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It's A Slippery Slope!

Make Wall Street Choose: Go Small or Go Home - By SHERROD BROWN and DAVID VITTER

Make Wall Street Choose: Go Small or Go Home
Published: April 24, 2013

PROGRESSIVES and conservatives can debate the proper role of government, but this is one principle on which we can all agree: The government shouldn’t pick economic winners or losers.

In 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, the government stepped in and decided which Wall Street banks were so large and interconnected that they would receive extraordinary help from the government to enable them to survive. They were deemed, to use a now ubiquitous phrase, too big to fail. Meanwhile, smaller banks in communities across the country, including Cleveland and Covington, La., in the states we represent, were allowed to fail. They were, evidently, too small to save.

Today, the nation’s four largest banks — JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and Wells Fargo — are nearly $2 trillion larger than they were before the crisis, with a greater market share than ever. And the federal help continues — not as direct bailouts, but in the form of an implicit government guarantee. The market knows that the government won’t allow these institutions to fail.

It’s the ultimate insurance policy — one with no coverage limits or premiums.

the rest:

Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, are tattoo-free so far.

President Barack Obama revealed he and first lady Michelle Obama have a master plan to prevent their two daughters from getting tattoos.

“What we’ve said to the girls is that ‘If you guys ever decide to get a tattoo, then Mommy and me will get the exact same tattoo, in the same place, and we’ll go on YouTube and show it off as a family tattoo,’” Obama said on NBC’s “Today” in an interview that aired Wednesday.

Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, are tattoo-free so far.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/04/obama-discusses-the-family-tattoo-90556.html#ixzz2ROJZYy72

-- Sen. Max Baucus: "I just don't want to die with my boots on."

Quote of the Day
"I just don't want to die with my boots on."

-- Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), quoted by the Billings Gazette, explaining his decision to retire in 2014 and not run for re-election.



The Great Mulligan
By Charles P. Pierce
at 9:15am

...............What a complete and utter failure the Bush presidency really was.
Sorry we lied you into a war, but we kept you safe.
Sorry we demolished American values, and just about every shred of American moral credibility in the world, but we kept you safe.
Sorry we let New Orleans drown, but we kept you safe.
Sorry we allowed the national economy to blow up, but we kept you safe.

In fact, if you sent C-Plus Augustus into his own museum, and had him take that interactive quiz, and provided he didn't break a thumb trying to get a Diet Coke out of the exhibit, his answer to everything would be I kept you safe.

No. In fact, you didn't. Stop saying that before 3000 ghosts come to your room some night and pummel you with ectoplasmic bags of sheep dung.

The historical record is quite clear. Upon taking office, the Bush administration de-emphasized the Clinton team's almost-obsessive search for Osama bin Laden. That's why Richard Clarke got shoved aside. That's why John Ashcroft changed the FBI's focus from the pursuit of international terrorists to the pursuit of Tommy Chong. That's why presidential daily press briefings didn't get read while the president was clearing brush the month before the attacks. It's also why his briefer on the topic got himself told, "You covered your ass now." But that was nothing compared to the ass-covering that went on in the aftermath of the attacks — Really, now, Condi. A "historical document"? That's still hilarious. — as the members of the administration tried to prevaricate their way out of their abject failure to keep anyone safe. It was nine months of misfeasance in office, and inexcusable neglect of duty, that ended in the deaths of more than 3000 Americans.

And I am sorry. But you don't get a free one on these. You cannot argue that you kept us safe after your obvious negligence played a role in getting 3000 of us killed. We should laugh at anyone who tries to make this argument, and we should be angered that a presidential library puts together an exhibit of the all the cock-ups that followed the biggest cock-up of them all, and asks, arrogantly, the same question posed to generations of sportswriters by half-bright outfielders after they let one get by them to cost their team a ballgame.

What would you have done, motherfker? You ever play the game?


Read more: The Great Mulligan - Esquire http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/the-great-mulligan-042413#ixzz2RO92f4uC

An incalculably intelligent, stupendously magical Being?

John Dunn • 3 days ago

Some people think it is likely that there is an incalculably intelligent, stupendously magical Being, and that this Being:

- Existed for >9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 x 10^infinity years before creating the angels, then X more years before creating the universe;

- Created >250,000,000,000 galaxies, each galaxy containing >150,000,000,000 suns, each sun having on average >1 planet;

- That this Being has seen, and remembers, each and every event on each and every one of these planets, suns, and galaxies for the last 13,700,000,000 years;

- That this Being waited 187,000 years after our species appeared on this planet before announcing Its existence 3,000 years ago to one of the minor civilizations of the time;

- That these appearances were only to a few members of this mostly illiterate nomadic bronze age tribe, that this Being imparted all of Its instructions to these few people, then never made a verifiable appearance on Earth again for the last 2,000 years.

Have I got that right?


Ha: Breaking Fox Poll Fail: Obama Terror Rating Rise - Much Stronger Than Bush!!

WED APR 24, 2013 AT 06:16 AM PDT
Ha: Breaking Fox Poll Fail: Obama Terror Rating Rise - Much Stronger Than Bush!!

I love Fox polls because they always asked the dumbest questions that support their far right-wing ideology. They are particularly delicious however, when failing to deliver their daily "Obama is so bad" narrative.

So yes, we knew Fox would eventually make the Boston situation Obama's fault. So they tried to start their full-court press with a fake, Fox poll...right?


This poll just ain't acting right, people. Check this out:

Surely America is outrage with the handling of the Boston Terror situation: Nope!!

1. 91% approve of law enforcement’s handling of the Boston bombings
2. 71% approve of the Obama administration’s performance
3. 55% approves of the job the media did


AP Twitter Account Hacked, Incorrectly Says Obama Injured At White House


Jack Carroll, 14-Year-Old 'Britain's Got Talent' Contestant And Comedian, Is Our New Hero (VIDEO)


"Dont worry, I know what you're thinking: Harry Potter's had a nasty quidditch accident."

Fourteen-year-old Jack Carroll opened his audition for "Britain's Got Talent" with this line, and the act that followed was easily one of the most memorable -- and hilarious -- of the popular British reality show. The young aspiring comedian has cerebral palsy and faced Simon Cowell and the other judges using a mobility aid on last week's episode.


"A lot of times in comedy, your weaknesses are your strengths," he explained backstage, adding that his other strength was "bring joy to the world."

We couldn't agree more. Jack, you rock.


I was a little worried when I saw W's Approval is rising...

Poll: George W. Bush approval rating up post-White House
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/04/poll-george-w-bush-approval-rating-2013-90484.html#ixzz2RIdrCpmy

and then I remembered this:

and, you know poetry like this:

"Dear Laura," has never been published; however, it was read by GWB's wife, Laura Lane Welch Bush, at the National Book Festival Gala held at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., on October 23, 2003.

Dear Laura,

Roses are red, violets are blue,
oh my lump in the bed, how I've missed you.

Roses are redder, bluer am I,
seeing you kissed by that charming French guy.

The dogs and the cat they miss you too,
Barney's still mad you dropped him, he ate your shoe.

The distance my dear has been such a barrier,
next time you want an adventure, just land on a carrier.*



and this:

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