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Tennessee Republican tells girl her father has to be deported as tea party crowd cheers

A Tennessee tea party Republican state legislator told a frightened little girl at a town hall meeting on Thursday in Murfreesboro, TN that laws are laws and that her undocumented father is going to have to be deported. According to ProgressivePopulist.org, 11-year-old Josie Molina told state Rep. Scott Desjarlais (R) that she has papers but her father does not.

During a question and answer session at the meeting, Molina stepped up to the microphone and, with a quavering voice, asked, “Mr. DesJarlais, I have papers, but I have a dad who’s undocumented. What can I do to have him stay with me?”

Rather than make any attempt to assuage the girl’s fears, Desjarlais said, “Thank you for being here and thank you for coming forward and speaking,” but “the answer still kind of remains the same, that we have laws and we need to follow those laws and that’s where we’re at.”

The tea party crowd whooped and applauded wildly as the little girl took her seat, head down. Progressive Populist reported that Josie Molina’s father is currently in the process of being deported and that the girl is seeing a child psychologist in order to cope with the stress and anxiety.


Watauga County Board Of Elections-CLEAR MISSION: "Suppress ANY & ALL Progressive Votes"

Yep. It's so downright amazing that even Rachel Maddow picked it up.

Monday at 9AM was the first time the new and not-so-improved Watauga County Board of Elections met, a Board now controlled by Republican Tea Partiers (2-1) with a clear mission to suppress any and all suspected progressive votes in time for the upcoming municipal elections, especially for the Town of Boone, the county seat. And to do it undercover as fast as possible.

While the meeting had originally been scheduled for a large room in the County's Administration building, the Republicans quickly changed the location to a small Board room in the elections office in an effort to discourage public attendance. Didn't work. Before the two Republicans were forced to move meeting, as required by law in light of all the people there to witness the travesty, just wet your whistle with what went down at the start. Seriously. Take a look at this. It will blow your mind.


folks, the video is long, but be patient, because it is SO revealing!
mho, kp

Chasing squirrels is suspected...

"I was beside myself," Cynthia Weeks said of discovering her family was missing a member. "We went around calling for him, and I drove around. I put it on my Facebook pages, and we put fliers out around the neighborhood."

Laddy, a 7-year-old border collie, probably was chasing a squirrel when he ended up stuck in a tree for several days.

Two days later, early Sunday morning, Ron Stevenson was working in his yard a couple of blocks away when he heard something that had been bugging him.

"I'd been hearing this dog barking, but I didn't want to be a complaining neighbor and, besides, my wife and I are dog lovers," he said Monday. "When I was outside early Sunday, I heard a whining, and I knew something wasn't right. This time, it sounded in distress."

When following the sound of a dog, Stevenson noted, it is counter-intuitive to look up. But there was Laddy — at least 10 feet up a tree near his driveway.


An Astrologer's Guide To The USA

The U.S. could find partners among the terrorists, or some such. Though it is likely anathema to Western ears, there is a symbiosis between the U.S. and the Islamic terrorists: both are extremely religious and feel they have a sacred right to utilize violence, both “fight for freedom,” both are extremely emotional, both are highly chauvinistic, both bury the truth in their enthusiasm, etc. And both, in their enthusiasm, wound their own kind – the terrorists kill their own countrymen, and the U.S. destroys its own “raison d’etre” – (constitutional) freedom. It spies on its own citizens (NSA) and denies them freedom of belief/speech. (Remember when comic/commentator Bill Maher was fired by his network because he said publicly that the 9/11 suicide pilots were “not cowards?”) (BTW, I am an American citizen; I hold dual Canadian/U.S. citizenship, and passports.) One party is hugely wealthy, one bitterly poor. Has a more destined enmity – or marriage – ever been seen? If Americans could see that many of the “terrorists” are like them, perhaps they could learn a softer, gentler approach and win them over, rather than run them over. (Yes, I hear the clanging bells protesting that I’m totally unrealistic. But 30 years ago, tearing down the Berlin Wall was considered totally unrealistic.)


Future Entrepreneurs: White Punks On Dope

Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate White Privilege?
A new study finds that future entrepreneurs score high on measures of teenage delinquency. They're also disproportionately white, highly educated, and male. Here's why that might not be a coincidence.

So who’s most apt to become an entrepreneur? In the end, Levine and Rubinstein find that it’s the smart rule-breakers. Workers who scored above average on both learning aptitude and illicit activities were 60 percent more likely to become entrepreneurs than their peers, controlling for other characteristics.

“It is a particular mixture of traits that seems to matter for both becoming an entrepreneur and succeeding as an entrepreneur,” the paper concludes. “It is the high ability (as measured by learning aptitude and success as a salaried worker) person who tends to “break-the-rules” (as measured by the degree to which the person engaged in illicit activities before the age of 22) who is especially likely to become a successful entrepreneur.”

And, once again, the people with this combination of traits tend to be overwhelmingly white and male.


LETTER From Obama "Specifically To Inform Congress" of NSA Spying-WITHHELD By House Intell Committee

A letter drafted by the Obama administration specifically to inform Congress of the government’s mass collection of Americans’ telephone communications data was withheld from lawmakers by leaders of the House Intelligence Committee in the months before a key vote affecting the future of the program.

The February 2011 document was declassified last month and has been cited repeatedly by administration officials and legislative leaders as evidence that the surveillance program had been properly examined by Congress as part of an aggressive system of checks and balances.

The National Security Agency offered these comments on The Post’s story on privacy violations.

A cover letter to the House and Senate intelligence committees that was sent with the document asked the leaders of each panel to share the written material with all members of Congress.

Ronald Weich, who was an assistant attorney general at the time, wrote that making the material available to Congress would be an “effective way to inform the legislative debate about reauthorization” of the provision of the Patriot Act that served as the legal basis for the phone surveillance. A similar document was available to all members of Congress in 2009, prior to a 2010 reauthorization vote.



Anything else is Kabuki Theater, IMHO

The data collection and dossier-building on hundreds of millions of Americans needs to stop. The militarization of police forces needs to end. All collected data needs to be destroyed. The revolving-door corruption that has created a veritable Corporate/Security State Frankenstein needs to be smashed, and replaced with a firm wall of separation between profit-seeking corporatist hucksters and those who are entrusted to protect and serve and to defend the Constitution.

Anything else is Kabuki Theater, IMHO

NSA Spying: The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen

"The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer." -- Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)

NSA Spying: The Three Pillars of Government Trust Have Fallen
EFF, August 15/13

First, the Executive. After a review of internal NSA audits of the spying programs provided by Edward Snowden, the Post lays out--in stark detail--that the claims of oversight inside the Executive Branch are empty.

Second, the FISA Court. The Post presents a second article in which the Chief Judge of the FISA Court admits that the court is unable to act as a watchdog or stop the NSA's abuses: "The FISC is forced to rely upon the accuracy of the information that is provided to the Court," its chief, US District Judge Reggie B. Walton, said in a written statement.

Third, the Congress. Last week, Representative Sensenbrenner complained that "the practice of classified briefings are a 'rope-a-dope operation' in which lawmakers are given information and then forbidden from speaking out about it."

The three pillars of American trust have fallen. It's time to get a full reckoning and build a new house from the wreckage, but it has to start with some honesty.

MORE (supporting links):

Reagan Was An FBI Informer (reporting other actors whom he suspected of subversive activities)

Rosenfeld's book, Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals and Reagan's Rise to Power, is now out in paperback. It details how the FBI employed fake reporters to plant ideas and shape public opinion about the student movement; how they planted stories with real reporters; and how they even managed — with the help of then-Gov. Ronald Reagan — to get the UC Berkeley's President Clark Kerr fired.

To research the book, Rosenfeld pored over 300,000 pages of records obtained over 30 years from five lengthy Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the FBI.

The records "show that during the Cold War, the FBI sought to change the course of history by secretly interceding in events, by manipulating public opinion and taking sides in partisan politics," Rosenfeld says.

For me, one of the gems of that report was learning that Reagan was an FBI informer:

Starting in Hollywood in the 1940s, Ronald Reagan developed a special relationship with the FBI. He became an FBI informer, reporting other actors whom he suspected of subversive activities, and later when he became president of the Screen Actors Guild, the FBI had wide access to the Guild's information. At one point, the Guild turned over information on 54 actors it was investigating as possible subversives.

This is not about speed skating.



This is not about speed skating.

It's about saying Fuck No.

How can you have a friendly sports competition in a country where people JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE can GET THE SHIT BEATEN OUT OF THEM FOR BEING WHO THEY ARE where THE THUGS GET PRAISED AND NOT SENT TO JAIL?

Baffled why this is even a question.

No. No. No.

This is not "politics."

This is "we will not negotiate with thugs."



more, not about speed skating HERE:
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