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The Second Amendment… in context

The Second Amendment… in context
Posted on December 15, 2012

“If roads were collapsing all across the United States, killing dozens of drivers, we would surely see that as a moment to talk about what we could do to keep roads from collapsing. If terrorists were detonating bombs in port after port, you can be sure Congress would be working to upgrade the nation’s security measures. If a plague was ripping through communities, public-health officials would be working feverishly to contain it. Only with gun violence do we respond to repeated tragedies by saying that mourning is acceptable but discussing how to prevent more tragedies is not. But that’s unacceptable. As others have observed, talking about how to stop mass shootings in the aftermath of a string of mass shootings isn’t “too soon.” It’s much too late.“

Ezra Klein

Report: Obama Picks Kerry For Next Secretary Of State

Source: CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – President Obama has picked Sen. John Kerry as the next secretary of state, according to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reports New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez will replace Kerry as chairman of the senate foreign relations committee.

Sen. Kerry became the presumed frontrunner for the position after U.N. ambassador Susan Rice officially withdrew her name from consideration.


If Kerry is confirmed, a special election will be held in Massachusetts to replace him in the senate.

Read more: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2012/12/15/report-obama-picks-kerry-for-next-secretary-of-state/

"I love you mom..."

Letter that a kid in Newtown Elementary school, AKA the school that there was just a shooting at, sent his mother just in case.


Bedtime In America

He only went to bed when I promised him that the shooter was really, truly dead and not just pretending to be dead.

“I think I’m going to be sick.”

John Cole:

“All I can think right now is how many moms have Christmas present hidden all over their house and were told this morning that their child is dead. How many of them will now look at a Christmas tree, knowing their child will not be there on Christmas morning to open the presents lovingly purchased and wrapped and hidden? How many of these parents struggled for years to get pregnant, and now their kid, because of some lunatic with an easily accessible gun, is dead? How many grandparents who waited for 30 years to have a grandchild, have plane tickets booked for the Holidays, and now need to change those plans and come up earlier to bury their grandchild.

“And then the residual trauma. How many of these families will survive? How many of them will be driven to divorce by the trauma. How many of the siblings will never, ever be the same? I talked to my mom on the phone, and she is just inconsolable and simply can not watch the coverage. She’s worried the parents will kill themselves.

“This shooter and his easily accessed guns did not just kill 27 people. He ruined thousands of lives. And let’s not forget about the first responders. I don’t care how tough of a cop or a fireman you are, you will never be the same. We’ll have dozens of people with PTSD, leading to alcoholism and drug abuse and family problems.

“It’s just so god damned awful, it is hard to comprehend. Yet the same fucking assholes who enable this kind of stuff are now going to tell us all that now is not the time to talk about gun control (lest we “politicize it”) and that we need more guns to keep this from happening again.

“I think I’m going to be sick.”



The right to keep and bear children

SAT DEC 15, 2012 AT 06:43 AM PST
The right to keep and bear children
by crystal eyes


There is much talk in NRA literature about fighting for firearm freedom but nothing about the fundamental freedom to keep and bear children.

Now is the time to act.
Call your elected officials.
Sign petitions.
Participate in local community action.
Make our voices heard.

The Constitution has been used against us in ways not intended by the founders.

It is time reclaim it to regain OUR rights. A Constitutional reframe is long overdue.

We are no longer silent on our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness free from tyranny of firearm induced terror.


The NRA now pushes guns on people like drug dealers push heroin.

Since the massacre at Columbine, I've feared for my children at school. After the Virginia Tech massacre, I feared for my son when he went to college. My daughter - no, make that my lovely and precious daughter - is seventeen and a senior in high school and I still feel afraid for her. Tonight she's out on a double date with her boyfriend, and with her best friend and her boyfriend. They're going bowling, and I know this isn't rational, but I'm worried about her going there, being out in public, exposed to the whims of my fellow armed citizens.

However, my fear is not entirely irrational. Because, if we have learned anything, it is that no place in our country is safe from gun violence. Not a church or a temple. Not a shopping mall or a supermarket parking lot. Not a movie theater and probably not a bowling alley. For many Americans, not even walking down the street is safe. This is the country we have allowed to come into existence. This is our America in 2012. Like a bad movie it just keeps repeating itself.

Many of us have allowed our love of guns to trump our good common sense. Many others, out of fear for their political careers, or an unwillingness to speak up and rock the boat, or maybe just sheer indifference, allowed the National Rifle Association, an organization once primarily dedicated to promoting gun safety for hunters, to become a political monster in our midst. A monster that kills without any remorse for its victims.

The NRA now pushes guns on people like drug dealers push heroin. They tell us that more guns in more places is the solution to our national problem with deadly gun violence. They, with their allies at the Koch brothers funded conservative political organization, ALEC, have seen to it that laws have been passed that promote gun use, such as the "Stand Your Ground" laws. The same type of law such as the one in in Florida, which has been shown to reduce the number of cases prosecutors bring for homicide and resulted in defendants going free in 70% of the cases where that law was raised as a defense.


the rest:

America Needs An "Intervention" Now.

What Digby said:

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, nobody said that we should just pray for the victims and do nothing about it. When terrorists used planes full of people as missiles and killed thousands of Americans, few suggested that it was an inevitable tragedy that shouldn’t be politicized. The country took action to prevent those things from happening again. In fact, the nation went far beyond the bounds of decency and reason to do so, locking up entire races of Americans, starting needless wars and ramping up an expensive and unnecessary police surveillance state. Multiple Constitutional rights were and continue to be violated.

But very few went out of their way to suggest that the only reaction to these tragedies should be solemn mourning. These incidents involving heartbreaking loss of innocent life were intensely political, and appropriately so. In fact, to have done nothing in the wake of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor would have seemed to most Americans to have shown callous disregard for the victims, and disdain for the lives of victims of similar attacks to come.

There is no reason that these almost routine gun massacres in America should be viewed any differently. Those who wish to take steps to ensure that the next massacre be prevented—and they are entirely preventable—are showing the greatest respect for the lives of the victims. They’re the ones who are trying to make sure that they didn’t perish in vain, and that similar future massacres don’t claim any more innocents. It is intervention of the most necessary kind.





Unfortunately, RELEVANT, again...

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