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SUPPORT THE TROOPS? Vietnam Vet With PTSD Is FIRST Execution of 2015


JACKSON, Georgia – In the first execution carried out in the US in 2015, last night Georgia put to death a decorated Vietnam War veteran who had been diagnosed with severe mental illness before he killed a deputy sheriff after a traffic stop in 1998.


Brannan was honorably discharged in 1971. He received the Bronze Star and two Army Commendation medals for his service.

But as he returned to civilian life, deep psychological and personal problems emerged in Brannan’s life. His lawyer said he could not hold down a job and his marriage fell apart. One of Brannan’s brothers was killed in active duty and another committed suicide. In 1984, he was granted partial disability for service-connected Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). By 1991, the Department of Veterans Affairs determined Brannan to be 100 percent disabled due to PTSD, a severe diagnosis that means one’s symptoms show “total occupation and social impairment.”


By the time he was pulled over by Deputy Dinkheller, Brannan was living in a structure he had built in the woods near Dublin, Georgia. It had no running water or electricity. A doctor who examined Brannan would later write that the veteran “was living a marginal, fearful life, living in a primitive homemade shack reminiscent of a bunker in Vietnam.”


Charles P. PIERCE: "We are back in the hands of the spooks again."

By Charles P. Pierce

.......In one of the more striking passages in the interview, Danner explains how a complicated infrastructure of mendacity was constructed and how it became equally as vital to the torture program as were the waterboard and the rectal feeding tube. Not only did the CIA arrange this infrastructure in order to lie to the American people about what was done in their name, but also the CIA built this infrastructure to provide an institutional basis for the American government to lie to itself.

"The CIA," says Danner, "was actually misleading the Department of Justice. The report shows that the information given to the DOJ by the CUA in order for the DOJ to make its determination in the summer of 2002 that these techniques were legal were misleading and wrong; notably, that the techniques were not applied as described, but much more brutally, especially waterboarding. John Yoo, the author of the original torture memo, already told the Office of Professional Responsibility during its investigation that if waterboarding was performed as it was described in the press he would not have judged it legal. And the report shows that indeed the CIA performed the technique in a much more brutal manner than it admitted to the Department of Justice lawyers."
(I pause for a moment here to catch my breath at the possibility of the inexcusable John Yoo's being let even partway off the hook.)

.......If the CIA is willing to arrange that the government lies to itself, if it is willing to hack the Congress, I choose to believe that it will feed the public anything that suits its immediate needs. By creating within a free country a culture of credulous fear, the CIA has managed to create that culture's functional doppelganger -- an architecture of unbelief. Because, in creating the culture of credulous fear, the CIA has lied so often and so well and to so many different audiences, there no longer is any prima facie reason to believe anything that the American intelligence community says, especially not what it says anonymously. Whether this is dangerous to the country or not is not for me to say, but neither is it for the people who profit from deceit to say, either. The existence of a deep intelligence state within a self-governing political commonwealth never has been tenable. But, for a brief moment, a cultivated, credulous fear was replaced by a modicum of natural democratic skepticism, but that died in the offices of Charlie Hebdo along with the magazine's staff. We are back in the hands of the spooks again. In all of our institutions, secrecy and the magical thinking of the intelligence priesthood infiltrates itself like foul water after a storm, bringing rot we cannot see until it brings everything down. Then the members of the priesthood put on their most glittering robes and blame the heretics out there who did not believe, the infrastructure of disbelief that the priesthood's own mendacity constructed within the incense-clouded cathedral it has made of our fears.



"Racism" explained - from the mouth of babes...


The New Yorker's Latest Cover Features MLK, Eric Garner & Slain NYPD Cop

The cover of The New Yorker magazine's upcoming Jan. 26 issue is set to feature the faces of several slain minority men in a poignant image of marchers bound together with linked arms.

Likenesses of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Brown, and NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu are part of a cover entitled "The Dream of Reconciliation."

This description of the cover appeared on The New Yorker magazine's website:

“The Dream of Reconciliation”

Barry Blitt drew next week’s cover, inspired by the photographs of the Selma-to-Montgomery march that are everywhere again. “It struck me that King’s vision was both the empowerment of African-Americans, the insistence on civil rights, but also the reconciliation of people who seemed so hard to reconcile,” he said. “In New York and elsewhere, the tension between the police and the policed is at the center of things. Like Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, Martin Luther King was taken way too early. It is hard to believe things would have got as bad as they are if he was still around today.”



Guantánamo Diary: ‘I smelled the odour of a letter that had touched the hand of my mom’

After the disappointment of receiving a forged letter, Mohamedou Ould Slahi finally hears from his mother after more than two years’ imprisonment
• Declassified diary published at last
• Extract: The flight to Guantánamo
• Extract: Torture at sea
• Extract: False confession

In February 2004, after more than two years in captivity, Slahi had still had no contact with his family. The only letter he had received before that had turned out to be a crude forgery.


On the 14th, the US Army released the first letter from my family. It was sent through the International Committee of the Red Cross. My family wrote it months before, in July 2003. It had been 815 days since I was kidnapped from my house and had all contacts with my family forcibly broken. I had been sending many letters to my family since I arrived in Cuba, but to no avail. In Jordan I was forbidden even to send a letter.

I couldn’t respond to the letter because I was still not allowed to see the ICRC
__________________ was the one who handed me that historical piece of paper


Offensive News

Poor Tippers Need To Understand Reality


Find The TRUE Statement:

Cenk Uygur slams Huckabee: He’ll blast Beyonce after playing bass with Ted Nugent

Young Turks host Cenk Uygur mocked former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Thursday for complaining about Beyonce’s lyrics given his own history of pushing suggestive songs.

“Mike Huckabee, isn’t that toxic? What have you done to the children of America?” Uygur exclaimed in faux-horror. “The hypocrisy of these guys knows no bounds.”

While Huckabee has suggested Beyonce is “arguably” being pimped by her husband and questioned President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for letting their children listen to her work, Uygur argued, he seemed to have no problem with Ted Nugent’s lyrical content, going so far as to jam with him on his Fox News talk show in 2011.

Uygur then showed footage of the prospective GOP presidential contender smilingly playing bass guitar while Nugent — introduced as “a patriot and a friend” on that episode — sang “Cat Scratch Fever,” which features sexually suggestive lyrics.

“I don’t think Beyonce’s talking about ‘stroking the pussy’ at 10 years old. Is that family values, Mike Huckabee?” Uygur said. “Oh, I see — he’s a white rocker. I got that all mixed up. When white rockers talk about ‘pussy,’ it’s totally fine.”

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