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off to sulk

peace, kp

DEAD LAST FOX "News" Is The Biggest Ratings Loser On Inauguration Day-& The Future Looks Even Dimmer

WED JAN 23, 2013 AT 09:04 AM PST
Fox News Is The Biggest Ratings Loser On Inauguration Day - And The Future Looks Even Dimmer
by News Corpse
for Media Watch

CNN led during the President's address with 3.1 million total viewers. MSNBC came in second with 2.3 million. Fox was dead last with 1.3 million. In the critical 25-54 year old demographic the numbers for Fox were even more dismal: CNN had 1.1 million in the demo. MSNBC had 706,000. Trailing significantly was Fox News with only 294,000, which was less than half of MSNBC and just over a quarter of CNN.


What's most startling in the ratings data is the relative disparities between the networks and their declines. Fox News was off a jaw-dropping 75% (82% demo) from 2009. CNN sunk a hefty 61% (67% demo). MSNBC, by comparison did fairly well with a mere 25% decline (37% demo). Digging deeper, these numbers tell us something that is even more foreboding for Fox. The percentage of their audience composed of the lucrative younger demos falls way below that of their competitors. CNN's demo audience was 35% of their total viewers. MSNBC has 31% in the demo. But only 22% of Fox's viewers are 25-54 years old.

That means that the next generation of news consumers is avoiding the severely conservative channel in droves. What's more, MSNBC's primetime anchors Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell were number one in their time slots for 2012 in the 18-34 demo. MSNBC has also led in African-American and Latino viewers. So by every measure MSNBC is positioned for future gains, while Fox is bracing for the bottom to fall out.

These numbers are not merely tabulated for bragging rights. They represent the potential for ad revenue. As the numbers fall, so do Fox's profits. And with their dearth of the desirable youth demos, the advertising Fox maintains will command lower rates.

To top it off, Fox is actually advertising their own unpopularity. Yesterday an article on Fox Nation beamed that "Viewership of Obama's 2nd Inauguration Plunges." It's one of those rare occasions when Fox Nation posted something that was true.

much more:

Fox "News" psychiatrist: Obama pushing gun control because he was ‘abandoned’ as a boy

Source: Raw Story

Fox News’ resident psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow believes that President Barack Obama advocates “disempowering” people through gun safety legislation because he was “abandoned” as a child.

Ablow on Tuesday told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that the president had “hijacked” the slaughter of 20 children in Newtown, Connecticut “in order to advance his desire for gun control.”


Dobbs wondered if Obama was “truly that Machiavellian, that driven by his own ideological purpose” that he would advocate for gun control instead of embracing the values of freedom and fixing the mental health system.

“I’m certain that’s true,” Ablow opined. “Number one, the autonomy of others did him no favors as a kid, when he was abandoned again and again by people who were — quote — unquote — responsible and supposed to do the right thing, like parents. So his belief, ‘You know what? What good is individual autonomy in decision making? What good did it do me? The collective is what needs to be empowered, and all the better if I’m the center of that collective and the most powerful person in it.’”

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/01/23/fox-news-psychiatrist-obama-pushing-gun-control-because-he-was-abandoned-as-a-boy/

Beyonce certainly BETTER than MEAT LOAF!!!

Oh, what could have been...


the first video from Jon Stewart (!!!) LOL:

The "Morans" Finally See The Light: "Public is not behind us & that’s a real problem for our party

Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan neatly explains why the upcoming fights might be a problem for the GOP:

The public is not behind us, and that’s a real problem for our party.


Senator Leahy blasts obstructionist Republicans over killing embassy security funding

"Since the Republican takeover of the House, House Republicans have proposed deep cuts for U.S. embassy operations and programs across the board, including for security.

“Now they have topped even that record of recklessness. In preventing this transfer of unused funds appropriated earlier for Iraq – funds already appropriated and approved by Congress – they have hobbled the work that everyone agrees is needed to harden our embassy security efforts.

"The Administration did not do everything it should have in Benghazi – the report of the Accountability Review Board, appointed by Secretary Clinton, makes that clear. Knowing the Secretary, I have no doubt that she will want to do everything she can to learn from these mistakes. Many of our diplomats serve in dangerous places by necessity. We need to protect them as best we can, without turning our embassies into impenetrable fortresses that make it impossible for them to do their jobs.

“For Republicans to blame the Administration for failing to protect our diplomats, without acknowledging their own efforts to slash resources for embassy security, is pure, distilled hypocrisy.”


Washington gov. cheers ‘very satisfying’ marijuana meeting with AG Holder

Source: Raw Story

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee (D) said Tuesday that a 45-minute meeting he had with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the state’s intent to regulate and tax marijuana was “very satisfying.”

He added that the nation’s top law enforcement official said nothing to dissuade him from moving forward with implementation of Initiative 502, passed by a wide majority of Washington voters last November.

Inslee told reporters on a conference call Tuesday that Holder asked a lot of questions and was particular interested in the specific regulations being discussed behind-the-scenes. The two discussed how growers and sellers might be handled by the state, and how Washington officials plan to keep the cash crop from spreading outside its borders.

While Inslee said he did not get any indication from Holder as to whether the Department of Justice is planning to sue to block implementation, Attorney General Bob Ferguson claims he warned the AG that the state is willing to go to court to defend the will of its voters.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/01/23/washington-gov-cheers-very-satisfying-marijuana-meeting-with-ag-holder/

Photo of each person in Congress who’s proposing a total gun ban


sometimes, just sometimes, winning isn't everything.


Last month, Spanish athlete Ivan Fernandez Anaya impressed the world by giving up victory to do the right thing. According to El Pais, it happened as the 24-year-old raced a cross-country event in Burlada, Navarre on Dec. 2.

In second place to Abel Mutai, the Kenyan athlete who won a bronze medal in the London Olympics, Anaya suddenly had a chance to surge ahead. According to El Pais, Mutai mistakenly thought the end of the race came about 10 meters sooner than it did, and stopped running.

Then, he “looked back and saw the people telling him to keep going," Anaya told CNA. "But since he doesn't speak Spanish he didn't realize it."

So Anaya slowed, guiding Mutai to the actual finish line.

Show this to Lance:

If it's a center-right country, why cheat?

If it's a center-right country, why cheat?

by David Atkins

Mitch McConnell on President Obama's second inaugural address:

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican minority leader, called the address “basically a liberal agenda directed at an America that we still believe is center-right.”

Sure. Here's what Republicans are actually to reinforce this belief:

Virginia Republicans Ram Through Redistricting Plan While Black Civil Rights Veteran Senator is Out of Town

And this:

Specifically, Priebus is urging Republican governors and legislators to take up what was once a fringe scheme to change the rule for distribution of Electoral College votes. Under the Priebus plan, electoral votes from battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin and other states that now regularly back Democrats for president would be allocated not to the statewide winner but to the winners of individual congressional districts.

Because of gerrymandering by Republican governors and legislators, and the concentration of Democratic votes in urban areas and college towns, divvying up Electoral College votes based on congressional district wins would yield significantly better results for the GOP. In Wisconsin, where Democrat Barack Obama won in 2012 by a wider margin than he did nationally, the president would only have gotten half the electoral votes. In Pennsylvania, where Obama won easily, he would not have gotten the twenty electoral votes that he did; instead, under the Priebus plan, it would have been eight for Republican Mitt Romney, twelve for Barack Obama.

Not even Republicans believe that this is a center-right country anymore (if it ever was.) They know better. That's why they have to cheat to stand a chance.

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