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Al Jazeera America Series on U.S. Criminal Justice System

Al Jazeera America Series on U.S. Criminal Justice System

By Jeralyn, Section Crime Policy
Posted on Mon May 19, 2014 at 11:03:10 AM EST

Al Jazeera America has just begun airing an 8 part series on the flaws in our criminal justice system. The first episode aired last night, and addressed coerced and false confessions. The remaining topics:

Episode 2: Mandatory Sentencing
Episode 3: Flawed Forensics (FBI Lab)
Episode 4: Eyewitness Identification
Episode 5: Parole
Episode 6: Juvenile Justice
Episode 7: Broken Windows: Policing Strategies
Episode 8: Prosecutorial Integrity
Reuters has more on the show here:

“The System with Joe Berlinger”

Al Jazeera America Presents, a new original series from Academy Award nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger exploring controversial cases within the criminal justice system. He’ll examine the underbelly and dark corners of the American justice system to investigate troubling cases embodying this all too human drama. Amidst the murky world where alleged miscarriages have taken place he’ll dig for the truth and ask the question, was justice served?

Raising riveting questions about innocence and guilt, there will often be surprises: sometimes the person crying foul is himself lying; sometimes the disgruntled cop is discredited, but then vindicated; and sometimes the system has worked, and justice served. Focusing on any number of layers within the criminal justice system, each episode of the series will explore a controversial case – carried out by or impacting prosecutors, citizens, police officers, and businesses, among others. As we examine each story, we’ll see whether the vaunted system of US justice has triumphed or failed.



Bullet Immunity?

Tempting Fate?


NC: 3 Senators Introduce Bill: FELONY for Individuals Who Disclose Confidential Info Re: Fracking

As hydraulic fracturing ramps up around the country, so do concerns about its health impacts. These concerns have led 20 states to require the disclosure of industrial chemicals used in the fracking process.
North Carolina isn’t on that list of states yet – and it may be hurtling in the opposite direction.

On Thursday, three Republican state senators introduced a bill that would slap a felony charge on individuals who disclosed confidential information about fracking chemicals. The bill, whose sponsors include a member of Republican party leadership, establishes procedures for fire chiefs and healthcare providers to obtain chemical information during emergencies. But as the trade publication Energywire noted Friday, individuals who leak information outside of emergency settings could be penalized with fines and several months in prison.


The NRA Outrage Of The Moment


Team Obama Supports Your Right to "Selfie"-Defense?

Posted on May 16, 2014
Tyrants and terrorists, like murderers, rapists and robbers, understand only one thing: force. They laugh at, and are emboldened by, weakness. That is why it is important to preserve and promote the right to keep and bear arms. An armed citizenry deters violence.


However, those of us who understand and value the Second Amendment will not forfeit the right to keep and bear arms, and we will not stake our personal safety on "#PleaseDontHurtMe" tweets. Instead, we will exercise our right to arms, by acquiring the best arms for defensive purposes and becoming proficient in their use. And we will do everything possible in 2016 to help elect a president who understands the importance of maintaining strength, whether dealing with common criminals here at home, or with international criminals on the world stage.

MORE stink:

NRA not happy until America looks like this:

Want privacy on your flight? Try to head sling. Yes, there is a photo.

The "B-Tourist Slip" is a ring of elastic fabric that folds easily into your luggage. Once on the plane, whip it out to slip one end over the seat headrest in front and another over your own, creating a 360 wall of cloth that you can rest your weary noggin against. Folds in the fabric accommodate personal items like phones and glasses, and sliding rings lets you adjust the personal cave to your preferred width.


Angry Graduate Wrote This Letter To His University. It's Hard Not To Agree With Him.


Jill Abramson Says Anita Hill Reached Out To Offer Encouragement

"What's next for me? I don't know," Abramson said. "So I'm in exactly the same boat as many of you. And like you, I'm a little scared, but also excited."

In her first public comments since her unceremonious ouster at the Times, Abramson spoke extensively of her firing — although she never elaborated on the reasons for her dismissal. She began the speech with a coy reference to the national media's presence at the ceremony in Winston-Salem, N.C.

"I think the only real news here today is your graduation from this great university," Abramson said.

Abramson revealed in the speech that law professor Anita Hill, who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, sent her an encouraging note last week following her firing


Poverty is a demanding, stressful, depressive & often violent state. No one seeks it (Charles Blow)

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind
Charles M. Blow


“Indeed, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest survey of consumer expenditure found that the poorest fifth of America’s households contributed an average of 4.3 percent of their incomes to charitable organizations in 2007. The richest fifth gave at less than half that rate, 2.1 percent.”

Yes, those with the least give the most, and yet people like Ryan and Bush find them lacking.

Poverty is a demanding, stressful, depressive and often violent state. No one seeks it; they are born or thrust into it. In poverty, the whole of your life becomes an exercise in coping and correcting, searching for a way up and out, while focusing today on filling the pots and the plates, maintaining a roof and some warmth, and dreading the new challenge tomorrow may bring.

We should extend the conversation about tackling poverty, but that conversation should not be governed by the belief that poverty in resources is synonymous with poverty of values.

Way More:

Repukes: Finished a a national party

Obama = First black president.

Hillary = First woman president

Castro = First Hispanic president

The Pukesters are facing 18 more years w/o a presidential win.

They are FINISHED as a national party.

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