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Karma? Man burned after Halloween 'prank' involving gasoline, wooden cross and fire

A 50-year-old man is in the burn unit this morning after police said he accidentally set himself on fire while using gasoline, a wooden cross and candles to put together a Halloween display.

The incident happened just after 8 p.m. Tuesday at 1397 Wacker Ave. Palm Bay police identified the man as Ron Nielson. He was treated by Palm Bay Fire-Rescue crews at the scene and then airlifted to the Orlando Regional Medical Center’s burn unit where his condition was not immediately known this morning.

“He was conscious and alert but he had second-degree burns over 40 to 50 percent of his body, including his chest, arms, upper torso,” said Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Palm Bay Police Department.

Police said Nielson was with his wife putting together a “prank,” display along the side of his house when he retrieved the gasoline and candles. “It started as some kind of prank apparently and involved a wooden cross. We don’t know if he was trying to light the cross or the candles but when he did, his clothes caught fire,” Martinez said.


Republican Memorial

Boehner seen holding an invisible cocktail instead of traditional white flag...

House Speaker John A. Boehner walked out of a meeting with his Republican colleagues in the House about a deal to end the government shutdown on Wednesday.

Large Rat Seen Jumping Ship: "GOP Most 'Irrelevant' Political Party I Can Remember"

Limbaugh: GOP Most 'Irrelevant' Political Party I Can Remember

"I was trying to think earlier today if ever in my life I could remember any major political party being so irrelevant," Limbaugh said on his radio show. "I have never seen a major political party simply occupy placeholders, as the Republican party is doing."


The #shutdown has been very good for one man in particular. Here’s who got what.


also here:
To the dismay of the newspaper that endorsed him, Ted Cruz emerges from the shutdown mess a right-wing hero

The $20 BILLION Dollar Teaparty Tax Of 2013

Even before the deadline, the stalemate was taking its toll. Mark Zandi of Moody's Analytics told CNN's Christine Romans on Tuesday that the standoff has cost the economy about $20 billion in gross domestic product. GDP is a measure of the goods and services produced by an economy.


Ted Cruz caves on shutdown, but calls it a personal win

WED OCT 16, 2013 AT 10:00 AM PDT
Ted Cruz caves on shutdown, but calls it a personal win
byJoan McCarter

Ted Cruz will vote against deal but won't delay because "the timing has no impact on the outcome."
— @SabrinaSiddiqui

he made this announcement during a mini-press conference deliberately held while McConnell was speaking on the floor.

RT @brikeilarcnn: Cruz coming to stakeout during McConnell floor speech is Washington's equivalent of a middle finger.
— @mmurraypolitics

and the stunner:

Asked what he has gained in the last 3 weeks, Cruz says that more than 2 million people signed his petition to defund Obamacare.
— @igorvolsky



as reported by The Guardian:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is to blame for the fiscal fiasco on Capitol Hill, according to a source close to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Asked how Boehner gets out of this mess, a GOP lawmaker close to Boehner responded, “With a clear, consistent history of what actually happened. … to remind everybody we had a grand strategy until Cruz played the stupid card.”


icing, can i have some icing, please?

The markets are still up – quite a ways up, Guardian business correspondent Dominic Rushe reports:

The Dow Jones rose over 200 points (1.35%) by late morning, erasing yesterday's 133-point loss. The S&P 500 rose over 23 points (1.38%) and the Nasdaq 25 points (0.18%).

Read the full piece here:

Breaking: Final agreement ending government shutdown to be signed at Appamattox Courthouse.

Want some schadenfreuedensnark?
Jim White ‏@JimWhiteGNV 37m
Breaking: Final agreement ending government shutdown to be signed at Appamattox Courthouse.


Tea party ringleader (Heritage CEO) admits the GOP shut down the government for nothing

WED OCT 16, 2013 AT 08:07 AM PDT
Tea party ringleader admits the GOP shut down the government for nothing
by Jed Lewison


It might be hard to believe that anyone would admit to such a thing, but Wednesday morning on Fox News, that's exactly what Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham did. He started out by explaining that Republicans had shut down the government because they don't want to "allow" Obamacare to "go forward" because they believe it must be stopped "before January 1":

The reason the government is shut down is Obamacare is unfair, it's unaffordable, it's unworkable, every single day there's more evidence of that coming out. House Republicans have remained strong in saying we are not going to let this bill go forward. We're not going to allow this to be inflicted on the American people.

I think that almost every member of the House Republican conference, if not all of them, is deeply concerned about Obamacare, and knows that we have to do something before January 1 to stop it.

Then, less than sixty seconds later, he admitted that this strategy was doomed:

Well, everybody knows that we're not going to be able to repeal this law until 2017, and that we have to win the Senate and win the White House.


Tissues for Boehner?


In the midst of this huge crisis, House Republicans waste everyone's time -- and see their plan Z go up in flames

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