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Wheeeeeeeeeee: Romney Flip-Floppulence

Sen Lindsey Graham: "If I hear anybody say Romney wasn't conservative enough I'm going to go nuts"

Quote of the Day
"If I hear anybody say it was because Romney wasn't conservative enough I'm going to go nuts. We're not losing 95% of African-Americans and two-thirds of Hispanics and voters under 30 because we're not being hard-ass enough."

-- Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), quoted by Politico, saying that demographics would be the only reason for a hypothetical Mitt Romney loss Tuesday.


Salt Lake Tribune: "President Has Earned A 2nd Term-Romney In Whatever Guise-Does Not Deserve A 1st"


Sabato: Projection: Obama Will Likely Win Second Term

Projection: Obama Will Likely Win Second Term


With a slight, unexpected lift provided by Hurricane Sandy, Mother Nature’s October surprise, President Barack Obama appears poised to win his second term tomorrow. Our final Electoral College projection has the president winning the key swing states of Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and Wisconsin and topping Mitt Romney, with 290 electoral votes.

This has been a roller-coaster campaign, though very tight ever since Romney dramatically outshone Obama in the first debate in Denver on Oct. 3. Yet for a challenger to defeat an incumbent, the fates must be with the challenger again and again. Who could have imagined that a Frankenstorm would act as a circuit-breaker on the Republican’s campaign, blowing Romney off center stage for three critical days in the campaign’s last week, while enabling Obama to dominate as presidential comforter-in-chief, assisted by his new bipartisan best friend, Gov. Chris Christie (R)?

Adding to the president’s good fortune was a final jobs report that was basically helpful because it wasn’t disastrously bad — that is, the unemployment rate failed to jump back above the psychologically damaging level of 8%. Romney could have used that number to build a crescendo for change. Instead, the final potential obstacle to Obama’s reelection passed by as a one-day story. While Romney surged after the first debate, he never quite closed the deal in the key swing states. And now, we believe he has run out of time.

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally

Source: America Blog

Romney staff refusing to let frostbitten children leave PA rally
11/4/2012 7:17pm by John Aravosis 108 Comments Print

This is happening right now at Mitt Romney’s rally in Pennsylvania. Apparently it’s freezing, and Romney’s staff is refusing to let rally-goers leave. People are begging reporters for help.

Absolutely incredible.

From the NYT’s Michael Barbaro:

Read more: http://americablog.com/2012/11/romney-staff-refusing-to-let-frostbitten-children-leave-pa-rally.html

Politico senior editors: Only white men give president "mandates"

Politico's Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen decide that only people who look like them can deliver mandates.

If President Barack Obama wins, he will be the popular choice of Hispanics, African-Americans, single women and highly educated urban whites. That’s what the polling has consistently shown in the final days of the campaign. It looks more likely than not that he will lose independents, and it’s possible he will get a lower percentage of white voters than George W. Bush got of Hispanic voters in 2000.

A broad mandate this is not.



OUTSIDE: "we want to vote! Miami-Dade shuts down voting-Will reopen for voters by 5pm

Just going to repost the tweets about the mess that is currently going on down there. They can describe it better than I ever could. Absolutely a travesty what is happening right now. After the squiggly ..

Marc Caputo ‏@MarcACaputo
Miami-Dade voting P.R. fiasco: The county shuts down its limited early vote offer, citing too few workers & 1 printer ht @msanchezMIA

Kathleen McGrory ‏@kmcgrory
People staying in line, even though in-person absentee voting has been suspended for the day. Crowd chanting "let us vote!" @MiamiHerald

Kathleen McGrory ‏@kmcgrory
They just locked the doors at the Miami-Dade Elections Department. Nobody allowed in. @PatriciaMazzei @MiamiHerald

Kathleen McGrory ‏@kmcgrory
County elections office will no longer be providing absentee ballots today. People shouting. @PatriciaMazzei @MiamiHerald

Kathleen McGrory ‏@kmcgrory
Miami-Dade elections officials say they don't have the capacity to accommodate anyone else. @PatriciaMazzei @MiamiHerald

Marc Caputo ‏@MarcACaputo
Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez is in hiding after his election office over-promised extra early voting and under-delivered.

Kathleen McGrory ‏@kmcgrory
Cars being towed from the parking lot across the street from Miami-Dade elections. "This is intimidation!" one woman yells. @MiamiHerald

Melissa Sanchez ‏@msanchezMIA
"we want to vote! We want to vote!" people scream outside locked doors #miamivotingfiasco2012


N.Y. Marathoners Run to Help in Storm-Ravaged Staten Island

Source: Bloomberg

“Our first reaction was it’s a shame and then we wondered what can we start to do to help,” said Metzl, a physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. “Let’s run into Staten Island.”

Staten Island was one of the hardest hit areas when Superstorm Sandy reached New York, accounting for about half the city’s 41 fatalities.

By 1 a.m. yesterday, Metzl, who still hadn’t taken off his white coat after work, had helped create the New York Runners in Support of Staten Island on Facebook. When he awoke in the morning, the site had more than 3,000 hits.

Today as many as 500 runners, wearing orange and carrying backpacks stuffed with essentials such as batteries, prepaid mobile phones, gift cards, baby wipes, personal hygiene items, medicine, garbage bags, hats and gloves, traveled on the 8:30 a.m. ferry to Staten Island.

Read more: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-11-04/new-york-marathoners-run-to-help-in-storm-ravaged-staten-island

Nine marathoners with backpacks were seen running down the sidewalk alongside Hyland Boulevard in Midland Beach in Staten Island on Sunday morning.

"We're running out to areas of Staten Island that need supplies," said Sarah Hammond, who was carrying 25 pounds of baby wipes, diapers, dog food, clothes and personal hygiene items on her back.


Mitt Romney's campaign is finally admitting to itself that the election has slipped away

......... “At a rally this morning in New Hampshire, I asked a senior Mitt Romney campaign adviser what the campaign had planned in the final crucial days. His answer was swift. 'Praying'.”

And this: “One adviser this morning was even more candid: "I'm not saying (Mr. Obama) is definitely going to lose."

And finally this: "We're the challengers. We always knew we could lose," one aide told me here in Dubuque. "They (The Obama camp) never contemplated they could lose."

Mitt Romney’s lost the election. His own campaign team is starting to admit that to the world. Perhaps more importantly, they’re starting to admit it to themselves.



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