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TRICK or TREAT At One Of The Romney House (s)

FOX: "Declaring something an act of terror does not mean you are declaring it a terror attack"

Moment of Derp
Posted on 10/18/2012 at 4:30 pm by JM Ashby

President Obama decisively and conclusively shredded Mitt Romney on the subject of Libya during Tuesday night’s presidential debate, but Fox News won’t be deterred.

What follows is probably the dumbest thing you will witness on the internet today. Maybe even the dumbest thing you’ll see all week.

Watch Megyn Kelly capture today’s Moment of Derp

Declaring something an act of terror does not necessarily mean you are declaring it a terror attack. Any act that’s gonna kill our ambassador in this fashion could be described as an act of terror. That’s not necessarily the same as declaring it a terrorist attack. And it seems like the White House narrative is now going to be that the president was meaning to and did declare this a terrorist act.

video and more:

Ann Romney: Women Didn't Care About The Great Recession (That Was Men's Work)

Women Didn’t Care About the Great Recession?

What is it with the Romneys’ stereotypically backward view of women?

Via David Badash we learn of Mrs. Romney’s recent appearance on The View. It set women back a few decades:

Ann Romney: 4 Years Ago, When Markets Collapsed, Women Were Less Focused On The Economy


Ann Romney claims that four years ago women were less concerned about the economy than they are today, despite the fact that the worldwide financial collapse took place exactly four years and one month ago this week.“It’s heart-breaking, what women are talking to me about now. Four years ago, there were a lot of other issues on the table. This year, it’s nearly 90 — I would say, 95% of what I hear from women, is, ‘help. Please, help’.”

“Economic help?” Barbara Walters asks. “Absolutely,” Ann Romney responds.


Maybe in Romneyland “women” didn’t care about the economy in November of 2008, but “the women” I know, and the men too, were pretty freaking terrified about the entire economy plunging head first into an abyss. The concern wasn’t exactly gender specific.

THIS is why Mitt Can't Win


Whoopi to Romney - What will you say to those mothers whose children have come home in bags?

THU OCT 18, 2012 AT 10:00 AM PDT
Whoopi to Romney - What will you say to those mothers whose children have come home in bags?

As we found out, Willard was afraid to face the women of the view so he sent his wife. To say it was tense from the get-go would be an understatement even though Barbara tried to smooth the undercurrent.

Almost out of the gate Whoopie asked the question we all want answered but no one is asking:

to clarify if her husband did not serve in the military for religious reasons.


As first Lady, if you get the job, It's gonna tell a lot of things and one of the the things is going to be talking to the mothers whose children are coming home in bags, you know, from wars. Now I believe that your religion does not allow you to go fight?

Ann responded:
"No, that's not correct,"

"OK, um, well I say that, what I read about your husband, what I read, and maybe you can correct this, is that the reason that he didn't serve in Vietnam was because it was against the religion,"

Ann's version of Willard and her son's mission:
"He was serving his mission," "My five sons have also served their mission. None served in the military." "I sent them away boys and they came back men."

"So when you're facing these mothers , how will you explain to them that your sons haven't gone?"


Sirota Brings the Hammer Down On TAGG-"Latest White Man That Thinks He Can Have Whatever He Wants"

THURSDAY, OCT 18, 2012 10:35 AM PDT
Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege
Tagg Romney admits he'd like to slug Obama, becoming the latest white man that thinks he can say whatever he wants


David Sirota@davidsirota
How Tagg Romney publicly dreaming of slugging a black man says everything abt White Privilege & Entitlement in America: salon.com/2012/10/18/tag…
18 Oct 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite
Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege

Tagg Romney, grandson of George Romney, son of Mitt Romney, is the latest flesh-and-blood embodiment of White Privilege on the national presidential stage. Though that stage has historically been a catwalk for the whitest and most privileged in the world, Tagg is in a class few achieve. With his lineage and his inherited wealth he equals George W. Bush when it comes to getting advantages by virtue of nothing more than whose crotch he popped out of in the hospital delivery room.

One of the hallmarks of White Privilege is the unquestioned and largely unchallenged assumption that white people can say heinous things about people of color without blowback or even mild criticism – things that people of color rarely dare to say about white people, for fear of serious retribution. Tagg – aka Mr. White Privilege – proves the point perfectly. He feels totally comfortable fantasizing about committing physical violence against an African American man. And remember, he’s not just any white guy pondering such grotesque dreams. On the contrary, he’s one of the public faces of a national presidential campaign appearing in a public media interview, meaning White Privilege has made him feel so comfortable airing such notions, that he didn’t hesitate to whimsically broadcast them to thousands of voters.

UPDATE: To respond to some of the comments: This article never argues – nor does it want to argue – that Tagg Romney is a racist. It simply argues that his willingness to say what he said and assume such statements are acceptable proves he enjoys the assumptions and entitlements of White Privilege. Those are two different things. You don’t have to be a bigot to benefit from privilege. Additionally, merely acknowledging the reality of White Privilege isn’t akin to trying to paternalistically tell people of color what to think – it’s simply to acknowledge a basic and troubling reality that hurts our whole society. Let me also offer one more thought to all the white folk who seem angrier at a discussion of White Privilege than at a presidential campaign spokesman publicly dreaming of violence against a sitting president: You aren’t admitting any individual shortcoming or fault as a white person to simply acknowledge that White Privilege exists. All you are doing is admitting a reality – one that should be disturbing to us all, regardless of race. Finally, to those who accuse me of being a beneficiary of White Privilege – like most white people, I’m guilty as charged. But benefiting from a system of White Privilege – a system I had no individual hand in creating – is no excuse to pretend that system doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem.



It goes back to what Chris Hayes said about how people like Romney's think they're above it all.


"The theme of the last 10 years of this country is that the people at the top don't think the rules apply to them. And you send your people to site down and negotiate a set of rules, and 20 minutes into it you throw it out the window. Everything we've seen, from the financial crisis yo every thing else that's happened to this country has been about the Oligarchs and the ruling class, and the people at the top, feeling like they are not a party to the social contract. So some stupid little contract that was negotiated by your people, you don't worry about it 20 minutes into it. "

Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader Pens Book Explaining How The Bank Rips Off Its Customers

Ex-Goldman Sachs Trader Pens Book Explaining How The Bank Rips Off Its Customers
By Pat Garofalo on Oct 18, 2012 at 4:35 pm

Back in March, a Goldman Sachs employe, Greg Smith, publicly resigned via a New York Times op-ed, decrying the firm’s “toxic” culture. “To put the problem in the simplest terms, the interests of the client continue to be sidelined in the way the firm operates and thinks about making money,” Smith wrote. “It makes me ill how callously people talk about ripping their clients off.”

Smith has penned a book about his experience that is due to be released this month. Politico received an advance copy of the book, in which Smith expands on the activities in which Goldman traders engaged, particularly when it came to betting against the very clients they were supposed to be serving:

“The client increasingly came to be regarded as a counterparty, merely the other side of a transaction, rather than an advisee,” he writes. “Where this practice of proprietary trading … turned morally ambiguous was when the firm changed its mind (or masked its intentions) and made a bet in the other direction from the client’s.”


The idea was to advise clients to bet on the opposite outcome of what the firm believed would happen so it could profit by taking the other stance, he wrote.

“We must have changed our view on each of these institutions from positive to negative back to positive 10 times,” Smith writes. “I remember thinking, ‘How can we be doing this with a straight face? No thinking client would believe that conditions on the ground could change that frequently.’”



via: cartoonpolitics – “It was a highly inconvenient thing for the Republicans that in our debates I was just a country boy from Arkansas, and I came from a place where people still thought two and two was four” .. Bill Clinton at the 2012 DNC .. he added .. “It’s arithmetic”

Women Dressed As Binders Protest At Ohio GOP HQ (PHOTOS)

Women Dressed As Binders Protest At Ohio GOP HQ (PHOTOS)


Tiffany Ricci, an AFSCME organizer, provided TPM's Evan McMorris-Santoro these photos of her "own personal little afternoon project" of women gathered in front the Ohio Republican Party headquarters on Wednesday dressed as binders protesting Mitt Romney's “binders full of women” remark during the presidential debate at Hofstra Tuesday night.

It's "pretty clear which candidate has real solutions that inspire progress and which can only inspire a Halloween costume," Ricci said.

MORE Pics:

(Federal) Appeals Court Strikes Down The Defense Of Marriage Act

Source: Business Insider

Appeals Court Strikes Down The Defense Of Marriage Act
Erin Fuchs | 7 minutes ago | 96 |

Abby Rogers/Business Insider

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Thursday struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, finding the Clinton-era law violates the right to equal protection guaranteed by the Constitution.

DOMA defines marriage as between a man and a woman and says states don't have to recognize same-sex marriage.

It has the practical effect of sometimes requiring gay couples to pay more federal taxes.
In striking the law down, the Second Circuit sided with a 83-year-old Edith Windsor who was forced to pay estate taxes after the death of her wife in 2009.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to take up DOMA–as well as California's Proposition 8, which barred same-sex marriage in the state–this term.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/second-circuit-strikes-down-doma-2012-10

Federal Appeals Court: DOMA Is Unconstitutional

“We conclude that Section 3 of the 5 Defense of Marriage Act violates equal protection and is 6 therefore unconstitutional.” The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, out of New York, is the second federal court to hold the 1996 federal definition of “marriage” unconstitutional, but Supreme Court appeals are pending.


BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down DOMA In Opinion By Republican-Appointed Judge

This is a Really. Big. Deal. Jacobs is not simply saying that DOMA imposes unique and unconstitutional burdens on gay couples, he is saying that any attempt by government to discriminate against gay people must have an “exceedingly persuasive” justification. This is the same very skeptical standard afforded to laws that discriminate against women. If Jacobs’ reasoning is adopted by the Supreme Court, it will be a sweeping victory for gay rights, likely causing state discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation to be virtually eliminated. And the fact that this decision came from such a conservative judge makes it all the more likely that DOMA will ultimately be struck down by the Supreme Court.

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