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This made me sick.

Chris Kyle

Today I don't know exactly what to write. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and my heart is full. American Sniper has broken records, which follows such an honest path of Chris's life. We never expected anything and were always in a moment of stunned silence at the response from all the beautiful people in this world.

Thank you Jim DeFelice, author of the book American Sniper for getting us on this path.

I also just want to cry and cry and honestly have today. I think that's what happens when I don't have the words. The only thing I can say is thank you. Thank you for the love and support of our military. Thank you for being willing to watch the hard stuff and thank you for hearing, seeing, experiencing the life of our military and first responders. I put them together because the battlefields may be different but the experience is the same on many spiritual levels.

Thank you for laughing with us too. This picture was taken after we had both of our kids after the third deployment. We flew to Oregon over Christmas break. My folks, my sister and her family, Chris and I all went to Mt Hood to play in the snow. As per usual, Chris and I ended up being the biggest kids in the bunch and had a snowball fight that ended in a tackle and hysterical fit of laughter.

To Chris: I miss you and yet I know you are here. You are the man who I couldn't have even dreamt of because you were/are better than I could have dreamed, the love of my life, my friend, partner and the man who laughed with me through the pain and found joy in the smallest and best parts of life. I hope you see the love and good we will do together in whatever God has planned for the rest of the journey. Thank you for loving me. You are with me and I love you is all I can say. I can only say it simply, because there aren't words enough to express it all.

To all of you who have written, texted, or communicated support by simply seeing the movie and those who are offering opportunities to continue the work... I am so grateful for each and every one of you. It gives me strength and hope for the future. I am praying that God works through all of us and that you all are blessed in return for the tremendous blessings you are giving our military and police who take care of us every day.

United We Stand

God Bless,

Micah 6:8

worst of all, it was on my FB, posted by my nephew

We’re spreading freedom and democracy with guns and drones. God bless America

Kyle wrote that he “couldn’t give a flying fuck about the Iraqis,” that he would shoot “anyone from about sixteen to sixty-five and if they’re male,” and that he “hated the damn savages.”

“I don’t shoot people with Korans,” Kyle also stated. “I’d like to, but I don’t.”



Is American Sniper historically accurate?
Clint Eastwood’s simplistic film about one of the deadliest snipers in US history piles on Bush-era propaganda and sharp-shoots the facts


Bad guys

In case you don’t believe they’re savages, the main Iraqi characters – who have virtually no lines – are clearly very bad guys. There is a mostly fictional sniper named Mustafa (Sammy Sheik), a former Olympic marksman, who is mentioned in one paragraph of Kyle’s book but in the film becomes his sharp-shooting, marine-murdering nemesis. In real life, Kyle wrote of Mustafa: “I never saw him, but other snipers later killed an Iraqi sniper we think was him.” In the film, Kyle and Mustafa battle to the death.

Then there’s a fictional terrorist called the Butcher (Mido Hamada), who wears a long black coat and attacks small children with electric drills. The Butcher may be loosely based on Ismail Hafidh al-Lami, known as Abu Deraa, blamed for thousands of deaths in the mid-2000s. The main point is that he’s horrible. In fact, everyone Kyle kills is horrible. The war is a lot easier to support when no Americans ever make a mistake and everyone who opposes them is obviously horrible. You’re either with us or against us. We’re spreading freedom and democracy with guns and drones. God bless America.


Good guys

Every kill Kyle makes, even with shots taken after split-second decisions, is 100% righteous and saves American lives. The skull logo of Marvel’s murderous vigilante the Punisher is on his vest and his armoured vehicle, yet nobody asks whether that sort of symbolism is going to help win Iraqi hearts and minds. He is a true patriotic American, with a whacking great tattoo of a Jerusalem cross on his arm. That bit is true: “I had it put in in red, for blood,” he wrote. “I hated the damn savages I’d been fighting. I always will. They’ve taken so much from me.”

Kyle suffers after his tours of duty, but only, he says, because he wanted to kill more bad guys to save more marines. He develops a thousand-yard stare, and attacks his own dog at a barbecue. The message of American Sniper is that Kyle is the real victim of the war. The Iraqis he shot deserved it, because – as it has established to its own satisfaction – they were savages. As for non-savage Iraqis who may have reasonable grounds to complain about what happened to their country following the invasion, they must be in some other movie.

the rest:

Catholics don't need to breed like rabbits, says Pope from the papal plane

Pope Francis says Roman Catholics don't need to breed like rabbits. Speaking to reporters on the papal plane on his way back from the Philippines, the Pope upholds Vatican teaching banning contraception, and says good Catholics do not need to be 'like rabbits' but should practice responsible parenting


Cover of USA TODAY: "Police can SEE through walls"


France begins jailing people for ironic comments

France begins jailing people for ironic comments
Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Mon, 01/19/2015 - 13:36

Mock Charlie Hebdo cover circulated after the murder of the magazine’s cartoonists. The text says “Charlie Hebdo is shit. It doesn’t stop bullets.”


It may sound like an ironic joke, but it isn’t. Less than a week after the massive rallies in defense of “free expression,” following the murders of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, French authorities have jailed a youth for irony.

The arrest is part of a harsh crackdown on free speech in the country that has prompted criticism from national and international human rights organizations.

A 16-year-old high school student was taken into police custody on Thursday and indicted for “defending terrorism,” national broadcaster France 3 reports.

His alleged crime? He posted on Facebook a cartoon “representing a person holding the magazine Charlie Hebdo, being hit by bullets, and accompanied by an ‘ironic’ comment,” France 3 reports.


Supporting Martin Luther King


Huge Snowden story:British spy agency intercepted emails from journalists at NYT, WaPo, Reuters, BBC

GCHQ captured emails of journalists from top international media
• Snowden files reveal emails of BBC, NY Times and more
• Agency includes investigative journalists on ‘threat’ list
• Editors call on Cameron to act against snooping on media

GCHQ’s bulk surveillance of electronic communications has scooped up emails to and from journalists working for some of the US and UK’s largest media organisations, analysis of documents released by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals.

Emails from the BBC, Reuters, the Guardian, the New York Times, Le Monde, the Sun, NBC and the Washington Post were saved by GCHQ and shared on the agency’s intranet as part of a test exercise by the signals intelligence agency.

The disclosure comes as the British government faces intense pressure to protect the confidential communications of reporters, MPs and lawyers from snooping.

The journalists’ communications were among 70,000 emails harvested in the space of less than 10 minutes on one day in November 2008 by one of GCHQ’s numerous taps on the fibre-optic cables that make up the backbone of the internet.

The communications, which were sometimes simple mass-PR emails sent to dozens of journalists but also included correspondence between reporters and editors discussing stories, were retained by GCHQ and were available to all cleared staff on the agency intranet. There is nothing to indicate whether or not the journalists were intentionally targeted.


The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. --- by Kid President

Once upon a time, there was a man named Martin Luther King, Jr. He taught us that things won't always be awesome, but your response can be. Remember, things don't always have to be the way they are. We can change them! Kids can change them. This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, celebrate the promise of change with Kid President.

Arkansas 2015


Unanimous Goldmine - All Coltrane solos at once.

Read An Essay And Hear A New Song From Saul Williams In Honor Of MLK Day


To the powers that be, we say "fuck u" and to those who, like police, follow orders, fight or work to maintain a system that does not keep their best interest, nor the overwhelming majority's at heart we say "understand me."
Understand, what made Egyptian soldiers lay down their arms and join protestors during the Arab Spring. Understand what made communities across America take to the streets, storm highways & shopping centers, peacefully. Understand that although the divide and conquer tactics of pitting black against white, christian against muslim against jew, can bring worthwhile debate and heightened understanding, it doesn't take much to realize that the true and only fight is against that which has kept women subjugated to men, and poor subjugated to rich. The sooner we understand this without brandishing overtly blind-siding terms like "terrorist" "lazy" the sooner we realize that we are all, in fact, on the same team and that the movement towards a more educated, better fed society should not be side-lined by such petty constructs as race, identity, and that which has kept many groups disenfranchised, silenced, and in debt.


Unanimous Goldmine
All Coltrane solos at once.

Twist them horns
'round the necks
of each equation
& expand
upon multiples
of death.

We were crowded
into the shitbins
of a floating toilet
dreaming of an Afterlife.

Memory stored in a cloud.

in sea-major.

The winners
of religious thinking
praise books
for bookends.

Here, is the invention
of the astronaut.

First Nation
Sweat ceremony
in a spaceship.

To imagine hell
is privilege.

Paint a dreamworld
solid enough
to hold us.

Held by
blocks of time,
margins & calendars,
divisions of labor
contracts: social & otherwise.

With each kiss
in direct co-relation
to stars & seasons,

the ability to
calculate distance,
harness power,
stem cells,
erect mobile mansions
capable of projecting destruction
at greater & greater will,

what could be keeping us here?

Here is what death is like:
Life without fear.

MORE understanding:
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