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"There’s no moral difference between a stealth bomber & a suicide bomber. Both kill innocent people"

Here is Benn destroying John Bolton during the Iraq war.

At 4:00, he takes Bolton apart by describing his own service in World War II and then noting that Bolton refused to serve in Vietnam. The RAF veteran notes that the London blitz killed his brother, and that as he was flying home from the war, he heard the United Nations charter read.

“That was the pledge my generation gave to the younger generation, and tore it up. And it’s a war crime that’s been committed in Iraq. Because there’s no moral difference between a stealth bomber and a suicide bomber. Both kill innocent people for political reasons…. You’re a declining empire, as we were, and you’ll learn the truth…. You were beaten in Vietnam… That’s why you didn’t want to serve there. And you’ll be beaten in Iraq.’”


The Missing White Poor

The Missing White Poor

Guess who makes up a plurality of America's poor?

The point of this chart is that even though blacks and Hispanics are disproportionately poor, the largest group of poor people in America is ... white people.

Despite that fact, when you say "the poor," what pops into most people's heads is an image of a black person, probably due in no small part to the fact that poverty in America is represented in the media as a largely black phenomenon (I'm not just saying that; there's research backing that up).

the rest:

FOX: "Still no word on how Obama is to blame"


Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others question lack of prosecutions for mortgage fraud

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Three Democratic lawmakers asked to discuss with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder the Department of Justice’s allegedly uneven efforts to prosecute mortgage fraud, according to a letter dated Monday.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and representatives Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters are seeking an audience with Holder over a new watchdog report that said the FBI ranked mortgage fraud as a low threat after the height of the financial crisis, even though the Justice Department had said investigating that crime would be a top priority.

“This report calls into question the Department’s commitment to investigate and prosecute crimes such as predatory lending, loan modification scams, and abusive mortgage servicing practices,” the three lawmakers wrote of the report released last week by the Justice Department’s inspector general.


Head Of GOP Women's PAC:-Women Are "Too Busy" For Equal Pay

Head Of GOP Women's PAC Flubs Equal Pay Question

Cari Christman, executive director of the PAC, told WFAA that Republicans oppose the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act because "women want real-world solutions to this problem, not more rhetoric." The law, signed by President Barack Obama in 2009, allows women to file a claim against pay discrimination when she discovers it, not a limited amount of time after the unequal pay began.

When asked what her proposed solution to the gender pay gap might look like, she began repeating the point that women are "busy."

"If you look at it, women are extremely busy," she said. "We lead busy lives, whether working professionally, whether working from home, and times are extremely busy. It's a busy cycle for women, and we've got a lot to juggle. So when we look at this issue we think, what's practical? And we want more access to jobs. We want to be able to get a higher education degree at the same time we're working or raising a family."


Why taking over the Senate may not do Republicans much good

Why taking over the Senate may not do Republicans much good


If the Republicans do take the Senate, they won’t have a lot of time to savor the victory, because two years later they’re going to be the ones defending more seats (see Sean Trende’s analysis for more details). That makes it entirely possible, maybe even likely, that Republicans will have control of both houses for only two years, and after 2016 we’ll go back to the way things are now. So can they legislate during that time?


The Post’s Robert Costa reported that House Republican leaders are coalescing around an alternative to the ACA that would do some of the things Republicans have been advocating for years: repeal the ACA, institute medical malpractice reform, let people buy insurance across state lines and a few other things.

See the difference? The senators accept that the ACA is law and are thinking about how they’d like to change it. The House members are coming up with another way to make a futile, symbolic shaking of their fists in the general direction of the White House. And this may offer a clue to how legislating would proceed in a Republican Congress. The House, still dominated by extremely conservative Republicans for whom any hint of compromise is considered the highest treason, could continue to pass one doomed bill after another, while the Senate tries to write bills that have at least some chance of ever becoming law.

And that would be just fine with Barack Obama. If he’s faced with both houses controlled by the opposition, there’s nothing he’d rather see than them fighting with each other and passing only unrealistic bills that he can veto without worrying about any backlash from the public.


Cosmic inflation: 'Spectacular' discovery hailed-Smoking gun proof found of key Big Bang process

MON MAR 17, 2014 AT 08:35 AM PDT
Smoking gun proof found of key Big Bang process
byBobs Telecaster

One of the key elements of the Big Bang theory is the notion that in the initial moments of time, space itself expanded at a clip much, much faster than light. This is known as the "inflationary epoch" (though we would find the word epoch counter-intuitive as it only lasted between 10−33 and 10−32 seconds at the start of the universe.

An astonishing find that is being characterized as a "smoking gun" and a potential nobel prize winner has taken place


Cosmic inflation: 'Spectacular' discovery hailed
By Jonathan Amos

Scientists say they have extraordinary new evidence to support a Big Bang Theory for the origin of the Universe.

Researchers believe they have found the signal left in the sky by the super-rapid expansion of space that must have occurred just fractions of a second after everything came into being.

It takes the form of a distinctive twist in the oldest light detectable with telescopes.



"Our technology combines the properties of superconductivity with tiny structures that can only be seen with a microscope. These devices are manufactured using the same micro-machining process as the sensors in cellphones and Wii controllers," said Anthony Turner, who makes these devices using specialized fabrication equipment at JPL's Microdevices Laboratory.

The B-mode signal is extremely faint. In order to gain the necessary sensitivity to detect the polarization signal, Bock and Turner developed a unique array of multiple detectors, akin to the pixels in modern digital cameras but with the added ability to detect polarization. The whole detector system operates at a frosty 0.25 Kelvin, just 0.45 degrees Fahrenheit above the lowest temperature achievable, absolute zero.

"This extremely challenging measurement required an entirely new architecture," said Bock. "Our approach is like taking a camera and building it on a printed circuit board."


These and future experiments not only help confirm that the universe inflated dramatically, but are providing theorists with the first clues about the exotic forces that drove space and time apart.


FEINSTEIN: 'There's a drone facing me'

“When is a drone picture a benefit to society? When does it become stalking? When does it invade privacy? How close to a home can a drone go?” Feinstein asked.

Feinstein speaks from personal experience, she said. Feinstein said she was recently confronted by a drone operated by demonstrators protesting against government surveillance outside her home.

“I'm in my home and there's a demonstration out front. And I go to peek out the window and there's a drone facing me,” Feinstein said. “Well, whoever was running it turned it around quickly and it crashed.”

“The privacy concerns are very, very major,”
Feinstein said.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/regwatch/technology/200958-feinstein-cites-privacy-in-push-for-drone-regulations#ixzz2wEYsuefU

Letterman to O'Really: “We don’t go calling people thugs” receiving audience applause."

“We don’t go calling people thugs,” said Letterman in response, receiving audience applause."

While talking to Letterman, O’Reilly called Beyoncé‘s recent music videos “raunchy.” Letterman replied by saying this has been in the music industry for the last 40 to 50 years.


The Fox News personality went on to say that Beyoncé is worth $350 million, and that “she doesn’t have to do this. I mean some of these thugs that’s all they can do, but she doesn’t have to.”

“We don’t go calling people thugs,” said Letterman in response, receiving audience applause.

On The O’Reilly Factor last week, the host ranted about the singer’s sexually provocative appearances, claiming they set bad examples for young girls.

speaking of "bad examples" Mr. O'Really:


Florida Has NEVER Executed A White Person For Killing A Black Person

Florida has executed 84 people since the Supreme Court announced the modern death penalty regime in 1976. Zero of them are white people sentenced to death for killing an African American. Indeed, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, “no white person has ever been executed for killing an African American” in the state of Florida.

Nor is Florida particularly unusual in the racial impact of its death penalty. In Alabama, 6 percent of murders involve black defendants and white victims, but 60 percent of black death row inmates were convicted of murdering a white person. In Louisiana, a death sentence is 97 percent more likely in murder cases where the victim is white. Nationwide, only 20 white people have been executed since 1976 for killing a black person. By contrast, 269 black defendants were executed for killing someone who is white.

As ThinkProgress’ Nicole Flatow and Adam Peck explained in January, nearly all of the people executed in 2013 were convicted of killing at least one white person. Of the 39 executions that took place last year, 32 involved a white victim — and only one white person was executed for killing only a black man:


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