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"Why do Republicans ALWAYS have money for war - BUT - not for those in need?"

I ask this ? every day.

Someone Awesome Hacked Trump’s Website, Turned It Into Amazing Jon Stewart Tribute

Well, Trump got his comeuppance for his terrible behavior when some wonderful tech-savvy liberal hacked into his website and turned it into a beautiful tribute to recently departed host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart. It wasn’t Trump’s presidential campaign site that was hacked; it was, instead the Trump Organization’s official website, Trump.com. Though the site is, of course, back online now, we have an image of what the hacker did, to be saved for posterity right here on the interwebs:



"There's a man out there"

Time-Tested Campaign Tactics

Bill Maher: “We always hear about ‘sick culture’ of poverty-What about the sick culture of wealth?"

“By the way, if you’re a dentist itching to travel to another continent to kill something, next time grow some balls, go to Syria, and take on ISIS.”

“Like our elections now… More than half the money given to presidential candidates so far has come from just 400 families. Perfectly legal. But you know, for that kind of money, the rich shouldn’t just get to tell politicians what to do — I think they should get to hunt them.”

“What could be better than a Republican candidate’s head on your wall? Scott Walker’s eyes already look like cheap taxidermy, and Chris Christie’s leg would make a lovely umbrella stand. And if that sounds wrong, we’ll make a law that says it’s legal.”


Stone to Trump: “Donald, stop with the Megyn Kelly shit. It’s fucking crazy. It’s killing us.”

Sources: Roger Stone quit, wasn't fired by Donald Trump in campaign shakeup
Trump says he fired his campaign adviser. His adviser says he fired Trump.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/08/sources-roger-stone-quit-wasnt-fired-by-donald-trump-in-campaign-shakeup-121177.html#ixzz3iGUtpSA8


Unlike Trump, I can't afford to buy a Politician.....

All an act.....

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