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Ferguson Police Waited 10 Days to Review Michael Brown Incident Report


Ferguson Police Waited 10 Days to Review Michael Brown Incident Report


Since Michael Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, reporters have called for the release of the incident report Wilson would have filled out according to proper police procedure. But according to the document released to the ACLU, there is no real report. The incident report the Ferguson Police Department has on file has little more than the who, where and when of the shooting. It doesn't say what happened, it doesn't say how, and it wasn't even reviewed by a supervisor until 10 days after Michael Brown died. The report was given final approval on August 20.

At a press conference last week Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released an incident report related to the robbery Brown was a suspect in, as well as video of the robbery. At the time, Jackson said that he wanted to hold on to the information but was pushed by transparency request, though media organizations actually wanted details of the shooting. Jackson later said that the robbery was unrelated to the shooting — Brown was stopped for walking in the street. Several people considered the selective release of information to be a character assassination, and Capt. Ron Johnson and Attorney General Eric Holder expressed their own concerns over the selective release of information.

It's clear now that Ferguson police knew then that they didn't have the incident report they were asked to release. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell argued that Jackson essentially admitted there was no incident report last week when he said "we've pretty much given you every bit of information that we have now — I don't think there's anything else that we have to give out.

the rest:

2 ?s: Was the political consultant wrong to stop the chain? & Which party do you think he consults?

Robert Reich
2 hours ago

When I crossed the Bay Bridge to San Francisco a few years ago, the toll taker (it still had toll takers then) told me the driver in front of me had paid my toll. So, naturally, I paid for the person behind me. I don’t know how long that “pay it forward” chain continued but I remember how nice it felt, even though each of us still paid the toll we would have anyway. A similar chain ran for nearly two days recently at a Starbucks in Florida, with more than 700 people buying the person behind him a coffee. But (according to ABC News), a part-time political consultant heard about it on the radio and thought it a do-good marketing stunt that should be stopped. So the consultant went to the Starbucks, got in line, let the person in front of him pay for the political consultant’s coffee, and then didn't pay for the person behind him. That stopped the chain.

Two questions:

(1) Was the political consultant wrong to stop the chain?
(2) Which party do you think he consults for?


Justice Ginsburg: Ferguson Turmoil Illustrates "Real Racial Problem"+ SCOTUS Has Done Little to help

The turmoil in Ferguson, Mo., and the controversial stop-and-frisk policy in New York City illustrate a “real racial problem” in America, one that recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have done little to help, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told The National Law Journal.

The high court was “once a leader in the world” in rooting out racial discrimination,” the justice said in a wide-ranging interview late Wednesday in her chambers. “What’s amazing is how things have changed.”
Ginsburg recalled the Burger Court’s unanimous landmark ruling in 1971 in which the justices, led by Chief Justice Warren Burger, a Nixon appointee, embraced the powerful legal tool known as the “disparate impact” framework for uncovering discriminatory policies that are neutral on their face but disproportionately harm minorities.

In that ruling (Griggs v. Duke Power), Burger spoke of “built-in head winds” for minorities, she said. There was then a sensitivity that the requirement of a high school diploma for a janitor’s job, for example, would inevitably screen out black applicants.

“It was a very influential decision and it was picked up in England,” Ginsburg recalled. “That’s where the court was heading in the ’70s.”

MORE plus transcript:
Read more: http://www.nationallawjournal.com/id=1202667692557/Justice-Ginsburg-Skeptical-of-TwoYear-Law-School-Idea#ixzz3BE465DeP

OVERKILL: American police kill one suspect every day

The Ferguson riots

Police in a Missouri suburb demonstrate how not to quell a riot
Aug 23rd 2014 | FERGUSON | From the print edition

American police kill one suspect every day



Smug television broadcasts in Russia and China have wildly exaggerated the sickness of which Ferguson is a symptom. But it is real enough. The police in and around Ferguson have shot and killed twice as many people in the past two weeks (Mr Brown plus one other) as the police in Japan, a nation of 127m, have shot and killed in the past six years. Nationwide, America’s police kill roughly one person a day (see chart above).

This is not because they are trigger-happy but because they are nervous. The citizens they encounter have perhaps 300m guns between them, so a cop never knows whether the hand in a suspect’s pocket is gripping a Glock. This will not change soon. Even mild gun-controls laws tend to fail. And many Americans will look at the havoc in Ferguson and conclude that it’s time to buy a gun, just in case.


Cubs Get Soaked Trying To Avoid O-Care Mandate

Cubs Get Soaked Trying To Avoid O-Care Mandate

The hugely controversial rain-interrupted Cubs game this week was cast in a new light Thursday when the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Cubs had slashed grounds crew hours to keep them under 30 hours a week to avoid paying health benefits under Obamacare.


"Now watch this drive"

FOIA the ACLU of Missouri filed to obtain "missing" Incident Report? They finally received it...

The FOIA the ACLU of Missouri filed to obtain that "missing" Incident Report?

They finally received the report, read carefully.



CT scan of eye socket ALTERED to mislead people into believing it was image of officer Darren Wilson

Exposing Gateway Pundit’s Dishonesty: He Altered a CT Scan Image to Trick His Readers
Scheming fraudster is busted

By Charles Johnson

Here’s another follow-up to my article about Jim Hoft’s dishonest tactics in promoting his bogus claim that officer Darren Wilson suffered a fractured eye socket in a purported struggle with teenager Michael Brown.

As I pointed out in the earlier piece, Hoft posted a stock image of a CT scan of a fractured eye socket, but apparently erased the words “UNIV OF IOWA” from his copy of the image.

Well, thanks to LGF readers @franklinftw and @loveheylola, I can now remove the word “apparently” from that description, because we have proof that Hoft (or someone who works with him) did indeed alter that CT scan, almost certainly to mislead people into believing it was an image of officer Darren Wilson. (And he was successful in fooling many right wingers, including Ann Coulter.)

A cached version of Hoft’s page at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine captured at 18:08:39 (UTC) on August 19th shows that when Hoft first posted the image, it did contain the words “UNIV OF IOWA.” Here’s a screenshot of the Internet Archive’s cached version:

Zooming in on the CT scan, we see the words “UNIV OF IOWA” at bottom right:

But an hour later, at 19:19:19 on August 19th … hey! What happened to the “UNIV OF IOWA?”

That’s right, folks — in that hour between the first capture and the second, Hoft crudely blacked out the words “UNIV OF IOWA” and reposted the image, in a pathetically obvious attempt to hide the true source of the CT scan.

A closeup view of the altered version

and more here:

"The Real America Is With You"

Fundraising Effort for Ferguson Cop Who Shot Michael Brown Gets Ugly
Donors praise the officer for shooting "a common street thug" and removing an "unnecessary thing from the public!"
—Tasneem Raja on Thu. August 21, 2014 6:35 PM PDT


When A Dude Who Hates Abortions Can't Even Answer One Simple Question About Them

When A Dude Who Hates Abortions Can't Even Answer One Simple Question About Them

A rare glimpse into the inner monologue of the kind of politician who wants to restrict women's rights.

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