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David Perdue also proud that 'less than 2,000' women sued his company for pay discrimination


David Perdue:
It seems to me that if you look at Dollar General as an example, there was no wrongdoing there. That lawsuit or that claim or that complaint was settled five years after I was there. She knows that. And it was less than 2,000 people. We had upwards of 70,000 employees at that company.

As Nunn responded, "Two thousand women—that actually seems like quite a lot to me." Especially when you consider that the class action suit was brought specifically by women managers, a smaller pool than all of the chain's employees. And when you consider that it was actually 2,100 women. Nunn also pointed out that while the suit was settled five years after Perdue left the company, the discrimination in question happened while he was CEO. It's like how "the statute of limitations ran out before I could be charged with that" would also not be a great campaign slogan.


What's a Dad to Do When His Daughter Wants to Dress Up as Han Solo for Halloween?

... put on a Princess Leia costume, of course.

I'll admit -- my take on Princess Leia Organa isn't 100 percent flattering to Carrie Fisher, but, you know, I made do with what I had. I found an incredibly cool Princess Leia hoodie at HerUniverse.com that came with the trademark Leia hair buns on the hood, which made it hard to resist. The skirt is a Red Cross nurse's skirt from a local uniform store. And the thermal underwear and crappy sneakers? Well, it's Michigan and it was cold and we were going to an event at the local zoo, so, yeah, I dropped the ball on that one. I need to find some better Leia boots for actual Halloween.


IRS seizes woman's entire savings because she deposits less than $10,000 at a time

Law Lets I.R.S. Seize Accounts on Suspicion, No Crime Required

An Iowa woman named Carole Hinders saw her bank balance go from $33,000 to zero thanks to IRS confiscation. Hinders, who owns a small, cash-only Mexican restaurant, has not been charged with any crime and is not suspected of tax fraud. The IRS says they took her money solely because she deposited too little of it at a time, and the agency claims she did so to avoid the required reporting of any bank transaction over $10,000. She says she just thought it was helpful to save the bank paperwork.

Though the $10,000 rule is ostensibly designed to help catch terrorists and drug dealers, it is far more often used on regular citizens who are unlikely to ever see their money returned. "I don't think really interested in anything," said a lawyer representing another seizure case. "They just want the money."

To keep her restaurant afloat following the confiscation of her savings, Hinders has had to take out a second mortgage and max out her credit cards. "How can this happen?" she asks. "Who takes your money before they prove that you've done anything wrong with it?"


Comforting the NSA and Afflicting Its Dissenters

Comforting the NSA and Afflicting Its Dissenters
No serious defense of the surveillance state can ignores its anti-democratic abuses, its lawbreaking, and its record of punishing whistleblowers.


Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, many U.S. officials in many different parts of the government have blatantly violated the Constitution, U.S. law, and duly ratified treaties. They've invoked national security to cover up their wrongdoing. At times, they've gone so far as to commit perjury to hide the truth. And almost none of them has ever been charged or prosecuted. As the national-security state engages in serial abuses to a degree that hasn't been equalled in the United States since the days of J. Edgar Hoover, it is abetted by commentators who proceed as if the most worrisome legal violations are actually being perpetrated by dissenters who expose illegal government behavior. These commentators invoke the rule of law as if whistleblowers violate and threaten it more than powerful officials, whose misdeeds they elide and ignore.

the rest:

Derp Singularity, Observed in UK

David Cameron pushed by protester in Leeds

This is hilarious and happily innocent. But everyone involved truly deserves a big "Good Job, Everyone!" As you can see in this 'Vine' video, https://vine.co/v/OMmHqp07rxa British PM David Cameron is walking toward his car when all of a sudden some random dude comes flying into the picture either slams into Cameron or almost slams into him. The PM's security detail quickly grabs the guy and Cameron appears uninjured and a little stunned.

Now, unlike planes and projectiles, normal sized humans on foot can usually be observed at a distance. So this seems like a bit of a shortcoming on the part of Cameron's security detail. But actually, it gets better, or worse, as the case may be.

The apparent attacker wasn't some crazy person on par with the American subspecies homo fencejumperus, it was some guy sprinting on the way to the gym. So he seems to have been as startled and shaken up as Cameron was. So he's jogging along on the way to the gym but just because he's so hardcore he's sprinting and he plows into the Prime Minister's entourage.

So basically, oblivious doofus careens into British Prime Minister while hapless security guys in suits don't notice him sprinting at the protectee.


Heh. A winger reaches out with his bony hand from the very grave to Attack Shaheen In NH Senate Race

Op-Ed Authored By Dead Politician Attacks Shaheen In NH Senate Race

On Monday, Foster's Daily Democrat in New Hampshire published a blistering op-ed piece attacking Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) by former House Speaker Marshall Cobleigh.

"As is usual with poll-driven politicians, Jeanne Shaheen is running television commercials and writing op-ed pieces addressing the dominant problem facing America — skyrocketing gasoline prices — but providing no real solutions," the piece began. "Evan worse, anyone who knows her history also knows that during her entire career she has been a big part of the problem."

There was an unusual wrinkle: Cobleigh died in February 2009. The op-ed was actually a reprint of when it was first published in July 3, 2008.


Good old cost-cutters, not even the Ebola virus can deter them.

Wonderful little nugget in a NYT article this morning about the local company Bio-Recovery which has done the clean-up of Dr. Craig Spencer's apartment in Harlem, with the company's chief safety officer named Sal Pain:

In his line of work, Mr. Pain said, public officials are as often a
hindrance as they are a source of support. Bio-Recovery, which is based
on Long Island, had firsthand experience with such bureaucratic barriers
in Dallas a few weeks ago, when public officials offering them a
contract refused to pay for the most secure protective equipment,
Pain said.

via: http://www.eschatonblog.com/2014/10/prond.html#comment-1655961665

How Smart Is President Obama? Very Smart.

Say whatever you’d like, cable newsers, President Obama is not watching. In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter on “Reliable Sources” Sunday, former Obama press secretary and current CNN political analyst Jay Carney described the president as “a voracious consumer of the printed word, even the electronic printed word, and but he doesn’t — he doesn’t watch cable news”:

STELTER: Is it true the president doesn’t watch any cable news?

CARNEY: It is true, which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get news, in a real time basis. He does. He’s a voracious consumer of the printed word, even the electronic printed word, and but he doesn’t — he doesn’t watch cable news. I have spent, you know, countless hours with him on Air Force One, especially, in the conference room where we always had the TV on, and it was never in any of the trips I ever took with him, tuned in to cable news.


Rapture of the derp...

CNN Host Hits Megyn Kelly's Ebola Hysteria: "Spencer did not have a 103 fever, he had a 100.3 fever"

CNN's Brian Stelter wagged his finger at Fox News on Sunday for what he described as premature condemnation of Ebola's first patient in New York City.

Rolling a clip from Thursday's edition of "The Kelly File," Stelter presented host Megyn Kelly ripping into Dr. Craig Spencer for not "self-quarantining" after he discovered he had a "103 fever."

"There was a lot of this—not just on Fox, there was a lot online too—people calling Dr. Spencer 'irresponsible,'" Stelter began. "But this is one of those excellent examples about why we should all avoid rushing to judgment."

"Spencer did not have a 103 fever, he had a 100.3 fever, " he said. "The decimal point is all that matters, here."

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