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Melissa Harris-Perry: "Rape is more than physical-Rapists strip women of our right to choose "

For rape survivors, Mourdock’s remark was an(other) attack on consent
Melissa Harris-Perry, @mharrisperry
11:17 am on 10/27/2012

But the whole point is choice. Consent. You see, Mr. Mourdock, the violation of rape is more than physical. Rapists strip women of our right to choose, of our right to say no, of our right to control what is happening to our bodies. Most assailants tell us it is our fault. They tell us to be silent. Sometimes they even tell us it’s God’s will. That is the core violation of rape– it takes away choice.

Richard, you believe it is fine to ignore a women’s right to choose because of your interpretation of divinity. Sound familiar?

Let me explain something to you. When we survive sexual assault, we are the gift. When we survive, when we go on to love, to work, to speak out, to have fun, to laugh, to dance, to cry, to live, when we do that, we defeat our attackers. For a moment, they strip us of our choices. As we heal, we take our choices back. We are the gift to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation when we survive.

Now let me say this very clearly to you Mr Mourdock, and to all of your shameless endorsers: we did not survive an attack on our consent just to turn around and give up our right to choose to you. Not without a fight.


We just have to make sure we vote!

U.S. (OBAMA) Set to Sponsor Health Insurance (the public option sought by many liberal Democrats)

Source: New York Times

U.S. Set to Sponsor Health Insurance
Published: October 27, 2012

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will soon take on a new role as the sponsor of at least two nationwide health insurance plans to be operated under contract with the federal government and offered to consumers in every state.

These multistate plans were included in President Obama’s health care law as a substitute for a pure government-run health insurance program — the public option sought by many liberal Democrats and reviled by Republicans. Supporters of the national plans say they will increase competition in state health insurance markets, many of which are dominated by a handful of companies.

The national plans will compete directly with other private insurers and may have some significant advantages, including a federal seal of approval. Premiums and benefits for the multistate insurance plans will be negotiated by the United States Office of Personnel Management, the agency that arranges health benefits for federal employees.


Walton J. Francis, the author of a consumer guide to health plans for federal employees, said the personnel agency had been “extraordinarily successful” in managing that program, which has more than 200 health plans, including about 20 offered nationwide. The personnel agency has earned high marks for its ability to secure good terms for federal workers through negotiation rather than heavy-handed regulation of insurers.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/28/health/us-to-sponsor-health-insurance-plans-nationwide.html?_r=0


Can't Decide WHO To Vote For?

Maher: 'When You Elect Mitt You're Electing Every Right Wing Nut He's Pandered To In Last 10 Years'

If you're a moderate considering voting for Mitt Romney, there are certain facts you should know... according to Bill Maher. While you may not think the two candidates are terribly different, in Maher's opinion, only one of them is poised to release the Kraken in terms of the religious right:

"When you elect Mitt you're electing every right wing nut he's pandered to in the last 10 years. If the Mitt-mobile does roll into Washington it'll be towing behind it the whole anti-intellectual, anti-Science freakshow."

Watch Maher's stern warning to voters above and let us know what you think. Would President Romney stand-up to the zealot-side of his party or are "standing up" and "Mitt Romney" mutually exclusive concepts?


OOPS: Republican Senator Accidentally Endorses Obama

As they each approached the microphone to speak to a couple of thousand people, who might regret their words first?

The "winner" on this day, if only for a moment, was Grassley.

“We will put America on a new path to a new day with a new President Obama,” Grassley intoned.


Grassley caught himself.

“A new president Obama?" he asked nobody in particular. "Pardon me I want to forget that word.”


The right wing has lost the election of 2012.

Mitt Romney proves that right wing, tea party ideology is dead in America
Posted on October 27, 2012
The right wing has lost the election of 2012.

The evidence for this is overwhelming, yet it is the year’s best-kept secret. Mitt Romney would not be throwing virtually all of his past positions overboard if he thought the nation were ready to endorse the full-throated conservatism he embraced to win the Republican nomination.

If conservatism were winning, does anyone doubt that Romney would be running as a conservative? Yet unlike Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, Romney is offering an echo, not a choice. His strategy at the end is to try to sneak into the White House on a chorus of me-too’s.

The right is going along because its partisans know Romney has no other option. This, too, is an acknowledgment of defeat, a recognition that the grand ideological experiment heralded by the rise of the tea party has gained no traction. It also means that conservatives don’t believe that Romney really believes the moderate mush he’s putting forward now. Not to put too fine a point on it, but if the conservatives are forgiving Romney because they think he is lying, what should the rest of us think?

— E.J. Dionne: How the right wing lost in 2012

Paul Ryan Labor Day Promise To American Workers: Candy & Packer Schedule

So what should I have to work for to get a job? Should I have to work for the same wages as in China? Should I have to work for one dollar an hour?

Paul Ryan looks to his wife, Janna, and smiles. She smiles back and he responds with:

Have a nice day, alright? Would you like some candy?


Sheldon Adelson Pressures Casino Workers With Pro-Romney Voter 'Guide'

Source: Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Billionaire Sheldon Adelson apparently isn't content to influence the presidential election through his multi-million dollar donations to conservative super PACs. It seems the casino mogul wants to see his workers vote his way, too.

Management at Las Vegas Sands Corp., Adelson's casino group, has been distributing voter guides friendly to Republican nominee Mitt Romney and critical of President Barack Obama to its casino employees in Las Vegas.

Billed as a Nevada "issues guide," the pamphlets claim to help workers "protect their jobs." They were produced by Job Creator Solutions, a group founded by former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain and Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus. Although the guides do not overtly endorse any candidate, they suggest that Obama's policies on energy, health care and taxes will hurt working people, while Romney's will lead to working-class prosperity.

A manager at Las Vegas Sands' Venetian and Palazzo casino resorts told HuffPost that supervisors were instructed to hand out the guides to all employees. The manager requested anonymity to avoid being disciplined.

Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/26/sheldon-adelson-workers-voter-guide_n_2027107.html

The Right Disappeared The Iraq War. We Can’t Let Them.

The Right Disappeared The Iraq War. We Can’t Let Them.

Categories: Foreign Policy

By Oliver Willis
October 27,2012 | 144 views


Remember the Iraq War? For the good part of the previous decade, it was the defining issue, impacting both foreign and domestic policy. And then… nothing.

It’s sort of amazing how the right has been able to both maneuver themselves away from association with the Iraq War and – on the surface at least – into some sort of dovish movement that should be taken seriously on foreign policy and national security.

We shouldn’t allow this.

Mitt Romney, in his 2007-8 incarnation, was among the warmongering hordes. Romney opposed any withdrawal from Iraq and was among the supporters of the initial invasion. That is, when he had a chance to take the right position on the war, he chose the easy and wrong answer. At the same time, Barack Obama had openly opposed what he described as a “dumb war.”


Romney has shown himself to be, as Jon Huntsman described, a “well-lubricated weather vane.” That would likely mean he would continue his previous pattern of easily being led around by the nose. I can’t imagine Romney having the fortitude to go against the warmongers, and his rhetoric in the election on key issues like Iran shows that he hasn’t done so when given the chance.

Despite their flowery rhetoric and the complicity of the mainstream press, the Republicans – and the affiliated conservative movement – is the Iraq War party. They still are. And that’s why they are so dangerous.

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