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RUDE PUNDIT: "The anti-choice movement is a scam & the attacks are the pinnacle of a great con."

Now, here's something really politically incorrect to say, not fake political incorrectness, like Ben Carson talks about: If you knew that, in a house down the street, someone was murdering babies, you'd fucking do whatever it took to stop them. You'd get in there and take those babies away so they're not murdered. This is the biggest goddamn lie in the anti-choice rhetoric. Most of the anti-choicers know good and goddamn well that abortion and infanticide are two very different things because if they honestly believed that an abortion is the same as taking an infant out of a stroller and killing it, then they are fucking monsters to allow it to continue. So either they are cowards or they are liars and, except for a few of the craziest motherfuckers in the movement, they know in their heart of hearts that abortion is not murder. You know why they know it's not murder? Because they can't bust down a door and rescue a baby because that baby isn't a baby. It's a fetus attached to a woman who doesn't want you to fucking rescue her.

That's the great cosmic joke of nearly the entire anti-abortion belief system. You know that it's mostly just manipulative fuckers at organizations like the Family Research Council and politicians like, well, everyone in the GOP. And they're trying to squeeze money out of the yokels and, because in many cases their church is involved, the yokel parishioners, like yokels and rubes throughout history, will try to please their shepherds. The sheep might not wanna go into the goddamn pen, but they will because they are fucking sheep. The anti-choice movement is a scam, and the attacks, verbal and physical, on women's health centers and family planning clinics, are the pinnacle of a great con.

And that brings us to Robert Dear, another gun-toting, redneck shitheel who succeeded in murdering a devoted Christian police officer, an Iraq War vet, and a stay-at-home mom, an iconic triumvirate of conservative values. Between them, Garrett Swasey, Ke'Arre Stewart, and Jennifer Markovsky were parents to six children. And, while it matters not one whit if any of them or all of them were there for abortions, even by the low bar of stopping the selling of "baby parts," as Dear told cops he was attempting to do, this domestic terrorist was an utter failure, like he was at life.

But fuck Dear. Instead, look at the bullshit being spouted by the supposed leaders of the Republican Party, the same cocksuckers who lied about Planned Parenthood "selling" fetus parts in order to, in many cases, help medical science advance. The sentient syphilis virus known as Carly Fiorina said, "Any protesters should always be peaceful. Whether it's Black Lives Matter or pro-life protesters." Except the turd wasn't protesting. He was shooting a fucking automatic weapon. Where did that happen in any Black Lives Matter marches? She continued by attacking Planned Parenthood for daring to suggest that hateful things said by people like Fiorina might have inspired the shooter: "This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don't agree with the message." Fiorina was the worst of a terrible bunch, which included Ted "We don't why he did it, but he might be transgender" Cruz, Donald "People hate Planned Parenthood" Trump, and Mike "This is terrorism against the pro-life movement" Huckabee. None of them mourned the dead without adding some self-serving fuckery about how they're not involved.

- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2015/11/notes-on-act-of-domestic-terrorism.html#sthash.PmDU3Umx.XiorR55T.dpufhttp://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2015/11/notes-on-act-of-domestic-terrorism.html

The entire GOP plan: Credibility destroyed after Bush debacle, their only strategy is to scare us.

Under the presidency of George W. Bush, the so-called “Daddy Party” failed spectacularly on all major adult-male-gender-stereotyped fronts.

On the economic front, its record was terrible, even before it brought us the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression; on the military/national security front, its failure to prevent 9/11—the worst foreign attack on American soil since the War of 1812—was only compounded by its fighting-fire-with-gasoline response, turning both Iraq and Afghanistan into incubators for new generations of jihadists. On the science front, it presided over a widening war on science. In short, the entire framework of the “Daddy Party” construct fell into disrepute by the time Bush left office in 2008.

But now—thanks to the terrorist attacks in Paris—there’s a full-on rush to try to resurrect it. Only of course it’s an incoherent mess, with more focus on spreading fear than countering it. Donald Trump has benefited most on the GOP side, with his quick-draw tough talk, but it was similarly mindless, fact-free tough talk that made such a mess of things post-9/11 in the first place, and this time there’s not even a hint of an actual plan—it’s all just heated bluster, and denouncing Democrats for not frothing at the mouth just like them.

The panic over Syrian refugees is particularly revealing in this regard. Not one American has died at the hands of a refugee either during or since 9/11, although there have been 745,000 of them. Yet, irrational fear of these refugees has defined the only “coherent” policy response the GOP has come up with—both among myth-driven governors and in the shutdown-happy Congress. But when it comes to actually confronting ISIS, they’ve got nothing unified except a PC rampage against Democrats not using the phrase “radical Islam;” aside from that it’s a smorgasbord of proposals ranging from basically endorsing Hillary Clinton’s position (John Kasich) to cutting off their money (Paul and Fiorina) to grandstanding in Congress (Cruz), to reinvading Iraq, with a side of Syria (Bush, Graham and Santorum), to total war (“destroy them”—Carson) or multi-front bellicosity (Trump).

Overall, it skews heavily toward an amped-up front-line war, which is exactly what the terrorists want. It’s what they wanted from the 9/11 attacks, and it’s just what we gave them, and we only got a vastly stronger terrorist enemy as a result. So the “Daddy Party” script is already a proven failure. It’s done. It has no foundation in the adult world of facts, only in infantile, fear-filled imaginations, which is why there’s been so much GOP focus on circulating discredited scare stories.


Bette Midler Hammers GOP On Planned Parenthood — Your Lies Killed People


What it’s like to be an abortion provider in 2015


"Elect us and we shall restore law and order."

“Law and order” ... is a phrase that has appeal for most citizens, who, unless they themselves have a powerful grievance against authority, are afraid of disorder. In the 1960s, a student at Harvard Law School addressed parents and alumni with these words:

The streets of our country are in turmoil. The universities are filled with students rebelling and rioting. Communists are seeking to destroy our country. Russia is threatening us with her might. And the republic is in danger. Yes! danger from within and without. We need law and order! Without law and order our nation cannot survive. Elect us and we shall restore law and order.

There was prolonged applause. When the applause died down, the student quietly told his listeners: “These words were spoken in 1932 by Adolf Hitler.”


Parisians who can't gather for climate march due to state of emergency-LEAVE THEIR SHOES INSTEAD.


Ted Cruz Describes Alleged Planned Parenthood Shooter As ‘Transgendered Leftist Activist’

Cruz explained, “We know that he was a man registered to vote as a woman.” This discrepancy on Dear’s voter registration was first reported by The Gateway Pundit, a self-described “right-of-center news website,” under the claim that he “identifies as woman.” Conservatives have since run with the claim that Dear is transgender.

There is actually no evidence to suggest that he is transgender, nor a “leftist,” nor any kind of activist. In fact, all of the available information suggests he was none of those things.

As the New York Times explained, Dear was very much a recluse, the type “that preferred to be left alone,” living in various single-wide trailers and cabins since his divorce in 2000. Neighbors did not know him well, and if they did, it’s because he would lash out at them when they tried to interfere with his business, like reporting him for mistreating his dogs.

The Times’ profile also identifies him as “generally conservative,” having been raised as a Baptist, but as someone who did not discuss politics much. According to his ex-wife, “he believed wholeheartedly in the Bible” and believed that abortion was wrong. He also distributed pamphlets criticizing President Obama to his neighbors in Colorado. On the voter registration form with the gender discrepancy, his party is listed as “UAF,” meaning unaffliated.

None of the people interviewed about Dear had anything to say about his gender identity. Nothing about his appearance nor any past reports of his identity suggests that he identifies as a woman. The voter registration form identifying him as female is the only discrepancy, making it most likely a typo and nothing more.

really, mr. cruz?:

Muslim taxi driver shot on Thanksgiving in back by customer after conversation about ISIS

“He started the conversation and began to ask questions like, ‘You seem to be like a Pakistani guy. Are you from Pakistan?’ ” the driver said in an interview from his bed at UPMC Mercy, where he is being treated for a bullet wound in the upper back. “And I said, ‘No, I’m from Morocco. But I’m an American guy.’

“Then he continued the conversation. He began to speak about ISIS killing people. I told him ‘Actually, I’m against ISIS. I don’t like them.’ I even told him that they are killing innocent people. I noticed that he changed his tone and he began to satirize Muhammad, my prophet, and began to shift to his personal life. He mentioned that he has two kids and was in prison for some time.

“So it was this kind of stuff until we got to his destination. He asked me to wait for a little bit because he forgot his wallet in the house. I waited for just five minutes, I think, and I noticed that he came out of the house carrying a rifle in his hand. I noticed him coming toward me. I didn’t hesitate. I (made] a fast decision to leave and drove my taxi away because I felt he was going to do something. There is danger. He would shoot me or something. I felt like he had the intention to kill me.”

The driver said that as he sped away he heard a couple of gunshots, one of which blasted out the back window of his cab and struck him. The incident occurred between Flowers Avenue and Tecumseh Street, and he was able to drive a couple of blocks further to Mansion Street, he said, where he had to pull over. He then waved down a passing car and got someone to call the police.


Our culture and laws enabled the Colorado shooter, whatever his motive

The Planned Parenthood shooter had easy access to guns and a movement dedicated to demonizing reproductive choice. Is his motive really a question?


.... it takes five minutes, and sometimes zero background checks, to buy the kinds of weapons apparently used in Colorado Springs (and those used in Aurora, and Newtown, and Columbine). And we know that, even when there are checks in place that should prevent certain people from getting guns, they sometimes fail with deadly consequences, as was the case with this year’s Charleston church shooting.

We know that there is one party dedicated to defunding Planned Parenthood, that there is one party that lists the elimination of the right to an abortion in its platform every four years, and that one party supported employers’ rights to limit their employees’ access to birth control.

That same party is unfailingly committed to keeping guns easy to purchase, even as the tragedies pile up. That same party views refugees as the sole pressing domestic terror threat, that believes those refugees are to be feared and ostracized and barred entry.

Maybe if that party worried a bit more about guns and a bit less about visas and women’s healthcare, we’d see that the enemy is ourselves.


You are not free from the judgement of the consequences of your hate-filled rhetoric.


Sorry, David Daleiden. You don't get to create fake videos and accuse abortion providers of "barbaric atrocities against humanity" one day and act shocked when someone shoots to kill in those same facilities the next.

And you, Troy Newman -- using Operation Rescue to call for state-sanctioned execution of doctors who serve women -- and then crying crocodile tears when someone takes that vision into their own hands.

It's America. You are free to have your speech. The language you choose matters. You are not free from the judgement of the consequences of your hate-filled rhetoric. ‪#‎ColoradoSpringsShootings‬ ‪#‎DomesticTerrorism‬

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