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'Every Single 1 Of You Opposed To Obamacare & Supporting Shutdown---You Are Attacking MY Family'


Which brings me to my ultimate point: every single one of you out there who is opposed to "Obamacare," and who may be supporting the House's government shutdown in order to defund it -- you are attacking my family. I don't care what your reasons are, I don't care how morally committed you are to your cause, I don't care what ethical problems you have with more Federal involvement in health insurance. I don't give a rat's ass. My family will always, always, always be more important than your excuse. And all I will ever hear, from any argument you make, is that it's OK for my wife, my daughter, or heck, for me to die in order for you to make your point. That's a line you drew, and for the record, I am not on your side.


DC-Area Restaurants Charging Congress Members More for Their Meals


HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! - By John Boehner, Speaker Of The House Of Representatives (The Onion)

Help Me
By John Boehner, Speaker Of The House Of Representatives

Help me. Please, God, help me. I’ve lost control and I need help.


I want to admit something: I’ve cried in my office every day for the last month. During this shutdown I’ve sat there, panicked and alone, scared to death about the next thing they’ll make me do. When they knock on my door, my heart stops. What are they going to make me say next? How are they going to force me to embarrass myself next? Did you know I was once known as a relatively moderate, shrewd politician? That was before 2010. Before the horror began.

They haunt my dreams at night. I have this one nightmare where I’m about to ask for a vote on a clean continuing resolution and then one of them—I think it’s Steve King from Iowa—looks at me with this eerie smile and says, “No, John. No you won’t.” And then the rest of them are suddenly standing behind him and they all chant in a chilling monotone, “No, John. No you won’t.” And then I wake up screaming, “No, John!!! No you won’t!!!” and I’m crying, and my wife is crying, and I’ve sweat through my sheets.

Help me. Help me make this end. Don’t reelect these people. Reelect good, normal people and I promise I’ll be a good speaker from now on. I won’t lie down for the president by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ll work with him if it makes sense and I’ll fight him when it makes sense. That’s how it should be. That’s how it will be if you help me destroy this menace.

I know I helped create this monster, and I apologize. I am so, so sorry. I thought I could control it, but I was wrong. I just need your help to defeat it. Will somebody please help me? Please? Please? Anyone?

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Grover Norquist on Ted Cruz: ‘He pushed House Republicans into traffic and wandered away’

Grover Norquist on Ted Cruz: ‘He pushed House Republicans into traffic and wandered away’
By Ezra Klein, Published: October 2 at 2:58 pm

Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform and the creator of the anti-tax pledge that nearly every Republican in Congress has signed. We spoke on Tuesday about the government shutdown and its consequences for his agenda.


GN:The only confusion that comes out is that Cruz stood on the side and confused people about the fact that every Republican agrees. He said if you don’t agree with my tactic and with the specific structure of my idea, you’re bad. He said if the House would simply pass the bill with defunding he would force the Senate to act. He would lead this grass-roots movement that would get Democrats to change their mind. So the House passed it, it went to the Senate, and Ted Cruz said, oh, we don’t have the votes over here. And I can’t find the e-mails or ads targeting Democrats to support it. Cruz said he would deliver the votes and he didn’t deliver any Democratic votes. He pushed House Republicans into traffic and wandered away.

So then the House said, breaking completely with Cruz because Cruz thinks if you’re not defunding the whole thing it’s treason, that there’s delay. There’s getting rid of medical device taxes. They’ve done a series of things to hold together Republicans and break with Cruz. But because we started with the Cruz approach this got to the shutdown.

A transcript of conversation, edited for length and clarity:

Charles Pierce: Corp $$$ Is The Power Behind ALL OF IT-1 GOAL-Subjugate Population/Workforce

This Is What They Want
By Charles P. Pierce at 10:00am


This is the real motivation behind all the tricornered hats and the incantations about liberty and all the conjuring words that have summoned up the latest crisis in our democracy. Corporate money is the power behind all of it, and that corporate money has but one goal -- the creation of a largely subjugated population and a workforce grateful for whatever scraps fall from the table. To accomplish this, the corporate money not only had to disable the institutions of self-government that are the people's only real protection, it had to do so in such a way that the people expect less and less of the government and, therefore, less and less of each other, acting in the interest of the political commonwealth.

the rest:

Ann Romney: No Extortion Had You Elected Mitt.

WED OCT 02, 2013 AT 07:40 AM PDT
Ann Romney: No Extortion Had You Elected Mitt.
by TomP

Look, you had your chance. Now you reap the consequences. We warned you. Elect Mitt or we will destroy America. You did not elect Mitt; you elected Barack Obama. Now America pays.

If Mitt Romney had been elected, the government would be up and running - and there’d be no Obamacare, Ann Romney said Wednesday.

“We would not be in a shutdown,” Romney said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends.”

The wife of the former Republican presidential nominee said that Mitt would’ve “stopped Obamacare” when asked her thoughts of the current situation in Washington.


The Republican Party is a continuing criminal enterprise.

Like a mob enforcer: You did not pay so we burn down your business.


Gov. Shutdown: Idaho officials seeking experienced hikers to search for missing woman in Nat'l Park

WED OCT 02, 2013 AT 06:51 AM PDT
Idaho officials seeking experienced hikers to search for missing woman in National Park
by Jen Hayden

Another unfortunate consequence of the government shutdown:

With 16 staff employees being placed on furlough, Ted Stout, chief of interpretation and education at Craters, told KBOI 2News that no one was looking for 63-year-old Jo Elliott-Blakeslee Tuesday morning, but a handful of staff members will be back out in the challenging terrain in the afternoon resuming the search.

"It's pretty much just park staff that are continuing the search," Stout said. "But we're also faced with the government shutdown -- we've been busy with that."

Federal workers are not allowed to volunteer to do their jobs during a shutdown because U.S. law says they can't do any work that has not been allocated funding.

The search effort had already begun being scaled back due to rescue agencies being called back to their respective headquarters and poor weather earlier in the week. Only three staff members are at the park monitoring infrastructure resources.



That Thing About Congress Being ‘Exempted’ from Obamacare? Huge Whopper Lie.

That Thing About Congress Being ‘Exempted’ from Obamacare? Huge Whopper Lie.
By Bob Cesca · October 02,2013 Print Friendly | 2193 Views


Remember how Speaker Boehner was screaming on the House floor about the unfair congressional exemption from Obamacare? It turns out that Boehner worked extensively with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and other Democratic leaders to re-establish the government premium subsidy for Hill workers and members. In fact, according to Politico, Boehner and Reid collaborated to schedule a secret meeting at the White House to convince the president to re-establish the premium coverage. In the meantime, draft legislation was circulated to entirely repeal the marketplace requirement for Congress, but it was never shuffled beyond the planning stage.

Eventually, pressure from congressional Democrats convinced OPM to allow the rule — the so-called “exemption” — to be authorized.

The duplicity and dishonesty by the purveyors of this lie is astonishing, especially coming from the leader of the congressional Republicans. There is no congressional Obamacare “exemption.” There never was. In fact, Congress has to buy insurance via Obamacare. By law. And the rule that Boehner tried to contort into an “exemption” was a rule that he himself lobbied for, in cooperation with his nemesis in the Senate.

I don’t know if this whopper lie is in the same category as “death panels,” but, wow, it’s way up there.

the rest:

TOLES: "Don't Expect It To Clean Up Everything"

New York to Sue Wells Fargo Over Mortgage Settlement

Source: New York Times

New York to Sue Wells Fargo Over Mortgage Settlement

Fielding complaints from borrowers struggling to save their homes, New York’s top prosecutor is preparing a lawsuit against Wells Fargo, accusing the bank, the nation’s largest home lender, of flouting the terms of a multibillion-dollar settlement aimed at stanching foreclosure abuses.

The lawsuit, which is expected to be filed as early as Wednesday, accuses Wells Fargo of violating the guidelines of a broad agreement reached last year between five of the nation’s largest banks and 49 state attorneys general.

Under that deal, the banks must comply with 304 servicing standards. The guidelines map out how banks should field and process requests from distressed homeowners.

Vickee J. Adams, a spokeswoman for Wells Fargo, said the bank had not been served with a copy of the lawsuit. But, she added, “if true, it is very disappointing that the New York attorney general continues to pursue his course, given our commitment to the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement and ongoing engagement.

Read more: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/10/01/new-york-set-to-sue-wells-fargo-over-mortgages/?hp&_r=1
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