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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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2007 Tom Tomorrow cartoon about that time Billo published a book of advice for young people.

FROM 2007

A comic I did for the Village Voice in 2007, when Billo — fresh on the heels of his sexual harassment scandal — decided it would be a good idea to publish a book of advice for young people.


Olbermann Can't Resist Debunking Bill O'Reillys Athletic Career Again: "I still own your head, Bill"

Olbermann devoted most of the segment to fact-checking O'Reilly's accounts of his amateur athletic career. During the awkward radio interview, host Dan Le Batard brought up Olbermann's revelation in 2005 that O'Reilly only played club football at Marist College. As Olbermann pointed out, Marist didn't even institute a varsity football program until well after O'Reilly attended the school. O'Reilly dismissed the question, telling Le Batard that it "was varsity football in the sense" that Marist competed against other schools.

Olbermann couldn't hide his glee. "I still own your head, Bill," he said.


Detailing his baseball career, O'Reilly told Le Batard about the time the New York Mets brought him in for a tryout. While at the now-leveled Shea Stadium, O'Reilly recalled brushing shoulders with another pitcher who was about 5-foot-10 and "threw twice as hard as me." The pitcher turned out to be Hall of Famer Tom Seaver.

Olbermann, a baseball maven, took an axe to O'Reilly story, noting that he got the 6-foot-1 Seaver's height wrong. But the more egregious error, according to Olbermann, came with O'Reilly's timeline of the events.

Seaver’s rookie year was 1967, when Bill O’Reilly had just turned 18. In his biography, O’Reilly put the alleged Met tryout in his senior year of college, 1970 or ’71, by which point the Mets had already won the World Series, and Seaver had won the Cy Young Award. The only part of this story he hasn’t changed was that he — ‘lifelong Met fan’ — did not recognize Tom Seaver.

O'Reilly eventually hung up on Le Batard after swatting away a series of questions about a "controversy" that may have "embarrassed" him and caused "turbulence."


Netanyahu's "Plan"


Barbara Boxer Shreds Giuliani: Go Ask Bin Laden If Obama 'Loves America'

Barbara Boxer:

Hey Rudy, why don’t you ask Osama bin Laden if President Obama loves America?


Jon Stewart Nails Giuliani For 'Love' Remarks: 'SHUT UP - You Don't Own 9/11'


Jon Stewart wasted little time on Monday before sinking his teeth into the slew of comments from former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) questioning President Obama's "love" for America.

"President Obama didn't live through 9/11, I did," Giuliani said on Fox News host Sean Hannity's radio show last week. "President Obama didn't almost have a building fall on him."

Stewart quietly hissed "shut up."

"You know you're not the mayor of 9/11, right?" he said. "You don't own 9/11. You don't own anything but the unique willingness to crassly exploit it."

VIDEO & MORE:http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/jon-stewart-giuliani-obama-9-11


No one should take threats made by a guy with a temper like this lightly.

Word: "Punditspew"


No wonder Bill O'Reilly is threatening reporters...

An excellent question from @DavidCornDC.

ok, i think i will park this here:

p.s. i am running out of popcorn...

CBS Has Released The Falklands Protest Footage O'Reilly Asked For. It Doesn't Support His Claims.

CBS Has Released The Falklands Protest Footage Bill O'Reilly Asked For. It Doesn't Support His Claims.
The Fox News host says he was in a "war zone" where police gunned down civilians. The video doesn't show that.

CBS News today posted its reports from Buenos Aires at the end of the Falklands war, in response to a request from Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, who has been seeking to counter reports that he mischaracterized his wartime reporting experience. But rather than bolstering O'Reilly's description of the anti-government protest he says he covered as a "combat situation," the tape corroborates the accounts of other journalists who were there and who have described it as simply a chaotic, violent protest.


O'Reilly, who was reporting on the protest as a correspondent for CBS News, has asserted that during the demonstration, Argentine soldiers fired into the crowd with "real bullets" and slaughtered "many" civilians. As he put it in a 2009 interview, "Here in the United States we would use tear gas and rubber bullets. They were doing real bullets. They were just gunning these people down, shooting them down in the street."

Today, an Argentine historian named Federico G. Lorenz, who has written extensively on the Falklands war, told the Washington Post:

As far as I know, there were no people killed at the protests after the news of the Argentine surrendering arrived to Buenos Aires. There were incidents at May Square…and people slightly injured due to gasses and anti riot munition, but not dead people. Press from June 15, 1982, reports about 5 buses burnt "many detainees and injured people." One of the photographs shows precisely a wounded person lying surrounded by people.


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