which prohibits it, if you believe the 93-3 vote we took in the Senate, which prohibiting waterboarding and other forms of torture...all of us admire general David Petraeus. Let me give you his quote -- "our nation has paid a high price in recent decades for the information gained by the use of techniques beyond those in the field manual which prohibits it and in my view the price paid fair outweighed the value of the information gained through the use of techniques beyond those in the manual."



Trump: I would look Syrian children in the eye and say "You can't come here"

Trump in May: "I will be the greatest representative of the Christians they've had in a long time."




Charles Pierce takes a sip of the Donald Trump Kool-Aid "Today, I decided, I am He, Trump."

FEB 8, 2016


F*ck It, I'm Going to Be Donald Trump for a Day
Or, more specifically, the type of person who drinks Trump's Kool-Aid.

Well, not really, but I decided to go about things a different way. I've seen the donkey show several times now, but always in an arena or a theater, and always as a member of the press. The latter meant that I was herded into a small pen by the remorselessly efficient Trump press staff and watched over not only by the Secret Service, but also by the private Trump security forces, the members of which combine the flexible thinking of mall cops with the people skills of the bouncers at a brothel on the Singapore docks. (There's one short guy with a slickety black combover whom I will remember fondly forever.) So, the hell with that, I figured. I'll go see him as a member of the general public and in a small room. So that's how I wound up in line in the front parking lot of the Lions Club Hall in Londonderry as a blizzard freshened all around us. The snow fell on the grange hall and on the granite soldier that stood in the small park across the street. It fell on all of us, on the hatless and the bescarved, on the devoted and on the merely curious. It fell on Dennis, a longtime Trump volunteer, who is completely fed up with forces beyond his control.


All of us in line were patient and there were diversions a'plenty. Traveling political salesmen, one of whom lived in Seattle and hadn't been home for months, worked the site, peddling buttons ("Bomb The Hell Out Of ISIS!"), the trademark red Make America Great Again baseball hats, and red Trump scarves, which were in something of a demand. The guy working the table, where stacks of Trump gear were disappearing under piles of snow, swore up and down that his boss was supposed to be there with a plastic tarp. Meanwhile, State Representative Pamela Tucker from Greenland, who will be competing against legendary New Hampshire figure of fun Frank Giunta, the incumbent, in September's Republican congressional primary for the right to run against incumbent Democrat Carol Shea-Porter, doggedly worked the line despite the fact that she'd left home that morning wearing regular shoes and wearing a dress. "I swear, I'm going to leave here and go home and get my boots," Tucker said...........

How come they get in and we don't?"

"They must be 'celebrities,'" said someone further back in line.

It was us—the grunts in line, snow gradually burying our shoes—against them, the swells with the ties, and that, I decided, was one of the keys to the whole Trump phenomenon, as well as its inherent (and, I would argue, fatal) paradox. Sooner or later, everybody becomes "them," and "we" becomes a very lonely place to be. There are people who are in and people who are out, and He, Trump has been walking the thin line of being someone who is in speaking for those of us who were out, who has been polishing the glass to which we have our noses pressed so thoroughly clear that we forget that it isn't there. But it is. There are those of us who are in and those of us who are out, just as there were those of us who got into the hall, and those of us in line who, well, did not. The word came back. The people who had gotten all the way to the front door got the word first. When they turned around, and a Londonderry cop came out, the word spread all the way down the line.

"Well, that's it," said a young man as he turned to leave. "Rubio's got my vote." Most people around him laughed. Some of them didn't. The snow fell harder and everybody went home.

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