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Human Rights Watch NEW REPORT-"Evidence-Syria Government Likely Culprit in Chemical Attack"

The Human Rights Watch is the gold standard as far as I am concerned. They got it right about Guatemala when no one else did. They were the first ones to report--early on--that the government was responsible for the atrocities there instead of the rebels--years before the Gerardi Report and the UN Truth Commission.

Syria: Government Likely Culprit in Chemical Attack
New Evidence based on Rocket Analysis, Witness Accounts

SEPTEMBER 10, 2013

(New York) – Available evidence strongly suggests that Syrian government forces were responsible for chemical weapons attacks on two Damascus suburbs on August 21, 2013. These attacks, which killed hundreds of civilians including many children, appeared to use a weapons-grade nerve agent, most likely Sarin.

The 22-page report, “Attacks on Ghouta: Analysis of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria,” documents two alleged chemical weapons attacks on the opposition-controlled suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta, located 16 kilometers apart, in the early hours of August 21. Human Rights Watch analyzed witness accounts of the rocket attacks, information on the likely source of the attacks, the physical remnants of the weapon systems used, and the medical symptoms exhibited by the victims as documented by medical staff.

“Rocket debris and symptoms of the victims from the August 21 attacks on Ghouta provide telltale evidence about the weapon systems used,” said Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch and author of the report. “This evidence strongly suggests that Syrian government troops launched rockets carrying chemical warheads into the Damascus suburbs that terrible morning.”

The evidence concerning the type of rockets and launchers used in these attacks strongly suggests that these are weapon systems known and documented to be only in the possession of, and used by, Syrian government armed forces, Human Rights Watch said.

from a sterling source:

Cal Worthington-RIP

Cal Worthington Dead: Car Dealer Was Known For His TV Commercials

so many memories, wow...

Turns out POTUS talked w Putin about this Russian plan last week in their 20-min pull aside at G20.

gwen ifill ✔ @gwenifill
Turns out POTUS talked w Putin about this Russian plan last week in their 20-min pull aside at G20. #Syria



Obama did not explain why neither he nor his aides chose not to publicly promote Putin’s idea until today, after Kerry’s remarks.

“This doesn’t solve the underlying terrible conflict inside of Syria,” Obama added to CNN. “But if we can accomplish this limited goal without taking military action, that would be my preference.”

Read more: http://swampland.time.com/2013/09/09/in-media-blitz-obama-says-russian-proposal-could-avert-syria-strike/#ixzz2eSKrxiks


so, Kerry has been playing "bad cop"?

Without the threat of military action hanging in the air, do you think Russia and Syria would've "agreed" to Kerry's "proposal"?

help me fill in the blanks DU!

Peace, i can smell it now,

did this just happen?

Kerry:: Turn over your chemical weapons!
Syria: Ok.

does that mean I get my peace now?

President Obama: Even Michelle's answer on war 'is no'

Source: The Hill

Obama, in a number of television interviews taped Monday, used his wife to drive home the point that he understands most Americans remain skeptical of his proposal for a limited strike in Syria.

“If you ask somebody, if you ask Michelle, ‘Do we – do we ant to be involved in another war? The answer is no,” Obama told NBC. “People are wary about it, understandably.”


In a separate interview with CBS, Obama said he didn't expect his address to the nation on Tuesday would "swing the polls" toward support for strikes.

"I don't expect that it's going to suddenly swing the polls wildly in the direction of another military engagement. If you ask the average person, including my household, 'Do we need another military engagement?' I think the answer generally is going be no," he said.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/defcon-hill/operations/321185-obama-even-michelle-opposed-to-war

Michelle Obama Opposes Syria Strike, President Says

First Lady Michelle Obama opposes military action in Syria, President Barack Obama told PBS and NBC News on Monday.

"My own family members... they're very wary and suspicious," President Obama told PBS.

Obama said the First Lady does not want the country to engage in another war:

Sam Stein ✔ @samsteinhp

Obama to NBC: "if you ask Michelle, "Do we-- do we want to be involved in another war?" The answer is no."
3:28 PM - 9 Sep 2013


NSA boss: "A lot of things aren't clearly legal, but that doesn't make them illegal"

"Alexander tended to be a bit of a cowboy: 'Let's not worry about the law. Let's just figure out how to get the job done,


General Alexander apparently has no problem playing word games to justify what he wants. This shouldn't be a surprise given all we've seen so far, but from the article, you realize that this isn't just someone trying to keep secret things secret with word games, but rather someone who has a rather Machiavellian outlook on things. He decides what he wants to do, and then he'll come up with the justification for it.

"He said at one point that a lot of things aren't clearly legal, but that doesn't make them illegal," says a former military intelligence officer who served under Alexander at INSCOM.

That's not something that someone trying to stay inside the law says. That's someone trying to stretch the law to do his personal will.

General Alexander is obsessed with collecting every bit of data possible, with little concern for the legal issues associated with such a desire. This one isn't new. We'd already seen that Alexander's infamous mantra was "collect it all," but the FP article shows this going to ridiculous lengths:

"Hayden's attitude was 'Yes, we have the technological capability, but should we use it?' Keith's was 'We have the capability, so let's use it,'" says the former intelligence official who worked with both men.


Later in the article, someone who worked with General Alexander notes that he believes the legal justifications for any data collection can come later:

"If he becomes the repository for all that data, he thinks the resources and authorities will follow."



spewed my mango smoothie when i found this in the tubes

Opposition to Syrian Airstrikes Surges


also too:
You can sign Alan Grayson's petition against bombing Syria here:

Gassy Politics: There’s no advantage to the US for supporting either side in the Syrian civil war.

Gassy Politics


Now, second: Syria. The world has pretty much lined up against President Obama’s proposal to issue a cruise missile spanking to Syria for supposedly gassing its own citizens. Nobody thinks this is a good idea, some for reasons of tactical advantage and some on the idea’s basic merit, or lack of. Mr. Obama pulled his punch over a week ago by standing down and taking the issue to congress for approval. I’m convinced he did that because he would have been impeached for launching an overt act of war — despite similar actions by his recent predecessors. The proposed spanking was a bad idea from the start. There was no visible threat to the national interest from Syria’s bad behavior within its own borders. The gas attack was a terrible act of depravity, but firing missiles into Syria wasn’t going to bring back the dead. It was only going to cause more death. There’s no advantage to the US for supporting either side in the Syrian civil war. The spread or deepening of any kind of disorder in that region will threaten a critical portion of America’s oil imports.

In the background of this, things are becoming unstuck in the seriously ill and constipated realm of international banking. The aforementioned deformities caused by central bank interventions, market manipulations, Too Big To Fail carry-trade rackets, and misreporting of financial data have begun to shred currencies in nations at the margin (India, Brazil, Indonesia) and that illness may prove contagious. The global economy depends on some basic faith that major financial institutions are sound, and that they trade in sound instruments that represent real wealth. That is all being called into question now, and how long will it be before a general paralysis freezes the entire letters-of-credit system that underlies global commerce?

The Syria soap opera has also managed to upstage the imminent mud-wrestling match between congress and the executive branch over the national debt limit and related matters of government spending. These problems appear for now to be completely intractable. If the government overcomes the latest version of this recurring dilemma, it will only be due to generating even more layers of accounting fraud to an already well-papered piñata that is just waiting to be smashed. While this goes on, the American public gets pushed deeper and deeper into a financial abyss, haunted by re-po men, lying bank officers, verminous lawyers, and chiseling hospital administrators.

All this is a recipe for a political explosion. What happens if the US Government starts gassing its own citizens? It happened in 1967. That one only made people cry. Maybe next time, they’ll use a different kind of gas.

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