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Charlotte Observer: Extremism will be what costs Romney this election

It’s proud ignorance and joyful ugliness, and all of it has been embraced and feared – but rarely criticized – by Republican leaders.

That’s infuriating to moderate conservatives who believe that legitimate criticisms of the president get diluted because they share the same house with the crazies and the uglies. How, some wonder, can voters choose a president who presides over a stagnant economy, an astounding debt, with no new ideas about how to change either? For some, it’s because the alternative means voting with the birthers and the racists. It means being on the same team as the debate crowd that booed a gay soldier, or the crowd that cheered the idea of letting a sick man with no health insurance die.

Yes, Democrats also have their extremists. And certainly, Romney has come under withering criticism from the left, some of it unfair and inaccurate. Every election suffers from a bit of over-the-topness.

But we have yet to see Romney hanging from a noose.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/11/02/3640637/the-self-inflicted-republican.html#storylink=cpy

Need to know more than this? - Ryan Plans "An Activist Vice Presidency That Would Look Like Cheney's

Need to know more than this?

Representative Paul D. Ryan may have largely disappeared from the national spotlight down the campaign homestretch, ceding attention to Mitt Romney. But if the Republican ticket prevails, Mr. Ryan plans to come back roaring, establishing an activist vice presidency that he said would look like Dick Cheney’s under President George W. Bush. ...NYT


BREAKING: @chucktodd will debut new NBC/WSJ poll number-Nationwide: Obama 48%-Romney 47%


David GregoryVerified
BREAKING: @chucktodd will debut new NBC/WSJ poll number - Nationwide: Obama 48% - Romney 47% #MTP #NBCPolitics

PRO-SEAMUS Contingent: "Our Mommies Voted"


DOONESBURY: "Do They Think We Don't REMEMBER Who Screwed Us Over & Hollowed Out The Middle Class?


FRUM: Vote out Obama ---or else "Republicans will go completely ape and destroy the country."

Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum makes such capitulation explicit.

The reason Americans should vote for Mitt Romney, says Frum, is that Congressional Republicans "have shown themselves a destructive and irrational force in American politics" and will only get worse if President Obama is re-elected.

If anything, says Frum, electing Obama to a second term will aggravate and empower these extremists, perhaps even provoke them into causing another impeachment crisis. By electing Romney, says Frum, we can avoid all that and discourage Congressional Republicans "from deliberately pushing the US into recession in 2013."

Holy cats! says Mother Jones' Kevin Drum, that's "the most overt form of the surrendering-to-terrorists argument that I've seen yet." Vote out Obama, Frum seems to be saying, or else "Republicans will go completely ape and destroy the country."

As they have shown again and again, today's Republicans no longer want to govern America so much as radically remake it.


way more:

Mother of bi-racial boy-letter to Obama: Thank you on behalf of all mothers of mixed-race children

An Open Letter To President Obama
Dear President Obama,

I have sat down to write this letter dozens of times and always end up a bit tongue-tied. Please bear with me as I attempt to explain myself. Nine years ago I watched the image on a sonogram and heard the words from my doctor: "It's a boy." In that moment, my first emotion was fear. How was I going to raise a man? It seemed daunting, but perhaps nervousness is not uncommon for mothers of sons to experience. I also felt extremely aware that as a Caucasian woman having a son with a man of African American descent, my son would undoubtedly face issues in his life I would never fully understand ... deep breaths ...

Truth be told, I was unprepared for the powerful love I felt when I held him for the first time. He was perfection, the way all newborns are. He was mine and any hesitation or fear about mothering this little tiny man was replaced with adoration and love. I am blessed to have a loving husband by my side who is also a wonderful father. Our son (and two other daughters) have been lucky to grow up loving two parents of different ethnic backgrounds. And yet there has always been the element of the unknown. Neither my husband nor myself would ever be able to entirely comprehend what it felt like to grow up bi-racial child in a world that is not always embracing of things and people that are different. I was faced with trying to figure out how to prepare my son for issues that he may face in his life due to his ethnicity that I had no firsthand experience with.

The election in 2008 had a profound effect on our family. As you pursued your dreams and became the nominee for president, there was a shift in the air. I was overwhelmed with the implications your success had for my children's lives, particularly for my son. We watched the debates leading up to the election as a family. I lined up three small chairs and made the kids popcorn (admittedly, a bit of a bribe for them to sit and watch something they did not really understand). I explained that although they may not understand what they were watching, it would have an important impact on their lives, regardless of the outcome of the election.

We were watching history unfold, a story that had a direct impact on our children. I felt this was especially true for my son because he could see himself in your face.

He was 5-years-old at the time you were elected president. And although I realize you were in the midst of pursing your dreams, you inadvertently simultaneously changed my son's life. Quite frankly, I believe you changed the lives of sons across the world. This, Mr. President, is no small thing. My son could see himself in you, the leader of our country, something no child of color had been able to do in America prior to your presidency. He was at an age when he had just become aware that my skin did not look like his. You gave my son in this moment something I could not.

My son is vibrant and funny, an incredible athlete, a well-balanced mix of tenderness and independence. I've loved him and raised him to the best of my ability. You gave him something that I could not, the possibility that he could actually be anything he wanted. This is a concept that far surpasses any political orientation; it is not a Republican or Democratic concern, it is purely an acknowledgement of what all mothers want for their sons -- an opportunity to pursue their dreams, to be anything they want to be. Mothers of mixed-race children are often confronted with the limitations that subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle prejudices can bring.

As a photographer, I felt compelled to share visually in some way, the impact you and your political success had on my son's life. I think perhaps this image says it, far better than my words could ever convey. I do not know where his dreams will take him, but I do know that the path you carved in your life will benefit him as he grows as a man, in ways he will probably never fully understand. I realize the possibility of my son and/or myself meeting you personally is quite unlikely. So I wanted to take this opportunity to share my gratitude.

Thank you on behalf of all mothers of mixed-race children for making the words "You can do anything you want in life" feel like the truth. You have changed the lives of children across the globe and that, Mr. President, is a wonderful gift. And more personally thank you on behalf of my son ... thank you.

Elizabeth Messinahttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/elizabeth-messina/moms-open-letter-to-president-obama_b_2001956.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003

White Woman in Pickup Truck Gave Obama Supporters Clandestine Thumbs Up Her Husband Couldn't See

SUN NOV 04, 2012 AT 04:57 AM PST
White Woman in Pickup Truck Gave Obama Supporters Clandestine Thumbs Up Her Husband Couldn't See
by Kwik

Yesterday I was among about 20 supporters of President Obama standing on a street corner in Merritt Island, Fla. waving signs and rallying people to vote for the President.

As expected, we got a lot of honks and thumbs up from a diverse group of motorists...not to mention a few middle fingers, thumbs down and shouts filled with expletives. But all in all, it was a very pleasant experience. Gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised by the number of whites who showed their support as they drove by...especially older white folks. And I'm happy to report that we got far more honks of support and thumbs up than the Romney supporters working the corner right across the street. This even in a heavily red area like Brevard County.

But what made our day was when an older white couple drove by in a raggedy pickup truck. I'm assuming they were husband and wife, and the husband was driving. As they went by the wife was holding her arm out of the window giving us a thumbs up with her hand held down low so her husband couldn't see it.

She was sending us this signal I think: "I'm voting for Obama, but if my husband knew all hell would break loose." Makes you wonder how many women across America are secretly supporting PBO and other Democrats. I suspect there are millions.


BIDEN: " It's Mitt Romney's favorite time of the year because he gets to turn the clock back."

Quote of the Day

"Folks I want to remind you, this is the end of daylight savings time tonight. It's Mitt Romney's favorite time of the year because he gets to turn the clock back."

-- Joe Biden, quoted by the New York Times, at a rally in Colorado.

WA: GOP Volunteers Going Door To Door In DEMOCRATIC King County TO COLLECT BALLOTS!!!

According to a story at the KOMO News web site and picked up by Publicola, Republican volunteers are going door to door in east King County offering to collect people's ballots:

It was Wednesday night that two men showed up at Steve McDonald's door to let him know they'd take his ballot to be counted.

"It was Halloween. There's a lot of tricksters around the neighborhood. I was thinking it was a joke, but they had a very serious look on their face," McDonald said.

The men offered to mail his ballot for him. As it turns out, McDonald had already voted, so the men left. Still, he said it was an odd experience.

"After someone leaves, you're kind of like, did I just get bamboozled? I didn't get bamboozled because they didn't take my ballot, but they sure knew a lot of information about me," he said.


McKenna Camp Paying People to Collect Ballots; KC Elections Advises Voters to Send Ballots In Themselves
It's a novel idea, to say the least, to entrust a political party to handle ballots. King County is a Democratic stronghold, and with 1.7 million voters here, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee is counting on strong turnout in King County—though, we can't imagine he'd be happy about Republican foot soldiers working as ballot couriers.

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