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L.A. Times Bans Climate Deniers - Newspapers NOT printing “factual inaccuracies” – what a concept!

L.A. Times Bans Climate Deniers - When Will the Rest of the Media Follow Suit?

Editor Paul Thorton was admirably simple and direct on this point:

When deciding which letters should run among hundreds on such weighty matters as climate change, I must rely on the experts -- in other words, those scientists with advanced degrees who undertake tedious research and rigorous peer review.

And those scientists have provided ample evidence that human activity is indeed linked to climate change. Just last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change -- a body made up of the world's top climate scientists -- said it was 95% certain that we fossil-fuel-burning humans are driving global warming. The debate right now isn't whether this evidence exists (clearly, it does) but what this evidence means for us.

Simply put, I do my best to keep errors of fact off the letters page; when one does run, a correction is published. Saying "there's no sign humans have caused climate change" is not stating an opinion, it's asserting a factual inaccuracy.


Sen Graham: "This is a very frustrated Lindsey Graham,” he added “Which is a very dangerous thing”

“The president is a pathetic leader. He’s only engaged in the last couple of days,” Graham said after the Senate blocked action on a Democratic plan for a “clean” debt-ceiling increase through 2014. “Every time you get close to getting a deal over here with our Democratic friends, they move the ball because some poll comes out. Our friends in the House apparently can’t muster the votes to send something over here to open up the government. So it’s dysfunction at every level.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/dangerous-lindsey-graham-vents-frustrations-98226.html#ixzz2hc80kg2H

Robert Reich: Now is the time to lance the boil of Republican extremism once and for all

Why Giving Republican Bullies a Bloody Nose Isn’t Enough


Since Barack Obama became president, the extremists who have taken over the Republican Party have escalated their demands every time he’s caved, using the entire government of the United States as their bargaining chit.


The government is shuttered and the nation is on the verge of defaulting on its debts. But public opinion has turned sharply against the Republican Party. And the GOP’s corporate and Wall Street backers are threatening to de-fund it.

Suddenly the Republicans are acting like the school-yard bully who terrorized the playground but finally got punched in the face. They’re in shock. They’re humiliated. They’re trying to come up with ways of saving face.

With bloodied nose, House Republicans are running home. They’ve abruptly turned negotiations over to their Senate colleagues.


A picture's worth a thousand words

daveweigel ✔ @daveweigel
As most House Republicans meet in the Capitol, Beck in ad hoc meeting with Lee, Bachmann, Gohmert
7:19 AM - 12 Oct 2013



CoinGate: There is a scandal unfolding involving Josh Mandel (Poster Boy For Citizen's United)

Josh Mandel and his donors: they can’t stop losing
Posted by Kay at 2:26 pm

As you will recall, Mandel ran against Senator Sherrod Brown in 2012. Billionaires poured millions into his campaign, so much so that Mandel became a poster boy for Citizens United. The billionaires paid millions for horrible generic-wingnut campaign ads that moved no one, but all kinds of consultants and (certainly) media outlets profited from the Unlimited Corporate Cash flooding this state so it wasn’t a total loss. Sherrod Brown won handily, but Josh Mandel remains the state treasurer in Ohio.

Mandel has a donor who was indicted. The donor runs Canton-based Suarez Corporation:

The 35-page indictment charges Suarez, 72, with conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government; conspiracy to violate campaign finance laws; violation of campaign finance laws contributions by a corporation; making false statements, obstruction of an official investigation; witness tampering; and obstruction of justice.

The indictment also charges Michael Giorgio, 61, of Cuyahoga Falls, the chief financial officer at Suarez’s company, with assisting Suarez in writing large campaign checks in the names of employees and their wives in an effort to “disguise and conceal from the public and from federal agents” the true source of the illegal contributions.

According to the indictment, Suarez and Giorgio recruited employees and others to act as conduits of the illegal contributions, and wrote checks in their own names and those of their spouses with the understanding they would be reimbursed by the company.

Suarez and Giorgio at first disguised the payments as salary, and later as profit sharing. They inflated the payments to cover taxes, so the full amount of the contribution would be reimbursed, according to the indictment.


it happened in Cleveland, where a federal grand jury returned indictments against the owner and chief financial officer of a direct marketing company based in North Canton that sells a motley mix of products—space heaters, collectible coins, jewelry, and more.


Anyway. Mandel, acting in his capacity as Ohio treasurer, wrote a letter to the treasurer of the state of California. The letter is bizarre. It demands that California stop investigating Mandel’s crooked donor, the Suarez Corporation:

California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer’s office was surprised two years ago when it received a letter from Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel on behalf of now-indicted businessman Benjamin Suarez, a Lockyer spokesman said Wednesday.

The letter, which asked Lockyer to rein in potential lawsuits against Suarez’s Canton-based direct-marketing company or risk a possible lawsuit by Ohio, “read like a letter from an ill-informed constituent,” Lockyer spokesman Tom Dresslar said in a telephone interview.

“It is pretty amazing coming from a state treasurer,” Dresslar said. “He should know better.”

Mandel sent the letter on May 23, 2011, shortly before a number of Suarez’s employees and their spouses began donating a total of $100,000 to the Republican treasurer’s failed U.S. Senate campaign. Suarez and his company’s chief financial officer, Michael Giorgio, were indicted by a federal grand jury last month on charges of using the employees to skirt campaign finance rules.



One Look At These Emails, And You'll See Why Republicans Let Ted Cruz Lead Them Off A Cliff

One Look At These Emails, And You'll See Why Republicans Let Ted Cruz Lead Them Off A Cliff

The people whose letters I'm printing below are literally the people Republicans depend on to re-elect them to Congress. Keeping these people happy is their job — which is why the Republican Party has become so inept and crazy.

Jim Kennedy says I'm a "low information voter" in league with "the black racists":

Senator Cruz is right on. I am one of those "crazy people" the liberal left does not like, being former Marine, a supporter of Tea Party, college graduate, member of NRA, member of Sons of Confederate Veterans. It is you low information voters and the black racists that hate us conservatives. Watch out in 2014!

William Neisser found me on Facebook and sent this frank message:

do you really believe the crap coming out of your mouth so 2 million people who think this Obama care isn't good are wrong and living on another planet wow. life for you must be hard when did it become American to make people eat there vegetables. everyone has something to say but please stop talking your breath stinks like the crap you write come back to reality like the 2 million that are wrong an don't like Obama's health care academy for idiots thank you again yours truly screwed middle class living on another planet oh an have a great day

JR Henry is under the misimpression that Republicans regained control of the House in 2012, but I can't argue with his claim that my wife doesn't care about my opinions:

Why the hell don't you do the rest of us a favor and wake up. No one, probably not even your wife, cares about your personal opinion. The Republicans didn't lose the election, Mitt Romney did by not knowing when to keep his mouth shut; the Republicans actually took over the House. Learn how to do a little math — and for Christ's sakes, read the Constitution. If you decide to respond to this email your facts had better be 100-percent correct.


Paul Erck calls me out for being a "ME MONSTER", and says the share of Americans who are moochers has risen from 47% to 48%:

I read your article on Ted Cruz. How misinformed can a person be? You have to understand that no matter what, 48% of America is going to agree with Obama and want his policies, because they're sucking off the entitlement teet, and have no skin in the game, so they don't count for anything, they're completely out of the equation. That leaves only 52% of America that actually counts, I guarantee that 80 to 90% of those individuals want to see Obamacare defunded. These facts make your article invalid. Bottom line, think about it, do you really think America has room to add another 20% to the budget for healthcare subsidies? What planet are you on? I guess you're on the same planet as the 48% who doesn't care about fiscal responsibility let alone the welfare of the rest of the nation. You are a ME MONSTER, FEED ME GOVERNMENT!



Peter Klein says I'm about to get what's coming to me:

I really like it when a left wing Democrat like you is giving advice to the Republicans. I have to wonder how does it feel, having supported and voted for Obama and his economy destroying policies and a doubling of the national debt under his reign will result in your loss of social security and Medicare benefits in your old age. I personally think it’s very fitting that you should be the victim of his policies.

These people are idiots. But if you're a Republican elected official, they're your idiots.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-why-congressional-republicans-let-ted-cruz-lead-them-off-a-cliff-2013-10#ixzz2hWcb7XWV

LOL: "The more people get to know Senator Ted Cruz...."

via: http://americablog.com/2013/10/epic-wash-post-twitter-response-angry-ted-cruz-teapartyer.html

Mrs. Ted Cruz: VP Goldman Sach, Economic Policy Advisor to Bush-Cheney

SAT OCT 12, 2013 AT 08:18 AM PDT
by mswsm
The new Texas, Bush, Goldman cabal!

Heidi Cruz's Experience

Vice President
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; GS; Investment Banking industry
Currently holds this position

Director Western Hemisphere
The White House
Nonprofit; 11-50 employees; Nonprofit Organization Management industry
2003 – 2004 (1 year)

Director Western Hemisphere
National Security Council
2003 – 2004 (1 year)

Economic Policy
Bush-Cheney 2000
1999 – 2000 (1 year)

Economic Advisor
Bush Cheney '00
1999 – 2000 (1 year)

Heidi Cruz's Education

Harvard Business School
1998 – 2000

Solvay Business School
MEB, European Business
1994 – 1995

And here is what George P. Bush has to say about Cruz when he endorsed him for Senate.

"Ted is the future of the Republican Party," Bush said in a statement. "He is a proven conservative, and his personal story embodies the American Dream. Like Marco Rubio in Florida, I am confident that Ted will inspire a new generation of leaders to stand up and defend American Exceptionalism."


Letter: President Obama is standing on principle

Sometimes when we are in the middle of a big moment in history, we are blinded by partisanship. The debt ceiling fight is such a moment.

We have a far right group of ideologues who are demanding concessions they could not get because they could not win the presidential election or the Senate. They are saying that if the country does not accede to their demands, they will blow up the economy. The Republicans are willing to take everyone with them because they are so sure of their own righteousness.

If the Democrats in 2006 were to act in the same manner, they would have insisted that President Bush do away with the tax cuts he had passed when he had control of both the House and the Senate at the beginning of his Presidency. In spite of the Democrats having both the Senate and the House in 2006, they knew they could not get past the presidential veto. They respected the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers had in mind when designing the separation of powers and how they should operate.

The Republican Party obviously does not. They are in it to win by any means necessary.

For the president, this is not about winning this particular political battle. It is about how these political battles should be fought. He is going to win this battle against those who would use extortion as a means to a political end.

It is terrifying what will happen if the Republicans go through with their threat and severely damage ours and the world’s economy. It is going to cause much pain here and around the world. The only silver lining is that will be the end of the Republican Party as a viable political entity.

I have never been more proud of this president, and history is going to record this as one his finest moments.

John Lucas



Boehner Says No Deal with White House
Complete and total defeat. Total surrender.


House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told House Republicans in a closed meeting this morning "that there is no deal to reopen the government and hike the debt ceiling, and no negotiations going on with the White House," Politico reports.

Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) told The Hill: "It's up to the Senate Republicans...the president rejected our deal."

Roll Call: "But even as House lawmakers seemed to be throwing the ball into the Senate's court, there was deep suspicion of the Senate Republicans' willingness to cut an acceptable deal with the White House and Senate Democrats."

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