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Romney's Flag Pin Is Bigger Than Obama's At Debate... And What's With That Strange Blob?

Romney's Flag Pin Is Bigger Than Obama's At Debate... And What's With That Strange Blob?


Romney said the role of gov is to protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the american

Romney said the role of gov is to protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the american people. So are gay's not american or not people?

Romney Admits Pushing Misinformation In Debate

Source: Think Progress

Romney Admits Pushing Misinformation In Debate
By Igor Volsky on Oct 4, 2012 at 11:39 am

During Wednesday night’s president debate, Mitt Romney claimed that “half” of the green firms Obama invested “have gone out of business” and noted that “a number of them happened to be owned by people who were contributors to your campaigns.”

Fact checkers — including this blog — quickly pounced on the claim, noting that only a tiny percentage of firms that received grants or loans from the Recovery Act have actually filed for bankruptcy. And now, the Romney campaign itself is walking back the GOP presidential candidate’s claim. From Michael Grunwald, author of The New New Deal: The Hidden History of Change in the Obama Era:

Michael Grunwald@MikeGrunwald

ICYMI: Romney camp told me (after my tweet-rants) Mitt didn't mean to say half the #stimulus-funded green firms failed. Probably <1% so far.

Grunwald estimates that less than 1 percent of green firms have gone bad in terms of dollar value.

Romney also singled out Tesla Motors, which designs and manufactures electric vehicles, and received a $465 million loan from DOE. Last night, he quipped, “I had a friend who said you don’t just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers, all right?” But the company is not a loser, in fact, “founder Elon Musk says it will accelerate its payment of the principal in the spring — and the Department of Energy isn’t complaining it’s not getting its money back.” Romney, unfortunately, has turned to rooting against an American company in his effort to unseat Obama.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/election/2012/10/04/960881/romney-admits-pushing-misinformation-in-debate/

Do People HERE Realize That At The Debate Last Night: Mitt EXPOSED Himself?

OBAMA: There has to be revenue in addition to cuts. Now, Governor Romney has ruled out revenue. He’s ruled out revenue.

ROMNEY: Absolutely.


Romney laid out his approach on this when discussing his tax “plan”:

Now, you cite a study. There are six other studies that looked at the study you describe and say it’s completely wrong…. There are all these studies out there.



At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes

Rasmussen: No Romney Bounce At All?

Romney Won't Bounce?

Don't want to make too much of this but it's interesting: Rasmussen's daily tracking poll, just out, shows Obama maintaining a 2% lead, with no change since yesterday. I would have thought all of the interviews for this would have been pre-debate last night (the calls are made at night) but Rasmussen instead says "most" were. Meaning some were post-debate. Doesn't say how many were post-debate but curious that no Romney bounce at all. He does point out that only 17% said the debates mattered strongly to them.

After Last Night's Debate - Where The Campaign Is This Morning

Best Summary Of Debate Yet

Romney Won Debate #1 - So What!

Before this debate, there was talk that for Romney the race was already lost. Given the deep failings of Romney’s mismanaged campaign, that the popular reaction seems to be that he won Debate #1 must be great news for him. –> So what?


(2) If the target is to convince the undecideds in the battle-ground states, style might have won Romney one night, but how strategic is this win if the lies that paved that win will only defeat him in the weeks to come, exposing his win-at-all-cost, truth-be-damned game?

The middle is so thin. By morphing to convince this middle, yet again, Romney won only to lose, and kill the Republican brand.

(3) To my mind, we watched and graded Debate #1 more for its entertainment value than its function to sell a choice; no wonder the theater criticisms.

Just as his 47% comment proved that he is for the rich, so too does the new version of Romney who won tonight confirm the shapeless, hollow panderer we have grown to think him to be.


Mitt Romney's Debate Performance: "Mostly Fiction"


Josh Marshall: Mitt's Vulnerability - His campaign agenda is based on a massive deception.

He basically tossed aside his own tax plan or said he would if his numbers didn’t add up. But then he insisted that he could find enough loopholes to close to afford a $5 trillion tax cut for upper income earners. These are more numbers on the table. That’s really what most of the debate was about — budget numbers. Romney insisted with a straight face that up was down.

The Obama team isn’t going to try to get into a fight about whether their guy was on his game. There’s no point. (This is what I meant a couple days ago when I said Obama is not a great debater. Not a great night. But I’ve never seen him great at debating.) What I fully expect, what they’ll do if they’re smart is go full court press on Romney’s numbers and press for details about his budget plan.

The numbers simply don’t add up. Over a few news cycles that can build up really fast. He says he’ll push massive upper income tax cuts and those have to come at the cost of much higher deficits or big tax hikes for middle income people. His campaign agenda is based on a massive deception.

That’s the vulnerability Romney brings out of this debate. And it may be bigger than people realize.

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