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Obama is sending an undocumented worker to live in your house while he awaits his deportation trial.

Right-Wing Poutrage
by BooMan
Wed Feb 27th, 2013 at 08:47:19 AM EST

The Republicans crack me up when they complain about the president being political and "campaigning" against them. Here they are, taking a meat-axe to the federal budget, offering to give the president more "flexibility" to wield the axe (so they can blame him for the resulting outrage), and when the administration delays the deployment of an air craft carrier or decides to release a bunch of undocumented workers from detention, they are outraged. "Couldn't he find the money elsewhere," they shriek.

Yeah, he could have, but he didn't because you are acting like assholes. And, in any case, supervised release is more cost-effective than holding people in prison where you have to guard and feed them.

Next right-wing conspiracy? If Boehner won't negotiate, Obama is sending an undocumented worker to live in your house while he awaits his deportation trial.

- See more at: http://www.boomantribune.com/#sthash.ofRGTdAm.dpuf

Whose deportation trial? The worker, Boehner, or Obama? If it's a wingnut conspiracy, it could be any of the above. - See more at: http://www.boomantribune.com/story/2013/2/27/84719/4285#sthash.Bb5VOCTL.dpuf

Get off their ass?! Boehner just came off a week-long vacation!

John Boehner: Sequester Requires Senate To Get 'Off Their Ass'


Federal Appeals Court: There Is No Second Amendment Right To A Concealed Firearm

Source: Think Progress

Federal Appeals Court: There Is No Second Amendment Right To A Concealed Firearm
By Ian Millhiser on Feb 27, 2013 at 10:30 am

A panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, which included a Reagan and a George W. Bush appointee, held unanimously on Friday that the Second Amendment does not protect a right to carry a concealed firearm:

The Heller opinion notes that, “like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts routinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.” As an example of the limited nature of the Second Amendment right to keep and carry arms, the Court observed that “the majority of the 19th-century courts to consider the question held that prohibitions on carrying concealed weapons were lawful under the Second Amendment or state analogues.” And the Court stressed that “nothing in our opinion should be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions.”

There can be little doubt that bans on the concealed carrying of firearms are longstanding. In Heller, the Supreme Court cited several early cases in support of the statement that most nineteenth century courts approved of such prohibitions. We note, however, that this view was not unanimous. Nevertheless, most states enacted laws banning the carrying of concealed weapons” in the nineteenth century.

It should be noted that the court left open the question of whether a concealed carry ban is permitted in a jurisdiction that also bans open carry of firearms. Nevertheless, this decision is a reminder that, despite the Supreme Court’s decision in Heller expanding the scope of the Second Amendment, states and the federal government retain broad leeway to enact many gun safety laws.

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2013/02/27/1637831/federal-appeals-court-there-is-no-second-amendment-right-to-a-concealed-firearm/

The Future Is Dark

WARREN TO BERNANKE: "So when are we gonna get rid of 'too big to fail?'"

Sen. Warren continues to strike fear among the biggest of the oligarchs - enjoy watching!

"We've now understood this problem for nearly five years," she said. "So when are we gonna get rid of 'too big to fail?'"

Though Bernanke questioned the accuracy of the $83 billion figure, he admitted that big banks get some subsidy. But he said the market was wrong to give banks any subsidy at all (in the form of lower borrowing costs), insisting that the government will in fact let banks fail. The 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law has given policymakers the tools to safely shut down big, failing banks, he claimed.

But when repeatedly pressed by Warren, Bernanke's confidence seemed to waver.

"The subsidy is coming because of market expectations that the government would bail out these firms if they failed," Bernanke said. "Those expectations are incorrect. We have an orderly liquidation authority. Even in the crisis, we -- uh, uh -- in the cases of AIG, for example, we wiped out the shareholders..."


Rep. Keith Ellison hammers Sean Hannity: You’re a shill for the Republican Party

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota ripped into Fox News host Sean Hannity during a tense interview on Tuesday night.

Hannity began his segment by claiming President Barack Obama was to blame for looming across-the-budget cuts known as the sequester. The conservative Fox News host insisted the President was “fearmongering” about the consequences of the cuts and played an irreverent mash-up of Obama’s recent speeches.

“You’re the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen,” Ellison said after being introduced.

Hannity asked for Ellison to repeat himself, claiming he couldn’t hear him. Instead, Ellison continued to blast Hannity, saying his mash-up was deceptive “yellow journalism” and a “breach of every journalistic ethic I know of.” Ellison told Hannity he was a “shill for the Republican Party,” but Hannity repeatedly insisted he was a “registered conservative.”


This is why Kurt Vonnegut is underrated

TUE FEB 26, 2013 AT 07:48 AM PST
This is why Kurt Vonnegut is underrated

In the shadow of the looming sequester, as elected government representatives, as they're wont to do, argue about whether they should choose between cutting services that help the poor and general populace, or raising taxes on the wealthy, I was reminded of this excerpt from a Kurt Vonnegut book, that I think helps to point out just how long we've been having this exact same conversation:


When the United States of America, which was meant to be a Utopia for all, was less than a century old, Noah Rosewater and a few men like him demonstrated the folly of the Founding Fathers in one respect: those sadly recent ancestors had not made it the law of the Utopia that the wealth of each citizen should be limited.

This oversight was engendered by a weak-kneed sympathy for those who loved expensive things and by the feeling that the continent was so vast and valuable, and the population so thin and enterprising, that no thief, no matter how fast he stole, could more than mildly inconvenience anyone.

Noah and a few like him perceived that the continent was in fact finite, and that venal office-holders, legislators in particular, could be persuaded to toss up great hunks of it for grabs, and to toss them in such a way as to have them land where Noah and his kind were standing.

Thus did a handful of rapacious citizens come to control all that was worth controlling in America. Thus was the savage and stupid and entirely inappropriate and unnecessary and humorless American class system created. Honest, industrious, peaceful citizens were classed as bloodsuckers, if they asked to be paid a living wage. And they saw that praise was reserved henceforth for those who devised means of getting paid enormously for committing crimes against which no laws had been passed. Thus the American dream turned belly up, turned green, bobbed to the scummy surface of cupidity unlimited, filled with gas, went bang in the noonday sun.

E pluribus unum is surely an ironic motto to inscribe on the currency of this Utopia gone bust, for every grotesquely rich American represents property, privileges, and pleasures that have been denied the many. An even more instructive motto, in light of history made by the Noah Rosewaters, might be: Grab much too much, or you'll get nothing at all.

-Kurt Vonnegut, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

"A Thing Of Beauty": Santa Monica High School vs. Westboro Baptist Church

The Phelps’ made the trip to California for the Oscars, but since they were already there, they decided to picket a high school too.

Here’s a great shot of the pro-gay high school students protesting against Fred Phelps’ protest – it’s a panorama I created by grabbing shots from the YouTube video and stringing them together. The actual protest line went even longer to the right side of the image.



KRUGMAN re: GOP: They want a fiscal crisis; they need it; they’re enjoying it.

To say what should be obvious: Republicans don’t care about the deficit. They care about exploiting the deficit to pursue their goal of dismantling the social insurance system. They want a fiscal crisis; they need it; they’re enjoying it. I mean, how is “starve the beast” supposed to work? Precisely by creating a fiscal crisis, giving you an excuse to slash Social Security and Medicare.


Limbaugh Admits Defeat: "The Left Has Beaten Us"

Anyway, my point with all this is that for 25 years, folks, we've been dealing with the same premise: "Unless we spend another dime, the country is going to cease to exist." And for 25 years I have responded to each premise on what I call an intellectual, point-by-point basis refuting every claim. The purpose of this program has been to create as large a body of informed voting citizens as possible. While we've been largely and profoundly successful at that, the left has beaten us.

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