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Christie's Answer Still The Same - Except For One Freudian Slip...

"Let's remember something for everybody out there. We did not close lanes to the bridge. All the lanes on the bridge were open. These were three toll booths that are dedicated just to Fort Lee, and that two of those lanes were closed apparently to do a traffic study to see if there was really a need for all those three lanes. That's what I was told at the time..."

The Rachel Maddow Show

Self-Righteous-Loofah-Man-O'Reilly Tells Obama He Didn't Need Student Loans: 'That's Who I Am'

"You and I took advantage of certain things. I don’t know about you, but I got some loans to go to college," Obama said.

But a self-described "self-reliance guy" like O'Reilly didn't need any government largess, thank you very much.

"Nah, I painted houses, I didn’t get any," O'Reilly responded. "See, that's who I am."

Obama was quick to say that he painted houses in the summer, too.

"It still wasn’t enough," he told O'Reilly.

Video & More:

"Stand Your Ground" advocates always see themselves as the one with the gun

MON FEB 03, 2014 AT 10:10 PM PST
"Stand Your Ground" advocates always see themselves as the one with the gun
by Rolandz

One of the problems with the "Stand Your Ground" laws is that those defending them always seem to see themselves as the ones making the stand and not as the innocent victims of the gun violence.

When someone begins defending George Zimmerman to me, I always respond with something to the effect of, "Yea, I guess if Trayvon Martin had been the one with the gun, he could have turned on the strange man following him, said he felt threatened and shot him in 'self-defense.'" Somehow, when I suggest that scenario, the whole idea of "Stand Your Ground" doesn't seem so enticing anymore. Could it be that they have never envisioned a black man as the one shooting the gun and an unarmed white man as the victim?

I thought the same thing last week when New York Congressman Michael Grimm, in a heated moment, threatened to hurl a reporter over a balcony for daring to question him about an ongoing federal investigation into alleged finance violations by his campaign.

Now suppose that reporter had been armed and had felt threatened by Grimm's behavior and comments. In the right wing mindset, would he not have been justified in pulling out his gun and shooting the congressman right then and there, no questions asked, no time for a cooling-off period to assess the actual threat? Somehow I doubt that, in this particular instance at least, Grimm would be so quick to make that case.

It's easy to be in favor of laws like that when you always see yourself as the righteous player in the scene. What many supporters never do is see themselves as the potential victim.


For The Clowns Hating The Coke Ad With A Gay Family: Guess Who Wrote The Song?

WASHINGTON -- Conservative news outlet Breitbart.com reported Sunday night that a Coca-Cola ad featuring the song “America the Beautiful” sparked “outrage from some viewers" because, among other perceived offenses, it "featured a gay family."

The writer of the song herself might be a bit confused by the outrage.

Katharine Lee Bates, who first drafted the words to the anthem in 1893, lived in Wellesley, Mass., for 25 years with Katharine Coman, whom some described as her lesbian partner. In an 1891 letter to Coman, Bates wrote that she couldn’t leave Wellesley for long because “so many love-anchors held me there, and it seemed least of all possible when I had just found the long-desired way to your dearest heart ... Of course I want to come to you, very much as I want to come to Heaven."

After Coman's death, Bates published a collection of poems, Yellow Clover: A Book of Remembrance, that were to or about her. While the nature of their relationship isn’t certain -- it's been described as a “Boston marriage,” a term that included platonic relationships between women but often had undertones of romantic attachment -- the two expressed deep love for each other during their many years together.


Subpoenaed Christie Staffer is Wife of Gas Co. Pres. Behind Big NJ Pipeline Project

“This project was being fast-tracked and was being pushed aggressively by the Christie administration,” Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey, an advocacy group, said. “There were multiple red flags that this was violating the Pinelands Commission’s mission and the administration was recklessly moving forward with it.”

TRENTON — An aide to Gov. Chris Christie who resigned Friday is married to a top executive of a company that tried to build a controversial gas pipeline through the environmentally sensitive Pinelands region — a plan the governor's office unsuccessfully sought to get approved.

The relationship has drawn fire from environmentalists who call it a conflict of interest -- and say the Christie administration forced an anti-pipeline Pinelands Commission member to recuse himself from a vote on the project because they alleged he had a conflict.

Christina Genovese Renna, who had been director of intergovernmental affairs for Christie, is married to Michael J. Renna, president and chief operating officer of South Jersey Industries, the parent company of South Jersey Gas, which wanted to build the pipeline.

The 22-mile pipeline between Maurice River Township and Beesleys Point was rejected after a deadlocked 7-7 vote by the Pinelands Commission last month. Environmental advocates had said it was being rushed through. and accused Christie administration officials of trying to strong-arm opponents.


The sorry bastards-in-power in Sochi have ordered the murder of 1000s of stray dogs

Sochi City Hall Orders Killing Of Stray Dogs


SOCHI, Russia (AP) — Thousands of stray dogs have been living amid the mud and rubble of Olympic construction sites, roaming the streets and snowy mountainsides, and begging for scraps of food.

But as the games drew near, authorities have turned to a company to catch and kill the animals so they don't bother Sochi's new visitors — or even wander into an Olympic event.

Alexei Sorokin, director general of pest control firm Basya Services, told The Associated Press that his companyhad a contract to exterminate the animals throughout the Olympics, which open Friday.

Sorokin described his company as being involved in the "catching and disposing" of dogs, although he refused to specify how the dogs would be killed or say where they would take the carcasses.




GOP New Plan For The Middle Class (Timely Tole's Toon)


The Middle Class Is Eroding. Just Ask the Business World.
The post-recession reality is that the customer base for businesses that appeal to the middle class is shrinking as the top tier climbs higher.

WSJ: Christie ally prepped official (for 5 days prior to) bridge testimony

Source: UPI

TRENTON, N.J., Feb. 3 (UPI) -- A lawyer tied to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie prepped an official who lied George Washington Bridge lane closures were for a traffic study, an official said.

Philip Kwon, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's deputy general counsel, spent parts of four to five days helping Bill Baroni prepare for testimony before a New Jersey legislative committee Nov. 25, the official told the Wall Street Journal.


State Sen. Loretta Weinberg, co-chairwoman of a legislative special committee investigating the scandal, said she would try to get an an explanation of Baroni's preparations.

"What concerns me is why the Port Authority or any member of the Port Authority staff, if the allegation is true, would have to spend four or five days preparing somebody who told this story that is obviously incorrect," she told the Wall Street Journal.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2014/02/03/WSJ-Christie-ally-prepped-official-before-bridge-testimony/UPI-75301391411120/#ixzz2sG4fziSo

Rubio Rising in GOP as Christie Falls

Until they ask him what he thinks of the Coke ad…

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