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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
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Scene from right after Jesus bleached his hair.....

.........Speaking on satellite television (a technological wonder, whether we still recognize it or not, and no matter what we think of Fox News) in the twenty-first century, this sharp, degree-bearing professional American has just asked, with a straight face, a senator (who happens himself to be a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law) if he is receiving messages from a supernatural being. Yet no one in the audience broke into guffaws or even chuckled. And, of course, no one cried out with irate incredulity at the ludicrousness of the supposition implicit in the question (that an imaginary heavenly ogre could possibly be beaming instructions down to one of his earthling subjects). But since the supernatural being in question goes by the name of God, in the clown show that was the Republican debate, everyone audience, MC, and the clowns themselves simultaneously took leave of their senses and judged the matter at hand legit.


Perhaps most succinct explanation of who is 2 blame 4 Isis. U get 2 guesses at the 2 culprits


Bernie Sanders: "I apologize, we left the helicopter at home"

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took a swipe at fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump's high-flying antics at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, joking that he had forgotten to bring an aircraft to tango with Trump's private helicopter.

"I apologize, we left the helicopter at home," the Democratic hopeful told NPR's Don Gonyea. "It's in the garage," Sanders added as Trump departed the fairgrounds in his $7 million helicopter.



"Can I touch your baby?"


New England Journal Of Medicine Will Stun Many With The Truth About Planned Parenthood





The $1.45 trillion reason we can't have nice things

The F-35 will find itself outmaneuvered, outgunned, out of range, and visible to enemy sensors. Going forward, full investment in the F-35 would be to place a bad trillion-dollar bet on the future of airpower based on flawed assumptions and an underperforming aircraft. To avoid such a catastrophic outcome, Congress and DOD should begin the process of considering alternatives to a large-scale commitment to the F-35. Staying the present course may needlessly gamble away a sizable margin of American airpower at great expense and unnecessary risk to American lives.

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Janelle Mone Cut Off During Message About Black Lives:"Silence is our enemy. Sound is our weapon"

Janelle Mone Cut Off During Her Message About Black Lives On 'Today'
"Silence is our enemy. Sound is our weapon."

At the end of her performance of "Hell You Talmbout," a rousing protest song for the Black Lives Matter movement, Mone told the crowd:

Yes Lord! God bless America! God bless all the lost lives to police brutality. We want white America to know that we stand tall today. We want black America to know we stand tall today. We will not be silenced...

But before she could finish, the camera cut away and an anchor tried to talk over her.

Say their names!

Hillary Clinton, quoted by the Washington Post, referring to George W. Bush instead of Jeb Bush.

I get confused. Oh, well.

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