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Applying For A Poverty Wage


The Fact That You're Going To Die Is Donald Trump's Biggest Asset, Psychologists Say

The Fact That You're Going To Die Is Donald Trump's Biggest Asset, Psychologists Say
Studies show that people are more likely to support Donald Trump after being reminded of the inevitability of their mortality. Seriously.

What if the inevitability of death is the key to understanding 2016?

For thousands of years, philosophers and theologians have tried to grasp what it means to live in the shadow of death. More recently, psychologists have taken up the challenge as well. Academics working in the burgeoning field of Terror Management Theory have spent the past three decades studying how our knowledge of death’s inevitability shapes every aspect of human life — including our politics.

One of Terror Management Theory’s pioneers, Skidmore College professor Sheldon Solomon, has spent his career studying the relationship between people’s behavior and their awareness of their own mortality. In 2015, he decided to examine the particular effect mortality awareness had on support for Trump. The New York billionaire had recently launched his campaign for the Republican nomination but was still far from becoming the presumptive nominee.

The results of Solomon’s study were unambiguous. People who were reminded of their own death were far more likely to support Trump.


Unmuzzling the Ox

The End.

What could go wrong?

Didn't Obama take all their guns in 2009?

I'm confused. How is the NRA still meeting?
Didn't Obama take all their guns in 2009? And again in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015?


Trump has a concealed permit for a Derringer, right? His tiny hands couldn't grip a regular-sized gun.


"He has you pay his bills while he gets into his private plane & laughs at you"

Donald Trump paid no taxes and he made you pay for it!
Why it still matters you that subsidize Trump’s lifestyle

More, plus links:

Vicente Fox: "Fox News Is Trying To Make A President" Of Trump

Trump "Controls Media Here, You Know. You Know, Fox News Is 24 Hours, Giving Him The Push"

VICENTE FOX: Because controls media here, you know. You know, Fox News is 24 hours, giving him the push. In Mexico, we used to say Televisa, the number one station, makes presidents. In this case, Fox News is trying to make a president. That's not the way to go. We should be speaking about the challenges we have. We should have in democracy very happy campaigns. There should be music. There should be reasonable messages. Democracy is a feast, and here, it seems to be war. A call for war. Democracy is not that. Freedom is not that. The leadership of this nation is at risk in front of the whole of the world. I work with all the former presidents, former prime ministers, and we're all astonished. We say it is a nightmare. This cannot be the voice of that great nation. The nation that has led the world. The nation that works intensely for peace, and now he's blaming the government, past government, former government that they did not work for peace enough. Yeah, we have problems. We have ISIS, and this, but we must unite together to get rid of them. This is not the way to go


It's all love....


Otter Family Can't Wait To See Baby They Thought Had Drowned

Once veterinarians believed Toby was strong enough to return to the wild, he was taken to a beach area where members of OtterWatch, along with WRS and theNational Parks (NParks), determined Toby had a better chance of linking back up with his family.

At first, the otter pup was kept in a carrier — but when Toby didn't leave the carrier or cry, he was taken out of the carrier and left alone on the sand. It was only then that Toby began to cry loudly.

Then, in a glorious display of solidarity, his entire family came running for him.

"The rescue and reintroduction of Toby has demonstrated an unprecedented collaboration and 'make-it-happen' spirit between members of the public and across multiple agencies," Jeffery Teo, a member of OtterWatch, told the Straits Times.

"Everyone puts in their best, not for pride nor glory. We just want to bring Toby home. This is humanity at its best form."

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