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No worries...

9-Year-Old's Honest Opinion Of Fox News

The left column of today's cute kid note has a standout punchline.

Title: Fantasy vs. Reality

Author: Alex

Age: 9

Mom says: Alex wrote the note for a school assignment last year.
"He really calls things as he sees them," she notes.


A Practical Utopianís Guide to the Coming Collapse

A Practical Utopianís Guide to the Coming Collapse

It does often seem that, whenever there is a choice between one option that makes capitalism seem the only possible economic system, and another that would actually make capitalism a more viable economic system, neoliberalism means always choosing the former. The combined result is a relentless campaign against the human imagination. Or, to be more precise: imagination, desire, individual creativity, all those things that were to be liberated in the last great world revolution, were to be contained strictly in the domain of consumerism, or perhaps in the virtual realities of the Internet. In all other realms they were to be strictly banished. We are talking about the murdering of dreams, the imposition of an apparatus of hopelessness, designed to squelch any sense of an alternative future. Yet as a result of putting virtually all their efforts in one political basket, we are left in the bizarre situation of watching the capitalist system crumbling before our very eyes, at just the moment everyone had finally concluded no other system would be possible.

Much MORE:

KRUGMAN: So how does this end? Hereís a depressing thought: maybe it doesnít.

On The Political Economy Of Permanent Stagnation
Paul Krugman


First of all, I think many of us used to believe that sustained high unemployment would lead to substantial, perhaps accelerating deflation ó and that this would push policymakers into doing something forceful. Itís now clear, however, that the relationship between inflation and unemployment flattens out at low inflation rates. We can probably have high unemployment and stable prices in Europe and America for a very long time ó and all the wise heads will insist that itís all structural, and nothing can be done until the public accepts drastic cuts in the safety net.

But wonít there be an ever-growing demand from the public for action? Actually, thatís not at all clear. While there is growing ďausterity fatigueĒ in Europe, and this might provoke a crisis, the overwhelming result from U.S. political studies is that the level of unemployment matters hardly at all for elections; all that matters is the rate of change in the months leading up to the election. In other words, high unemployment could become accepted as the new normal, politically as well as in economic analysis.

I guess what Iím saying is that I worry that a more or less permanent depression could end up simply becoming accepted as the way things are, that we could suffer endless, gratuitous suffering, yet the political and policy elite would feel no need to change its ways.

Oh, and have a nice day.


Republican Jesus still at it...



didn't necessarily love the message, but the pic ROCKS!
peace, kp

Lock up this pinhead for violating D.C. gun laws. (Adam Kokesh loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza)

Video shows activist Adam Kokesh loading shotgun in DCís Freedom Plaza
A pro-gun activist celebrated the Fourth of July by loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. in an apparent violation of local weapons laws.

Adam Kokesh had someone record the incident, and the video has been posted on the internet.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier confirms that her department and U.S. Park Police are investigating the staged event. Freedom Plaza is U.S. parkland.

In the video, Kokesh, a former Marine, appears to load red shells into a pump-action shotgun while addressing the camera.

Kokesh said, "We will not be silent. We will not obey. We will not allow our government to destroy our humanity."

Read more: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/22760646/video-shows-activist-adam-kokesh-loading-a-shotgun-in-dcs-freedom-plaza#ixzz2YBCh2e6u
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The rise and fall of the Arab Bobo

David Brooks, today, in the wake of the Egyptian military coup --

Itís not that Egypt doesnít have a recipe for a democratic transition. It seems to lack even the basic mental ingredients.

Incidentally, in another segment of the same column, he says

Itís no use lamenting Morsiís bungling because incompetence is built into the intellectual DNA of radical Islam. Weíve seen that in Algeria, Iran, Palestine and Egypt: real-world, practical ineptitude that leads to the implosion of the governing apparatus.

He should go across the page to read Shadi Hamid on what actually happened in Algeria. "Radical Islam" never got a chance to govern because the generals blocked them from doing so after an election they'd won. The rest is a brutal civil war and a terrorist group that had developed the idea of hijacking a plane and flying it into the Eiffel tower. Well before 9/11. Aren't smart conservatives supposed to have "unintended consequences" as a reflex?

(above is the fall, below WAS the rise):

Eugene Robinson: "I Just Wish Our Government Would Stop Lying - We Can Handle The Truth"

I donít believe government officials when they say the National Security Agencyís (NSA) surveillance programs do not invade our privacy. The record suggests that you shouldnít believe them, either.
We can handle the truth on NSA spying
by Eugene Robinson

It pains me to sound like some Rand Paul acolyte. I promise Iím not wearing a tinfoil hat or scanning the leaden sky for black helicopters. I just wish our government would start treating us like adults ó more important, like participants in a democracy ó and stop lying. We can handle the truth.


I accept that the administration officials, Justice Department lawyers, federal judges, FBI agents and NSA analysts involved in the phone surveillance and other programs are acting in good faith. The same is true of members of the House and Senate intelligence committees, who are supposed to be providing oversight. But honorable intentions are not enough ó especially when we know that much of what these honorable officials have told us is false.

The biggest lie of all? That the American people donít even deserve to be told what their laws mean, much less how those laws are being used.


We ALL Do It: 'French PRISM' revealed: All communications tracked, metadata collected

'French PRISM' revealed: All communications tracked, metadata collected
Published time: July 04, 2013 15:40
Edited time: July 04, 2013 17:34

The French external intelligence agency spies on French citizenís phone calls, emails and social media activity and web use, the Le Monde newspaper has reported.

Franceís external intelligence agency the DGSE, intercepts signals from computers and telephones in France and between France and other countries in order to get a pictures of who is talking to whom, although, apparently, they do not randomly spy on the content of phone calls, the daily revealed on Thursday.

Emails, text messages, telephone records, access to Facebook and Twitter are stored for years. ďAll of our communications are spied on,Ē read the article quoting unnamed sources in the intelligence services as well as remarks made publicly by intelligence officials.

The DGSE allegedly stores the metadata from private communications in a basement under its Paris headquarters. All of Franceís seven other intelligence services have access to the data and can tap into it freely as a means to spot people's suspicious communications. Individuals can then be targeted by more intrusive techniques such as phone-tapping, it was reported.

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