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'I'll support drone warfare when it's just robots blasting robots'

Noah Smith @Noahpinion

I'll support drone warfare when the enemy has drones too,
and it's just robots blasting robots and us watching on TV.

9:25 AM - 25 Apr 2015


The Republican Party’s imperial rebirth: How Cheney’s twisted worldview became the GOP guiding light

The Republican Party’s imperial rebirth:
How Dick Cheney’s twisted worldview became the guiding light of the GOP

For a fleeting moment, it seemed like the nightmares of the Bush administration might be behind us. Not anymore...



.......it’s not a surprise that we find ourselves on the cusp of another national security election. The economy has improved enough that people aren’t feeling a sense of crisis and, unless Jeb gets the nomination, the GOP probably figures they have enough distance from the last disastrous decade now to run their usual game. The problem is that they seem to have decided that their intellectual Godfather is no longer Ronald Reagan, which was bad enough as it was. But no, the young generation of GOP hawks now obviously see Dick Cheney as their role model. Tom Cotton, their new leader, certainly seems to be poured in his mold. If anyone is still laboring under the illusion that the Rand Paul wing of the party is ascendant, they need to think again.


more Digby/Salon:

The smirk is back...........

KRUGMAN: 'The GOP Zombie Apocalypse - 2016 is already set up to be the election of the living dead.'

“Pundits will try to pretend that we’re having a serious policy debate, but, as far as issues go,
2016 is already set up to be the election of the living dead.”


Supply-side economics, it’s now clear, is the ultimate zombie:
no amount of evidence or logic can kill it.

So why has the Republican Party experienced a zombie apocalypse? One reason, surely, is the fact that most Republican politicians represent states or districts that will never, ever vote for a Democrat, so the only thing they fear is a challenge from the far right. Another is the need to tell Big Money what it wants to hear: a candidate saying anything realistic about Obamacare or tax cuts won’t survive the Sheldon Adelson/Koch brothers primary.

Whatever the reasons, the result is clear. Pundits will try to pretend that we’re having a serious policy debate, but, as far as issues go, 2016 is already set up to be the election of the living dead.


Howard Dean Tells Scarborough: New York Times "Substituting THEIR Judgement For News"

Dean said the things you mustn’t say about the New York Times! As a result, he fought off complaints from Times reporter Jeremy Peters, who pretended to be offended by Dean’s offensive remarks.

In the part of the segment shown below, Scarborough pretends to be offended by Dean’s remarks. To watch the fuller exchange, click here:

DEAN (4/23/15): First of all, I haven’t seen the story and neither have you, right?...I will say, there is an epidemic of really sloppy reporting that goes from the top to the bottom...I’d like to see what all the facts are here, because so far we haven’t really seen—

SCARBOROUGH: Why don’t you read the story before accusing the New York Times of being sloppy?

DEAN: Because in general, the New York Times has been sloppy, particularly their political writers. I use the New York Times as an example in journalism classes, because by the fifth paragraph in any political story—we can probably find one right here, whatever the political story on the front page is. By the fifth paragraph, they’re substituting their judgment for news.

SCARBOROUGH: Howard, I just got to say. I consider you a good friend of mine. I think it is unbecoming for you to come on this show and, and to just reflexively attack everybody who tries to bring up any information that goes against what you want people to hear about Hillary Clinton.

DEAN: They did it to George W. Bush! That’s what they do.


"Billionaire Frat Party"

Bruce Jenner is a Republican. Are you Conservative bigots going to serve him Pizza?

When Sawyer asked if Jenner cheered when Obama became the first president to even say the word "transgender" in a State of the Union address, the 65-year-old replied that he "would certainly give him credit for that."

"But not to get political," Jenner continued, "I've never been a big fan, I'm kind of more on the conservative side."

"Are your a Republican?" Sawyer asked in response, to which Jenner replied, "Yeah! Is that a bad thing? I believe in the constitution."

"Do you think that would be an unsettling thing for some people in the conservative wing of the party?" Sawyer asked.

"I've thought about that," says Jenner, adding that neither political party has a monopoly on understanding.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/bruce-jenner-transgender-conservative-republican-2015-4#ixzz3YKLLAuKF

Newly Elected Black Mayor Locked Out Of City Hall By Police

Earlier this week, news surfaced that the election of an African-American mayor had had prompted police officers in Parma, Missouri to resign in protest.

Today's news from Kinloch, Missouri is much, much more disturbing.

Betty McCray was not only prevented from entering city hall, she was also told she’d been impeached before she got a chance to start.

McCray ran for mayor in the April 7 election and won.

“I won. The people spoke,” McCray said. “I was sworn in by the St. Louis County. Today I take office. I want them out, I want the keys.”

After the election results were certified earlier this week by the St. Louis County Board of Elections, Kinloch’s outgoing administration refused to allow the city clerk to give McCray the oath of office, claiming voter fraud.


A Letter of Apology to My Grandson: 'It’s Not the World I Wanted to Leave You'

A Letter of Apology to My Grandson: 'It’s Not the World I Wanted to Leave You'
Our world is a far more screwed up, degraded place.

By Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch April 23, 2015

Dear Grandson,


The Future Foreseen

Back in 2001, before I even imagined a grandson in my life, I had one of those moments (and wish I hadn’t). It was sometime just after the 9/11 attacks when, nationwide, Americans were still engaged in endless rites in which we repeatedly elevated ourselves to the status of the foremost victims on the planet, the only ones that mattered. In those months, you might say, we made ourselves into Earth’s indispensible or exceptional victims.

In that extended moment of national mourning (combined with fear bordering on hysteria), the Bush administration geared up to launch its revenge-fueled global wars, while money started pouring into the national security state in a historically unprecedented way. It was a time when the previously un-American word “homeland” was being attached to what would become a second defense department, secrecy was descending like a blanket on the government, torture was morphing into the enhancement of the week in the White House, assassination was about to become a focus (later an obsession) of the executive branch -- and surveillance? Don’t even get me started on the massively redundant domestic and global surveillance state that would soon be built on outright illegalities and rubber-stamp legalities of every sort.

In October 2001, I had no way of grasping most of that, but it didn't matter. I peered into the future and just knew -- and what I knew chilled me to the bone. I had mobilized decades earlier as part of the antiwar movement of the Vietnam era, which was in its own way a terrible time, but when I looked at where our country seemed to be heading, as the president promised to kick some ass globally and American bombs began to fall on Afghanistan, I had no doubt that this was going to be the worst era of my life.

I wasn’t, of course, thinking about you that October and November. You were then minus 11 years old, so to speak. I was, however, thinking about your mother and your uncle, my children. I was thinking about the world that I and my cohorts and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and George Tenet and Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of that crew were going to leave them.


......if this country of mine, and someday yours, could be put on the couch, I suspect it would, in layman’s terms, be diagnosed as “disturbed” (on an increasingly disturbed planet). Worst of all, we can evidently no longer see what actually threatens us most, which isn’t a bunch of jihadis, but what we are doing to our ourselves and our world.


the rest
really well written (especially since i am a gamma):

"Must Hate Hillary"


"Try Holding Your Breath While You Count Your Money"

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