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What happens when we have no control over things? You’re seeing it play out right now.

The Fearful and the Frustrated
Donald Trump’s nationalist coalition takes shape—for now.



“What do you say to the people on the radio this morning who called you a racist?”

“Well, you know, we just landed, and there were a lot of people at the airport, and they were all waving American flags, and they were all in favor of Trump and what I’m doing.” He shrugged—an epic, arms-splayed shrug.

“They were chanting against you.”

“No, they were chanting for me.”


The longer I stayed, the more I sensed that my fellow-attendees occupied a parallel universe in which white Americans face imminent demise, the South is preparing to depart the United States, and Donald Trump is going to be President. When Hill took the stage, he told his compatriots that the recent lowering of the Confederate flag was just the beginning. Soon, he warned, adopting the unspecified “they,” they will come for the “monuments, battlefields, parks, cemeteries, street names, even the dead themselves.” The crowd was on its feet, cheering him on. “This, my friends, is cultural genocide,” he said, adding, “Often, as history has shown, cultural genocide is merely a prelude to physical genocide.” I ducked out to catch a flight to Des Moines: Trump was speaking the next day in Iowa.


Trump has succeeded in unleashing an old gene in American politics—the crude tribalism that Richard Hofstadter named “the paranoid style”—and, over the summer, it replicated like a runaway mutation. Whenever Americans have confronted the reshuffling of status and influence—the Great Migration, the end of Jim Crow, the end of a white majority—we succumb to the anti-democratic politics of absolutism, of a “conflict between absolute good and absolute evil,” in which, Hofstadter wrote, “the quality needed is not a willingness to compromise but the will to fight things out to a finish. Nothing but complete victory will do.” Trump was born to the part. “I’ll do nearly anything within legal bounds to win,” he wrote, in “The Art of the Deal.”

“Sometimes, part of making a deal is denigrating your competition.” Trump, who long ago mastered the behavioral nudges that could herd the public into his casinos and onto his golf courses, looked so playful when he gave out Lindsey Graham’s cell-phone number that it was easy to miss just how malicious a gesture it truly was. It expressed the knowledge that, with a single utterance, he could subject an enemy to that most savage weapon of all: us.





Trump vs. Sanders - Pierce Nails It

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Are Calling for a Revolution
Differentiating between political revolutions real and counterfeit;
those encouraging true activism and those hoping for applause.


It is not enough to claim that both men are "populists" or that they are both appealing to some amorphous general dissatisfaction with "government." First of all, the only problem Sanders has with government is that it hasn't done enough to fix a rigged financial system and to stop the erosion of a viable middle class. The problem Trump has with government is that he's not running it. One is asking for a revival of grassroots democratic activism. The other is appealing for applause. One campaign's vision is a guy knocking on doors. The second campaign's vision is a strongman on a balcony. One is LaFollette. The other is Peron or, at best, Berlusconi. The first is the way democracy is supposed to work. The second is how democracy always manages to con itself.


one more time.....Why can't we have nice things?


Black women ‘humiliated’ after getting kicked off Napa Valley Wine Train For Laughing TOO Loud!


What started as a joyous ride through wine county Saturday afternoon turned into a “humiliating” experience for 11 African American women, who said they were booted off the Napa Valley Wine Train for laughing and talking too loud.

Accounts and pictures of the episode have been spreading across social media, spawning the hashtag #LaughingWhileBlack while the women involved have questioned whether they would have been treated differently if they were not African American.

“It was humiliating. I’m really offended to be quite honest,” said 47-year-old Lisa Johnson, who was among Saturday’s group. “I felt like it was a racist attack on us. I feel like we were being singled out.”

The women have since been given a full refund by the train company, but continue to seek a public apology.


great comments here:

TARANTINO: "I think he’s fantastic. He’s my favorite president, hands down, of my lifetime."

I think he’s fantastic. He’s my favorite president, hands down, of my lifetime. He’s been awesome this past year. Especially the rapid, one-after-another-after-another-after-another aspect of it. It’s almost like take no prisoners. His he-doesn’t-give-a-shit attitude has just been so cool. Everyone always talks about these lame-duck presidents. I’ve never seen anybody end with this kind of ending. All the people who supported him along the way that questioned this or that and the other? All of their questions are being answered now.

Quentin Tarantino
more intriguing stuff from a kind of cool guy:

Elizabeth Warren refuses to commit to 2018 Senate run

It’s “too early” to commit to another term in the Senate, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told a Boston television station in an interview aired Sunday.

Asked by WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller whether she would promise to seeking another term by running in 2018, the liberal firebrand senator said it is “too early to talk about that.”


there just is NOT enough popcorn


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