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N.Y. Marathoners Run to Help in Storm-Ravaged Staten Island

Source: Bloomberg

“Our first reaction was it’s a shame and then we wondered what can we start to do to help,” said Metzl, a physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. “Let’s run into Staten Island.”

Staten Island was one of the hardest hit areas when Superstorm Sandy reached New York, accounting for about half the city’s 41 fatalities.

By 1 a.m. yesterday, Metzl, who still hadn’t taken off his white coat after work, had helped create the New York Runners in Support of Staten Island on Facebook. When he awoke in the morning, the site had more than 3,000 hits.

Today as many as 500 runners, wearing orange and carrying backpacks stuffed with essentials such as batteries, prepaid mobile phones, gift cards, baby wipes, personal hygiene items, medicine, garbage bags, hats and gloves, traveled on the 8:30 a.m. ferry to Staten Island.

Read more: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2012-11-04/new-york-marathoners-run-to-help-in-storm-ravaged-staten-island

Nine marathoners with backpacks were seen running down the sidewalk alongside Hyland Boulevard in Midland Beach in Staten Island on Sunday morning.

"We're running out to areas of Staten Island that need supplies," said Sarah Hammond, who was carrying 25 pounds of baby wipes, diapers, dog food, clothes and personal hygiene items on her back.


Mitt Romney's campaign is finally admitting to itself that the election has slipped away

......... “At a rally this morning in New Hampshire, I asked a senior Mitt Romney campaign adviser what the campaign had planned in the final crucial days. His answer was swift. 'Praying'.”

And this: “One adviser this morning was even more candid: "I'm not saying (Mr. Obama) is definitely going to lose."

And finally this: "We're the challengers. We always knew we could lose," one aide told me here in Dubuque. "They (The Obama camp) never contemplated they could lose."

Mitt Romney’s lost the election. His own campaign team is starting to admit that to the world. Perhaps more importantly, they’re starting to admit it to themselves.




(PEW)Obama Gains Edge in Campaign's Final Days: Obama 50% - Romney 47%

Source: Pew

Obama Gains Edge in Campaign's Final Days
Obama 50% - Romney 47%

Barack Obama has edged ahead of Mitt Romney in the final days of the presidential campaign. In the Pew Research Center’s election weekend survey, Obama holds a 48% to 45% lead over Romney among likely voters.

The survey finds that Obama maintains his modest lead when the probable decisions of undecided voters are taken into account. Our final estimate of the national popular vote is Obama 50% and Romney 47%, when the undecided vote is allocated between the two candidates based on several indicators and opinions.

A week ago the race was deadlocked, with each candidate drawing support from 47% of the likely electorate. Interviewing for the final pre-election survey was conducted Oct. 31- Nov. 3 among 2,709 likely voters. The previous survey was conducted Oct. 24-28, before Hurricane Sandy made landfall along the East Coast.

Read more: http://www.people-press.org/2012/11/04/obama-gains-edge-in-campaigns-final-days/

President Of Florida-Based Company Threatens To Fire Employees If Romney Loses

Source: Think Progress

President Of Florida-Based Company Threatens To Fire Employees If Romney Loses
By Annie-Rose Strasser on Nov 4, 2012 at 2:35 pm

With fewer than 72 hours before polls begin to close, another report has emerged of a company owner strongly urging his employees to vote for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama, claiming that their jobs are potentially on the line if Obama wins re-election.

Cliff Otto, president of the Florida-based Saddle Creek Corporation, circulated an email to staff this week explaining that, while “we do not support candidates based on their political affiliation,” Romney’s positions are in “the best interest of our company, and therefore our jobs and our future”:

In the past, Saddle Creek has not felt it imperative that we communicate with our associates regarding the political issues that affect our business. This year the positions taken by the two presidential candidates with regard to these issues are starkly different. As such feel it would be wrong for us not to share with you the company’s position on just a few of the critical issues and, at the same time, how each of the two candidates compare to our position. … We do not support candidates based on their political affiliation. We do support candidates that share our positions with regard to the key issues facing our company and our country. Thank you for considering what Saddle Creek believes is in the best interest of our company, and therefore our jobs and our future.

An accompanying flyer, obtained by MSNBC’s Up With Chris Hayes, highlights by position — not candidate — which would be more beneficial for Otto’s employees’ jobs:

Read more: http://thinkprogress.org/election/2012/11/04/1136531/florida-ceo-romney/

Big Bird Votes Obama

“I checked with the head of the elections division, and he said that, no, it is not illegal to vote in a Big Bird outfit,” said Ginny Ballard, a spokeswoman for the Travis County clerk’s office.

Just putting the suit on back at the house was a challenge. I had to ask my wife, Kay, to help me put the thing on because I couldn’t figure out what went where. I’ve had less trouble with a tux. The bird suit is a three-piece, and if you put the pieces on in the wrong order, as I did, you end up being held prisoner in the suit. Also, there was no place to put my car keys.

“You’ve got it on upside down,” Kay said. “These are the arms, and this is the tail.” Who knew? “I did not see this in my future,” Kay added.

I didn’t pull this stunt because I’m a big fan of Big Bird. Nope, this one is Mitt Romney’s fault. If the Mittster hadn’t said during one of the presidential debates that he loves Big Bird, not likes but loves, I might have rented a Daffy Duck or a Tweety Bird suit instead. I prefer those two birds to Big Bird.


Red Cross issues annoyed statement about Romney “relief” donations

Agency officials told The Enquirer they are grateful for help, but don’t want people – including political candidates – sending supplies. They would rather have donations of money and blood.

“We are not asking for material donations,” said Laura Steinmetz, spokeswoman for the South Jersey Region of the organization. “Financial donations allow us to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of the people in a disaster. It’s far more expensive for us to receive the donated goods, sort them, warehouse them and transport them. So our financial donations are much more cost effective.”



I know this man.

I know this man.

We’ve played together in a community college jazz band for a little over a year. He plays piano. He’s clever. He makes hilarious facial expressions when something goes wrong in the music. We’ve never really talked much, but I’ve always known him to be a good guy.

And after seeing this, I’m reminded that every person has a story. I don’t know what made him cry like that. I don’t know his story. But it matters. All of us have stories that matter.

Even if my fellow jazz musician and I have stories that differ and hardly talk, we have common ground in that we choose to believe in the president. It makes me feel connected. Not only to this pianist I barely know, but to everyone who was touched at the rally. And it doesn’t stop in Mentor, Ohio.


FL Legislature Erases Key Item in History of Bush v. Gore

FL Legislature Erases Key Item in History of Bush v. Gore
By: Quasit Saturday November 3, 2012 9:50 am

....................... In 2000, Florida state law required that EVERY ballot which made the intent of the voter clear must be counted: Title IX, Ch. 101.5614.

Ah, but wait! If you clicked on that link, you may be puzzled. “The statute you have selected cannot be found”? What sort of law is that?!? Even the internet archive can’t dig up that page. The (Republican) Florida state legislature has most thoroughly erased any record of that statute.

But of course it’s hard to completely erase anything from the internet. And luckily a reporter captured at least some of the text of that statute:

From Title IX, Ch. 101.5614, Canvass of returns:

If any paper ballot is damaged or defective so that it cannot be counted properly by the automatic tabulating equipment, the ballot shall be counted manually at the counting center by the canvassing board. The totals for all such ballots or ballot cards counted manually shall be added to the totals for the several precincts or election districts. No vote shall be declared invalid or void if there is a clear indication of the intent of the voter as determined by the canvassing board. After duplicating a ballot, the defective ballot shall be placed in an envelope provided for that purpose, and the duplicate ballot shall be tallied with the other ballots for that precinct.

A number of the disputed votes in the Florida election were “overvotes”, in which a (confused) voter both marked the box next to the name of their candidate and wrote that candidate’s name in. In such a case, the intent of the voter was clearly to vote for that candidate. We must therefore eliminate all scenarios which exclude those valid votes. The result:

This is quite a reversal of fortune! George W. Bush has gone from a 17-7 advantage to a 5-7 disadvantage. Very illuminating. But perhaps an additional look at the data would be appropriate. Is there any other case in which the intent of the voter is clear?

Well yes, there is. Remember those annoying fill-in-the-box standardized tests from school? If you haven’t run across them, optical ballots are basically the same thing. You need to fill in the box completely or else the scanner can’t read them. Unfortunately a number of voters only put a checkmark or a line in the box next to their candidate’s name, but their intent is nonetheless quite clear, and thanks to that darned Title IX, Ch. 101.5614, we must eliminate those choices which do not count those valid votes.

And so:

In all the scenarios in which Florida voting law is obeyed, then, George W. Bush ONLY wins if dimpled chads are counted and the decision of the three judges is unanimous. Since the Bush team itself mocked the very idea of dimpled chads, this at the least places the legitimacy of the election in serious doubt.

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