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ROBERT REICH:If the median wage had kept up with the overall economy, it would be over $90,000 today



The notion that we can’t afford to invest in the education of our young, or rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, or continue to provide Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, or expand health insurance is absurd.

If the median wage had kept up with the overall economy, it would be over $90,000 today — and tax revenues would be more than adequate to cover all our needs. If the wealthy were paying the same marginal tax rate they were paying up to 1981, tax revenues would be far more.

Get it? The problem isn’t that most Americans have been living too well. The problem is we haven’t been living nearly as well as our growing economy should have allowed us to live.

Widening inequality is the culprit.
If President Obama is looking for a central theme for his second term, this is it.


Hey Obama Haters - Do YOU Realize How Pitiful It Is To Pick On Women & Children?



Krugman unleashes a welcome blast of genuine outrage at Republicans trying to reduce food stamps

From the Mouths of Babes


And why must food stamps be cut? We can’t afford it, say politicians like Representative Stephen Fincher, a Republican of Tennessee, who backed his position with biblical quotations — and who also, it turns out, has personally received millions in farm subsidies over the years.

These cuts are, however, just the beginning of the assault on food stamps. Remember, Representative Paul Ryan’s budget is still the official G.O.P. position on fiscal policy, and that budget calls for converting food stamps into a block grant program with sharply reduced spending. If this proposal had been in effect when the Great Recession struck, the food stamp program could not have expanded the way it did, which would have meant vastly more hardship, including a lot of outright hunger, for millions of Americans, and for children in particular.

Look, I understand the supposed rationale: We’re becoming a nation of takers, and doing stuff like feeding poor children and giving them adequate health care are just creating a culture of dependency — and that culture of dependency, not runaway bankers, somehow caused our economic crisis.

But I wonder whether even Republicans really believe that story — or at least are confident enough in their diagnosis to justify policies that more or less literally take food from the mouths of hungry children. As I said, there are times when cynicism just doesn’t cut it; this is a time to get really, really angry


and check this out:


Don't be fooled. It was bank borrowing that caused the debt crisis, not consumer borrowing.

The financial sector, having burned down the economy, tried to plant the box of used matches in the hands of the public. Ordinary Britons were fingered as a major cause of the crisis due to accepting a rush of cheap credit they couldn't afford.

They glossed over the fact that the banks and building societies were the pushers of the cheap credit. And they also omitted to point out that actually it was overwhelmingly the banks - not the consumers nor the non-financial businesses - that went on a borrowing frenzy.

Why did the banks borrow so much? "Casino banking" is intended to be derogatory, but bankers probably don't realise they are supposed to feel insulted - as it couldn't be closer to the truth. Idiot sons for hundreds of years have been gambling away their family fortunes - relying on indulgent parents to bail them out. Cunning bankers have been gambling the nations money in the same way - knowing that indulgent politicians would bail them out using the taxpayer's money.

MORE good info:

So lying's okay as long as the dupes who are sending you money and supporting you believe them. Wow.

BASHIR: How can a committed Christian say such utterly false and untruthful things, almost as a matter of fact each day?

WALDRON: Well the knee jerk reaction to your question is, well no one's perfect Martin. What do you expect? On the other hand, your question is serious. I believe that she has made misstatements. Knowing her as I do and as well as I do, I know that she doesn't sit down and make up a list of deliberate lies.

What I do know is that she can be misinformed. What I do know is that she can misunderstand and what I do know is that she has made a lot of mistakes and she has misspoken and I'm certain that it's caused her embarrassment.

With respect, those statements are not always intended for the Washington Post or Politico or even MSNBC Martin Bashir, but those statements are for her constituency. She represents a constituency that believes much of what she says. There are many in America, many American voters, not only Evangelicals, but others represented by Rick Santorum or Senator Rand or former... or his dad. There is a constituency that believes that Obamacare is not good for America. There are many businessmen who say Michele, you're right. It's not good for America.

So with all due respect, there is two sides to every opinion, but she speaks as a champion. She speaks to a constituency and there are many people across the board, east to west, north to south that agree with what she's saying.

Now there can be the policy wonks that will say “Oh, that's horrible” and it may be tragic. It may be for you tragic, but with all due respect, she's a champion, and she speaks for millions of people.


Clear Channel Reduced to Apologizing for Ads on Rush Limbaugh

The world's largest radio company is now apologizing to companies whose ads are airing on the world's biggest radio star's program.

This week multiple Flush Rush Facebook volunteers received the following letter, forwarded by a casino whose ads were airing on the Rush Limbaugh Show in Sacramento against its will:


Ellsberg re Manning: "I would have done in the digital age just what he did-He did it exactly right"

“I have a considerable identification with whistle-blowers, but Bradley above all because it is the first time in 40 years since the Pentagon Papers that someone has put out a large raft of material. And therefore he does deserve to be, I believe, seen as a hero,” he told AFP.

Ellsberg leaked the so-called Pentagon Papers to the New York Times in 1969, revealing the government had lied about the progress of the Vietnam war. The incident marked a major turning point in public opinion of the war and ignited a famous legal case that was eventually decided by the Supreme Court.

Manning is accused of transferring thousands of secret State Department files to WikiLeaks. The United States Army soldier is facing a controversial espionage trial.

“People criticize him for putting out material he hadn’t read,” Ellsberg said. “But he clearly had read a great deal of it. I hope that I would have done in the digital age just what he did. He did it exactly right.”


California Senate votes to revoke Boy Scouts tax exempt status

Source: Raw Story

The Boy Scouts of America would lose tax exempt privileges in California under a bill approved Thursday by the state’s Senate.

“While the Boy Scouts of America took a step in the right direction to include LGBT youth, the standing ban on LGBT adults is premised on absurd assumptions and stereotypes that perpetuate homophobia and ignorance,” California Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Long Beach), who authored the Youth Equality Act of 2013, said in a statement.

“Equality doesn’t come with an expiration date and we shouldn’t allow discrimination to be subsidized; not in our state, not on our dime.”

The California Senate voted 27-9 to pass the bill, which would revoke the sales and corporate tax exemption for any youth group that discriminated against participants on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/05/30/california-senate-votes-to-revoke-boy-scouts-tax-exempt-status/

The Palins ask: "What's in it for us?"

Using Google Glass: at the Indy 500 and Coca-Cola 600
A day in the life of a hungover cyborg

By Nilay Patel on May 28, 2013 02:00 pm


At one point during the evening Sarah Palin arrived at the hotel and made a smooth, practiced pass through the bar shaking hands and taking photos with a long line of admirers. I stood next to her for several minutes but she wouldn't take a photo with me or wear Glass. "What's in it for us?" asked her husband Todd, staring squarely at the camera and screen floating just above my hazy, bourbon-enhanced eyes. "We don't know what company you're with."

When I told him I wasn't after an endorsement but was rather a journalist interested in her opinion of Glass, he icily asked me to leave.


Mike Luckovich Mourns Michelle Bachman's Decision To Leave Congress

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