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Jimmy Carter on Labor Day


"The Fed's top priority is making sure the cards remain stacked against wage and salary earners."

For more than three decades, the pace of productivity growth has exceed that of real compensation:

Catching up with Richmond Federal Reserve Jeffrey Lacker's speech. His dismissal of low wage growth numbers:

Some argue there must be excessive slack in labor markets if wage rates are not accelerating. But real wages are tied to productivity growth, and productivity growth has been slow for several years now. Wage growth in real terms has at least kept pace with productivity increases over that time period, which is perfectly consistent with an economy from which labor market slack has largely dissipated.

Real wage growth is consistent with productivity, thus there is no excess slack in the labor market. If you think this is some crazy hawk-talk, think again. Fed Chair Janet Yellen in July:

The growth rate of output per hour worked in the business sector has averaged about 1‑1/4 percent per year since the recession began in late 2007 and has been essentially flat over the past year. In contrast, annual productivity gains averaged 2-3/4 percent over the decade preceding the Great Recession. I mentioned earlier the sluggish pace of wage gains in recent years, and while I do think that this is evidence of some persisting labor market slack, it also may reflect, at least in part, fairly weak productivity growth.


Another view from real median weekly earnings:


Real median weekly earnings have grown 8.6% since 1985. Nonfarm output per hour is up 79% over that time. Yet the instant that there is even a glimmer of hope that labor might get an upper hand, the Federal Reserve looks to hold the line on wage growth. It still appears that the Fed's top priority is making sure the cards remain stacked against wage and salary earners.

Can Muslims Working At The DMV Refuse To Issue Driver's Licenses To Women In USA?

The GOP’s “personal responsibility” lie: How the Kim Davis saga reveals the core of Republican hypocrisy
One of the Republican Party's biggest obsessions has been revealed for a lot of B.S. VIDEO

.........talk about white privilege, for god-fearing white people such as Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, personal responsibility is optional. Not only that, "religious freedom" is their get-out-of-jail-free card, as Cesca observes:

For now, it looks as if Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Fox News Channel agree that Davis, an elected government worker, should keep her job despite refusing to perform her professional obligations, and should face no legal repercussions for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after being judicially compelled to do so. But Davis isn’t self-employed. She doesn’t get to revise her own job description on-the-fly. Only her employers retain that discretion, and her employers happen to be the people of Rowan County, Kentucky.

Huckabee and the others believe she shouldn’t be held personally responsible — accountable for her actions, as President Bush said in 2000 — for her actions in defiance of the Supreme Court; in defiance of her job description; and especially in defiance of a U.S. District Court judge who happened to have been appointed by the Texan in the video above. If the GOP was truly concerned with personal responsibility, they’d support Davis’s posture against same-sex marriage but accept the fact that she’s justifiably being held accountable for her actions. More than that, they’d encourage her to resign her post. Davis’ GOP supporters are doing exactly none of that.

There’s a meme circulating Facebook at the moment questioning whether Muslims working at a department of motor vehicles can refuse to issue driver’s licenses to women. The obvious point being that the GOP appears to be getting behind the idea that both public and private sector workers can refuse to do their jobs with impunity as long as they can recite a biblical verse to back it up. It appear as if they do, but only when it comes to same-sex marriage or contraception....


Fundamentalists Eat Their Own--Westboro Baptist Church Turns On Kim Davis for CAUSING Gay Marriage

God Hates Adultery: Westboro Baptist church turns on Kim Davis for causing ‘F*g marriage’

While Davis is sitting in jail on contempt charges for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, members of the extremist Westboro Baptist church in Topeka are threatening to go to Kentucky to protest against Davis for being an adulteress –due to having been married four times — and for causing “Fag marriage” because of her sinfulness.



Kim Davis' Previous Jobs:

A wall for everything.....

Income inequality is Hi-Larious!

That's the funniest thing!

Three of the world's richest and most powerful people (and Timothy Geithner) had a good laugh over income inequality earlier this year.

Former Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin, Henry Paulson and Geithner were asked about the issue by Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg during a conference in Beverly Hills. When Paulson responded that he'd been working on income inequality since his days at Goldman Sachs, Geithner quipped, "In which direction?"

"You were increasing it!"
cracked Rubin, as everyone on stage roared with laughter.

To learn more about this pic:

Kim Davis as imagined in a song by Gilbert & Sullivan.


President Obama's incredible response to an Iranian boy's photo on Facebook


Thousands of people commend the boy, and the father for raising him. But this comment from the White House—signed "-bo" to note that it was written by President Obama—really caught my eye:



"See, I told you they'd pay for the wall!"

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