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Jane Goodall on climate change: ‘We’ve just been stealing, stealing, stealing from our children, and

She spoke of the explosion in the planet’s human population, of the ever greater need for land, food and housing, and evoked the scarcity of water as well as global warming:

“When I first came to Africa and I flew over Kilimanjaro, even in the height of the summer there was a great cap of snow. The snows of Kilimanjaro,” she recalled.

“I just read the other day that we should rather be talking about the dusts of Kilimanjaro. That is just one signal and this is all around the world that the glaciers are melting,” she went on.

For Goodall, one of the world’s leading chimpanzee experts, “something has gone wrong” in the relationship between man and the planet.

“We’ve just been stealing, stealing, stealing from our children, and it’s shocking. But is it true that there’s nothing that can be done? No absolutely not,” she goes on, explaining how her latest project, Roots and Shoots, began.


Execs off the hook at S&P

Source: Los Angeles Times

Execs off the hook at S&P

The federal and state lawsuits against S&P are well and good, but no people are on the hook in these cases. What kind of deterrence is that?

You may have heard last week about a couple of big lawsuits brought by federal and state governments, alleging that the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's concocted a fraudulent scheme that contributed to trillions of dollars in investment losses and the cratering of pretty much the entire world financial system.

Those are serious charges, and the federal government's demand for $5 billion in penalties isn't peanuts. Yet there's something bloodless about the lawsuits, for the simple reason that they don't point the finger at any particular person who was responsible for these dastardly doings.

For example, you won't find the name Harold McGraw III anywhere in the court papers. Who?

McGraw was chairman, chief executive and president of McGraw-Hill, S&P's parent company, in the period at issue, 2004 to 2007. (He's still in place today.) Did he profit from S&P's wrongdoing? Let's assume so: he not only owns 10 million company shares but received $44.5 million in compensation over those years, according to corporate disclosures. Did he know or care about what was happening at S&P? One would hope so because it was by far the most profitable domain in his empire, contributing an average of more than 70% of McGraw-Hill's operating profit.


Read more: Link to sourchttp://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hiltzik-20130208,0,1163345.columne

Someone in the GOP needs to take Bush-Cheney apart

Someone in the GOP needs to take Bush-Cheney apart, to show how they created the debt crisis we are in, by throwing away a surplus on unaffordable tax cuts, launching two unfunded wars, and one new unfunded entitlement. They need to take on the war crimes that has deeply undermined the soul of the United States. They need to note the catastrophic negligence that gave us the worst national security lapse since Pearl Harbor (9/11) despite being warned explicitly in advance, accept weak and false intelligence to launch a war they were too incompetent to fight or win, sat back as one of the worst hurricanes all but took out a major city, and was so negligent in bank regulation that we ended up with Lehman and all that subsequently took place.

These were not minor errors. They were catastrophic misjudgments which took an era of peace, surplus and prosperity and replaced it with a dystopia of massive debt, a lawless executive branch, two unwinnable wars, and a record of war crimes that had their source in the very Oval Office.

When will the Republicans hold themselves accountable for the things that have persuaded so many that this bunch of fanatics and deniers are unfit for government? When will they speak of Bush and Cheney and repudiate them?


The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a fake good guy with his fist!

In other news, this is indescribably juvenile and silly.

PHOENIX (AP) — The self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” is joining forces this weekend with action movie star Steven Seagal to train volunteer armed posse members to defend Phoenix-area schools against gunmen.

Seagal, best known for his roles in movies such as “Above the Law” and “Under Siege,” will lead training on hand-to-hand defense tactics, among other techniques, drawing from his expertise in martial arts, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

Arizona Democratic House Minority Leader Chad Campbell called the plan to use Seagal as an instructor “ludicrous.”

“Steve Seagal is an actor. That’s it. Why don’t we also have Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis come out and train them too while we’re at it,” Campbell said.


Goodwill husband-wife team earns $800,000-Store Workers $19.58 an hour (Salary/benefits/training)

Goodwill husband-wife team earns nearly $800,000
Published: February 9, 2013 Updated 11 hours ago

By Josh Shaffer — jshaffer@newsobserver.com

DURHAM — As president of the Goodwill Community Foundation, Dennis McLain directs a chain of 36 stores stretching from Durham to Jacksonville, selling used sport coats and secondhand dresses to some of North Carolina’s poorest citizens.

He states proudly in promotional material that workers in those stores earn an average $19.58 an hour in combined salary and benefits, and that Goodwill provides free job training to millions worldwide.

But McLain receives an uncommonly large portion of the nonprofit’s generosity, earning more than $430,000 a year in pay and other benefits, including membership at Raleigh’s exclusive Capital City Club. His wife, Linda, Goodwill’s executive vice president, brings home $365,000, according to nonprofit disclosure forms filed with the Internal Revenue Service for 2011.

Their compensation rose nearly 11 percent in that year, and 20 percent since 2008.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/02/09/2667175/goodwill-husband-wife-team-earns.html#storylink=cpy#storylink=cpy

I rather have Obama's "2nd-rate people" than Cheney's "good folks" anyday!

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Saturday night that President Barack Obama has jeopardized U.S. national security by nominating substandard candidates for key cabinet posts and by degrading the U.S. military.

"The performance now of Barack Obama as he staffs up the national security team for the second term is dismal," Cheney said in comments to about 300 members of the Wyoming Republican Party.

Cheney, a Wyoming native, said it was vital to the nation's national security that "good folks" hold the positions of secretary of state, CIA director and secretary of defense.

"Frankly, what he has appointed are second-rate people," he said.


Republican Reindeer Games 2013: missives from the front lines of the #Obamaquester

Reuters: The U.S. economy could take a big hit from automatic government spending cuts even if Congress only leaves them in place for a month or two.

What could be more important than a solution to the sequester? Games!




a repuke mind in action...

The poor deadbrain doesn't know what to do with himself. While Jimmy Carter and Clinton are tackling issues like world hunger he is painting his toes drunk in a bathtub. A repuke mind in action.


Fox Accidentally Uses Photo of Same-Sex Couple to Illustrate Importance of Heterosexual Marriage

Fox News Accidentally Uses Photo of Same-Sex Couple to Illustrate Article About the Importance of Heterosexual Marriage

Atop yet another typical Fox News article espousing the merits of heteronormativity sits a decidedly atypical sight: A photo of the same-sex couple who made headlines last year for being the first same-sex couple to get married at the Empire State Building.

"Being equal in worth, or value, is not the same as being identical, interchangeable beings," writes Suzanne Venker, author of How to Choose a Husband and Make Peace with Marriage.

Of course, she's talking about her belief that women should stop trying to compete with men and just give in to the fact that they were put on earth to be a wife and mother and nothing more.

But looking at the photo of Stephanie Figarelle and Lela McArthur lovingly sharing their first kiss as a legally married couple, you can't help but smile.

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