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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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The Dumb Ass Vote

TRUMP obviously has gotten into Boehner's stash of self-tanner.

Nation Needs Cheaper Way to Find Worst People - BY ANDY BOROWITZ

The question is not whether Donald Trump should be President.
The question is whether he should be free to roam among us:


“After we crunch the numbers and find the twelve or so worst people in our database, we could then put them on television to demonstrate just how awful they are as people,” said Logsdon, who noted that that part of the current system “works very well.”

All in all, Logsdon believes that his method for finding the nation’s worst people would cost practically nothing, leaving five billion dollars left over to help rebuild the nation’s schools, roads, and other crumbling infrastructure.

The political scientist expects to encounter significant resistance to his proposal, however. “It’s hard to imagine a new system finding worse people than our current one does,” he admitted.


Heck of a job, Jeb: Bush features official behind botched Katrina response in ‘hurricane’ ad

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by featuring the official who became associated with the poor federal response to the disaster in a new campaign ad, CNN reported.

The commercial shows Bush standing next to former FEMA director Michael D. Brown as Bush calling Florida disaster-response workers “the best emergency response team on the ground, in the country and in the world.”

Brown, who was appointed by Bush’s brother, then-President George W. Bush, in 2003, resigned following rotund criticism for his efforts during the hurricane two years later, and was mocked after the president gave him a public vote of confidence by telling him, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.”


Trump makes America great again by slaying giant ‘libtard’ dragon in bizarre Colorado billboard

fairy tails anyone?

Donald Trump Is Going to Lose Because He Is Crazy - By Jonathan Chait

Jonathan Chait: “Trump has certainly crafted an appeal to voters who like impractical ideas. But his true threat lies in the fact that Trump himself is crazy — not just ideologically, though he is certainly that as well, but in the sense that he lacks any rational connection between his actions and his goals, to the extent that his goals are discernible at all. That is also his downfall.”


.........You can get rich being loved by a quarter of the country and hated by the rest, but you can’t get elected president that way. Trump has a brilliant strategy for winning the loyalty of a quarter of the primary electorate, or perhaps a third. He has no strategy for winning a majority, which is what you need to get the nomination. Indeed, the things Trump has done to elevate his profile have pushed that majority farther from his reach. If the campaign gets to the point where there is one candidate left standing against Trump, that candidate will enjoy the unified support of the party's financial, media, and organizational strength. Trump has the power to destroy, but not to conquer.

Which brings us back to the question of what it is Trump is after. His presidential campaign seems to have come at enormous financial cost. His undisguised (or less-disguised) racism has made him an economic pariah. He has lost sponsorship agreements from a long list of corporations that want to sell things to people who aren’t white. He’s traded his lucrative brand for Pat Buchanan’s brand.

This immunity from consequence gives Trump the power to wreak apparently limitless havoc upon what is currently his party. The consequences Republicans impose for Trump's offenses have no effect on him. You cannot threaten a man if you don’t even know what he cares about. Is Trump running to spite the reporters who mocked him as a bluffer? As an expensive lark, like the time he got piano lessons from Elton John? To use his political fame to trade up for his next wife? Does Trump actually believe he can become president of the United States?


Political nerd's wet dream - Barry Ritholtz interviews Nate Silver

Masters in Business: Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com
by Barry Ritholtz - August 25th, 2015, 1:30pm

This week we have a special statistical election edition of Masters in Business radio podcast, speaking with Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight.com. Silver received his Bachelors in Economics in 2000 from University of Chicago, and is the author of The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail–but Some Don’t.

Silver first came to the public attention’s with his shockingly accurate forecasts of political elections, from U.S. Senate to the President. He “ran the table” in 2010, 2012, and 2014 using a statistical methodology adopted in part from baseball. Eschewing the anecdote driven approach the mainstream media embraces, Silver takes a statistical average of all surveys and polls, adjusting for know tendencies and biases. The result has been a stunningly accurate run of predictions in the U.S. (the method has not worked as well in the UK, where election cycles are so much shorter).


Markets crash in China.....and.....


Alice Walker Pens Beautiful Tribute Poem for Julian Bond

Tribute Poem for Julian Bond
Tuesday, August 25, 2015 Leave a Comment

Poet and Author Alice Walker posted a tribute to the late Julian Bond on her website. His death on August 15 left a community heartbroken. Walker's poem remembers the Civil Rights leader from when he was a young activist and reflects on his long lasting legacy.


The first time I sang
We Shall Overcome
Was in a circle
On the lawn of Trevor Arnett Library
At Atlanta University
And by chance
I was holding
Your hand.
We were all so young,
And so hopeful
In our solidarity.
I stumbled over some of the words
In the new to me
But you sang solemnly,
Believing every word
You sang
With your whole
A friend writes
That you will be buried
At sea
And I nod
Because that is how it felt
Those years so long ago;
That we were so young,
Swimming against
An awesome tide of hatred
And despair
At sea.

Read more: http://theculture.forharriet.com/2015/08/alice-walker-pens-beautiful-tribute.html#ixzz3jvS8apkJ
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Media asks us to: Please be outraged by Hillary's e-mails

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