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Cruz: If Hillary or Bernie win-Veteran memorials to be torn down-Crosses/Stars of David sandblasted


By the way, the Senate's duty is to advise and consent. You know what? The Senate is advising right now. We're advising that a lame-duck president in an election year is not going to be able to tip the balance of the Supreme Court.

That we're going to have an election, and if liberals are so confident that the American people want unlimited abortion on demand, want religious liberty torn down, want the Second Amendment taken away, want veterans' memorials torn down, want the crosses and stars of David sandblasted off of the tombstones of our fallen veterans, then go and make the case to the people.

I don't think the American people want that. I'm very happy to take that case directly to Hillary Clinton, directly to Bernie Sanders. And I would note, look, how do we know Donald Trump's record on this is going to be bad? He has supported liberals for four decades: Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid.

Anyone who cares about judges would not be supporting Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. And the consequence is, if either Hillary or Bernie or Donald Trump is the president, we will see the Second Amendment written out of the constitution. This is a basic question, who will defend our liberties?



Senator Cruz, I have to leave it there this morning. A lot more to get to. I look forward to hopefully having you on perhaps next Sunday, and we can get to more of that. Thank you, sir.


CNN Exert New Powers By Reading Obama’s Mind and Removing His Presidency

So, back to CNN. Dana Bash seemed to have developed psychic powers when she claimed that:

“And as we were talking about last hour, that is not surprising in the least, since he clearly feels that it is his constitutional duty to do so. That he is the President of the United States. It is his job to nominate somebody.”

Bash didn’t stop there, though. She then demoted the President from Official President Status to Technically President Status.

“He still will be technically the president of the United States for the next 11 months, which is a very, very long time. Yes, we are in an election year, but we are barely into this election year of 2016. So you have Republicans coming back, not just Mitch McConnell who you just mentioned, but the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee saying that he believes that it is standard practice to not deal with such issues in an election year.”


Senate confirmed 17 SCOTUS justices in election yr. Most voted on within months. GOP says we can't do that no more!?!?!!

CHARLES PIERCE: The Republican Debate Finally Proved It's NOT Trump Who Has Lost His Mind

The Republican Debate Finally Proved It's Not Trump Who Has Lost His Mind
It's the rest of them.

Well, there it was, on a stage in South Carolina, the prion disease that has been afflicting the Republican party since Ronald Reagan first fed it the monkeybrains almost 40 years ago broke out into the general population. During the ninth debate of the Republican candidates for president, we saw actual facts booed (by my count) three times before the first commercial break. We saw two sons of Cuban emigres duke it out over who can make the lives of Hispanic immigrants more miserable. We saw a vulgar talking yam dare to tell the truth about C-Plus Augustus while standing next to his brother, and we later saw the vulgar talking yam call Ted Cruz the biggest liar he's ever seen. And still, after it was over, serious people got on the electric teevee machine to talk about who had the best night, and who won and who lost, and not one of them mentioned the obvious fact that one of our two major political parties suffered a complete mental meltdown on national television. The big winner was either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Rodham Clinton. The big loser was participatory democracy all the way back through history to Pericles. No wonder Ben Carson kept nodding off into the Western Isles. He was safer there.

Tell me truly—how does that spectacle not destroy the credibility of the Republican Party for at least a decade?

How does that freak show not blow up the party's claim to have serious policies to help govern the country? How does that carnival of unimaginative invective add up to a governing philosophy? How does that massive, chewy clusterfck add up to a single rational moment of human thought? I don't care if these guys believe in evolution or not, but they at least should try to demonstrate while they're on TV that, somehow, we've come a respectable distance as a species since we tottered out of Olduvai Gorge. I've seen better organized riots. I've heard more coherent dialogue from cats mating in an alley. I once heard a squirrel being eaten by a coyote. The squirrel had better manners while it was being devoured, and was better spoken besides. Christ above, somebody separate these clowns before they hurt their brains some more. Tailgunner Ted Cruz said more than he knows, not least because he doesn't know what "literally" means.


Senate confirmed 17 SCOTUS justices in election yr. Most-within months. GOP says we can't do that


Rubio is so confused he couldn't decide on whether to cover his heart or his cohones for Scalia.


The San Diego Tribune Just SHOCKED Me With THIS Headline.

This paper has been a conservative piece of shit and worse, yet here it is in glorious B&W:

Leaving Justice Scalia's seat vacant insults him, America

By The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board | 10 a.m. Feb. 14, 2016

last 2 lines of editorial:

That anyone would advocate leadership by inaction is ludicrous. Let the president try to navigate the storm of the Senate by putting forth a nominee who might be confirmed. Let the Senate consider it in good faith.

And to borrow from one of the presidents we are celebrating this weekend, let government of paralysis, by paralysis and for paralysis perish from the Earth.


huh, what happened?
i sit here in total disbelief............kp

"Originalism" is NOT a word & it certainly wasn't around when the Framers wrote the Constitution

"Originalism" is NOT a word, according to my dictionary, and it certainly wasn't around when the Framers wrote the Constitution, so all of Scalia's opinions must be scrapped as un-Webster-worthy.

And his (Scalia's) rigorous attention to the text of the Constitution and of laws has changed the way liberals as well as conservatives conceive of the role of the highest court. But it’s not clear how deeply the roots of his signature legal approach, constitutional originalism, have taken hold; one scholar points out that without being more willing to build agreement, Scalia paid a price in influence for his trademark intellectual independence. For all his firepower, he authored relatively few of the court’s landmark rulings, more often expressing himself in ferocious dissent. And in constantly attacking the legitimacy of his opponents, rather than just the merits of their arguments, he may have helped coarsen the public conversation around our most challenging issues.


Most immediate political consequence of Scalia's death: Obama's climate plan will not be struck down

The immediate and easily foreseeable impact is staggering. Last week, the Supreme Court issued a stay delaying the implementation of Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The stay indicated that a majority of the justices foresee a reasonably high likelihood that they would ultimately strike down Obama’s plan, which could jeopardize the Paris climate agreement and leave greenhouse gasses unchecked. Without Scalia on the Court, the odds of this drop to virtually zero. The challenge is set to be decided by a D.C. Circuit panel composed of a majority of Democratic appointees, which will almost certainly uphold the regulations. If the plan is upheld, it would require a majority of the Court to strike it down. With the Court now tied 4-4, such a ruling now seems nearly impossible.


MoveOn: Our statement on the passing of Antonin Scalia.


Schumer Taunts Cruz On Constitution

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