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Cenk Uygur mocks Limbaugh: We’d enjoy a Black James Bond even if it bothers ‘your racist ass’

The Huffington Post reported during an interview with Elba last year that “James Bond” was a frequently-searched term in connection with the actor’s name online. Elba responded by saying, “If I was ever to get offered that role, that would be the will of a nation.”

But Limbaugh rejected the prospect, comparing putting Elba in the role to the idea of white people playing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Uygur pointed out that there were complaints when Craig was cast in the role in 2005 because he has blond hair.

“The question is, why does it bother Rush so much?” Uygur asked, before alluding to conservative reactions to the idea that Santa Claus could be Black.

“I hate to break the news to you, but Santa’s also fictional — we can make him anything we like,” Uygur said. “Yes, normally he was drawn up as a jolly fat guy who’s white. You can make him a skinny Asian if you like.”

Watch Uygur’s commentary, as posted online on Tuesday, below.


I realize Rush is in a terminally drug-induced haze so James Bond is as real to him as Santa is to Megyn Kelly, bless her heart. That's why the OxyMoron says stupid stuff like:
James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming.
He was white and Scottish. Period

Bond was more than stunts. For my money, the only Bond worthy of following Connery was Brosnan. Who cares if he's Irish? All I know is he was better at playing Bond than Connery was at playing Irish. Can you remember a crappier Irish accent than the one he tried to deliver in The Untouchables? It's enough to drive you to drink. Brosnan may not have been Connery, but he wasn't too shabby. He was certainly a hell of a lot better than that Welsh wanker -- Timothy Dalton. I don't know what he thought he was doing. But tongue-in-cheek wasn't working with that guy. He came across more like creepy--something--wrong--with--that--boy if you ask me. Not the kind of guy a woman would want to be left alone with, if you catch my drift. The only mementos he got from blonde bombshells were on the restraining orders he collected.


"Have Yourself - A Hell of A Time"

My name is Steve Carlson and I’m a union and community organizer from northern Wisconsin. I recently made a music video of a song I wrote and recorded many years ago titled A Hell of A Time.

It’s a Christmas song, or perhaps an anti-Christmas song, or perhaps even more accurately a truly pro-Christmas song. I’ll let you folks decide. I wrote it because it seems to me that if Americans spent as much time, energy and money making a better world as we do celebrating Christmas we’d actually have that better world and something to truly celebrate.

I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which economically and culturally is a lot like northern Wisconsin: small towns that have been hit by the de-industrialization of America. They may have been forgotten by policymakers in Washington and too unglamorous to merit much attention from the mainstream media. Nevertheless, I believe that the people who read this blog are acutely aware of who has wound up being ground up by the march of neoliberalism, and want more socially just outcomes, even it we don’t necessarily agree on the course of action. And while some may chafe at the idea of a less than cheery Christmas song, it might be time to pull off the commercial veneer and see where we really are as a people. It’s only when you know where you are that you can map a path to get where you’d like to go.


Most incompetent communist ever -->



Sean Hannity has epic Twitter meltdown after his colleagues name him ‘Worst of Fox’

In the spirit of the season (the spirit is harsh, blanket judgement), the website Mediaite conducted a survey of cable news hosts from CNN, Fox News and MSNBC which asked respondents to rank their colleagues from best to worst. Unsurprisingly (or, perhaps, surprisingly since Bill O’Reilly was nominated in the same category), Sean Hannity was voted Worst Host on Fox News:

Worst Host, Fox News

This should come as no surprise: Sean Hannity won this category with a majority of anonymous votes. And, yep, we named him as a runner-up for our own “Worst Cable News Host” award.

Apparently we’re not the only ones annoyed by his eponymous show’s special blend of vein-popping shoutfests, mega-panel clown shows, and partisan grudge matches.

Falling way behind Hannity was Bolling — who received two votes here — and a bunch of hosts with single votes to their name, bizarrely including Neil Cavuto and Bill O’Reilly.


Hannity was really sad and mad about it and had to stomp around Twitter to cool off:

twitters (LOL) here:

Barack Obama is ruining the economy.

Dow Leaps Over 1,800
May 23, 1986|The New York Times
NEW YORK -- A powerful combination of professional buying programs and newly found optimism about interest rates sent stock prices sharply higher Thursday, giving Wall Street its best gain in more than a month. The Dow Jones industrial average recovered from a moderate loss on Wednesday and rose 31.13, to 1,806.30.

John Connolly, of Dean Witter Reynolds Inc., said the rise in large part was caused by the buying of professionals, who, seeing that stock index futures had risen sharply, reversed direction and started investing in the underlying stocks.

IBM fell $1.12, to $143.37. A pessimistic report on the company was issued by the brokerage firm of Furman Selz Mager Dietz & Birney Inc.

RJR Nabisco gained $1.62, to $45 on continuing rumors that Nabisco will sell its Kentucky Fried Chicken subsidiary. But the company said it had no such plans. Upjohn rose $5.50, to $88.87, after it said its baldness drug minoxidil may be on the market next year. On the over-the-counter market, Quotron was heavily traded but finished unchanged at $19. Citicorp began a $19-a-share offer for Quotron, an information services firm.


"Freedom is about authority."

Here’s Giuliani in 1994. This is who he is:



Slavery wasn't about having to work. Slavery was about not being able to walk away.

Protest marches are impressive because they involve people taking back the streets, alleys, byways and, yes even parks, with their feet.

What the authorities want is for people to be in cages -- either at home (stationary cages into which they lock themselves) or strapped into their vehicles (mobile cages with wheels). The propaganda has been so successful that most Americans have come to equate the automobile with freedom. But, the fact is that, while public officials have to have probably cause to interfere with a person's mobility, encased in a vehicle, the person has given up the right not to be stopped (arrested) in exchange for the right to operate a potentially lethal machine. A permit to drive is ipso facto consent to be stopped in one's tracks at any time. Never mind that the route from point A to point B is defined and restricted by the right of way. The process involved with the license to drive has proved so useful to authoritarians that it has now been transitioned into the financial realm when individuals need to borrow to purchase that residential cage. No longer do mortgage notes merely assert the debt is to be paid back. Now getting a loan is conditioned on agreeing to giving up one's civil rights to judicial review whenever a default is alleged. People can become homeless overnight on the word of a financier. And everybody knows homelessness is to be feared because walking around on one's own two feet or lying under a tree or bridge to sleep is illegal.

The law is no longer about justice. The law is about ruling. The law is being used to insure that the people neither rule, nor take any liberties on their own two feet.

Never mind free speech. Free the feet.


OK, Let's Blame Conservatives For All the Killings They're Responsible For

Let's Blame Conservatives For All the Killings They're Responsible For
—By Kevin Drum


....We can blame Bill O'Reilly for his 28 episodes of invective against "Tiller the Baby Killer" that eventually ended
in the murder of Wichita abortion provider George Tiller by anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder. We can blame conservative talk radio for fueling the anti-government hysteria that led Timothy McVeigh to bomb a federal building in Oklahoma City. We can blame the relentless xenophobia of Fox News for the bombing of an Islamic Center in Joplin or the massacre of Sikh worshippers by a white supremacist in Wisconsin. We can blame the NRA for the mass shootings in Newtown and Aurora. We can blame Republicans for stoking the anti-IRS paranoia that prompted Andrew Joseph Stack to crash a private plane into an IRS building in Austin, killing two people. We can blame the Christian Right for the anti-gay paranoia that led the Westboro Baptist Church to picket the funeral of Matthew Snyder, a US Marine killed in Iraq, with signs that carried their signature "God Hates Fags" slogan. We can blame Sean Hannity for his repeated support of Cliven Bundy's "range war" against the BLM, which eventually motivated Jerad and Amanda Miller to kill five people in Las Vegas after participating in the Bundy standoff and declaring, "If they're going to come bring violence to us, well, if that's the language they want to speak, we'll learn it." And, of course, we can blame Rudy Giuliani and the entire conservative movement for their virtually unanimous indifference to the state-sanctioned police killings of black suspects over minor offenses in Ferguson and Staten Island, which apparently motivated the murder of the New York police officers on Saturday.

Or wait. Maybe we can't do any of those things. Maybe lots of people support lots of things, and we can't twist that generalized support into blame for maniacs who decide to take up arms for their own demented reasons. Maybe that's a better idea after all.

the rest:

Oh, I think I Like THIS Lame Duck!

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