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Seattle Teacher Jesse Hagopian Schools NBC's Education Nation

Seattle Teacher Jesse Hagopian Schools NBC's Education Nation

"Mansplaining" Idiot

“You know, there are those of us in this society who have told women that there’s a war on them because that cute little baby inside of them, they may want to get rid of it and there are people that are keeping you from doing that,” Carson continued. “And women say, ‘No, no, they’re not doing that to me! No!’ And they get all riled up.”

He added there was obviously not a “war on women” because men give up their seats to pregnant women.

“There is no war on them, the war is on their babies,” Carson insisted. “Babies that cannot defend themselves. Over the past few decades, we have destroyed 55 million of them. And we have the nerve to call other societies of the past heathen.”

“What we need to do is re-educate the women to understand that they are the defenders of these babies.”


Rick Scott just pushed Florida off the cliff !

FRI OCT 11, 2013 AT 09:42 PM PDT
Rick Scott just pushed Florida off the cliff !
by Vetwife

No hyperbole. He has made no denial that he is a tea party lap dog but this new
stunt is beyond his other criminal behavior. The HP carried a piece and it is blasting all over the local news down here.. Hey, he wants to punish Florida for going Obama...it is now personal for we liberals here.

This from the Tampa paper.

It may not last: Miami-Dade County alone is losing $31 million in personal income per week, a number that reaches $46 million across South Florida, according to a county economist's report cited by The Miami Herald.
Though it is expected local federal employees will eventually receive backpay, there's no telling how long the shutdown may last: no specific determination on how to end it was reached Thursday night when President Obama met with 20 House Republicans.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has forbidden the use of state funds to keep federal programs run by the state afloat, according to a memo obtained by the Times/Herald Bureau. Some of the programs facing closure serve foster children, veterans, and schools:

and Lots more links at:

“No one has done more to strengthen Obamacare than Ted Cruz.”

Peter King On Ted Cruz: 'No One Has Done More' To Strengthen Obamacare

"No one has done more to strengthen Obamacare than Ted Cruz," King told Mitchell. "Because since he started this maniacal crusade of his, the fact is over the last 10 days support for Obamacare has gone up 7 percent in the country. Not because Obamacare is working, not because it's played out well at all, but because he's given such a bad image to the anti-Obamacare forces. So President Obama and the supporters of Obamacare should thank Ted Cruz, because he's their biggest ally right now."

(While We Weren't Looking) FISA Grants NSA Permission To Continue Collection Of ALL USA Phone Calls

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has granted the National Security Agency (NSA) permission to continue its collection of records on all U.S. phone calls.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced the court's approval in a statement late Friday. The court authorizes the program for only limited time periods and requires that the government submit new requests every several weeks for re-authorization.

The existence of the bulk phone data collection was one of the most controversial revelations from the leaks by Edward Snowden.

The NSA uses the program to collect records such as phone numbers, call times and call durations on all U.S. phone calls—but not the contents of any conversations, according to the administration.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/hillicon-valley/technology/328181-court-gives-nsa-permission-to-continue-massive-phone-data-collection#ixzz2hT6FWyHh

NEW REPUBLIC: The Last Days of the GOP-We could be witnessing the death throes of Republican Party

I once wrote about lobbying, and this week I called some Republicans I used to talk to (and some that they recommended I talk to) about the effect the shutdown is having on the Republican Party in Washington. The response I got was fear of Republican decline and loathing of the Tea Party: One lobbyist and former Hill staffer lamented the “fall of the national party,” another the rise of “suburban revolutionaries,” and another of “people alienated from business, from everything.” There is a growing fear among Washington Republicans that the party, which has lost two national elections in a row, is headed for history’s dustbin. And I believe that they are right to worry.

The battle over the shutdown has highlighted the cracks and fissures within the party. The party’s leadership has begun to lose control of its members in Congress. The party’s base has become increasingly shrill and is almost as dissatisfied with the Republican leadership in Washington as it is with President Obama. New conservative groups have echoed, and taken advantage of, this sentiment by targeting Republicans identified with the leadership for defeat. And a growing group of Republican politicians, who owe their election to these groups, has carried the battle into the halls of Congress. That is spelling doom for the Republican coalition that has kept the party afloat for the last two decades.


Under pressure from grassroots radicals and the new outsider groups, the old Republican coalition is beginning to shatter. The single-issue and evangelical groups have been superseded by right-wing populist groups, which are generally identified with the Tea Party, although there is no single Tea Party organization. These groups can’t easily be co-opted by the party’s Washington leadership. And the business groups in Washington, who funded the party over the last two decades, have grown disillusioned with a party that appears to be increasingly held hostage by its radical base and by outsider groups. The newspapers are now filled with stories about business opposition to the shutdown strategy, and there are even hints of business groups backing challenges to Tea Party candidates. “The business community has got to stand up and say we are not going to back the most self-described conservative candidate. We are going to back the candidates that are the most rational,” says John Feehery, a former aide to DeLay and Hastert who is now president of Quinn Gillespie & Associates, a Washington lobbying firm.

What Washington business lobbyists say on-the-record about the House Republicans and about Tea Party activists pales before what they are willing to say if their names aren't used. One former Republican staffer says of the anti-establishment groups, “They want to go in and fuck shit up. These non-corporate non-establishmentarian guys—that is exactly what they are doing. And the problem with that is obvious. What next? What happens after you fuck shit up?” Other lobbyists I talked to cited John Calhoun, Dixiecrats and Richard Hofstadter’s essay on “The Paranoid Style in American Politics” to explain the rise of the populist right. It’s the kind of reference you’d expect to read in a New Republic article, but not necessarily in a conversation with a business lobbyist.


President, First Lady, and daughter Malia meet w Malala Yousafzai in the Oval Office today

President, First Lady, and daughter Malia meet w Malala Yousafzai in the Oval Office today pic.twitter.com/W4GjVOklQY

KRUGMAN: The War On The Poor - It's Still About Race After All These Years

October 11, 2013, 10:18 am 94 Comments
The War On The Poor Is A War On You-Know-Who

Lots of people have been referencing this Democracy Corps report on focus-group meetings with Republicans, and with good reason: Greenberg has basically provided a unified theory of the craziness that has enveloped American politics in the last few years.

What the report makes clear is that the current Republican obsession with attacking programs that benefit Americans in need, ranging from food stamps to Obamacare, isn’t about some philosophical commitment to small government, still less worries about incentive effects and implicit marginal tax rates. It’s about anxiety over a changing America — the multiracial, multicultural society we’re becoming — and anger that Democrats are taking Their Money and giving it to Those People. In other words, it’s still race after all these years.

One irony here is that at this point it’s the liberals who believe in America, while the conservatives don’t. I believe in our ability to change while retaining our essential nature; I believe that today’s immigrants will be incorporated into the fabric of our society, just as Italian and Jewish immigrants — once regarded as fundamentally incompatible with American ways — became “white” by the middle of the 20th century.



FACEPALM: House Republican Tells Furloughed Federal Workers To Take Out Loans to Pay Their Bills

House Republican Tells Furloughed Federal Workers To Take Out Loans to Pay Their Bills


Charles Pearce: The republicans are gonna get the budget of their dreams even if they 'capitulate'

The tone!

The tone is better!

Let us all rejoice and be glad. Let us praise the improving tone, because the worst thing that can happen to government is passion. Let us meet on happy ground and celebrate the return of niceness to our national life as our leaders gradually negotiate the final terms of how, precisely, they will stick it to the suckers.

Still, the House Republican offer represented a potentially significant breakthrough. Even if Democrats found fault with the Republicans' immediate proposal - for example, it would prevent the Treasury secretary from engaging in accounting maneuvers to stave off potential default - it was seen as an opening gambit in the legislative dance toward some resolution before the government is expected to breach its debt limit on Thursday. Even before the meeting, the White House and its Democratic allies in Congress were all but declaring victory at the evidence that Republicans - suffering the most in polls, and pressured by business allies and donors not to provoke a government default - were seeking a way out of the impasse.

The way out, of course, is to fund the government at zombie-eyed granny-starver levels. That is precisely what the Democratic side has been seeking during the Reign Of The Morons, now deep into its second smash week. The solution that has changed the tone includes further "negotiations," all of them starting with a baseline of Republican numbers. And there are people who wonder why many Republicans -- and a great number of the wealthy people who collect politicians as a hobby -- are happy. Were I one of them, I'd throw a parade.
Yet there are those who see this as a "win" for the White House.

But that doesn't mean administration officials aren't looking ahead. If a budget deal can be struck in the coming days, White House officials will surely portray it as a victory of common sense over creed, a necessary step forward for the American people so that federal operations can continue and the economy can avoid the catastrophe of a default. President Barack Obama will disavow any interest in the scorekeeping of Washington's winners and losers. Obama and fellow Democrats, particularly Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who urged him over the summer to adopt a hard line and keep deal-making Vice President Joe Biden out of the mix, know that their unwillingness to give an inch dragged some of their most ardent Republican adversaries to the position of just wanting to end the pain. They also know that the GOP suffered even greater self-inflicted damage by letting the government shut down before coming to the conclusion that the public agreed with the president's position.

Frankly, I'd like an offer of proof on all of that. In 2014, I may turn out to have been wrong on all of this, but, in terms of blunting even the faintest stirrings of a progressive political agenda from this White House, this whole debate over tactics within the Republican party leaves them with exactly what they wanted in the first place. No matter what they say in the green rooms, that's still quite a lot.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/Losing_For_Winning?src=spr_TWITTER&spr_id=1456_26703950
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