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NIH Plans to Retire Chimpanzees From Research

Source: Discover Magazine

NIH Plans to Retire Chimpanzees From Research
By Breanna Draxler | January 24, 2013 8:09 am


Researchers have made strides in understanding human diseases such as Hepatitis C and HIV-Aids by using chimpanzees as test subjects. But public and institutional pushback has caused the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to rein in its chimpanzee research in recent years. A report released by a NIH working group Tuesday calls for an even more drastic cut in the number of chimpanzees used for research as well as a reform of the way that research is conducted in the future.

Chimpanzees are a valuable resource for medical research because they are the present-day species most closely related to humans. For the same reason, using chimps as test subjects brings up a whole crop of animal rights issues. The real question is if these animal studies are really necessary for medical research anymore.

The National Institutes of Health are responsible for over half the world’s research chimps. Only 282 of their 670 chimpanzees are still actively used in studies; the rest are either inactive or retired. Another 350 chimpanzees are scattered among other research facilities across the country. NIH has been seriously rethinking its use of chimpanzees over the past couple of years, so the director commissioned a working group to counsel future chimp research efforts. The group’s recommendations to the NIH, released this week, will be available for public comment for the next 60 days before the NIH director makes a final call on putting the recommendations into effect.

The report recommends retiring the vast majority of research chimpanzees and relocating them to sanctuaries ASAP. Congress has already put a ceiling on federal chimp retirement spending—no more than $30 million a year. The counsel advises that only 50 chimps be kept for future studies, and that the bar be raised on what studies will qualify. In order to conduct tests on these primates, studies would need to be proven necessary for human health and impossible to conduct without the primates. Projects would also require approval from an independent committee that includes public representation.

Read more: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/80beats/?p=42498#.UQFYmx2EW3E

FOX Analyst Gets One Right: GOP ‘Looked Like Weenies’ During Clinton’s Benghazi Hearings

Says GOP ‘Looked Like Weenies’ During Clinton’s Benghazi Hearings
By Ben Armbruster on Jan 24, 2013 at 10:17 am

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton forcefully pushed back against Republican theatrics during yesterday Capitol Hill hearings on the Benghazi attacks, compelling conservatives and right-wing media to — predictably — demonize her.

But one right-wing pundit saw it a bit differently. Fox News military analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (ret.) — who has certainly not been known for his affection for progressives and liberalism — praised Clinton’s performance. “I came away with deeper respect for Hillary Clinton’s bureaucratic lawyerly brilliance,” Peters said. “I mean she was just tough and good and the Republicans looked like weenies:

PETERS: Hillary mops floor with congressmen and senators. She was as James Rosen pointed out, she was prepared. She had it down. She had answers — anticipatory answers ready.

And the congressmen and senators didn’t do their homework. They made speeches again as James Rosen pointed out. They — their questions were ill focused. They went down the red herring road with Susan Rice as you pointed out.


This Pisses Me Off: Murdock/New York Post Goes After Hillary Clinton With Blatantly Sexist Cover

New York Post Goes After Hillary Clinton With Blatantly Sexist Cover
By Aviva Shen on Jan 24, 2013 at 10:07 am

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking flack from conservatives over her angry outburst during a Senate committee hearing on the Benghazi terror attacks. When pressed by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on whether or not she could have immediately determined the motive of the attack, Clinton snapped, “The fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest? Or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make?”

The New York Post, owned by conservative mogul Rupert Murdoch, responded to the instantly viral moment with a blatantly offensive cover on Thursday morning:


The Top 10 Reasons Rand Paul should never start a sentence, "Had I been president..."

The Top 10 Reasons Rand Paul should never start a sentence, "Had I been president..."

#10. Half the audience will laugh so hard they won't hear the rest of your comment.

#9. The other half of the audience will cry so hard your remaining words will be lost in their bawling.

#8. Law officials will remove you as an outside agitator, perhaps even an anarchist.

#7. Your nitwit tea party followers will have to change their "Rand Paul for Emperor" signs. (They have to change them anyway because they misspelled Emperor.)

#6. Sinners will buy up the world's supply of coats, jackets, and blankets, anticipating hell freezing over.

#5. Michele Bachmann will sue you for "Presidential Batshit Crazy" copyright infringement.

#4. World leaders will set their nuclear missiles on high alert.

#3. Capitol police will immediately perform a breathalyzer test on you.

#2. Stocks will plunge, except for the companies that make "The End is Nigh" signs.

And the #1 Reason Rand Paul should never start a sentence, "Had I been president..."

#1. Forget it, dude, ain't gonna happen.


REPUBLICANS: The Political Party That 'No's' Best


Democrat Feinstein to introduce ban on assault weapons

Source: The Hill

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) will introduce a bill banning assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips on Thursday.

Feinstein’s bill will expand the criteria for classifying military-style assault weapons from a 1994 law, which lapsed a decade later. Her new measure will ban the sale of about 150 types of firearms, including some rifles and handguns, as well as the sale of high-capacity magazines, according to USA Today.

The bill will exempt firearms used for hunting and will grandfather in guns and magazines owned before the law’s potential enactment. However, the grandfathered weapons will be logged in a national registry.

The measure is expected to face a tough fight in the Senate, with many GOP lawmakers and the nation’s gun lobby vowing to oppose any new restrictions on gun ownership.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/278993-report-feinstein-to-introduce-assault-weapons-ban-thursday

How Republicans Plan To Rig The Next Presidential Election, In Six Pictures

How Republicans Plan To Rig The Next Presidential Election, In Six Pictures
By Ian Millhiser posted from ThinkProgress Justice on Jan 24, 2013 at 9:00 am

Yesterday, Virginia Republicans took the first step to move a GOP plan to rig the Electoral College forward in that state. Similar plans are under consideration in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The Republican election rigging plan targets blue states that President Obama won in 2008 and 2012, and changes the way they allocate electoral votes to give many of these votes away for free to the Republican candidate for president. Under the Republican Plan, most electoral votes will be allocated to the winner of individual Congressional districts, rather than to the winner of the state as a whole. Because the Republican Plan would be implemented in states that are heavily gerrymandered to favor Republicans, the resulting maps would all but guarantee that the Republican would win a majority of each state’s electoral votes, even if the Democratic candidate wins the state as a whole.

Today, the Center for American Progress Action Fund released a white paper detailing how this Republican election-rigging plan works — including this rather striking visual demonstration of just how effectively Republicans gerrymandered six states that are likely targets of their plan:


Sec Panetta watches Sec Clinton kick their asses in Benghazi hearing, removes ban on women in combat

nice tweet:

Austan Goolsbee
Sec Panetta watches Sec Clinton kick their asses in Benghazi hearing, removes ban on women in combat roles Follow


nice tweet

Austan Goolsbee
Sec Panetta watches Sec Clinton kick their asses in Benghazi hearing, removes ban on women in combat roles/div]

Explosive Charge: Morgan Stanley Peddled Security Its Own Employee Called ‘Nuclear Holocaust’

Explosive Charge: Morgan Stanley Peddled Security Its Own Employee Called ‘Nuclear Holocaust’
by Jesse Eisinger
ProPublica, Jan. 23, 2013, 12 p.m.19


On March 16, 2007, Morgan Stanley employees working on one of the toxic assets that helped blow up the world economy discussed what to name it. Among the team members' suggestions: "Subprime Meltdown," "Hitman," "Nuclear Holocaust," "Mike Tyson's Punchout," and the simple-yet-direct: "Shitbag."


The results are explosive. Hundreds of pages of internal Morgan Stanley documents, released publicly last week, shed much new light on what bankers knew at the height of the housing bubble and what they did with that secret knowledge.

The lawsuit concerns a $500 million collateralized debt obligation called Stack 2006-1, created in the first half of 2006. Collections of mortgage-backed securities, C.D.O.'s were at the heart of the financial crisis.

But the documents suggest a pattern of behavior larger than this one deal: People across the bank understood that the American housing market was in trouble. They took advantage of that knowledge to create and then bet against securities and then also to unload garbage investments on unsuspecting buyers.

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