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Coulter: GOP Will Win by ‘Driving Up the White Vote,’ Not Pandering to Minorities

Ann Coulter told Bill O’Reilly tonight that pandering to minority groups won’t help Republicans win elections, but “driving up the white vote” will.

Coulter said Republicans shouldn’t be pandering to Hispanics by supporting immigration reform, because that would be akin to Democrats desperately trying to win over pro-gun or pro-life voters.

She insisted that any polls to the contrary are “lying” and had Mitt Romney gotten lots more Hispanic support in 2012, he would have lost, but if he got just a few percent more of the white vote, he would have won.

O’Reilly challenged her and argued that there’s a “traditional wing” of Hispanics that might warm up to the GOP on social issues, but Coulter insisted outreach still isn’t worth it.



‘He should be drug-tested, then fired’

As civic organizations meet with officials in McKinney, Texas to discuss a local police officer’s attack against black teenagers at a pool party, the father of a teenage girl allegedly involved in the incident has called for the officer to lose his job.

“I’m not disrespecting the entire police department, because I saw some people doing the right thing, trying to keep the matter right,” Jahi Adisa Bakari said at a press conference on Monday. Bakari accused the officer, Eric Casebolt, of pushing his 13-year-old daughter during the encounter on Friday.

“This guy was out of control,” Bakari said. “He should be drug-tested, then fired. He shouldn’t keep his job, and I’m not gonna stop until he is fired.”



McKinney.....This pretty much sums things up.


Here is Brandon Brooks (left) who shot the viral #McKinney pool party video. A hero before age 18.


to be a fly..........


a metaphor for our collapsing infrastructure

Besides making Michael Chertoff rich, what HAS DHS accomplished?

Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528 / www.oig.dhs.gov


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For Information Contact:

Monday, June 8, 2015 Public Affairs (202) 254-4100
Almost 15 Years after the September 11th Terrorist Attacks, DHS
Still Has Not Achieved Interoperable Communications

In November 2012, the Department of Homeland Security Office of
Inspector General (DHS OIG) published an audit, DHS’ Oversight of
Interoperable Communications (OIG-13-06), concluding that DHS
components could not talk to each other in the event of a terrorist event
or other emergency. The DHS OIG has just completed a verification
review and concluded that, two and a half years later, DHS components’
inability to communicate with each other persists.

In its November 2012 report, the Inspector General concluded that less
than one fourth of one percent of DHS radio users tested could access
and use the specified common channel to communicate. Moreover, only
20% of those tested contained the correct program settings for the
common channel. At the time, the OIG made two recommendations to
the Department to improve interoperable communications so that the
$430 million worth of radios purchased could be used effectively.
As a result of its recent verification review, Corrective Actions Still Needed
to Achieve Interoperable Communications (OIG-15-97-VR), the Inspector
General concluded that corrective actions, including a draft
communications interoperability plan and draft management directives
to standardize Department-wide radio activities, have not been finalized.
Moreover, DHS was unable to provide a timetable for finalizing and
disseminating these documents throughout the Department.

“We are disappointed to see the lack of progress in this area. DHS
leadership must prioritize effective interoperable communications, a
fundamental aspect of the homeland security mission,” said Inspector
General John Roth.



the hills are alive.....

A Delightful Children’s Book About Hell

Hey, there, all you sinners, apostates, reprobates, fornicators, sodomites, adulterers, whoremongers, and occasional jaywalkers! Time for another visit to Fundamentalist Land, with an enchanting little book for kids called The Cage: A Young Children’s Guide to the Biblical Teaching on Hell, by one C. Matthew McMahon, Ph.D., Th.D. It’s published by an outfit called “Puritan Publications” out of Tennessee, and is aimed at helping your lovely little child understand that they are headed straight to the Eternal Fires of Hell, and will burn forever unless they are saved by the blood of Christ. We were initially intrigued to see a kid’s book titled The Cage, but extremely disappointed when it turned out to have nothing to do with the pilot episode of Star Trek. It might be the worst kids’ book we’ve ever seen, though it’s got some stiff competition.

Oh hell, more:
Read more at http://wonkette.com/587678/sundays-with-the-christianists-heres-a-delightful-childrens-book-about-hell#zZkBTHRDoQpryD07.99

Amerikkka Goddam


“Fighting the Derp” Prof. Krugman says beware those telling you what you want to hear.

Fighting the Derp
JUNE 8, 2015

............ — we live in an age of derp and cheap cynicism. And there are powerful forces behind both tendencies. But those forces can be fought, and the place to start fighting is within yourself.


.......derp isn’t destiny. But how can you – whether you’re a pundit, a policy maker, or just a concerned citizen – protect yourself against derpitude? The first line of defense, I’d argue, is to always be suspicious of people telling you what you want to hear.

Thus, if you’re a conservative opposed to a stronger safety net, you should be extra skeptical about claims that health reform is about to crash and burn, especially coming from people who made the same prediction last year and the year before (Obamacare derp runs almost as deep as inflation derp).

But if you’re a liberal who believes that we should reduce inequality, you should similarly be cautious about studies purporting to show that inequality is responsible for many of our economic ills, from slow growth to financial instability. Those studies might be correct — the fact is that there’s less derp on America’s left than there is on the right — but you nonetheless need to fight the temptation to let political convenience dictate your beliefs.

Fighting the derp can be hard, not least because it can upset friends who want to be reassured in their beliefs. But you should do it anyway: it’s your civic duty.

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