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How can we step outside images of god that are centuries deep & realize they are only images?

SATURDAY, APR 4, 2015 05:00 PM PDT
You’re praying to the wrong God: What organized religion gets wrong about prayer
Here's how science and spirituality might find common ground -- and learn something about the universe


Our God-Capacity

It’s time to crack open the whole idea of talking to God. If we are in a universe now known to span more than sixty orders of magnitude, and God is emerging from the infinite interactions of human aspirations, we have to look at everything anew. We’ve already begun to do this intellectually, but can we do it emotionally? How can we step outside images of God that are many centuries deep and realize that those are only images and not reality?


Religions offer up symbols and images bounteously, but a capacity is something that belongs to us as humans, not as members of any religion. Our god-capacity is not tied to any specific tradition or symbol. It doesn’t require any particular view of God. It’s the ability to scratch the meaning-itch with a symbol. Shouldn’t we want that symbol to represent the highest truth we know? people do indeed believe in the objective reality of their fantasies, and doing so can be wildly dangerous in this world, but trashing our god-capacity because some people do this is like trashing love because sometimes it goes wrong.

At this moment in history, what is the highest and best use of our god-capacity?

That is, what is best both for ourselves as vulnerable human beings and for the planet upon which all our lives and all our purposes depend? Like any capacity, the god-capacity needs to be exercised or lost—and is crying out to be exercised as new knowledge comes in and new generations face a changing world. The god-capacity has been used historically for great good and great ill, and it’s still capable of both. Only when we recognize that it belongs to us, not to any religion, will we realize that we could put it to much better use.

We have the power to change our images of God without losing God. This is what we need to do, given the knowledge now available, the needs we have, and the state of our world.

For Easter More:

Tweety gets it right: "You are wrong, wrong, wrong, over & over again & you never get ashamed of it"

Chris Matthews slams GOP spokesman for shamelessness and misunderstanding of history

Like you guys ought to have been embarrassed about the Iraq war. And never apologized for that. You are wrong, wrong, wrong, over and over again and you never get ashamed of it. And you keep making the most outrageous things. Comparing this President to being in bed with Hitler is disgusting."

one of Tweety's best moments:


Fox & Friends Says Protecting Atheists From Discrimination Is Anti-Christian!

Fox & Friends Says Protecting Atheists From Discrimination Is Anti-Christian!
While Fox News cheered on the Indiana "religious freedom" bill as a way to protect Christians, they sure don't feel the same way about a Wisconsin ordinance, pushed by the evil Freedom From Religion Foundation, which protects atheists


Paragon of tolerant Christianity, Tucker Carlson reported that Madison, Wisconsin is now including atheists as a protected class. Jesus BFF, Anna Kooiman set the propaganda message in asking Fox's favorite race baiting, GOP activist, and former DOJ attorney J Christian Adams "where does this hostility come from." Adams informed us that the measure was driven by the Freedom From Religion Foundation which is one of Fox's favorite targets for its patented war on atheists and atheism. In Fox's Christian crusade, Adams described the group as "a bunch of angry atheists." (As opposed to the perennially pissed off Christians who host Fox News shows?)

Adams whined about how the FRFF "hectors governments to pass anti-Christian anti-Christian, anti-religious ordinances." (As opposed to anti-gay ordinances such as the one, promoted by Fox, in Houston?) Despite the fact that Madison's measure was passed unanimously, the banner proclaimed that it is a "Controversial Change." He continued to whine about the FRFF's evil ways and how they are "full of hostility towards people of faith." Tucker Carlson joined the attack: "It's never about tolerating their views, it's attacking other people's views." (Oh, the irony! This is being said on Fox News which does this ALL THE TIME!)

Cuing the requisite Christian death threats directed towards enemies of the Fox state, Carlson read a statement from one of the city council members. In suggesting an insidious conspiracy against Christians, Carlson said that while her comment seems fair, "that's not exactly their aim, is it."

Adams blithered about how this ordinance will spawn a "body of "bureaucrats" who will be "tasked" to harass "people of faith" who have good reason to not hire atheists because the New Testament says to "avoid them." He used the hypothetical example of an airline that wants to hire pilots who believe in hell (WTF) and opined that this shows why religion is "important to so many people." He claimed that telling people that they can't hire those who are religiously simpatico "intrudes on their free exercise of faith." (So who cares about Title VII of the Civil Rights Law which states that it is "unlawful" to discriminate on the basis of faith.)

Video & more god:

Kochs exposed as free market liars in Florida solar debacle

The Koch network of liars and paid hacks have been caught lying their asses off in Florida. Cold busted. The Koch network of petrochemical industry protecting astroturfers, basically a bunch of industry hacks pretending to be free market protectors, have been utterly exposed in Florida, by conservatives no less.

A Florida effort to expand access to solar power has become a face-off between two factions of the conservative movement.

The group Conservatives for Energy Freedom is blasting Americans for Prosperity for what it called a "campaign of deception" against a ballot initiative that would make it easier for businesses and individuals to install rooftop solar energy. Conservatives for Energy Freedom, along with the state group Floridians for Solar Choice and a number of other organizations from across the political spectrum, have been working to gather enough signatures to get a measure on the November 2016 ballot that would allow direct sale of solar power to consumers.

The ballot measure has gathered wide-ranging support, from national groups like the Tea Party Network and the Christian Coalition; in-state conservative groups like the Libertarian Party of Florida and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida; environmental groups like the Sierra Club's Florida chapter and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy; and business groups like the Florida Retail Federation.

The article goes on to explain how the Kochs are claiming government support blah blah blah but as is clearly shown, Florida just wants to be able to get past the energy monopoly in Florida and buy solar directly. Apparently, Florida is one of 5 states that only allow power purchases from power companies. And the fake "free market" Koch network wants to protect that. They are exposed as liars and hypocrites BY CONSERVATIVES. I smell a coup brewing in the Republican party.


Right-Wing Economist Accidentally Tells Truth: GOP Was Hoping For Bigger Financial Disaster in 2008

From Paul Krugman in The New York Times:

Ah: I see that there was a Twitter exchange among Brad DeLong, James Pethokoukis, and others over why Republicans don’t acknowledge that Ben Bernanke helped the economy, and claim credit. Pethokoukis — who presumably gets to talk to quite a few Republicans from his perch at AEI — offers a fairly amazing explanation:

Yep: that dastardly Bernanke was preventing us from having a financial crisis, curse him.


Basically, leading Republicans didn’t just expect a disaster, they wanted one — and they were furious at Bernanke for, as they saw it, heading off the crisis they hoped to see. It’s a pretty awesome position to take. But it makes a lot of sense when you consider where these people were coming from.


Big Sugar Pay 50 "Tea Party ACTORs" To Protest Against Proposed Land Deal They Know Nothing About.


‘Tea party’ protest against proposed land deal mostly actors

Protestors chant, "Stop the waste", during a rally against the buying land from U.S. Sugar south of Lake Okeechobee on April 2, 2015 at the South Florida Water Management headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Brianna Soukup / Palm Beach Post)
More than 50 actors from a Broward County acting group were paid $75 each to protest outside the South Florida Water Management District on Thursday about a controversial land deal they knew little about.

The protest was called by the Tea Party of Miami and Florida Citizens Against Waste, a recently formed group that has no contact information on its website and is not registered to do business in Florida.


So sayeth the Lord re: pizza

No, Obama is not giving arms to Iran, that was THIS guy.

While probing the question of the arms-for-hostages deal, Attorney General Edwin Meese discovered that only $12 million of the $30 million the Iranians reportedly paid had reached government coffers. Then-unknown Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council explained the discrepancy: he had been diverting funds from the arms sales to the Contras, with the full knowledge of National Security Adviser Admiral John Poindexter and with the unspoken blessing, he assumed, of President Reagan.


Letter from Gandhi sent to Adolf Hitler in 1939.


Beep beep


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