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Obama To Romney: Yes, We Have Fewer Ships Than 1916 – But Also Fewer Horses And Bayonets

Source: Talking Points Memo

President Obama told Mitt Romney that he was out of touch on his criticism of the current military structure, at the foreign policy debate.

"But I think Gov. Romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works," said Obama. "You mention the Navy, and how we have fewer ships than 1916. We also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed. We have aircraft carriers; we have ships that go underwater; nuclear submarines."

"And so the question is not a game of 'Battleship' where we're counting ships. It's: What are our capabilities? So when I sit down with the Secretary of the Navy and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we determine how are we going to be best able to meet all of our defense needs in a way that also keeps faith with our troops, that makes sure our veterans have the kind of support that they need when they come home.

"And that is not reflected in the kind of budget that you're putting forward because it just doesn't work. We visited the website quite a bit and it still doesn't work."

Read more: http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entry/obama-to-romney-yes-we-have-fewer-ships?ref=fpa


RIGGED: Vote Flipping Gave Romney 57,00-Vote Victory Over Santorum (a reminder from Michael Collins)

don't worry yur little heads, the machines will choose Rmoney:

Rigged Elections for Romney?
By Michael Collins, on October 22nd, 2012


Vote flipping gave Romney a 57,000-vote victory over Santorum in
Wisconsin. Absent vote flipping, Santorum would have won over Romney by
about 54,000 according the group’s analysis.

Was Wisconsin the only state where Romney’s share of the vote increased in this way as precinct size increased?

There were eleven states that showed this amazing anomaly,
Romney gaining in votes and margins as precinct size increased.
chart below shows the estimated vote flipping for eleven of the fifty
states analyzed by the group using precinct-level data.

Take a look at data for the Ohio Republican primary. A similar pattern emerges as seen in the graph below. Romney percentages increase from 30% in the smaller precincts to 38% as precinct size increases. The slope of increased votes for Romney violates acceptable levels for probability and must attributed to external intervention. The 65,777 estimated flipped votes provided Romney with a win over Santorum instead of a loss.

Why attribute the anomaly to intervention rather than an innocent trend? Consider what happens when there is no opportunity for human intervention through voting machines or central tabulators. Ohio has a variety of computerized voting systems. The results are recorded by computer at the precinct level and transferred to a central tabulator operated by election officials. Similarly, the vast majority of votes in Wisconsin are cast using electronic voting machines and central tabulators. However, eight counties still use paper ballots that are counted at the precinct level. The paper ballot counties have no central tabulators. They show no pattern of vote flipping.

much, much more:

LOL! Luckovich's cartoon for tomorrow: "It's Come Down To Ohio. Specifically, Fred In Ohio..."


The Omen

ROMNEY Foreign Policy: Speak Irresponsibly & Let Other Folk's Kids Carry The Big Stick

Did the Dark Money Group that Spurred a Landmark Ruling Mislead the IRS?

Did the Dark Money Group that Spurred a Landmark Ruling Mislead the IRS?
by Kim Barker, ProPublica, and Emma Schwartz, Frontline Oct. 22, 2012, 10 a.m.

A nonprofit group that filed a lawsuit that led the Supreme Court to apply its Citizens United decision to states told the IRS that it wouldn't intervene in elections – after it already had. (Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

A western nonprofit that played a key role in freeing corporate spending on elections nationwide appears to have misled the IRS when it applied for the tax-exempt status that shields its donors from being publicly disclosed.

Documents obtained by ProPublica and Frontline show that Western Tradition Partnership, now known as American Tradition Partnership, said it would not attempt to sway elections when it asked the IRS to recognize it as a tax-exempt social welfare organization in late 2008.

Shortly before submitting the application, however, Western Tradition Partnership, which bills itself as a "grassroots lobbying" organization dedicated to fighting radical environmentalists, and a related political committee sent out fliers weighing in on candidates for Montana state office. The mailers blitzed districts in Montana days before the Republican primary.

Donny Ferguson, listed as the national director of media of American Tradition Partnership on the group's website, did not return a call or an email for comment.


Gold Star Mother: Romney Skipped Funeral, Left "Bullying" Messages

Source: The Phoenix

Appearing on ABC’s The View this past Thursday, Ann Romney claimed that her husband, as governor of Massachusetts, “went to every funeral” of fallen soldiers from the Commonwealth. She spoke of the difficult role he had “to comfort those that have lost a loved one and have gone in harm’s way.”

But Mitt Romney did not attend every soldier’s funeral; there were at least two cases where he did not.

And in one of those cases, a Gold Star mother claims that, far from comforting, Romney left insensitive phone messages – messages that she calls “bullying” and her husband describes as “abusive.”

“I can’t believe you haven’t returned my call,” Romney said on one of the voice mail messages, according to Stephany Kern, speaking at her Westerly, Rhode Island home this past Saturday. “Here I am making a second call; I haven’t heard from you.”

Read more: http://blog.thephoenix.com/BLOGS/talkingpolitics/archive/2012/10/22/gold-star-mother-romney-skipped-funeral-left-quot-bullying-quot-messages.aspx

Governing like it's 1949

1. The immediate objective is the defeat of the compulsory health insurance program pending in Congress. 2. The long-term objective is to put a permanent stop to the agitation for socialized medicine in this country by (a) awakening the people to the danger of a politically-controlled, government-regulated health system; (b) convincing the people, through a Nation wide campaign of education, of the superior advantages of private medicine, as practiced in America, over the State-dominated medical systems of other countries; (c) stimulating the growth of voluntary health insurance systems to take the economic shock out of illness and increase the availability of medical care to the American people.

circa 1949

Ronna Romney: "Obama Killed Him"

10.22.2012 — 04:21 PM
Staying Classy

I guess this is what happens late in the tight presidential race. Ronna Romney is the ex-sister-in-law of Mitt Romney. She’s apparently remained close to the Romney family. She has a minor role in the Romney campaign in Florida and has recently appeared at campaign events in Michigan with her daughter.

Earlier this afternoon she posted this grotesque image of the mangled body of the late Ambassador Chris Stevens with the words “Obama killed him” surrounded by dripping blood.

You can see her Facebook page here.

VOMIT!..."You don’t get that way unless you have a strong man that allowed you to blossom.”

At his event, Brown was bolstered by the former mayor of Lowell, Rita Mercier, who pointed to Brown’s wife and daughters as evidence of his support for women, calling them “three adorable good woman that are strong and vibrant and independent. You don’t get that way unless you have a strong man that allowed you to blossom.”

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