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Jeb, Inc.: The Checkered Business Record Of The Next Bush Eyeing The Presidency

just one of the examples:


After helping elect his father president of the United States, Jeb Bush teamed in 1989 with then-Moving Water Industries, Corp. (MWI) president and CEO J. David Eller, to create Bush-El. The eponymous partnership aimed to market MWI’s water pumps internationally. In 2002, the Miami Herald revealed that on one of Bush’s trips to Nigeria to help sell them MWI pumps in 1991, that company’s corporate pilot claimed he saw a suitcase full of cash — an apparent bribe for Nigerian officials. The pilot did not implicate Bush and a Bush spokesman noted inconsistencies in the claims. ”The governor was adamant he was not on an airplane with a suitcase full of cash,” the spokesman said, adding Bush was “unaware of any plane he was on with luggage on it full of cash.”

I made money. That’s the only benefit I can see… Otherwise, it’s been unmitigated grief.

Bush has reportedly said his involvement in the Nigeria effort was conditioned on a private loan being secured (as his father was president at the time and he wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety). But the company instead went to the U.S. Export-Import Bank for the $74.3 million it needed for the deal. In 1998, after a whistleblower alleged “knowingly false or fraudulent claims” connected to that financing, the Department of Justice filed suit against MWI. The company has steadfastly denied the allegations, but was found liable by a jury last year and fined $580,000 (the MWI has appealed the verdict). Bush was not implicated and was never forced to testify in the case after a federal judge ruled him irrelevant to the case.

Bush said later that the bad publicity from Bush-El had proven highly troublesome for him: “I made money. That’s the only benefit I can see… Otherwise, it’s been unmitigated grief.” While he said he took no money on the Nigeria deal, he made $648,250 on the Bush-El venture, between pump sales in other countries and selling his half-share in the partnership to Eller in 1994, prior to his gubernatorial campaign.

An MWI company spokesman declined to comment for this story.

way more:

Sen. Sessions: No, We Are Not Going To Impeach Obama

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is one of the most outspoken opponents of immigration reform and has been a loud critic of President Barack Obama's decision to take executive action on immigration, but even Sessions doesn't think impeaching the president would be a good idea.

"No, we are not going to impeach or have a move to impeach," Sessions said at an event at The Heritage Foundation on Friday according to The Hill. "The president has certain powers. We truly believe, and I think it's accurate to say he abused those powers."

A number of Republicans have raised the prospect of Obama getting impeached over his recent executive action move. As TPM flagged on Thursday, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) suggested that Obama could face impeachment or even jail time if he went through with the executive action move.

Meanwhile, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Friday said that "nobody's talking about impeachment" concerning Obama.


Stephen Colbert weighs in on President Obama’s new immigration plan.

“Folks, my great grandfather did not come here from Ireland to see this country overrun by immigrants.”


I actually feel a little sorry for them...

Republican Nightmares:

Bennett Toon: Obama Acting Like A King

I approve this message,
peace & tolerance,

LOL: The "Emperor" Broke The Blade Of The GOP Sword!

Artificial Republican Unity on Immigration


For all the yelling and screaming about “Emperor Obama,” his action was temporary and could be instantly revoked by a Republican president or superseded by legislation from a Republican Congress. But Republicans are in complete disarray on the subject, though there is a distinct trend towards “deport ‘em all” nativism (though not the will to provide the resources necessary to “deport ‘em all,” which would make actions like Obama’s impossible).


So the appropriate response of progressives to what we’re going to hear over the next weeks and months is: What do your propose to do about it? Can Republicans agree on an immigration policy (no, “securing the border first” is not an immigration policy, but at most a component of one)? What should this and future administrations do in the face of a gigantic gap between the number of undocumented people in this country and the resources to deal with them? Is using the fear of deportation to encourage “self-deportation” what you want? And if you do want to “deport ‘em all,” then exactly how much money are you willing to appropriate for police dogs, box cars, whips, holding cells, and so on and so forth? Do you suggest we just suspend the Constitution and have us a good old-fashioned police state for a few years until we’ve deported 11 million people?

And if Republicans actually have the guts to go against their “base” and take on comprehensive immigration reform, there’s this little matter of the bipartisan bill that’s been languishing in the House for seventeen months. John Boehner could at any moment bring it up and pass it with Democratic votes. Why isn’t that at least on the table?

These sort of questions should be asked early and often. There’s no reason for progressives to be defensive about Obama’s action. Republicans made it necessary. Let them tell us exactly what they would do if they were in power.

by Ed Kilgore


The GOP's Empty Piñata


Boehner: "We'll Work To Protect The Constitution of The USA" As Soon As We Get Back From Vacation

We will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk ... we’ll work to protect the Constitution of the United States.”


And then, with the rule of law, lives and the Constitution all at risk, Republicans headed out of town for their extended Thanksgiving vacation.


I couldn't be happier for them:

tears of joy all over the blogosphere today:
Poster “shares a personal anecdote related to the president’s looming executive action”:

Nearly 10 years ago, my aunt and uncle left behind a comfortable, middle-class life in Mexico after receiving death threats from a drug cartel. My aunt months pregnant, they respectively abandoned a successful small business and a professional career to seek refuge in the U.S. from a drug war that has claimed the lives of at least 85,000 people. (A war, I should add, fueled by American drug consumption habits and lax gun restrictions.) They’ve lived here without legal status since.

I couldn’t be happier for them, their daughter, and millions of others expected to benefit from the executive action. And I’m grateful for a president who has concluded that we are neither safer nor more prosperous tearing families apart, relegating productive members of society to lives of constant fear and abuse.

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