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Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Throws Wife Under The Bus

Attorneys for Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, will spend Monday locked in separate hours-long meetings trying to convince federal prosecutors that the first couple should not be charged in the gifts scandal that has dominated state politics.


As the scandal has shined an uncomfortable spotlight on the governor’s marriage, McDonnell’s side has conveyed to authorities that his wife often purposely kept him in the dark about the largess she was accepting from Williams, according to a person familiar with the investigation.


JUAN COLE: How to turn a democracy into a STASI authoritarian state in 10 easy steps

How to turn a democracy into a STASI authoritarian state in 10 easy steps:

1. Misuse the concept of a Top Secret government document (say, the date of D-Day) and extend classification to trillions of mundane documents a year.

2. Classify all government crimes and violations of the Constitution as secret

3. Create a class of 4.5 million privileged individuals, many of them corporate employees, with access to classified documents but allege it is illegal for public to see leaked classified documents

4. Spy on the public in violation of the Constitution

5. Classify environmental activists as terrorists while allowing Big Coal and Big Oil to pollute and destroy the planet

6. Share info gained from NSA spying on public with DEA, FBI, local law enforcement to protect pharmaceuticals & liquor industry from competition from pot, or to protect polluters from activists

7. Falsify to judges and defense attorneys how allegedly incriminating info was discovered

8. Lie and deny to Congress you are spying on the public.

9. Criminalize the revelation of government crimes and spying as Espionage

10. Further criminalize whistleblowing as “Terrorism”, have compradors arrest innocent people, detain them, and confiscate personal effects with no cause or warrant (i.e. David Miranda, partner of Glenn Greenwald)

Presto, what looks like a democracy is really an authoritarian state ruling on its own behalf and that of 2000 corporations, databasing the activities of 312 million innocent citizens and actively helping destroy the planet while forestalling climate activism.


Sen. Ted Cruz's birth certificate released exclusively to Dallas Morning News

Sen. Ted Cruz's birth certificate shows he was born in Canada in 1970. It was released exclusively to The Dallas Morning News.


"We The Peepers"

Norm Lopez Is Alright.

Norm Lopez takes a bath on the sidewalk in front of his house after his breakfast early Tuesday morning, Aug. 13, 2013 in Sacramento, Calif.

Norm Lopez has a fervent, almost cult-like following in certain Sacramento communities: local bands have put him on their T-shirts, commuters exit the light rail at the 13th Street stop just to say hello and his Facebook page (as of Tuesday evening) is nearing 500 friends. His popularity sky-rocketed following a heart-warming reunion between Norm and his human, Tyler Lopez earlier this week. On Friday, a stranger mistook Norm for a pregnant cat in distress and took him to the Front Street Animal Shelter where staff recognized him from his Facebook page. Norm now has an identification chip and will be hosting a pub crawl to benefit the shelter on Aug. 31, 2013.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/08/13/5648338/norm-lopez-capitol-fat-cat-and.html#storylink=cpy

Amnesty International Gets This One Exactly Right!

“It is utterly improbable that David Michael Miranda, a Brazilian national transiting through London, was detained at random, given the role his partner has played in revealing the truth about the unlawful nature of NSA surveillance.

“David’s detention was unlawful and inexcusable. He was detained under a law that violates any principle of fairness and his detention shows how the law can be abused for petty vindictive reasons.

“There is simply no basis for believing that David Michael Miranda presents any threat whatsoever to the UK government. The only possible intent behind this detention was to harass him and his partner, Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, for his role in analysing the data released by Edward Snowden.

“States cannot pass anti-terror acts and claim they are necessary to protect people from harm and then use them to retaliate against someone exercising his rights. By targeting Miranda and Greenwald, the UK authorities are also sending a message to other journalists that if they maintain their independence and report critically about governments, they too may be targeted.”


Uniquely trustworthy - by Tom Tomorrow


The game is over. Even Andrew Sullivan has jumped ship of the NSA and GCHQ. In Greenwald's defense

The game is over. Even Andrew Sullivan has jumped ship of the NSA and GCHQ. In Greenwald's defense, he writes:

"A disclosure upfront: I have met David Miranda as part of a my friendship with Glenn Greenwald. The thought of his being detained by the British police for nine hours because his partner embarrassed the American government really sickens me at a gut level. I immediately think of my husband, Aaron, being detained in connection to work I have done – something that would horrify and frighten me. We should, of course, feel this empathy with people we have never known – but the realization is all the more gob-smacking when it comes so close to home. So of course my instinct is to see this exactly as Glenn has today...

I have seen nothing anywhere that could even connect his spouse to such nefarious contacts. Unless Glenn is some kind of super-al-Qaeda mole, he has none to my knowledge and to suspect him of any is so close to unreasonable it qualifies as absurd. The idea that David may fomenting terrorism is even more ludicrous.

In this respect, I can say this to David Cameron. Thank you for clearing the air on these matters of surveillance. You have now demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that these anti-terror provisions are capable of rank abuse. Unless some other facts emerge, there is really no difference in kind between you and Vladimir Putin. You have used police powers granted for anti-terrorism and deployed them to target and intimidate journalists deemed enemies of the state.

You have proven that these laws can be hideously abused. Which means they must be repealed. You have broken the trust that enables any such legislation to survive in a democracy. By so doing, you have attacked British democracy itself. What on earth do you have to say for yourself? And were you, in any way, encouraged by the US administration to do such a thing?


Luckovich-Absolutely Nails GOP

The Almost Entirely Black Audience Of "The Butler" Had To Watch Film W-Armed Guards Facing Them

Racial profiling is exactly what Regal Cinemas is being accused of over their deployment of armed police and extra security steps at an 8:05 pm showing of The Butler. Thirty-five year-old Tiffany Flowers and her husband, 38 year-old Alan Hanson (update: the couple are not married), were shocked by what happened at the theater. Ms. Flowers tweets:

I’d like to take this time to express my utter disgust with@RegalMovies cinema in Silver Spring, MD. You all should stay away from here.
.@hanson_alan and I went to see #TheButler @RegalMovies last night and let me tell you what an unpleasant experience it was…
Tickets were double validated. First they get torn then upon entering the theater (10 FT. AWAY) we were asked for stubs again.@RegalMovies
Then as soon as we enter the theater we were greeted by an actual police officer who herded traffic in one direction. @RegalMovies
Once we get around the corner and start looking for seats we see yet another police office inside the theater facing patrons.@RegalMovies
This was our first (and final) trip @regalmovies but we were told that this is completely out of the ordinary. #TheButler
The almost entirely black audience of #TheButler was subjected to watching the film while armed guards faced the audience. Why?@RegalMovies
RT @HoneyNectar17: @Me @RegalMovies Why the police presence? Is it a rowdy theater with a lot of unruly pre-teens and teenagers? <– No!
@HoneyNectar17 @RegalMovies As a matter of fact it was the 8:05 show. There were mostly elders and people our age in the crowd.#TheButler
@Oprah I went out to support #TheButler last night and@RegalMovies thought it’d be cool to extend the onscreen discrimination to the crowd.

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