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"Hypocrite Hills Estates"

Probably want to miss "Skeet Shooting With Lindsey Graham"



I'm not a racist but..........................................................



More HERE:
Who Is Karen Fitzgibbons? Texas Teacher Fired For McKinney, Segregation Message To Facebook

Fox News body guard jailed for illegally bringing handgun to protect Geraldo Rivera in Baltimore

A security guard assigned to protect Fox News host Geraldo Rivera and other network employees is facing multiple weapons charges after police said that he was illegally carrying a handgun in Baltimore.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Officer John Potter said that Donald F. Scott caught his attention after a curfew went into effect on May 1 because he was holding handcuffs and an ammunition box.

The officer then saw Scott opening a Fox News SUV and taking a Glock handgun from his waistband.

A probable cause statement indicated that officers detained Scott and confirmed that his Glock had one round in the chamber. Scott also had a second Cobra revolver in a holster on his waist, the statement said.

According to the officer’s account, Scott insisted that he had a permit to carry the weapon, but he said that he left it at home. Records later showed, however, that Scott did not have a permit.


Finally, A solution to the 18 person circular firing squad.

Kate Wilhelm
June 9 at 5:00pm ·

It is distressing to hear that the debate stage cannot hold all the Republicans who want to be president. The system isn’t fair, that’s obvious, and to date the various suggestions about how to fix the problem fail to satisfy. It is with that in mind that I offer my own suggestion.
I propose a series of debates featuring one-on-one contestants. Examples:

Carson v Fiorina (You don’t need two of the fringiest of the fringe.)
Santorum v Huckabee (“God loves me.” v “He loves me more!”) Only room for one at the top.
Christie v Trump (“Sit down and shut up.” v “You’re fired.”) Rude and crude, we don’t need two.
Kasich v Pataki (Which ones are they again?)
Graham v Paul (Send in the troops and kill them all! v Get us out of there.) Have smelling salts nearby.
Cruz v Rubio (One Hispanic is enough.)
Perry v Walker (My state’s bigger than yours. v Mine is under control, so help me, Koch.)
Bush v Jindahl (I’m my own man, aren’t I, George? v That’s not a whine, it’s a cry from the heart.)

Each debate should take fifteen minutes, giving each candidate seven and a half minutes to say whatever they have to say and fund raise. That’s more time than anyone on a crowded stage of a hundred candidates would have. As more candidates declare their intentions to run, the same method could be used to let them shine and fund raise before a national audience for seven and a half minutes. Fair’s fair.

The stage should be a lazy susan. As soon as the fifteen minutes are up, the stage should automatically revolve to reveal the next two already in position and primed for battle.

In this way in one hour there will be four winners and four in the dustbin of history. Two hours means the field, as of today, will be narrowed to eight.

Eight would still be too many for a real debate. Another elimination round is needed. Going for blood with this one. Winner v winner. They can’t be paired at this time since we don’t know the winners of the first rounds. When we do have names up in lights, with one more hour we will be down to four, and that’s a manageable number.

The losers might consider banding together to form a separate and new party, perhaps call it the GOD party: Grumpy Old Diehards.

Meanwhile, I donated a modest sum to Bernie Sanders. I just want him to keep talking and talking. Maybe people will start listening.


Sean Hannity Tells African American Caller: Police Won't Bother You If You Aren't "Part Of A Gang

Sean Hannity Tells African American Caller That Police Won't Bother You If You Aren't "Part Of A Gang"
Hannity: "If You're Not Part Of A Gang," Robbing, Stealing, Or Using Drugs, "Guess What's Going To Happen? Nothing"

CALLER: You will never understand what it means to be black in America. You will never understand how we are policed and how you are policed. You'll never understand that, so we will never come to an agreement on that. All I'm asking you as a decent--

HANNITY: --But I can tell you one thing, and I can tell you a fact -- that if you don't do things that are wrong, if you're not part of a gang, you're not robbing, you're not stealing, you're not selling drugs, you're not using drugs, you're not violent, you're not involved in any trouble, guess what's going to happen? Nothing. Stay out of trouble.

CALLER: That's absolutely not true.

HANNITY: And I don't care what neighborhood you live in. If you stay out of trouble, obey the laws, pay your taxes, you are going to be fine.

CALLER: Absolutely, absurdly untrue.


Want to know what white privilege is? Watch TLC.


De Blasio Says He’s a Bernie Sanders Fan, Will Skip HRC Kickoff

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday he will not attend Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign kickoff rally on Roosevelt Island Saturday.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday afternoon, de Blasio, a friend and former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, confirmed earlier reports that he swill not attend the rally, since he is still “waiting to hear her larger vision to addressing income inequality.”

The progressive mayor also indicated he’s a big fan of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who’s challenging Hillary for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. “I’ve always liked what I heard from Bernie Sanders,” de Blasio said.

Last month, de Blasio heaped praise on the self-declared socialist presidential hopeful. “I have been for years and years, going back to his time as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, I’ve been a fan of his,” he told reporters. “He’s spoken about the issues of income inequality long, you know, before it was part of the core of the national . So I give him a lot of respect for that and I’ll certainly look forward to talking to him more.”




Murder charge dropped against woman who induced abortion

Source: MSN

Murder charge dropped against woman who induced abortion

A Georgia prosecutor dropped a murder charge Wednesday against a 23-year-old woman whose arrest after taking pills to end her pregnancy baffled even abortion opponents.

Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards issued a statement saying he had dismissed a malice murder charge against 23-year-old Kenlissia Jones, who spent about three days in jail before she was released. But Edwards said Jones still faces a misdemeanor charge of possession of a dangerous drug.

Abortion-rights advocates and opponents of abortion alike had said they were stunned by the murder charge. Georgia has prohibited the prosecution of women for feticide or for performing illegal abortions in cases involving their own pregnancies. After reviewing the law, Edwards said he reached the same conclusion.

"Georgia law presently does not permit prosecution of Ms. Jones for any alleged acts related to the end of her pregnancy," the prosecutor's statement said. He planned a news conference later Wednesday afternoon.

Read more: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/murder-charge-dropped-against-woman-who-induced-abortion/ar-BBkRkbH
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