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Member since: Fri Sep 17, 2004, 03:59 PM
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"God Help Us"


Yeah fear mongering is so fresh!


Burn of the Day


The redder the state, the farther Trump is running behind Romney.




What an AMAZING ad, so anti Trump >> MINI Olympic Games 2016 TV Commercial

“While Clinton has an ethics problem, Trump has a humanity problem

Michael Gerson: “I would venture that Trump’s failure among the young has something to do with his assault on the idea of tolerance, particularly racial and religious tolerance. Younger voters are less likely than other age groups to regard racially inclusive language as “politically correct.” They are less likely to believe in “reverse discrimination” and to embrace anti-immigrant attitudes. And, according to the USA Today/Rock the Vote survey, they were not impressed by the GOP nominee’s convention speech. By more than 2 to 1, younger voters said it made Trump seem less human and accessible.”

“While Clinton has an ethics problem, Trump has a humanity problem. His combativeness and lack of political polish could be advantages among younger voters. But these are tied to a discrediting lack of empathy.”


Obama: Trump Makes The Case Against Himself Every Time He Opens His Mouth

Obama: Trump Makes The Case Against Himself Every Time He Opens His Mouth
The president said he’s “tired” of talking about Hillary Clinton’s opponent.


“I know this is not an audience where I need to make a hard sell,” Obama said at an event supporting the Hillary Victory Fund, according to a news pool report. “To some degree, I had you at hello when it comes for voting for Hillary.”

“Frankly, I’m tired of talking about her opponent,” Obama continued. “I don’t have to make the case against her opponent because every time he talks, he makes the case against his own candidacy.”


Still, Obama cautioned Clinton supporters against taking victory for granted.

“If we are not running scared until the day after the election, we are going to be making a grave mistake,” he said. “We are still going to have to fight what has been an unrelenting negative campaign against her that has made a dent in the opinion of people even who are inclined to vote for her.”


This cat knows.


A few fact checks on Iraq withdrawal and Trump's Iraq opposition

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