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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 02:59 PM
Number of posts: 53,668

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Analysts at Department of Homeland Security find that Trump's Muslim ban is Bull Shit


AP Homeland Security intelligence report disputes threat posed by citizens of 7 nations in Trump travel ban.




Trump WH sought to enlist senior intelligence official, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories

Trump White House sought to enlist senior intelligence official, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories



Congratulations to @AP and @TIME for boycotting todays White House gaggle

WASHINGTON, DC (RNN) - Multiple media outlets were barred from a White House media briefing Friday, including CNN and the New York Times.

CNN's correspondent said Politico and the Los Angeles Times also were not allowed into the briefing held by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The news network and NY Times said Spicer required reporters to sign up for an "expanded pool gaggle" then excluded several of them. Reporter Glenn Thrush said the pres secretary berated a smaller pool of reporters earlier in the day.

Conservative-friendly media outlets, like Fox News, Breitbart, Washington Times and One American News, were among those that could attend. The Associated Press and Time representatives were allowed as well but declined in protest.


From WH afternoon press guidance: worse than "My dog ate my homework"


SCOOP: Leaked GOP Obamacare replacement shrinks subsidies, Medicaid expansion


Exclusive: Leaked GOP Obamacare replacement shrinks subsidies, Medicaid expansion
The replacement would be paid for by limiting tax breaks on generous health plans people get at work.

A draft House Republican repeal bill would dismantle Obamacare subsidies and scrap its Medicaid expansion, according to a copy of the proposal obtained by POLITICO.

The legislation would take down the foundation of Obamacare, including the unpopular individual mandate, subsidies based on people’s income, and all of the law’s taxes. It would significantly roll back Medicaid spending and give states money to create high-risk pools for some people with pre-existing conditions. Some elements would be effective right away; others not until 2020.

The replacement would be paid for by limiting tax breaks on generous health plans people get at work — an idea that is similar to the Obamacare “Cadillac tax” that Republicans have fought to repeal.

the rest:

The 1st Amendment isn't a "thing" anymore? Is the dictatorship complete?



Steve Bannon is a glib bullshit artist, not some dark monster


I went to the Women's March, Where is MY $1,500.00???


News travels fast:


Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo subsequently tweeted this message: "À Donald et son ami Jim, depuis @LaTourEiffel nous célébrons l'attractivité de #Paris avec Mickey et Minnie." It translates to: "To Donald and his friend Jim, from the Eiffel Tower we are celebrating Paris' appeal with Mickey and Minnie."

Included in the tweet was a photo of the mayor with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.


New Yorker Daily Toon:


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