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Elderly Brits Accidentally Grow Huge Pot Plant THEY BOUGHT IT AS A SMALL SHRUB AT A SALE

(NEWSER) – Who needs grow lights? A couple in Bedfordshire, England, picked up a cute little plant at market and lovingly tended it as it grew into a lush plant in the garden, reports CNN. That's when it drew the attention of police, who tweeted a photo of it with the caption, "Elderly couple bought shrub at car boot sale ... biggest cannabis plant we had seen!!" Police seized the pot plant and won't press charges. An elderly farmer in Germany had a similar experience recently.


GOP/LOL: Obama Almost As Bad As Bush

Republicans Compare Obama's Response To Libya Attacks With George Bush's Handling Of Iraq


"I have seen this movie before," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told CBS' "Face the Nation," regarding whether the White House had been too quick to assume that al Qaeda was on the run. "I went to Iraq in 2004 and everybody told me things are going fine, this is just a few dead-enders. Iraq was falling apart, and you couldn't get the truth from the Bush administration."

"The Middle East is falling apart, and they're trying to spin what happened in Libya because the truth of the matter is, al Qaeda is alive and well, and counter-attacking," Graham said.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), whose oversight and government reform committee held a hearing on the Benghazi raid, echoed the theme later in the program.

"This is not very Republican, if you will, but when President George W. Bush went aboard an aircraft carrier and said, 'Mission Accomplished,' I listened, rightfully so, to people saying, look, but there are still problems, and they're still dying," Issa said. "And quite frankly, things got worse in many ways after that famous statement."


Push Poll Of Push Polls


Mittocchio & Junior

Colorado Hispanic Republicans Rally For Glorious Victory!

Something obviously happened, because there appear to be more Colorado Hispanic Republicans listed on the press advisory than actually in attendance at yesterday's rally.

It could honestly be a good thing to to see that lengthy advisory--otherwise you might get the idea that the people in the photo are all the Colorado Hispanic Republicans who, you know, exist.

Pro organizing tip: if a rally is about to send the opposite of the message you want, cancel it.

"Your law degree worthless.” Harris-Perry to Clarence Thomas: ‘You’ve got it all wrong’

“Dear Justice Clarence Thomas,” she read to the camera, “It’s me, Melissa. Now, I know you’re pretty excited that you have a chance to end, once and for all, the practice of considering race in college admissions. You’ve been waiting for this moment a long time, haven’t you? I bet you think about it every time you look at your Yale Law school diploma and the 15 cent price tag from a cigar box that you stuck on it to remind yourself that, as you say in your book, affirmative action made your law degree worthless.”

She went on to say that both Thomas and Abigail Fisher have completely missed the point of affirmative action.

“Consider this: It is possible that you didn’t get hired right out of law school because you just weren’t good enough. Just like Abigail Fisher. She was a good student, but she failed to clear the bar of UT’s academic achievement index. Abigail Fisher wasn’t admitted, but a black student didn’t talk her place. It was not her place.”



Catholic church to lose historic property tax exemption in Italy

Catholic church to lose historic property tax exemption in Italy

Italy’s Catholic Church will be forced to pay taxes starting in 2013 after the EU pressured the country’s government to pass a controversial law stripping the Church of its historic property tax exemption.

The Catholic Church in Italy is excluded from paying taxes on its land if at least a part of a Church property is used non-commercially – for instance, a chapel in a bed-and-breakfast.

"The regulatory framework will be definite by January 1, 2013 – the start of the fiscal year – and will fully respect the Community law," Italian premier Mario Monti's government said in a statement on Tuesday.

The move could net Italy revenues of 500 million to 2 billion euros annually across the country, municipal government associations said. The extra income from previously exempt properties in Rome alone – including hotels, restaurants and sports centers – could reach 25.5 million euros a year, La Repubblica daily newspaper reported.


RYAN Tries To Hang With The 47%, Fails Miserably.

So there Paul Ryan was, photo op-ing his little brains out at a soup kitchen in Youngstown, Ohio, but dang if he didn’t get there a little late. The food had been served, the place was empty, and volunteers had cleaned up. Timing is everything.

When Ryan did talk to some men who appeared to be homeless, as he did when he left the venue, reporters were not allowed to listen in on the exchange.

The visit by Ryan came after a town hall meeting Saturday morning at Youngstown State University.

After greeting and thanking a handful of volunteers from St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Canfield, Ohio — who said they typically visit the St. Vincent DePaul Society every Saturday and serve food from 10 to 11:30 a.m. — Ryan, his wife and their young children headed to the kitchen, donned white aprons and offered to clean up some dishes.

Ryan stood at the sink and took some large metal pans that did not appear to be dirty, soaped them up and rinsed them, remarking as the cameras clicked and the TV cameras rolled that he had spent a summer washing dishes when he was younger.


‘You should’ve served US better and died!’ Debt collector berates disabled veteran

Source: RT News

‘You should’ve served US better and died!’ Debt collector berates disabled veteran

A debt collector, angered that a disabled US Army veteran was living off of disability payments, told him he “should have died” in war instead of "taking advantage of" other Americans.

Minnesota-based debt collection agency Gurstel Chargo is now facing a lawsuit for verbally abusing the Army vet over a $6,000 defaulted student loan, Courthouse News reports.

“If you would have served our country better you would not be a disabled veteran living off Social Security while the rest of us honest Americans work our asses off,” one of the agency’s debt collectors allegedly told the vet. “Too bad, you should have died.”

Michael Collier was declared 100 per cent disabled after suffering permanent spine and head injuries while in the Army. As a result, both Collier and his wife receive disability payments from the federal Social Security Administration, which are exempt from seizure by debt collectors.

Read more: http://rt.com/usa/news/us-debt-collector-disabled-veteran-372/
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