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If You Lose Chomsky ...

If You Lose Chomsky ...

JOSH MARSHALL – NOVEMBER 27, 2013, 5:19 PM EST11069
Perhaps it had to fall to Noam Chomsky of all people to deliver the ultimate smackdown to 9/11 Truthers.

"There happen to be a lot of people around who spent an hour on the Internet and think they know a lot of physics. But it doesn't work like that ... There's a reason there are graduate schools in these departments."

Video after the jump ...

This is probably more snark on Chomsky than many would like. Chomsky is a radical but also an empiricist, not a conspiracist. I respect that.


Marissa Alexander gets Thanksgiving & early Christmas present. She was released on bond from prison

Marissa Alexander bonds out of jail

JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- The Jacksonville mother convicted of shooting at her estranged husband has bonded out of jail.

Marissa Alexander was released just before midnight Wednesday. She is now under house arrest.


A judge ruled in September that Alexander would receive a new trial due to bad jury instructions given in her first trial.

Alexander and her attorneys say she fired the gun as a "warning shot."


Thanksgiving, it’s time for the Sarah Palin turkey slaughter (this never gets old for me...)

MORE & video:

Black Friday, mho

A Walmart Thanksgiving

by Matt Bors

KENTUCKY: Gay Couple Fined One Cent For Trespassing During Marriage Protest

KENTUCKY: Gay Couple Fined One Cent For Trespassing During Marriage Protest

A Louisville, Kentucky gay couple has been found guilty of trespassing for refusing to leave the county clerk's office after being denied a marriage license. But the sympathetic jury fined them only one penny.

After three hours of testimony in which their lawyers hailed them for their civil disobedience, while the prosecution urged jurors to stick to the facts, Blanchard and James were convicted Tuesday of trespassing — but fined only a penny. Blanchard called the penalty a vindication of their protest in support of same-sex marriage. “It shows they understood what we were doing,” he said after jurors returned their verdict following 90 minutes of deliberations.

James’ lawyer, Annie O’Connell, said the fine may have been the smallest ever imposed in a criminal trial in Kentucky. Blanchard’s counsel, Ted Shouse, said in court that he had never tried a case in which the maximum penalty — $250 — “was so low and the stakes were so high.” Jessie Halladay, a spokeswoman for the county attorney’s office, said after the verdict that prosecutors had no choice but to take the case to trial. “We respect the right of the defendants to protest, but we also respect the law, and the law doesn’t distinguish what causes are worth breaking the law for,” she said.

The jury had sent the a judge a note asking if they could convict but impose no fine at all. The judge responded that some fine was mandated by the law. The judge then waived the one penny fine and all court costs. Bonus nicety: The arresting officer testified that he had shaken the couple's hands before taking them into custody. (Tipped by JMG reader Rob)


Every impediment to over 50 & Unemployed should be another reason to vote anything but Republican

Every impediment to over fifty and unemployed should be just another reason to vote anything but Republican.


Now by Republican calculations you are a taker and a drag on the Republic. They can't actually suggest where you might be employed, even should you get a degree in something really high paying. They can't tell you how you are to live until you finally get Social Security, even when that SS is based mostly on work done in that first ten year stretch when you stocked shelves and manned the cash register at Radio Shack, Got promoted to running 24 hour gas station, and worked as a grounds keeper at a Golf Course.

You are 50, unemployable, and running out of any savings you ever had.

And Republicans don't even want you to have health care.

You've been a Republican all your life.

Are you a Republican any more?

from a comment at:

Must be hard to be a neocon at #Christmas.

The Daily Edge

Must be hard to be a neocon at #Christmas. Having to cross PEACE off every card and scrawling WAR instead #WarOnChristmas


Ditching the wig: One girl's journey

Right after she started middle school, Katarina Lucardie wanted to tell her classmates she was bald. She and her teachers created a documentary to tell her peers about what it's like to have alopecia areata.


She was bald and didn't know how to tell her peers. But after teaming up with her teachers, the Colorado Springs, Colorado, student helped make a documentary about why she has no hair. Now she is the face of bravery for her classmates.


"I knew that maybe the teachers would cry, but I never expected that the kids would cry," she added.

Her mother was also at the screening and had an interpreter translate the film for her. "I cried. I think everyone in the room cried. I knew we made the right decision. The school was really supportive. They didn't have to do this, you know," Aranda said.

After the documentary, Katarina, accompanied by two of her teachers, answered questions from her peers. She also explained to her class that the following week she would not be wearing her wig anymore.

the rest:

Now is not the time to cut back. Now is the time to provide.

If the current downturn has not mirrored the Great Depression, that’s thanks to safety net programs that grew out of the Depression and other hard times. Breadlines have, by and large, been replaced by food stamps, while income from Social Security, unemployment benefits and the earned income tax credit has kept many people from falling irretrievably into the economic abyss.

Without those supports, conditions — which are bad enough — would be much worse, as is clear from the Census Bureau’s latest poverty measures. According to the bureau:

Poverty among children, at 18 percent in 2012, would have been nearly 21 percent, but for food stamps; it would have been nearly 25 percent but for household income from tax credits like the one for earned income.

Poverty among the elderly, at 14.8 percent, would be nearly 55 percent, but for Social Security.

Poverty among non-elderly adults, at 15.5 percent, would be 16.4 percent, but for unemployment benefits.

Now is not the time to cut back. Now is the time to provide.

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