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Detroit’s Newest Gang: A ‘Mower Gang’ That Restores Closed Parks

Detroit’s Newest Gang: A ‘Mower Gang’ That Restores Closed Parks

A photo of the Detroit Mower Gang, a volunteer group in Detroit, Michigan who gets together to mow abandoned playgrounds in the city. (Photo/Detroit Mower Gang via Facebook)

A group of local citizens have decided to do something about the blighted city’s dozens of overgrown, unused parks.

Though Michigan resident Tom Nardone was busy working and taking care of his three small children, he said he decided to give back to the community and mow a few of the parks himself once he realized that’s all that needed to be done to keep the parks open.


Nardone said he’s not the type to ask permission first, and showed up at the first park to mow the lawn without asking the city’s permission. “We’re more badass,” he said, “we don’t take any shit.”

From that first mow, Nardone’s work to give kids in Detroit their playgrounds back caught on, and he formed the Mower Gang — a group of “do-gooders” that works to restore parkland in the city.

Every Wednesday night, a group of about 25 to 30 Mower Gang members meet up and mow two to three parks in the city. Nardone, the group’s leader, said that the group has about 20 regular members who show up, nine or ten of whom have tractors.


Immigration activist Enrique Morones—calmly hand pasty-white Bill his pasty-white ass

O'Reilly Clips Don't Make Slog Often
posted by DAN SAVAGE on FRI, SEP 20, 2013 at 7:05 AM
VIDEO worth watching:
But watching this guy—immigration activist Enrique Morones—calmly hand pasty-white Bill his pasty-white ass is just too sweet.

Cutest Obama + Kid Picture (Evah) I must admit, it is hard Not to like our president

Yes he has dissappointed,
but as an elementary school teacher (art K-8) I often judge others on how they respond to children. mho, kpete

President Barack Obama writes a note for Alanah Poullard, 5, while visiting with Wounded Warriors in the East Room during their tour of the White House, Sept. 19, 2013. Alanah asked for a note to show her kindergarten teacher. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Barney Frank: Public weariness of war extends to Afghanistan as well---Lets Get Out---ASAP

Frank: Public weariness of war extends to Afghanistan as well


Every argument against a new involvement in Syria applies with even greater force to continuing to stay in Afghanistan. We're spending much, much more money. More people are being killed. It's more destabilizing.

Frank recommends that his like-minded former colleagues in Congress draft a resolution calling for an accelerated withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, targeting the end of 2013 instead of the end of 2014, and allow the will of the American public to propel that legislation into reality:

Let's push my former colleagues to vote on a resolution that says we will be out of Afghanistan as soon as practical, shooting for the end of this year, if it takes more time than that logistically, OK, to protect everybody's safety, but we should be building on that.

And I believe, once members of Congress are confronted with that choice, they're going to hear from their constituents that they ought to make it.


Fukushima Operator Dumps 1,000 Tons Of Polluted Water In Sea

Fukushima Operator Dumps 1,000 Tons Of Polluted Water In Sea
Polluted water poured into the sea after a typhoon raked the facility on Tuesday.

September 19, 2013 |

The operator of the leaking Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday that it dumped more than 1,000 tons of polluted water into the sea after a typhoon raked the facility.

Typhoon Man-yi smashed into Japan on Monday, bringing with it heavy rain that caused flooding in some parts of the country, including the ancient city of Kyoto.

The rain also lashed near the broken plant run by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), swamping enclosure walls around clusters of water tanks containing toxic water that was used to cool broken reactors.

Some of the tanks were earlier found to be leaking contaminated water.


Obama Takes On Coal With First-Ever Carbon Limits

Source: Huffington Post

Obama Takes On Coal With First-Ever Carbon Limits

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will press ahead Friday with tough requirements for new coal-fired power plants, moving to impose for the first time strict limits on the pollution blamed for global warming.

The proposal would help reshape where Americans get electricity, away from a coal-dependent past into a future fired by cleaner sources of energy. It's also a key step in President Barack Obama's global warming plans, because it would help end what he called "the limitless dumping of carbon pollution" from power plants.

Although the proposed rule won't immediatedly affect plants already operating, it eventually would force the government to limit emissions from the existing power plant fleet, which accounts for a third of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Obama has given the Environmental Protection Agency until next summer to propose those regulations.

The EPA provided The Associated Press with details of the proposal prior to the official announcement, which was expected Friday morning. The public will have a chance to comment on the rule before it becomes final.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/19/obama-carbon-limits_n_3958693.html

Breaking Bad's Walter White Rips Rush Limbaugh a New One

In the wake of Rush Limbaugh's notorious 3 day attack on Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston appeared on Ben Gleib's podcast where he carved El Rushbo a new one, then offered up a hilarious impression of Rush Limbaugh asking Fluke for videos of herself having sex:


Fleet of Enormous Alien Spacecraft sighted near Olympic Mts. 50 mi. NW of Seattle

THU SEP 19, 2013 AT 04:31 PM PDT
Fleet of Enormous Alien Spacecraft sighted near Olympic Mts. 50 mi. NW of Seattle
by Lefty Coaster

I just took these photos of there gigantic slow moving Alien Spacecraft Northeast of the Olympic Mountains now about 50 miles NW of Seattle. These photos were taken just a half an hour ago

Altocumulus Standing Lenticular Clouds

can y’all smell what pres obama’s cooking?

Can Y’all smell What Pres Obama’s cooking?
by @zizii2

No I’m not talking about the acrid smell of Boehner’s singeing flesh as he roasts in PBO’s Veto threats as well as the bonfire that is Congress. That is subject for another diary. No, I’m talking about PBO’s Foreign Policy chestnuts roasting beautifully.


He says it all the time:
“We can’t prevent all evil in the world, but how we choose to respond, that’s entirely up to us“.


This is a trait many on the left have vilified PBO for especially when he decided not to haul GWB, Cheney and the GOP cabal through hearings for lying us into a disastrous war in Iraq. The left has never forgiven him for that. PBO always operates with the simple question, how does that backward glance actually make things better for those who are in pain NOW and tomorrow. And that also confounds beltway stenographers (as Chuck Todd unhelpfully reminded us yesterday).

So with that principle in mind. It’s getting clearer that PBO sees many of the world’s hot conflicts as being irresolvable because of fear of losing face than on any real intractable substance. Conflicts fester because no one wants to take the risk to get on the dancefloor lest they expose their vulnerable flank. At the most basic level world civilizations and high and mighty rulers in their guts have never grown past kindergarten behavior.


Syria as precursor

The world watched Pres Obama take a risk by holding off military strikes against Syria and be mocked for being “weak” by myopic political adversaries, so-called allies, and the entire American corporate commentariat. More importantly PBO did not react to the mockery by reversing his position to show stupid machismo. Stuck to his goal.


Much, much more for us who are aching for some positive perspective:

Sigh. 12-year-old African American girl forced to pretend she was a slave for class field trip

Sigh. 12-year-old African American girl forced to pretend she was a slave for class field trip
by Meteor BladesFollow

You can watch the news coverage here. WFSB 3 Connecticut

And read about it here:

During a Nature’s Classroom field trip organized by Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy last year, a 12-year-old black girl was forced to pretend she was a slave as part of a historical reenactment. During the simulation she was called the N-word, chased through the woods, and threatened with physical violence including whipping and cutting her Achilles. Nature’s Classroom has been criticized for this same reenactment in the past, but continues do it.

Now, Sandra and James Baker—the girl’s parents—have taken their complaints to the Connecticut School Board and the Human Rights Commission after 10-months of trying to get an apology from their daughter’s former school. Other students who went on the same trip were recently debriefed, and described being similarly horrified by the experience.

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