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Sanders Shreds Trump

Sanders Shreds Trump:

Bernie Sanders called Donald Trump and his birtherism a disgrace during an interview on CBS This Morning. Sanders strongly condemned the birther mythology and ugliness surrounding President Obama.

CBS This Morning released a clip of Sen. Sanders discussing during a commercial break Trump’s encouragement of lies about Obama.

Sen. Sanders said, “I think it’s a disgrace. To again question whether or not the President Of The United States was born in this country. Whether he’s a Christian. I thought we were beyond that. It’s an outrage.”

Sanders added, “To continue this mythology and the ugliness that suggests that the President Of The United States and we all remember Trump was one of the leaders of this effort a year ago. I thought maybe he had learned something from that. This is not what American politics should be about. Let’s debate real issues.”


Bill Nye the Science Guy in science class.


“If we’d had 9/11 with the Democrats as president, they’d be still blaming us like you never forget"

Bill Maher and Hardball host Chris Matthews both slammed Jeb Bush on Friday’s Real Time for arguing during the last GOP debate that his brother, George W. Bush, “kept us safe,” seemingly downplaying the 9/11 attacks.

“I remember one day he didn’t,Maher said.

Former New York Gov. George Pataki — who is campaigning against Jeb Bush — called the criticism unfair, saying George W. Bush had been president for about eight months at the time of the attacks.


Matthews countered by bringing up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republicans’ insistence on blaming her for the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi.

“If we’d had 9/11 with the Democrats as president, they’d be still blaming us like you never forget it,” Matthews said. “They’re still mad about four people dead somewhere in Libya — imagine if the Democrats had 3,000 people killed under our watch. They’d be dead right now.”


Bernie Sanders says he, pope & god agree on income inequality

Sanders doesn’t generally speak about his own religious views. He said he’s proud to be Jewish, and though he’s “not much into” organized religion, he wouldn’t be doing what he is today if he were not “spiritual.”

“I believe that there is a connection between all living things, and that my belief in God requires me to do all that I can to follow the ‘Golden Rule,’ to do unto others and as I would have them do unto me,” he said. “As a public servant, it requires me to do all that I can to ensure that every person lives with dignity and security.”



Poll: Bernie Sanders popular in Vt., even among Republicans


Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders remains popular in Vermont, even among Republicans-- that's according to a new poll from the Castleton Polling Institute.

When asked who they hope to see elected president in 2016, Vermont Democrats overwhelmingly support Sanders at 65 percent. Hillary Clinton gets 14 percent support.

There is no clear favorite among Vermont Republicans, but the Socialist Sanders is tied with Donald Trump and Ben Carson at 12 percent.

As for who Vermonters expect to win: Clinton is favored to win the Democratic nomination and Jeb Bush tops the list on the GOP side.


What Italy Can Teach America About Donald Trump

What Italy Can Teach America About Donald Trump
SEPT. 18, 2015
By: Beppe Severgnini


To dismiss Mr. Trump as a joke, as many Italians did with Mr. Berlusconi early on, and many Americans continue to do with Mr. Trump, would be a mistake. To take him seriously is also wrong. So use your sense of humor. Don’t take umbrage at his every offensive comment; his supporters don’t care, and the added chatter only helps him.

Next, don’t obsess over him. The American news and social media seem hypnotized by Mr. Trump. That’s not surprising. He is unusual, and heaven knows Western countries need some spice in the democratic process.

But to obsess over him is exactly what the man wants. “You see?” he can say. “They all gang up on me, those establishment types!” Ross Perot took advantage of the media’s love for the odd and novel in 1992; today, thanks to the Internet, it’s easier to spread the word.

Soon Mr. Trump’s act will become repetitive, so just speed up the process. Make him boring. Force him to be specific. For now, he can ignore questions about how, exactly, he would deport the estimated 11 million immigrants living in America without legal papers. Don’t stop asking. Eventually people will see through his charade. It might not seem that way now, but trust me — it worked with Mr. Berlusconi, once we figured out how to do it.



If politics is the art of communication, then Sanders must be judged the winner, hands down.

In fact, the Sanders campaign represents a breakthrough for progressive “messaging” of remarkable scope and impact. Sanders, with his calls for political revolution against the billionaire class, is not just another standard-issue, forked-tongue, feel-your-pain Democrat; at each MSM-covered appearance he blasts out piercing alarms about the radical inequities and irrationalities of the status quo, along with sorely needed solutions—primal truths that would otherwise lie dormant and buried in the scattered isolated islets of far-leftdom.

To dismiss these crucial inroads into mass consciousness as mere diversion, to deride his proposals as milquetoast Keynesian stopgap, betrays the old far-left allergy to the complexity and cacophony of the large stage of life, a debilitating preference for the safety and certitude of the tiny left echo chamber. Sanders’s campaign, whatever its flaws, is thrusting front and center to a mass audience a whole series of principled, critical demands and issues (many of which overlap with those raised in splendid isolation by Jill Stein and the Green Party), the realization of which would markedly advance the material well-being and future prospects of ordinary Americans: $15 an hour minimum wage; union card check to expand organizing rights; improved Medicare for all; expansion (not retrenchment) of Social Security; revamped progressive taxation to reduce income inequality; a Wall Street transaction tax; a rapid transition to renewables to combat climate change; opposition to the ecocidal, neo-fascist TPP, NAFTA, and WTO; an end to the militarization of local police forces; cracking down on hate groups; free tuition at all public universities and colleges to alleviate student debt peonage; paid family leave; and so on. If realized in the aggregate, these demands would challenge the neoliberal logic of the prevailing order.

As a tactical matter, then, the Sanders upsurge is an invaluable tool for the mass dissemination of left themes and solutions right now—a priceless benefit that far outweighs the realpolitik lapses that preoccupy the left-echo-chamber Sanders refuseniks.

Now notice that I just used the word tactical. Allow me to explain. Whatever the rough spots in Sanders’s progressive resume, especially on foreign policy, it remains a stubborn tactical reality (and perhaps I will also be forgiven for using the word reality) that it is only through the vehicle of the his presidential campaign as a Democrat that these kinds of progressive issues and solutions can flood the airwaves and touch the tens of millions of desperate but ill-informed Americans who most need to think and hear about them—in most cases, for the first time. This is the unique and irreplaceable value of the Sanders candidacy: it is strewing seeds of mass consciousness around issues of class and inequality and the environment in a way that no other person or party could accomplish right now. Radicals need to ask themselves: How is that a bad thing?


What Republicons mean when they say that Obama has trashed the country:

What Republicons mean when they say that Obama has trashed the country is that he's failed to protect the privileges that better-off white people have historically tended to enjoy over everyone else. Which isn't even true given how well Wall St. and the economy in general is doing, which is mostly run by better-off white people.

It's just that, as an upstart black man who failed to mind his place in running for and daring to be president, a job clearly reserved for rich white racist men, he's failed to sufficiently kiss the asses of rich white RACIST people such as all these candidates and most of the GOP and in doing so destroyed THEIR very specific kind of America, a rich white RACIST America.

None of this has anything to do with the economy or anything else of real substance, of course. These candidates, including Trump, know that on the issues Obama's been great for the economy and country and especially great for rich white folks like them. No, this is about one, appealing to the base, which HATES Obama and needs to hear all this, and two, racial and class resentment by rich white racists towards what they view as an uppity black man from a modest non-traditional background who had no place being president in a country they still view as theirs and theirs alone.

Of course, it's "uncivil" to point any of this out, our country still operating on the patriarchal plantation Jeffersonian model despite having a merit-based modern Hamiltonian infrastructure, so no one in the media will say this.


Racism (It IS Personal)

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