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MITT's (WTF) Last Pitch: ‘Tomorrow, we begin a better tomorrow’

“Tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. Tomorrow, we begin a better tomorrow. This nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow,” he told the crowd of over 3,000 people. “Your work is making a difference. The people of the world are watching. The people of America are watching. We can begin a better tomorrow tomorrow, and with the help of the people in Florida, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”


FOX Encourages Criminal Behavior: ‘The best thing’ poll watchers can do is ‘intimidate people’

Appearing on Fox & Friends on the Monday before election day, Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano explained that campaign lawyers had found “ingenuous ways to challenge things.”

“So no matter how well it’s going, no matter how smoothly it looks, whoever’s losing has an opportunity to make a challenge,” Napolitano said. “The Democrats will say, ‘Republican poll workers wouldn’t let people who are authorized to vote, vote.’ And Republicans will say, ‘Democrats are voting twice. They also have people voting who aren’t authorized to vote.’ And the courts are not going to be able to resolve this on Tuesday night.”

Kilmeade replied: “So, if you have presence there, if you’re a Republican, if you’re a Romney or Obama people, Republican on Democrat, the best thing you can do is to have a presence there to show — maybe intimidate people into playing it straight. Correct?”

“Well, intimidation is actually (a crime),” Napolitano point out.

“Not intimidation,” Kilmeade said. “Just go, ‘Oh, that guy’s over here and…”


AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!!! Crowd waiting for Obama in Wisconsin


A challenge for any Romney supporter

A challenge for any Romney supporter

Explain why Mitt Romney should be president – without mentioning Obama.


Does HE Look Like A Winner To You?

Days Before Election:'Experimental' Software Installed on ES&S Tabulation Systems in 39 OH Counties'

November 5, 2012

What's Up With Ohio Vote-Counting Machines?

-- by Dave Johnson


This is not about the voting machines, that is an entirely separate story. This is a new story about the vote counting machines. These machines have a different function, and this is a different company from the one that the Romney associates purchased.

Please read this at Brad Blog, Why Was Uncertified 'Experimental' Software Installed on ES&S Tabulation Systems in 39 OH Counties Just Days Before Presidential Election?

... text said to be from a November 1 memo sent from the OH SoS Election Counsel Brandi Laser Seske to a number of state election officials confirming the use of the new, uncertified software on Ohio's tabulator systems. The memo claims that "its function is to aid in the reporting of results" by converting them "into a format that can be read by the Secretary of State's election night reporting system."

"Said to be from" is a warning bell that this might just be a wild-ass rumor right before the election. On the other hand, if they are installing new software in the vote-tabulating machines this is a very big deal. IF they are changing the software in Ohio's vote-counting machines just before the election, the public needs to know what is going on.

But then it gets interesting:

According to Pam Smith, President of the non-partisan watchdog group VerifiedVoting.org, her organization also sought explanations for the last minute software changes from the Sec. of State's office.

She tells me that she was told that "the Secretary of State team installed the EXP tool" themselves in the counties that use the ES&S system. "It was not left to the counties to figure out the installation or the configuration."

So apparently the Ohio Sec State IS confirming that new software is being installed on the machines.

Before going on, this is not a "conspiracy theory" or a charge that vote-rigging is taking place. This is honest questions about some disturbing reports. I and others would like to know what is going on. That does not make us kooks.



Wheeeeeeeeeee: Romney Flip-Floppulence

Sen Lindsey Graham: "If I hear anybody say Romney wasn't conservative enough I'm going to go nuts"

Quote of the Day
"If I hear anybody say it was because Romney wasn't conservative enough I'm going to go nuts. We're not losing 95% of African-Americans and two-thirds of Hispanics and voters under 30 because we're not being hard-ass enough."

-- Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), quoted by Politico, saying that demographics would be the only reason for a hypothetical Mitt Romney loss Tuesday.


Salt Lake Tribune: "President Has Earned A 2nd Term-Romney In Whatever Guise-Does Not Deserve A 1st"

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