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Republicans: "ELEPH-I Care"

When a country places more importance on sports than academic achievement, its decline is inevitable

Everything Wrong With America In One Simple Image (INFOGRAPHIC)

When a country places more importance on sports than on academic achievement, its decline is inevitable. The American Decline is real and this is where it comes from.

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/05/12/american-decline/#ixzz2YqQytKFe

This is why intelligence and knowledge is disparaged in the country that reached the Moon. These days, intellectuals are mocked as “faggy” and unmanly as if brute strength somehow contributed to the technical prowess, economic agility and innovation that made America a superpower.

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/05/12/american-decline/#ixzz2YqQutX6s

House Republicans Punish Their Own States By Eliminating Food Stamp Program (CHART)

As anyone can clearly see, the states affected the most by a loss of food stamps are run by Republican. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Maine, and Arkansas are all currently controlled by the GOP and their conservative economic policies. These policies have swept more and more people into poverty, thus increasing the need for food assistance. By killing SNAP, Republicans are denying their own constituents the food they need to keep from starving.

As noted in a previous article on Addicting Info, conservative voters have consistently voted for politicians and policies that go against their own interests and bring down the rest of the country in the process. Because of these policies, conservatives in these states have paid a heavy price. Low wages, little benefits, and less health care coverage has left many families at a bare subsistence level that requires government aid to take care of the most basic of needs. The need for such aid contributes to why red states are the real welfare states, leaving blue states to pick up the tab.

Read more: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013/07/12/house-republicans-eliminating-food-stamp-program-chart/#ixzz2YqQKwY8m

KRUGMAN: "the missing-white-voter story is a myth."

Delusions of Populism
Published: July 11, 2013 198 Comments

So what’s the next big idea?

Enter libertarian populism. The idea here is that there exists a pool of disaffected working-class white voters who failed to turn out last year but can be mobilized again with the right kind of conservative economic program — and that this remobilization can restore the Republican Party’s electoral fortunes.


the missing-white-voter story is a myth. Yes, turnout among white voters was lower in 2012 than in 2008; so was turnout among nonwhite voters. Mr. Trende’s analysis basically imagines a world in which white turnout rebounds to 2008 levels but nonwhite turnout doesn’t, and it’s hard to see why that makes sense.

Suppose, however, that we put this debunking on one side and grant that Republicans could do better if they could inspire more enthusiasm among “downscale” whites. What can the party offer that might inspire such enthusiasm?

Well, as far as anyone can tell, at this point libertarian populism — as illustrated, for example, by the policy pronouncements of Senator Rand Paul — consists of advocating the same old policies, while insisting that they’re really good for the working class. Actually, they aren’t. But, in any case, it’s hard to imagine that proclaiming, yet again, the virtues of sound money and low marginal tax rates will change anyone’s mind.


the rest:

shucks, I was wrong...

When I picked up my New York Times this morning in a sleepy haze, I thought for one second that finally Chimpy had been arrested -- this was front page, above the fold.




Published on Thursday, July 11, 2013 by Common Dreams
In 'Chilling' Ruling, Chevron Granted Access to Activists' Private Internet Data
"Sweeping" subpoena violates rights of those who spoke out against oil giant's devastating actions in Ecuador

- Lauren McCauley, staff writer

A federal judge has ruled to allow Chevron, through a subpoena to Microsoft, to collect the IP usage records and identity information for email accounts owned by over 100 environmental activists, journalists and attorneys.

The oil giant is demanding the records in an attempt to cull together a lawsuit which alleges that the company was the victim of a conspiracy in the $18.2 billion judgment against it for dumping 18.5 billion gallons of oil waste in the Ecuadorean Amazon, causing untold damage to the rainforest.

The "sweeping" subpoena was one of three issued to Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

"Environmental advocates have the right to speak anonymously and travel without their every move and association being exposed to Chevron," said Marcia Hofmann, Senior Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who—along with environmental rights group EarthRights International (ERI)—had filed a motion last fall to "quash" the subpoenas.


Russian guard service reverts to typewriters after NSA leaks by US whistleblower Edward Snowden

Russian guard service reverts to typewriters after NSA leaks
Leaks by US whistleblower Edward Snowden have fuelled Russian suspicions over electronic communications

In the wake of the US surveillance scandal revealed by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden, Russia is planning to adopt a foolproof means of avoiding global electronic snooping: by reverting to paper.

The Federal Guard Service (FSO), a powerful body tasked with protecting Russia's highest-ranking officials, has recently put in an order for 20 Triumph Adler typewriters, the Izvestiya newspaper reported.

Each typewriter creates a unique "handwriting", allowing its source to be traced, the report said.

"After the scandal with the spread of secret documents by WikiLeaks, the revelations of Edward Snowden, reports of listening to Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to the G20 summit in London, the practice of creating paper documents will expand," a source inside the FSO was quoted as saying.


"Giftgate": Sources confirm Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell negotiating resignation

Sources confirm McDonnell negotiating resignation

Multiple sources in Richmond's legal community have confirmed to me that the investigation of Star Scientific by state and federal prosecutors turned up what they feel is sufficient evidence to charge Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen with one or more felonies and in consequence, McDonnell is attempting to negotiate his resignation in exchange for no prosecution of Virginia's first couple.


Confirmation of this story also explains the sudden shift in position of Virginia's Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Last week, Ken Cuccinelli claimed he was unaware of the investigation of Bob McDonnell. This past Monday he claimed the investigation was "not related to me." Today, Wednesday July 10, 2013, Ken Cuccinelli attempted to take credit for the investigation.* According to NBC News'

First Read blog:

The question now becomes whether McDonnell's fall from grace hurts gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli, who Democrats point out also has close ties to Jonnie Williams (including accepting gifts from him). The Cuccinelli campaign responds that Cucinelli’s AG office initiated this investigation, and they don’t believe McAuliffe will be a credible messenger to attack them on this issue. But it’s hard to see how this doesn’t hurt Cuccinelli, because he needs to court moderates and the GOP business community, and right now McDonnell looks to be toxic to help him with those groups. Meanwhile, the Cuccinelli campaign is hitting Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe for campaigning today with Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. “Gov. O’Malley signed the largest tax increase in Maryland history and earned a ‘D’ rating for supporting increased spending and higher taxes. He supports the war on coal, Obamacare, and even forced non-union teachers to pay union fees,” the Cuccinelli campaign says in a release.


Get it Ken? You can't attack Terry McAuliffe for his association with a honest, fiscally responsible Democratic governor and expect to avoid having your relationship with crooked, ethically compromised Republican Governor Bob McDonnell examined. In point of fact, it appears that Cuccinelli attempted to delay or even derail investigation of McDonnell. Ken Cuccinelli is hopelessly entangled with Virginia's soon to be disgraced Governor Bob McDonnell. It's time to examine the evidence pointing to Cuccinelli trying to cover up "Giftgate."


(sorry if this got posted, i wanted to log in my journal, kp)

GOP tells Joseph & Mary: Don't bother to vote - But Hey! God Bless You!


Verizon, AT&T get most bucks from feds for wiretaps

Source: CBS

How much are your private conversations worth to the U.S. government? Turns out, it can be a lot, depending on the technology.

In the era of intense government surveillance and secret court orders, a murky multimillion-dollar market has emerged. Paid for by U.S. tax dollars, but with little public scrutiny, surveillance fees charged in secret by technology and phone companies can vary wildly.

AT&T, for example, imposes a $325 "activation fee" for each wiretap and $10 a day to maintain it. Smaller carriers Cricket and U.S. Cellular charge only about $250 per wiretap. But snoop on a Verizon customer? That costs the government $775 for the first month and $500 each month after that, according to industry disclosures made last year to Congressman Edward Markey.

Meanwhile, email records like those amassed by the National Security Agency through a program revealed by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden probably were collected for free or very cheaply. Facebook says it doesn't charge the government for access. And while Microsoft, Yahoo and Google won't say how much they charge, the American Civil Liberties Union found that email records can be turned over for as little as $25.

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57593273/verizon-at-t-get-most-bucks-from-feds-for-wiretaps/?tag=socsh

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