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The Heat Of The Night

Your Attitudes, your point of view are a matter of record:

FOX "NEWs": ‘Zero’ People Have Been Killed in the Name of Every Religion But Islam

Fox’s Bolling: ‘Zero’ People Have Been Killed in the Name of Every Religion But Islam
by Josh Feldman | 12:41 pm, February 7th, 2015 VIDEO

Eric Bolling ended today’s Cashin’ In with his absolute disgust with President Obama‘s comments about the Crusades, claiming that exactly “zero” people have been killed in the name of every single religion outside of Islam.

Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast this week that Christians shouldn’t get on a “high horse” about radical Islam because “terrible deeds” have been done in the name of Christianity too. He cited the Crusades and the Inquisition as two examples.

Conservatives objected to Obama’s invocation of these dark times in Christianity’s history while not addressing threats in the modern day––not hundreds of years ago––by radical Islamic terrorists.

Bolling said Obama not only crossed the line, but “pole-vaulted over the line,” and then made this claim:

"Reports say radical Muslim jihadists killed thousands of people in the past few months alone. And yet when you take Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, whatever, their combined killings in the name of religion––well, that would be zero.”

He concluded that Obama’s comments were “deeply offensive to Christians” and he should apologize immediately.



Of course, Bolling willfully ignores many recent examples of Christian terrorism within our own borders. In December, Think Progress noted one such incident of Christian terrorism:
In July, 2013, Alternet reminded us of another example of far-right Christian terrorism in the form of a 2009 attack on an abortion doctor:

Fox’s Tucker Carlson: ‘We Don’t Have Slavery In The World Today’ Because Of Christianity
(VIDEO) & bull:

This “Gospel civilization,” many believed, didn’t just permit slavery — it required it. Christians across the Confederacy were convinced that they were called not only to perpetuate slavery but also to “perfect” it. And they understood the Bible to provide clear moral guidelines on how to properly practice it. The Old Testament patriarchs owned slaves, Jewish law clearly assumed its permissibility and the Apostle Paul’s New Testament letters repeatedly compelled slaves to be obedient and loyal to their masters. Above all, as Southerners never tired of pointing out to their abolitionist foes, the Gospels fail to record any condemnation of the practice by Jesus Christ.

More Gospel:

Spongebob BEATs Sniper:"I'm glad I killed Plankton-I only wish I'd killed more-They're all savages."

Spongebob: "I'm glad I killed Plankton. I only wish I'd killed more. They're all savages."


Spongebob Unseats American Sniper at Top of U.S. Box Office

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water earned an estimated $52 million in theaters over its opening weekend, easily enough to finish atop the domestic box office.

The animated Nickelodeon-Paramount joint venture based on the popular animated series unseated American Sniper, which brought in $23 million in its fourth week of wide release, as the top earner. Oscar contender American Sniper now has total domestic earnings that are expected to exceed $280 million.

MORE sponge:

"The telescreen received & transmitted simultaneously."

Might we interest you in Samsung’s SmartTV service?
https://www.samsung.com/uk/info/privacy-SmartTV.html … via @EricScherer



WOW - LBJ Acknowledged Man-Made Climate Change 50 Years Ago (archives)

50 yrs ago today (2/8/65) said Pres. LBJ

the rest (eye-opener):

50 yrs ago today (2/8/65) said Pres. LBJ (http://t.co/ayP76XaMm7): #ProblemAcknowledged #HalfCenturyAgo #ActOnClimate pic.twitter.com/UwfcNMlQr3
— Michael E. Mann (@MichaelEMann) February 8, 2015


David Brooks: "I am pro Obama. I am totally pro Obama on this."

David Brooks got it perfectly right.

When Chuck Todd asked if politicians can have the debate, David Brooks got it perfectly right.

I am pro Obama. I am totally pro Obama on this. I think he said the right thing. It was a gospel of humility. What sorts of people need a little gospel of humility? People in Washington, pundits, religious believers, -- I happen to be all three of those things -- and so we are told to walk humbly in the path, that the Lord's paths are mysterious. And so he was saying we are prone to zealotry. As Jon said we are fallen. So to underline that, that's useful in Washington today. That's useful always.

When Chuck Todd asked if it was necessary for a President to leave office before he could speak that candidly, David Brooks response was again on point.

No I think he was right. He gave the race speech. It was a beautiful speech. He has given a whole series of great speeches, Trayvon Martin. I think this was utterly fine. This is exactly the moment you want to say this. We are most in moral danger to ourselves when we are caught up in a righteous fervor against an evil foe. Which is what we have. So while we exercise hard power, we have to take morally hazardous action, we are prone to get caught up in our own self-righteousness. This is exactly the moment you want this.

The President's speech was about humility. It was about ALL humans being fallible. As such we should all get of the high horses and work together to bring us all together for a better nation, for a better world.


President Obama: "You don't do things alone-Nobody does things alone-Everybody always needs support"

President Obama discusses the role his mother played in his life in a new video released by the White House on Saturday.

"My mom, like a lot of single moms, had to struggle, to work. Then she went to school, raised me and raised my sister," Obama says in the video when asked who most influenced his life.

Obama added he was most proud of his mother "probably when she finished her PhD. finally, 'cause it took her a long time. She had to work, she had to raise kids. It was a victory of her spirit."


Asked by Nadia Lopez, principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, when Obama has felt "broken," he replied, "I tend to have a pretty buoyant spirit."

The video ends with Obama telling his guests:

"You don't do things alone. Nobody does things alone. Everybody always needs support."


Anti-Bandage Movement Stirs Controversy

Washington - The anti-bandage controversy flared up again today when several children at a local school bled to death from paper cuts. With the medical community calling for mandatory bandaging of all cuts, the anti-bandage movement has moved into damage control mode.

Anti-bandage spokesman Midde Eavel commented,"This is just scare tactics from big bandages. You know how much money Johnson and Johnson made last year? When are you people gonna wake up and do some research. The truth is out there."

AMA spokesman Dr. Duhhh commented, "If you're bleeding, put a band aid on. Bleeding is bad, it's all scientifically proven."

Anti-Bandage spokesperson Hoam Skould, responded, "This so-called 'science' is in fact disputed by many experts, I've read dozens of web pages proving I'm right. If you have bad blood you need to get it out. The ancients knew this, and used leeches and bloodletting to produce cures. This holistic approach may not be very popular with the stock market and partriarchal Western medicine, but just look at the profits of the band-aid corporations and see if you can put two and two together."

Anti-Bandage spokesman Dr. Awn Leindegree added, "The evidence is out there, band-aids slow the natural process of bleeding, thus interferring with your chakras and energies. You know who used bandages alot, the ancient Egyptians. You know what we find from studying their bandages? All the people who used them died. That's right 100 percent death rate from treatment with bandages. How do you explain that? Yes I am a real doctor. Why does everyone keep asking that.?"


Souvenirs sold for a dime, 16,000 people crowded to watch the scene, cheers like at a football game

There is no place in the world for what ISIS is doing to people. But do not pretend like America is exceptional when talking about ISIS. This country has had its own share of barbarians.


“You know, you guys are in the majority,” Franken teased GOP senators as he entered the room.

“You know, you guys are in the majority,” Franken teased GOP senators as he entered the room.

With a reporting quorum secured, Chairman Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, sought to quickly move ahead with the committee’s agenda.

But Franken pressed his point, telling Grassley, “No, I want to say something about this.”

“You know when we were in the majority … we had the responsibility to provide a quorum,” Franken said. “And I thought that you guys, your side, didn’t show up because you just resented being in the minority. But now I know … it’s just sheer laziness.”

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