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Donald Trump: I should be President because ‘I can feel’ terrorism

The Republican frontrunner boasted of his innate “instinct” for predicting terrorist threats, Trump told a packed crowd at Tennessee’s Knoxville Convention Center Monday night.

“In my book I predicted terrorism because I can feel it,” said Trump, who has made his billions developing casinos and hotels. “I can feel it like I feel a good location.”


Eye Opener From - JULY 1938

What Americans thought of Jewish refugees on the eve of World War II

Party Fearing War on Religion Now Waging War on a Religion

SO FAR THE RIGHT HAS BLAMED Obama, non-Christian refugees, gun control, Obama and Obama and Obama.

ALSO TO BLAME, not saying the magic words “Islamic Extremism” or “Radical Islam” three times then clicking our heels because fighting jihadists isn’t enough, we also have to let 1.57 billion almost entirely peaceful Muslims know we’re on to them.

BOTH TED CRUZ AND JEB BUSH HAVE CALLED for only taking Christian refugees from the Middle East into the United States — a standard that would literally require you to reject Jesus.

IT’S ALWAYS FUN WHEN Republicans switch from saying there’s a war against religious freedom to arguing we really should wage a war on an actual religion.

TED CRUZ HAS CALLED FOR more tolerance for civilian casualties, which marks the first time Ted Cruz has called for more tolerance of anything.


Between a knife and a hard place.....


"What could terrorist do to us we don't do to ourselves?"


Meanwhile another white guy charged with shooting and killing 6 people.
Maybe NY should stop immigration from Texas

I am tired of racism in this country, too.

The heartbreaking letter of a Virginia teenager detailing the racial abuse he faces daily at school


"Donald-I dare you to get in ring with her & say that...In fact I would pay big $ to see it"

T-Mobile CEO Blasts Donald Trump’s Rampant Misogyny Perfectly


Nothing left behind.....


C O W A R D S ! ! !

What does a coward do, two days after the horrific terror attacks on the people of Paris?

A coward denies refuge to victims of terror out of fear the terrorists will retaliate.


If we are rejecting the Syrian Refugees
then let's STOP saying we are going to war to "defend" Freedom.
Because that is a LIE


These are people who are the first to say that the United States military is fighting for freedom. Yes, as long as it’s in some far-off place, as long as it’s somebody else’s kid, as long as we can stand up during a football game and admire the fighter jets zooming overhead during a halftime Tribute to the Troops, as long as somebody can make a buck selling weapons, it’s all good. Because freedom.

But let in to our beautiful country some of those very same people that Our Troops were fighting to save? Not on your life! What if one of them turns out to be a terrorist?

Terrorists, or Terrible Twos? Many fear-stricken Americans can't tell the difference.



GOP Governors Ready To Give ISIS What It Wants


The Rude Pundit: Another Goddamned Blog Post About Paris and ISIS


.........no matter what you do, a half-dozen fucknuts are always going to be able to occasionally slip through your wall or your shield and wreak havoc. But it means a little goddamned mercy goes a long ass way. It means opening ourselves to the refugee tide and offering an experience of the West that is counter to the image that they've been fed in much the same way the West has been fed an image of the Muslim world that's a lie, but it's a lie that gets stronger with every attack and it allows the liars to lie to more people.

Many of the current wave of refugees want to get the hell away from the storm that's engulfed Syria, which includes the crazed violence of the Assad regime and of ISIS. The Republican policy seems to be let's send back the people fleeing bombs so we can do the bombing. That's unsustainable. Instead, as Jesse Berney says in Rolling Stone, "If we want a world where terrorists can no longer recruit young people to give their lives to senseless murder, we have to show that the United States is not their enemy. Welcoming those fleeing terror is a critical first step. And rejecting refugees won't keep terrorists determined to attack us from finding a way in."

What happened in Paris is a nightmare. If we once again react with just military might and limitations on the rights of people and ludicrous lashing out at anyone Muslim, then we will be here, perhaps after Assad falls and we once again get rid of a terrible person and unleash chaos, and we'll all be saying the same goddamn things in more goddamned blog posts of recognizing that we fail and fail again and refuse to do something other than fail.

- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.X8T6UYuW.dpuf
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