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Ha: Breaking Fox Poll Fail: Obama Terror Rating Rise - Much Stronger Than Bush!!

WED APR 24, 2013 AT 06:16 AM PDT
Ha: Breaking Fox Poll Fail: Obama Terror Rating Rise - Much Stronger Than Bush!!

I love Fox polls because they always asked the dumbest questions that support their far right-wing ideology. They are particularly delicious however, when failing to deliver their daily "Obama is so bad" narrative.

So yes, we knew Fox would eventually make the Boston situation Obama's fault. So they tried to start their full-court press with a fake, Fox poll...right?


This poll just ain't acting right, people. Check this out:

Surely America is outrage with the handling of the Boston Terror situation: Nope!!

1. 91% approve of law enforcement’s handling of the Boston bombings
2. 71% approve of the Obama administration’s performance
3. 55% approves of the job the media did


AP Twitter Account Hacked, Incorrectly Says Obama Injured At White House


Jack Carroll, 14-Year-Old 'Britain's Got Talent' Contestant And Comedian, Is Our New Hero (VIDEO)


"Dont worry, I know what you're thinking: Harry Potter's had a nasty quidditch accident."

Fourteen-year-old Jack Carroll opened his audition for "Britain's Got Talent" with this line, and the act that followed was easily one of the most memorable -- and hilarious -- of the popular British reality show. The young aspiring comedian has cerebral palsy and faced Simon Cowell and the other judges using a mobility aid on last week's episode.


"A lot of times in comedy, your weaknesses are your strengths," he explained backstage, adding that his other strength was "bring joy to the world."

We couldn't agree more. Jack, you rock.


I was a little worried when I saw W's Approval is rising...

Poll: George W. Bush approval rating up post-White House
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/04/poll-george-w-bush-approval-rating-2013-90484.html#ixzz2RIdrCpmy

and then I remembered this:

and, you know poetry like this:

"Dear Laura," has never been published; however, it was read by GWB's wife, Laura Lane Welch Bush, at the National Book Festival Gala held at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., on October 23, 2003.

Dear Laura,

Roses are red, violets are blue,
oh my lump in the bed, how I've missed you.

Roses are redder, bluer am I,
seeing you kissed by that charming French guy.

The dogs and the cat they miss you too,
Barney's still mad you dropped him, he ate your shoe.

The distance my dear has been such a barrier,
next time you want an adventure, just land on a carrier.*



and this:

Bennett draws best Immigration Toon Evah!

living in SoCal, we see that running family on a daily basis,
good to see it pointing to the truth....
Thanks Mr. Bennett

Our Fresh Water Supply

Amazing story, amazing pics of that morning in Boston

Boston Bombing Suspect Shootout Pictures
Posted by Andrew Kitzenberg on April 22, 2013 209 Comments

On Thursday night at 12:45am EST. I was in my living room working on my computer when I heard multiple “pops” coming from outside. At that point, I had no idea that I was about to become an eye witness to the biggest news story in the country.

After shooting had stopped my roommate found a bullet hole that penetrated his west-facing wall and continued to pierce through his desk chair. His room is on the 2nd floor corner of the house, closest to the street, with west and south facing walls

Absolutely amazing collection of pics (not necessarily gory, just informative, imo, kp)

MORE, lots more:

ENOUGH! Cartoonists Demand Action To End Gun Violence --- RIGHT NOW!

Cartoonists: How Many More Kids/Schools/Malls?



Graham backs off FBI criticism

Graham said he was briefed by the FBI’s associate director, who called to address some of the concerns the senator has raised about the investigation into the Boston bombers.

Graham said after receiving a tip from Russian officials in November 2011, the FBI conducted an extensive check into Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s background.

“According to the FBI, they took the report from the Russians seriously,” Graham said.
They interviewed family, friends, co-workers and classmates, Graham said. At that time, the FBI also identified a domestic violence complaint against him.

“I was pretty impressed with what they did,” Graham said of the FBI.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/04/lindsay-graham-fbi-90454.html#ixzz2REMFLQnq

Boston Bomb Suspect Eyed in Connection to 2011 Triple Murder (ABC)

Boston Bomb Suspect Eyed in Connection to 2011 Triple Murder


A rep for the DA in Middlesex County (home to Watertown) confirms to ABC News that the "possible connection" is being investigated. How the narrative is unfolding:

The crime: It's a pretty horrific one, described by one investigator as "the worst bloodbath I have ever seen." The three victims, found in a Waltham, Mass., apartment, had their throats slashed to such a degree that their heads were nearly cut off.

The odd details: Someone (ostensibly the killer) sprinkled marijuana on their bodies; drugs and $5,000 were left in the apartment. The investigator also notes, "There was no forced entry, it was clear that the victims had let the killer in."

How Tsarnaev is connected: He sometimes trained at the same gym as one of the victims, 25-year-old Brendan Mess. They lived near each other in Cambridge, and officials think Mess may have even bunked at Tsarnaev's place on occasion. The gym's owner told the Boston Globe that Tsarnaev introduced Mess as his best friend.

Why former friends now suspect him: A man identified only as Ray tells Buzzfeed that he now sees a red flag. "Tam wasn't there at the memorial service, he wasn't at the funeral, he wasn't around at all. He was somebody who was in contact with Brendan on a daily basis. Anybody like that you would think they would have been around."

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