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We looked for the millions that Trump says he gave secretly to charity. Found-1 Gift.

We looked for the millions that @realdonaldtrump says he gave secretly to charity. Talked to 102 grps. Found 1 gift:


(sorry one is upside down)

And 2 charities listed on Trump's bio have never received a gift of Trump's own cash

Inside Trump’s Most Valuable Tower: Felons, Dictators and Girl Scouts

A hedge-fund manager on the 28th floor who pretended to be dead when investors asked for their money reported to prison in January. A few weeks later, an investment adviser on the 17th floor was accused of running a Ponzi-like scheme. Thirteen floors up, a lawyer pleaded guilty this month to stealing millions of dollars from clients.


“Iconic and wonderful,” Donald J. Trump said at a South Carolina town hall event last year, praising the 86-year-old Art Deco tower as one of his great possessions. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee also told fans in Maine that critics who mock his failed companies should focus instead on the Manhattan skyscraper. “They don’t want to talk about 40 Wall Street,” he said.

But the 72-story building has housed frauds, thieves, boiler rooms and penny-stock schemers since Trump took it over in 1995 in what may be the best deal of his career. No single property in his portfolio is more valuable than 40 Wall St., according to a Bloomberg valuation of his assets last year. And no U.S. address has been home to more of the unregistered brokerages that investors complain about, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s current public alert list.

Since Donald Trump took over 40 Wall St. in 1995, prosecutors have filed criminal charges against at least 29 people connected to 12 alleged scams tied to the building. Nine other firms have faced serious regulatory claims. Authorities prevailed in most but not all of the cases. Many were brought against principals, executives and other employees, not the firms themselves. Some are still pending. Here are the allegations, as well as descriptions of other firms in the tower that trade stocks and arrange loans.:

PLEASE CONTINUE (great graphics):

GOP Profiling...

NYT: Trump having trouble hiring communications director


Trump's full page ad demanding the death penalty for the Central Park 5 -- who were later exonerated

Trump published this in the NY Daily News two years ago today in protest of the settlement by the city to the men wrongly convicted of that crime:

Trump says he's a believing Christian which is a stretch. He also says he's never had to ask God for forgiveness. He's perfect. But if he really is a believer this is transgression for which he really should beg absolution. He will go to hell in any case, but this one consigns him to the 9th circle.


LGBT activist confronts homophobe Tony Perkins: 'YOU are responsible' for the violence in Orlando

"You are responsible for hate and lies—a culture that has fueled violence against our community," says the LGBT activist. "What do you have to say for yourself, Tony Perkins? ... You are responsible—you are responsible for all of this violence. Do you see those 49 people that were murdered in Orlando. YOU created that environment, sir. ... What do you have to say for yourself, sir?...

"We don't want your prayers, Tony Perkins. We don't want your lies. We want you to stop being homophobic, we want you to stop the hate speech."


“He’d get kicked out of 'Shark Tank' so fast, it would make your head spin.”

When Renee asked Cuban about his former friend, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, he held nothing back. He said, “You know what? It’s rare that you see someone get stupider before your eyes, but he’s really working at it…You have to give him credit. It’s a difficult thing to do, but he’s accomplished it.”

Cuban, who has accomplished a lot as owner of the Dallas Mavericks and as an investor in many other businesses, questioned Trump’s decisions, pointing out, “Let’s look at it this way: Name one good deal he’s done… When he talks about his great renegotiations, they’re renegotiations, so tell me if you think this is a good deal: I lose four casinos, they go out of business, but I’m really good at renegotiating the debt of his companies that have already gone out of business.

Mark smiled, “He’d get kicked out of 'Shark Tank' so fast, it would make your head spin.”

Cuban also made it clear he used to be friends with Trump, but revealed they haven’t spoken in the last month. “He sent me an email when I started picking on him… What happened was I really didn’t like Ted Cruz, so I started helping Donald, tried to encourage him, 'cause I thought he’d be, and to this day thought he’d be a better candidate than Ted Cruz… But at some point, you’ve got to start learning and understanding the issues, you know? Donald has been at this a year but you don’t look at him and say, ‘Wow, he’s gotten so much smarter on this topic or that topic.' In fact, you look at him and say, ‘What the hell are you talking about?' That’s not good for America.”


Trump is not going to like this toon


Trump Campaign Announces Evangelical Executive Advisory Board // Return of the Bachmann


this is member of his religious team


What is Trump spending his meager campaign resources on? Why, himself, of course.


Fcukin' con artist....

What’s just as telling as how much money the Trump campaign has raised, however, is where exactly that money is going. The answer: back into Trump’s pockets. According to the FEC filing, nearly 20 percent of Trump’s campaign expenditures have been spent on Trump-owned venues and airlines, as well as on members of the Trump family.

Talk about a self-funded campaign. Trump is, quite literally, funneling money back to himself. There are, for instance, a number of payroll disbursements to Donald J. Trump himself. There is a $423,000 payout to his Mar-A-Lago golf club and a $349,000 payment to Tag Air, a Trump-owned airline. And that’s just from May. There’s also a nearly $30,000 rental expense for Trump International Golf Club, and a nearly $36,000 fee for Trump National Golf Club. The list goes on.

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