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Fox's Hume: If You Have "An Ounce Of Compassion This Xmas Season-Save It For Boehner+House Repukes"

Fox's Hume:
If You Have "An Ounce Of Compassion This Christmas Season, Save It For John Boehner And House Republicans"


THANK YOU Mr. President For Being On OUR Side: “Right to Work is the right to work for less”

Obama Slams Michigan ‘Right to Work’ Laws as ‘the Right to Work for Less Money’

Pres. Obama amplifies our message in Michigan: “Right to Work is the right to work for less” (PHOTOS)

by Eclectablog on DECEMBER 10, 2012 i
Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you.

In his visit to the Daimler Detroit Diesel plant in Redford, Michigan today, Presdient Obama amplified and gave full-throated endorsement of the battle being fought to stop Michigan from becoming the nation’s 24th “Right to Work for Less” state:

By the way, what we shouldn’t do — I just got to say this — what we shouldn’t be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions. We shouldn’t be doing that. These so-called “right to work” laws, they don’t have anything to do with economics; they have everything to do with politics. What they’re really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money.

You only have to look to Michigan — where workers were instrumental in reviving the auto industry — to see how unions have helped build not just a stronger middle class but a stronger America. So folks from our state’s capital, all the way to the nation’s capital, they should be focused on the same thing. They should be working to make sure companies like this manufacturer is able to make more great products. That’s what they should be focused on. We don’t want a race to the bottom. We want a race to the top.

I believe America only succeeds and thrives when we’ve got a strong and growing middle class. That’s what I believe. I believe we’re at our best when everybody who works hard has a chance to get ahead; that they can get a job that pays the bills; that they’ve got health care that they can count on; that they can retire with dignity and respect, maybe take a vacation once in a while — nothing fancy, just being able to pack up the kids and go someplace and enjoy time with people that you love; make sure that your kids can go to a good school; make sure they can aspire to whatever they want to be. That idea is what built America. That’s the idea that built Michigan. That’s the idea that’s at the heart of the economic plan I’ve been talking about all year long on the campaign trail.

I want us to bring down our deficits, but I want to do it in a balanced, responsible way. And I want to reward — I want a tax code that rewards businesses and manufacturers like Detroit Diesel right here, creating jobs right here in Redford, right here in Michigan, right here in the United States of America.

transcript & more pics:

UPDATED TO ADD VIDEO (listen & tell me he is NOT on our side - I dare you...)

Hostess Maneuver Deprived Pension (took workers' pension money to fund itself)

Source: Yahoo

The maneuver probably doesn't violate federal law because the money Hostess failed to put into the pension didn't come directly from employees, experts said.

"It's what lawyers call betrayal without remedy," said James P. Baker, a partner at Baker & McKenzie LLP who specializes in employee benefits and isn't involved in the Hostess case. "It's sad, but that stuff does happen, unfortunately."


For example, John Jordan, a union official and former Hostess employee, said workers at a Hostess factory in Biddeford, Maine, agreed to plow 28 cents of their 30-cents-an-hour wage increase in November 2010 into the pension plan.

Hostess was supposed to take the additional 28 cents an hour and contribute it to the workers' pension plan.

Read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hostess-maneuver-deprived-pension-051400720.html

Group sues Senate to scrap filibuster

Source: Politico


In addition to Common Cause, three DREAM Act students and four House Democrats — Reps. John Lewis and Hank Johnson, both of Georgia, Michael Michaud of Maine and Keith Ellison of Minnesota — were named as plaintiffs in the suit.

The students, who were born outside the U.S. and brought to the country illegally by their parents, claim they were denied a path to citizenship because of the archaic 1975 filibuster rule. During the 2010 lame-duck session, the DREAM Act, backed by President Barack Obama, won passage in the House and attracted a simple majority of 55 votes in the Senate, but fell short of the 60 needed to break a GOP filibuster.

The Democratic lawmakers argue that their votes in the House have been “diluted” by the filibuster rule, since such bills as the DREAM Act and campaign-finance DISCLOSE Act passed the House and won backing from a majority of senators but fell short of the 60-vote threshold. The DISCLOSE Act garnered 59 votes in the upper chamber.

“These bills continually pass the House and get blocked in the Senate,” said Sarah Dufendach, vice president of legislative affairs for Common Cause, which pushed for the DISCLOSE Act. “Their vote is being diluted. Their constituency is being diluted.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0512/76284.html#ixzz2EfPxQq6b

Senate Filibuster Targeted By House Democrats, Dream Act Activists In Federal Lawsuit

A federal lawsuit claiming the filibuster is an unconstitutional "accident of history" is set to be considered on Monday, months after it was filed by a coalition of House Democrats and activists.


Toles: Milk or Eggs?

Doonesbury does Texas

Dubya goes on holiday

Dubya goes on holiday:

TORONTO - Shoppers at an Ikea store in North Toronto weren't monkeying around when they reported a primate on the loose Sunday afternoon.

Customers spotted a monkey — clad
in a pint-sized shearling coat — wandering around the store parking lot
by itself around 3 p.m.

Toronto police say Ikea staff
managed to lure the primate into a corner before calling the cops, who
in turn contacted the city's Animal Services department.

Staff Sgt. Ed Dzingala says the
monkey, who was "pretty scared," never actually made it inside the store
and was picked up by animal services officers within half an hour.


This Modern World: "Somebody, Please! Save My Baby!

Obama Meets Psy

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