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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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Does Donald Trump even know what Abraham Lincoln did as president?

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.
He’s an ignorant, stupid, dangerous man. Did I mention arrogant?


Benjamin Franklin talks about why he doesn't reply to tweets


Women walk out of church as priest reads anti-abortion letter

Women walk out of church as priest reads anti-abortion letter
The letter was read out as the Catholic Church in Poland launched its campaign in support of proposed legislation to ban abortion.

WOMEN WALKED OUT of a church service in Poland as protests against a proposed tightening of already strict abortion laws took place across the country yesterday.

The group left the Roman Catholic church in Gdansk as a priest read out a letter supporting the ban.

The message from Poland’s Catholic bishops, presented at churches nationwide, called on lawmakers to back the proposal being considered by Poland’s right-wing government.

The move would tighten what are already some of Europe’s most restrictive laws on pregnancy termination. Current legislation, dating from 1993, already bans all terminations except when pregnancy results from rape or incest, poses a health risk to the mother, or if the foetus is severely deformed.


LOL, I see you Target!


"Several months ago, he began wearing a bulletproof vest...leaving him sweaty"


Emails Show How White Nationalists Are Rebranding To Help Donald Trump

Emails Show How White Nationalists Are Rebranding To Help Donald Trump
“Instead of ‘white nationalists’ let’s use ‘white advocates.’”


Report: Trump Sitting On Fox Bombshells

It was also thanks to some information he had gathered that Trump was able to do something that no other Republican has done before: take on Fox News. An odd bit of coincidence had given him a card to play against Fox founder Roger Ailes. In 2014, I published a biography of Ailes, which upset the famously paranoid executive. Several months before it landed in stores, Ailes fired his longtime PR adviser Brian Lewis, accusing him of being a source. During Lewis’s severance negotiations, Lewis hired Judd Burstein, a powerhouse litigator, and claimed he had “bombs” that would destroy Ailes and Fox News. That’s when Trump got involved.

“When Roger was having problems, he didn’t call 97 people, he called me,” Trump said. Burstein, it turned out, had worked for Trump briefly in the ’90s, and Ailes asked Trump to mediate. Trump ran the negotiations out of his office at Trump Tower. “Roger had lawyers, very expensive lawyers, and they couldn’t do anything. I solved the problem.” Fox paid Lewis millions to go away quietly, and Trump, I’m told, learned everything Lewis had planned to leak. If Ailes ever truly went to war against Trump, Trump would have the arsenal to launch a retaliatory strike.


Pick the Most Effective CounterTerrorism Messenger

"A Republican Red Wedding."

There remains a significant possibility that the party exercises its own revolt at the convention; a revenge of the establishment. This ‘Red Wedding’ scenario could see the party purge the insurgents entirely, putting someone like Rubio at the top of the ticket and giving the far right the finger. There is only one reason to do this – because Bernie Sanders is winning the Democratic nomination.

If Clinton is sailing away with the Democratic nomination, the Republicans have no reason to risk the damage of a purge. No Republican is going to beat Clinton and Republican insiders generally understand this. If Clinton is the nominee then they have every reason to let Cruz (but not Trump) take the nomination and lose in a landslide.

A Sanders nomination changes the logic. That race becomes not only winnable, but a near-lock for any Republican who isn’t a raving idiot. Republican insiders will be willing to alienate Cruz’s supporters, daring them to sit out the race and elect a socialist. Sanders is just what Republicans need to restore a little pragmatism to their electorate.

At the end of the day, those who are most invested in the party will choose its nominee. Unless someone streaks ahead, we probably face a contingent outcome. If the Democrats nominate Clinton, the Republicans will probably let Cruz have the nomination at the convention. If it looks like Democrats are going to open the door for a Republican to win the White House by nominating Sanders, then look out. The scene on the convention floor in Cleveland will be bloody. Probably the walls, too. Viewer discretion is advised.


Flatly contradicting the Trump campaign

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