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True-life tale of terror? Okay, here goes:

Germy Shoemangler says:
October 31, 2015 at 9:22 am

It was 1979. I was 21 years old. I was working full time in a publishing company. We were busy, but we weren’t overworked. The company regularly posted job openings on a bulletin board. That’s how I got my first promotion: I’d seen a job in a different department I was interested in and applied for it. The company offered to help pay for college tuition, so I could become even better at my job.

There was no balloon-juice back then. No crooksandliars, lawyersgunsandmoneyblog or Matt Taibbi column. But I read other progressive writers, and found out that an actor I remembered from some corny old B-movies was running for president.

I remembered him because the National Lampoon used to mock him as the worst and silliest governor of California that state had ever seen. I knew he spoke out against medicare, and was a spokesman for GE, a major polluter.

A chill ran up my spine as I opened my morning newspaper the day after election day. The hair on my neck stood up: He’d been elected president of the United States.

Soon after that, the publishing company changed. The tuition assistance disappeared. There were layoffs. We were all told to work 110%. “But that’s mathematically impossible,” I remember thinking.

Some co-workers in my department tried to form a union. Next thing I knew, the ringleaders of that movement were laid off, and the rest of our department was physically moved to a different building about 100 miles away. “They want to cut out the cancer” someone told me.

After I was finally laid off from that job, I worked in a series of other companies that treated employees the same way. Lower pay, “work 110%”, no unions, longer hours, more mean and nasty bullshit.

Sometimes on dark nights, I can see the ghostly figure of John Mitchell, climbing into a ghostly limo. Before he closes the door, he tells a ghostly reporter: “This country is going so far to the right you won’t recognize it.”


Kimmel's Perfect Summation Of The Republican Debate

Kimmel stated:

“At a certain point, I didn’t know if I was watching the debate or ‘The View.'”

The clip starts out with what seems to be a well-run debate, but then quickly turned into and obfuscated clusterf*ck where no one could be heard. Eventually, Donald Trump gets everyone to be quiet by unpredictably pulling out a gun and fire some shots off into the air.

All in all, it was a perfect summation of events.


Snowden officially wins best Halloween costume ever


Trick-or-treat! “you should be a donkey not an elephant but it’s okay you will learn”


"I Blame Liberal Media"

Too Cute!

Happy Halloween!!!!!


Top prize goes to Lil' Pope.



via: http://theobamadiary.com/

A windbag, a nut and a piece of toast go trick o treat'n on Halloween

now ain't that sweet,

RNC officials leaned on CNBC to give more questions to Jeb Bush "IN THE MIDDLE OF" third GOP debate


Explosive detail:

RNC officials leaned on CNBC to give more questions to Jeb Bush at the third GOP debate

In the middle of the CNBC-hosted GOP debate on Wednesday, RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer and chief of staff Katie Walsh approached CNBC officials about the amount of speaking time candidates were getting. Earlier, a source familiar with the situation said Spicer and Walsh had come into the production room with concerns that Bush specifically was not getting enough questions.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/rnc-drops-nbc-partnership-215388#ixzz3q5WNNv00

A party of professional trolls.

The Communists Of CNBC

Republican candidates have all learned that pitching a hissy fit at your "enemies" - especially the libturd media - is how you gain votes. Pissing off libturds, and reacting to supposed slights of libturds, is basically what it means to be a conservative now. Yes no tax dollars for blah people and no abortion for the slutty sluts, but mostly just pissing off libturds.

It's pretty funny, really, other than the "they might run the country" part.
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