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After Binge Watching 'Walking Dead,' N.M. Man Kills Friend Over Zombie Fears


After binge watching a popular show about zombies, a New Mexico man believed his friend was turning into one — so he brutally beat him to death last week, police said.

Damon Perry is accused of beating a friend to death after watching The Walking Dead. Grants Police
Prior to the alleged crime last Thursday, Damon Perry, 23, watched the Netflix show "The Walking Dead" and drank "multiple" 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor with a friend at a relative's apartment, Grants Police spokesman Moses Marquez told NBC News.

Then, Perry told police, the victim, Christopher Paquin, 23, tried "to bite him," according to a statement from cops.

Perry "reacted by brutally beating" Paquin with his hands and feet, the release said, and also used an electric guitar, kitchen knives and a microwave to kill the victim.


Republican Senators: Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Not Entitled To Religious Freedom

The legal arguments for allowing the restrictions on female guards are controversial. Two separate courts have found that Gitmo detainees are not considered “persons” under the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act — but, their attorneys argue, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision last year changed that. Under that decision, the Supreme Court held that for-profit corporations can be exempt from a law its owners religiously object to. Ayotte herself has vigorously defended the Hobby Lobby decision, saying it was essential to protect the company’s religious freedom.

But if Christian corporations can use religious freedom to exempt themselves from laws, Guantanamo detainees attorneys argue, then why can’t Muslim prisoners?

“I have been trying to figure out why corporations are worthy of court protection and Muslims held in indefinite detention … are not.”

wrote attorney Eric L. Lewis, who has represented some Guantanamo detainees, in a 2014 New York Times op-ed. The answer, Lewis accused, lies in a legal system with biases in favor of Christians and against Muslims.

But senators who objected to the female guard court order on Tuesday said that these arguments were disingenuous. “These terrorists — truly the worst of the worst — are manipulating our legal system to the detriment of our dedicated women guards,” said Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).


Jonah Goldberg: Carson May Be 'More Authentically African-American' Than Obama

One could argue that he’s even more authentically African-American than Barack Obama, given that Obama’s mother was white and he was raised in part by his white grandparents. In his autobiography, Obama writes at length about how he grew up outside the traditional African-American experience — in Hawaii and Indonesia — and how he consciously chose to adopt a black identity when he was in college.

hmm, I wonder where he got his talking points?:


Top Staffer Acknowledges Ben Carson Had 'Contract' With Supplement Maker

Dr. Ben Carson's business manager acknowledged Thursday that the Republican presidential candidate did have a "contract" with a medical supplement company at some point.

Armstrong Williams told CNN's Jake Tapper that he negotiated the retired neurosurgeon's contract himself.

Carson said in response to a question at Wednesday night's Republican presidential debate that it was "total propaganda" to suggest he had a relationship with Mannatech Inc., which claims to cure autism and cancer with its products and settled a $7 million false advertising lawsuit. National Review's Jim Geraghty, who reported on the candidate's ties to Mannatech earlier this year, called Carson's claim that he wasn't involved with the company a "bald-faced lie."


CHARLES P. PIERCE: I Have Come to the Conclusion That It's Very Easy to Be a Republican Candidate

They have achieved full Palinization.


I have come to the conclusion that it is very easy to be a Republican presidential candidate. First of all, to paraphrase J.R. Ewing, once you give up truth, the rest is a piece of cake. Second, and most important, you really only have to memorize one answer.

"Dr. Carson, how do you respond to the simple mathematics that prove that your tax plan was developed by marmosets?"

"Liberal media!"

"Senator Rubio, exactly how many loan sharks are looking for you down in Florida at the moment?"

"Liberal media!"........

You get the picture. The Palinization of conservative rhetoric is now complete.


The Republican nominating process, which was a completely undisciplined wingnut buffet in 2012, now is spinning even further out of control. Every candidate is an independent operator now. Every candidate is a self-contained universe of erratically orbiting awful. There is only one answer to this problem, and you know what it is.


And all say amen.​


Jebya downsized from the tour bus but insists campaign is going strong!

That Wasn't A Debate.

Umm. David. We remember George Bush's plans......

BoBo Redux: Who You Gonna Believe…me, or what the candidates very clearly say they are going to do.
Posted by Tom Levenson at 11:18 am

At this stage it’s probably not sensible to get too worked up about the details of any candidate’s plans. They are all wildly unaffordable. What matters is how a candidate signals priorities.


Umm. David. We remember George Bush’s plans. They signaled his priorities just fine…and he proceeded as promised to turn a robust budget surplus into the biggest upwards income redistribution in memory, along with deficits from here to Atlantis.

I had thought to fisk the whole damn column, which is full of low-hanging fruit. But really why bother? It’s all there in that don’t “get too worked up “by what alledged “wonks” actually say about the policies they wonkishly espouse. Because it’s not like they mean it.

Except they do.

And once again we see: David Brooks is a terrible public figure not because of his politics but because of his character, his willingness to be a loyal apparatchik transcribing whatever counts as pravda in that universe in which Republicans are the natural party of power.


The Rude Pundit: Random Impressions of Last Night's GOP Media Murderfest

Random Impressions of Last Night's GOP Media Murderfest
Just a few thoughts on the Republican debate from Boulder, Colorado (the major league one, not the farm team):

1. You can pinpoint the moment that Jeb Bush swallowed his own balls.
The former governor of Florida had decided to lob his obviously scripted attack at Sen. Marco Rubio, saying that Rubio's missed votes in the Senate disappointed him as a constituent. Rubio was ready with a comeback about all the past presidential candidates who had missed votes, including John McCain. You could see that Bush realized he had brought a lace doily to a razor fight when he said about McCain, weakly, as if he wanted to vomit, "Well, he wasn't my senator." Then Rubio cut off Bush's balls and you could watch Bush swallow them when he attempted to interrupt the grandstanding Rubio with "Well, I've been--." The problem, at the end of the day, is that Jeb Bush isn't the vicious motherfucker his brother was. George W. would have come back with some remark about Rubio being new on the job...just like Barack Obama. But you got the sense, as his balls were descending his throat and into his stomach, that Jeb just wanted to say, "Fuck this." And no one would have blamed him. At this point, Jeb is a hilariously pitiable figure, a vaudeville clown, a sad sack. It's time for someone to walk him into a field and tell him to look at the rabbits.


3. None of the candidates give a fuck about your facts.
Rubio got pissed when John Harwood quoted a conservative group, the Tax Foundation, on the math behind the senator's tax plan. Ben Carson waved off the illogical math of his tax plan when it was presented to him. And Donald Trump? Your piddling truth matters not next to his undulating neck flap of fiction. Did he call Rubio "Mark Zuckerberg's personal senator"? Of course he did, but who the hell cares? Who remembers things that are your own campaign website? He loves Mark Zuckerberg. And bankruptcy? Your stupid laws let Trump businesses declare bankruptcy and get out of paying debts. Is it his fault that he dicked over so many people? Get outta here. And guns? Trump might be carrying one right now. He might have to kill someone on the wild streets of Boulder. And, sure, sure, it's a great idea to let his employees carry guns into, let's see, yeah. casinos. That's all just incredible. Amazing. Best there is. Somebody should be there to shit on Trump's face every day of his worthless life.

5. Creepy Ted Cruz, who looks like every peeping Tom, said the creepiest thing of the night: "If you want someone to grab a beer with, I may not be that guy. But if you want someone to drive you home, I will get the job done and I will get you home." He might have continued, "I might take a detour to my backwoods sodomy pit with you, but your corpse will be dropped off at your home."


11. And, yeah, the candidates were total twat crumbs about the media. If the trio of moderators had been the ones at the Democratic debate, then, sure, you can accuse them of having gone easy on the Democrats. But most of the time, they were bitching because they hated being challenged. Whining about media unfairness is great for applause from the slavering hordes of cretins in the audience. Maybe that's all that matters to this slate of losers and human hemorrhoids. But Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sander or, hell, even Martin O'Malley would beat them stupider.

Oh please read the whole thing:
- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.mbA6Nq08.dpuf

This homework assignment says a lot about how America treats its history

When a sixth-grade teacher asked a black student to explain her family origins, the answers delved into a likely unexpected topic: slavery:

"The general assumption is made that everyone has some grand success story of families leaving their home country and coming to America in search of better opportunities. But the simple and plain truth is that not all of us have this story to tell and the ability to trace one's ancestry is a privilege within itself — one that most if not all black Americans do not have."

So while the responses in the assignment are witty, they're also revealing: They show the incredibly dark moments of America's past — and the policies that followed, such as segregation, the war on drugs, and mass incarceration — that still weigh on many black kids and adults today.

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