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CAPITALISM: As American As Apple Pie

When they miss target & end up killing someone else -They label person EKIA “enemy killed in action"


Over a five-month period, U.S. forces used drones and other aircraft to kill 155 people in northeastern Afghanistan. They achieved 19 jackpots. Along the way, they killed at least 136 other people, all of whom were classified as EKIA, or enemies killed in action.

Note the “%” column. It is the number of jackpots (JPs) divided by the number of operations. A 70 percent success rate. But it ignores well over a hundred other people killed along the way.

This means that almost 9 out of 10 people killed in these strikes were not the intended targets.


Here’s what we’ve seen after 1 Democratic and 2 Republican debates:

Democrats are deeply committed to fixing climate destruction, fighting wealth inequality, and making sure people are not discriminated against based on superficial (skin color, gender, etc.) reasons. Republicans are Neanderthals who bang stones on the ground to celebrate the sky god and show deep concern that foreign tribes will attack under the glow of the war moon to steal their furs, burn their huts and rape their birthing wives.

from the comments at:

Chris Matthews used these images to show why Bernie won the debate & how the media is biased


The End.


and FOX agrees:

"just the way you look tonight...."

Our First Couple is always so cute when they are out together.
I just love how they love each other; somehow it is very comforting.
None of those stiff smiles and awkward one-sided hugs for them!
That beautiful moment President Obama took First Lady Michelle Obama's hand and began singing My Girl to her

Both Sides DON'T Do It.

Political scientists Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein are longtime scholars of American politics in general and the U.S. Congress in particular. They were among the first mainstream analysts, and arguably the most influential, to make the case that the "broken" condition of Washington is actually a manifestation of a single broken political party. After House Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation, I began an e-mail conversation with Mann, of the Brookings Institution and the University of California at Berkeley, and Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, about the dangerous state of Congress.


This is a Republican Party problem, which has serious implications for Congress as an institution and for American governance more broadly. Republicans are paying the price for having encouraged government-hating candidates to seek office with the expectation that they could undo Obama's 2009-2010 achievements. Their constitutional ignorance and political naiveté was breathtaking. But Republican establishment leaders, who had few policy differences with the new radicals, soon became victims of the forces they helped unleash. Their party reminds us of the nullification forces in the antebellum South. The champions of "The New Nullification," as we refer to it in our book, have left damage and chaos in their wake. More is likely to follow.



Clinton Campaign Responds: "Gowdy's Inquiry Has Zero Credibility Left."

Clinton campaign's @brianefallon responds to Rep. Hanna's comments on Benghazi cmte, again doing a favor for HRC


Michael Moore: Sanders won the Dem debate

“Chris Matthews nails it: Sanders won,” he tweeted, echoing the MSNBC anchor’s assessment of the event in Las Vegas.

“Never be4 @ a mainstream debate has a Prez candidate dared 2 question the core system of wealth & power,”
Moore said of Sanders’s performance.

“History was made tonite: A conscientious objector running 4 Prez, who believes in democratic socialism, stood & spoke & was wildly applauded,” he added.

Moore praised Sanders’s handling of both fiscal and racial issues.

“Thank you Bernie for just saying it: Black Lives Matter,” he wrote. "And for mentioning Sandra Bland – killed in a cop’s jail in Texas.”

“Quote of the night – Sanders: 'Congress doesn’t regulate Wall Street, Wall Street regulates Congress,” Moore said. "Huge applause.”

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