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A list of some of the things that happened at the first day of the Republican convention:



Donald Trump Jr. - What kind of nauseating human is he you ask?


Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star Gets a Baby Border Wall

The piece is described by a representative of the British-born street artist as a "grey concrete wall ... complete with 'keep out' signs and topped with razor wire."

Plastic Jesus is behind other headline-generating pieces, including a life-size Oscar statue that appears to be shooting up heroin.

His latest motto, "Stop making stupid people famous," is featured on the miniature wall.

more pics:

The Demise of Roger Ailes and the Republican Party

Roger Ailes built the Republican party – now both are crumbling in plain sight
by: Richard Wolffe

Just two days into the Republican national convention, it’s already been an ugly week for American conservatives as they watch their party torn apart

Richard Wolffe: “We are witnessing the Great Unravelling of the Republican party. Its ideological intellectuals openly disdain and plot against the party’s nominee. Its elected officials are too busy to show up to their own party’s convention.”

“And now the conservative echo chamber itself is collapsing across the mainstream media it surely dominates.”

“The rapid demise of Roger Ailes at Fox News Channel is as seismic an event as Trump’s nomination. For Ailes ruled over a conservative media and political empire that stretched far beyond cable television.”


Hey Donald:


Pretty incredible. One of Thump's sons reached out to Kasich and offered him the v-p spot


"Trust Yourself"

‘Ask yourself if Michelle Obama would have been given a pass had she done the same thing in 2008?’

......the hypocrisy was too much for Joy Reid to stand by and say nothing. Reid pointed out that if Michelle Obama’s speech had been plagiarized she would not have been given a pass.

“I’ll start by quoting a guy called Tom Nichols, who’s a conservative and very prominent on Twitter, who said, ‘Ask yourself if Michelle Obama would have been given a pass had she done the same thing in 2008?’ I think we’re all very quickly passing the responsibility onto staff. Clearly, this is a campaign that is poorly staffed. I think that has been clear for a long time. But they sent Melania Trump over to Matt Lauer to say that she wrote it . But we’re immediately dismissing the idea that she had anything to do with it. I doubt that we would dismiss the idea that Michelle Obama had anything to do with it.

She’s an adult woman. She’s grown up. She has participated in the delivery of this speech. She gave the speech. So I think you have to give responsibility — sure, to the staff, the campaign management has been poor here — but Melania Trump did give the speech and Michelle Obama wouldn’t have gotten a pass.”


The 4 Stages of Attending RNC in One Photo


Oh, the irony

Sarah Hurwitz, Michelle's head speechwriter, used to be Hillary's. So the Trump campaign plagiarized from a Hillary speechwriter.


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