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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 52,849

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Oh My!: Putin accuses outgoing administration of trying to undermine Trump's legitimacy




MOSCOW (AP) -- Putin says those who spread fake allegations about Trump are "worse than prostitutes"
MOSCOW -- Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses outgoing U.S. administration of trying to undermine Trump's legitimacy.
BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses outgoing US administration of trying to undermine Trump's
more coming:

As a citizen, I demand his official presidential portrait be this one:


Too much competition!

Scalpers are taking losses on re-selling tickets to Trump's inauguration: "Nobody wants to buy them.

Donald Trump will take office as one of the most unpopular President-elects in recent history — and even scalpers may feel the pain.

Some flippers, who acquired tickets to Trump's inauguration with the intent of reselling them on the secondary market, are striking out in their efforts to peddle them and are now looking at some relatively "yuge" losses.

Yossi Rosenberg, 36, of upper Manhattan, told the Daily News he bought a pair of tickets to Friday's Washington, D.C. event from a woman in Westchester County for $700, thinking he could flip them for at least twice as much.

But nobody's biting.

"Nobody wants to buy them," Rosenberg told The News. "It looks like I'm stuck with them, I might even have to go."




Green Day Rips Donald Trump In New 'Troubled Times' Video

Cheater in Chief

DOC:Communist-era Secret Police file held on Donald & Ivana


Exhibit 1: 249 businesses are registered in #Russia with #Trump in the name


OMG the rabbit hole!!1


George Takei: "Not sure who the artist is, but yes. This."


Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump hasnt put his life on the line for anyone except Donald Trump

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) blasted President-elect Donald Trump on Monday for attacking civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).

Speaking to reporters at the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Breakfast in Boston, Warren argued that Lewis had earned the right to question the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency.

“The president-elect stepped over a line when he attacked John Lewis as a man who is all talk and no action,” the Massachusetts Democrat insisted. “John Lewis is man who literally put his life on the line to make this a better country, a fairer country, a country that is more open.”

“Donald Trump hasn’t put his life on the line for anyone except Donald Trump,” Warren said. “John Lewis has earned the right to raise questions about legitimacy. Right now, our intelligence community tells us that Russia directly interfered in the election here in the United States. John Lewis has a question about that and if John Lewis wants not to attend because of that, that’s certainly his right.”

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