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Talk now that Pelosi might try for a "discharge petition." Dems Propose Hail Mary Strategy

House Democrats think they've found a procedural loophole, according to a plan outline obtained by TPM.

Democrats Propose Hail Mary Strategy For Ending Shutdown


They're planning to bring an existing bill, filed in March by Rep. James Lankford (R-OK), called the Government Shutdown Prevention Act, to the floor. That bill would keep the government funded at current levels. By using an existing bill, they avoid the 30-day delay.

Here's the timeline. House Democrats will file an "Open the Government" resolution, calling for a floor vote on Lankford's bill, on Friday. After it sits untouched in the House Rules Committee for seven legislative days, they can file a discharge petition to bring the resolution to the floor, likely by Oct. 14 at the earliest.

After the resolution is approved by a simple majority of the full House, then by the resolution's own terms the Lankford bill would come up for a vote. At that point, Democrats would replace Lankford's bill with the Senate bill and vote on it.

All of that would require moderate House Republicans to revolt against their leadership first to sign the discharge petition, then to approve the resolution, and finally to vote for the Senate bill. That's a series of big if's.



I took my Republican brother in for surgery recently-COURTESY OF OBAMACARE!

From Facebook:

I took my Republican brother in for surgery recently. When he came back from the recovery room, we were watching President Obama speak on the news about the shutdown and the need for Affordable Care Act.

My still-groggy brother starts spouting Fox News talking points about how he is never going to be forced to buy health insurance and how he would much rather pay the fine! Luckily, I had some empathy for the pain he was in so I didn't rip his head off as I explained to him that the surgery he just had was courtesy of Obamacare! He said that couldn't be because the ACA had not yet gone into effect.

He has been unemployed/underemployed since the recession hit. Because of the ACA, our state of Connecticut expanded access to Medicaid, which allowed my brother to have the surgery he has needed for years. Since he was a captive audience, I took an hour to explain all the parts of the law that have gone into effect over the last few years, what changes are still to come, how the law affects me personally and how the ACA affects my small business.

I’m sure his Fox News brain was ready to explode after that explanation. On the other hand, he had enough sedation that he may not remember the whole conversation as he returns to his tiny Fox News world!


ALERT: "Shutdown" is a state of exception when the government gets to do things it normally can’t do

Essentially Vicious


.................... A shutdown is a moment in which a choice gets made about which laws to obey and which laws to ignore, when the government gets to decide that some people are essential and some people aren’t.

This is a choice, a choice that happened long before Ted Cruz was a thing we had to know about. This is a choice the government made. Republicans believe that WIC should be de-funded and the EPA should close down, and while the Democrats say they disagree, they were willing to compromise, temporarily, as long as everyone agreed that the important stuff, the essential stuff, would continue.

Partisans can’t see this, even the smart ones. And sure, republicans who think it was all Obama’s intransigence that caused this are living in fantasy land. But it takes two to tango, and the Democrats have plenty of blood on their hands, enough that it doesn’t really matter who has more. Ted Cruz gets to play maniac, and the DNC gets to play its favorite role, the reasonable liberal who doesn’t actually have the power to do anything. When the Tea-Party took a hostage, the Democrats said, “Go Ahead. Make my day.”

Seriously. If a government shutdown meant that planes would be grounded, it would never have happened. If a government shutdown meant the NSA would turn off the lights, not a single Republican would have signed on. If it meant that soldiers would stop killing, that police would stop putting people in jail, or that any of the many things that the government does to keep the economy running would come to a halt, it would be a cold day in hell before Ted Cruz would make himself the face of the shutdown. But the Office of Management and Budget helpfully requires every federal agency to have a plan for all the important stuff to continue, if ever there’s a shutdown. They must distinguish between essential services and inessential services, between the government functions that matter and those that don’t. That means that when the Republicans threaten to blow up the government if they don’t get everything they want, they know that the technocrats won’t let them hurt anyone who matters. The OMB won’t let them hurt the business community, or wreck the economy, or imperil America’s status as world’s warmonger. They know that poor people will suffer the most, and rich people will suffer the least. There are some things that transcend partisan divisiveness.

the rest:

Report: Closed-Door GOP Meeting With Cruz Turned Into 'Lynch Mob'

Report: Closed-Door GOP Meeting With Cruz Turned Into 'Lynch Mob'

More details are emerging about Wednesday's closed-door meeting where Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) evidently received an earful from his Republican colleagues, with one senator describing what transpired as a "lynch mob."

A report published Friday by The New York Times shed more light on the private lunch, indicating that Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Dan Coats (R-IN) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) blasted Cruz for leading the charge to block funding for the Affordable Care Act, a quixotic effort that led to the government shutdown.

According to the Times report, Ayotte demanded that Cruz renounce attacks directed at Republicans by an unnamed "conservative group." Politico reported earlier this week it was attacks levied by the Senate Conservatives Fund, the organization founded by former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), that rankled Cruz's GOP colleagues.

According to the Times, Cruz did not disavow the attacks nor did he offer a strategy for the defunding effort, prompting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to join the criticism of the freshman senator.

More, plus links:

Charles Blow sums it up: "Obamacare is the bright red line in House Republicans’ dim world."

Charles Blow sums it up:


"On Wednesday, Obama summoned Congressional leaders to the White House to discuss the shutdown. But it wasn’t clear whether the president was abandoning his stated position of not negotiating, or simply managing his image through stagecraft.

This is not sitting well with many Republicans, who chafe at the notion that the president would leave them alone to wallow in the mess they made. Now they claim that the president is not being a leader because he won’t engage representatives who have no interest in being led."


"Obamacare is the bright red line in House Republicans’ dim world. They can’t countenance the idea that they are out of power and out of options.

These people are exploiting the regular rules of Congress to flout the normal rules of order, turning majority rules into minority rules."


Uh-Oh...Shutdown Means No NFL Games for Deployed Troops

Well, THIS Should End The Shutdown...
Posted by Zandar

If there's one thing that will set the GOP scrambling to pass a clean CR and end the shutdown, it's this headline right here:

Shutdown Means No NFL Games for Deployed Troops


The government shutdown means deployed troops and sailors cannot get their sports fix, as the Pentagon reduced the civilian staff of its Armed Forces Network Broadcast Center in Riverside, Calif., which normally transmits nine television channels and seven radio channels via satellite worldwide.
In a notice on its website, the center said most of its channels are off the air, except for news channels. AFN Europe said mandatory staff reductions at the broadcast center will reduce television to one service: AFN News.

The AFN sports channel, which broadcasts professional sports live, went dark yesterday along with the network’s movie, family and children’s channels.

Things just got real, yo. Enjoy owning this one, GOP.


PITTSBURGH: Too Many Customers Overwhelm Obamacare Website

Too Many Customers Overwhelm Obamacare Website
October 3, 2013 8:50 PM

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Unable to get healthinsurance because of a pre-existing condition, Julie Goodenough of Crafton was excited to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but so far it’s been frustrating.

“I haven’t been able to sign up because I guess so many people are trying that it was crashing,” Goodenough told KDKA political editor Jon Delano. “So they said, try again in a few days, and still can’t get in there.”

She’s hardly alone. The website, www.healthcare.gov, comes up on screen but will not allow many to log in and get insurance.

“I just want to get signed up. That’s all I want to do,” said Goodenough.


The Bottom Line: 800,000 Federal Workers NEED Their Paychecks Too!

House GOPer: 'I Need My Paycheck' During Shutdown

"I need my paycheck. That's the bottom line," Ellmers told WTVD in Raleigh, N.C. "I understand that there may be some other members who are deferring their paychecks, and I think that's admirable. I'm not in that position."


Oh No!!! - Now that ObamaCare is enacted, they'll never win another presidential election.

ObamaCare isn't going to turn America into a country of lazy moochers. It's going to turn middle class white folks into stronger supporters of the federal government, and therefore the Democratic Party. It's the same reason a lot of retired white folks support the Democrats. The Democrats created Social Security and Medicare, and old folks know that.

The evangelicals and Tea Partiers seem to think this is a sinister plot to buy enough support to win elections in perpetuity. It's not a plot, but opposing ObamaCare is going to be even less popular than opposing Social Security. So, yeah, it's doom time for the old Republican Party.

And that seems to be what they're all preoccupied with. They feel like Obama came in and enjoyed total victory over them and their way of life. Now that ObamaCare is enacted, they'll never win another presidential election. The country will just get more tolerant of gays..it's terrible.

the rest:

just notice the worried look on that elephant's face!!!

"I’m proud of you," VP called to tell the Park Ranger who was chastised by a GOP Rep today

Office of VP BidenVerified account
"I’m proud of you," VP called to tell the Park Ranger who was chastised by a GOP Rep today at the WWII Memorial.


Congressman Confronts Park Ranger Over Closed WWII Memorial
More plus video:
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